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MLW Fusion #102 is in action  and Bocchini & Kirsh welcome us to the 2300 Arena in Philly.

Zenshi vs. El Lindaman

The matchup between Zenshi & Lindaman was just what I expected, high paced & hard hitting.  Japan's El Lindaman made his return to MLW tonight and battled Zenshi in a middleweight match.  Zenshi was still favoring his shoulder from the last time that he wrestled.  In the end, El Lindaman was too much for Zenshi and his injured shoulder.  A Great showing by El Lindaman & some great grit from Zenshi.

Winner El Lindaman

-Promo for the 8-man MAIN EVENT between Kross/Davey Boy Smith/Von Erichs & Team Filthy

-Promo for LA Park's cooking segment, La Cocina 

-A CONTRA promo

-Footage of INJUSTICE jumping Pillman Jr.

Richard Holliday vs. Mance Warner's Mystery Man

Holliday makes his way to the ring first with air pods & the Caribbean Championship belt in tow.  Mance Warner's music hits and he makes his way to the ring with beer in tow.  Mance grabs the mic and announces his mystery man.  The Blue Meanie!!!  The Blue Meanie makes his way to the squared circle.  Mance joins the announce team to put over his man.  The Philly crowd is going nuts with b.W.o & ECDub chants.

Ding, ding, ding.  Before they lock up, Holliday does the Blue Meanie dance.  Not to be outdone, the Blue Meanie shows him how it is done.  Holliday asks The Blue Meanie to dance with him at the same time, while they are dancing, Holliday attacks Meanie.  Holliday unloads on Meanie in the corner.  Fists and boots and then a clothesline out of the corner.  Holliday is in full control.

The Blue Meanie ducks a clothesline and mounts some offense of his own.  Now, Meanie missed a running attack in the corner and Holliday knocks him down again with an elbow.  Holliday mounts Meanie and unloads some forearms to the face.  Holliday heads to the outside and starts trash talking Mancer and the crowd.  Holliday asked Mancer for a beer, but he dumped it out.  Mancer pissed off, comes up from behind Holliday and spits beer in his face causing Holliday to get counted out.  Warner and The Blue Meanie celebrate in the middle of the ring with some beer.

Winner by count out, The Blue Meanie

LA Park's La Cocina 

LA Park and his son are here to show us how to cook sausage and eggs and also explain to us how they will destroy their opponents with strategy.  Each ingredient had a strategy it was related to.  My favorite part is when they said that they would kick their opponents in the Huevos or eggs & thee sausage.  

A hilarious segment.

BREAKING NEWS: Mance Warner challenges MJF to a "loser leaves MLW" empty arena match.

Team Filthy (Lawlor, Stevens, Garrini & Kit Osbourne) vs. Kross, Davey Boy Smith Jr. & The Von Erichs

Team Filthy comes out first to a chorus of boos.  Lawlor has a mic and berates the South Philly crowd.  Now we get the entrance of Davey Boy Smith Jr., followed by Killer Kross & filling out this 4-man squad, the Von Erichs.  

A fight breaks out on the outside and all 8-men are bringing the fight to each other.  I do not even think the bell has rung yet.  Neither team is in control.  But now, we get Lawlor & Ross Von Erich in the ring.  Von Erich hits a drop kicks & Lawlor finds himself in the wrong corner.  Ross hits a Stinger splash in the corner and goes for a running knee, but Lawlor moves out of the way and tags in Stevens.  

Now, Stevens is in control and bringing the offense to Ross.  Stevens tags back in Lawlor.  Team Filthy has separated Ross from his team and they take turns destroying Ross Von Erich.  Every member of Team Filthy has gotten their licks in on Ross.  Ross finally escapes and makes the hot tag to Killer Kross.

Kross comes in and cleans house with suplexes.  Kross wants Lawlor.  In comes Lawlow, Kross lands some forearms, but LAwlor hits a spinning heel kick.  Kross gets right up and gives Lawlor a suplex.  Kross accidentally knocked out Kid Ref & Kit Osbourne used this distraction to low blow Davey Boy.  While trying to use a chair , Marshall Von Erich locks in The Claw.  Marshall slams him down with the claw and nails a picture perfect moonsault.  Kross tosses in Kid Ref & they get the 1-2-3.

Winners by pinfall; Killer Kross, The Von Erichs, & Davey Boy Smith Jr.   

Kross grabs a mic and says it is not over.  Kross grabs a table & Davey Boy Smith Jr. powerbombs Kit Osbourne through the table.  But the fight is not over as all the men just continue fighting.  We see all the men fighting all the way into the back.  The show goes off the air with King Mo coming in for the save for Team Filthy.

Until Next Week.....

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