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FUSION opens up with a video package of the past 2 weeks of the feud between The Von Erichs, Dave Boy Smith Jr. & Killer Kross verse Team Filthy. The package ends with King Mo attacking Killer Kross and joining forces with Team Filthy. Do we have a Super Merger between Team Filthy and American Top Team.

Alicia Atout talks to Dan Lambert about the attack by King Mo. Lambert says that they are not going anywhere & they are appealing the suspension by MLW. During the suspension, King Mo can fight in MLW.

Here we go, Kirsh and Bocchini welcome us to MLW FUSION 103. We are LIVE from the 2300 Arena in Philly. And we are ready for the first match, an Open “Prize Fight” Challenge against Dominic Garrini.

Dominic Garrini (w/ Kit Osbourne) Open Prize Fright Challenge.

Garrini Prize

Out comes Dr. Dax hoping he can make himself $1000, if he can last 5 minutes. Ding, ding, ding. Garrini circles Dax. Kid Ref is our official for this challenge. Garrini goes for a single leg take down, but Dax is too big. Dax charges Garrini, but misses. Garrini uses this opportunity to take down Daz & lock on a submission hold. Dax taps.

Garrini Tap

Winner by Submission; Dominic Garrini

Now we get a back stage segment with MJF & The Dynasty. MJF is cutting a promo on Mance Warner talking about how stupid he is & that MJF is too smart to lose to somebody of the likes of Mance Warner. MJF says he will fight Mance in whatever he has planned.

Next week, Mance Warner vs. MJF in a loser leaves MLW Empty Arena match.

Alicia is backstage and gives us another update about Brian Pillman Jr. who has not shown up at the arena and has not answered his phone.  Alicia states that Pillman is suppose to have a match against Jordan Oliver tonight, but that does not look like it is going to happen.

T-Hawk vs. Alexander Hammerstone MLW National Openweight Championship Match

T-Hawk makes his way to the ring first. Now we get the champ, Hammerstone. Oddly, he is not accompanied to the ring with The Dynasty. The bell rings and we are ready to rumble. Crowd seems to be behind T-Hawk. Both men feel each other out early on. Hammerstone levels T-Hawk with a shoulder tackle & follows it up with some strikes in the corner. T-Hawk levels Hammerstone with some vicious knife edge chops. Suplex by T-Hawk & Hammerstone gets up & re-think things. T-Hawk lands a sit down powerbomb. Hammerstone calls for a test of strength, but kicks T-Hawk in the gut and then follows it up with some quick strikes in the corner. Hammerstone is in control now. T-Hawk throws a running Hammerstone to the outside. But when he goes for an attack, Hammerstone moves & levels him with a bicycle kick to the head. Both men on the outside now.  

Hammerstone bike kick

Hammerstone slams T-Hawk into the guard rail. Hammerstone lands a hard back elbow to T-Hawk. Hammerstone keeps mocking T-Hawk. Hammerstone goes to the top, but T-Hawk knocks him down with a chop. T-Hawk sizes of Hammerstone and goes for a running knee, but it is blocked. After both men exchange blows, Hammerstone lands a perfect dropkick. But as he celebrates, T-Hawk connects with a running knee to the back of the head. Both men are out in the middle of the ring. T-Hawk goes off the ropes, but is met by a bicycle kick & a german release suplex. Hammerstone executes a power bomb into a boston crab. T-Hawk gets the rope, but Hammerstone drags him back to the center. T-Hawk escapes with some leg strength. Both men exchange forearms & chops in the middle of the ring, which is won when Hammerstone lands a t-bone suplex. T-Hawk fights back and dumps the champ face first and gets a near fall.  T-Hawk heads to the top rope, but Hammerstone lands a single leg dropkick followed by a Superplex. Hammerstone gets to his feet and lands the Nightmare Pendulum for the win.

Hammerstone Finish

Winner by pinfall & still MLW Openweight Champion, Alexander Hammerstone.

Next, we get Alicia talking to Konnan about the MLW/AAA Super Series coming up.

Then we see INJUSTICE show Alicia Atout a video of Pillman Jr. & they tell her to take the footage to the truck.

King Mo vs. Low Ki

King Mo entrance

King Mo makes his way to the ring first with Dan Lambert in tow. After Low Ki makes his way to ringside (with Ross Von Erich), we are ready to go. Both men staring each other down & the ref is saying that he is not starting the match until they return to their corners. The men finally return. Ding, ding, ding. Low Ki & King Mo feeling each other out with kicks, shoots and strikes. Neither man gets the upper hand & both men start circling each other again. Mo just lifts and tosses Low Ki over the top rope. Low Ki is holding his knee and looks injured.

King Mo tosses Low Ki

Low Ki struggles to get on his feet and has trouble getting into the ring. King Mo is laughing & relaxing. Low Ki finally gets in the ring & Mo just tosses him over the top again. Low Ki back in the ring, but Mo is dominating. Low Ki can barely defend himself. Mo lands some knees to the head & tosses Low Ki across the ring. King Mo locks Low Ki in a leg submission hold, but Mo releases it and works on the arm of Low Ki.

Low Ki fights back, but Mo stops it by diving at the knee of Low Ki. Low Ki rolls to the outside and is in serious pain. At the last second, Low Ki dives into the ring. King Mo grabs him and and lands some uppercuts, body blows and boots in the corner. Low Ki can hardly stand, let alone, defend himself. A one-legged Low Ki swings wildly. Low Ki out of desperation, lands a spinning heel kick. Mo goes for a takedown, but Low Ki grabs a hold of Mo and tries to choke him out. King Mo is fighting the hold, but goes own to the mat. Low Ki still has this choke hold locked on. Garrini and Stevens comes out to ringside.

Garrini & Stevens start talking trash to Ross Von Erich while King Mo fights off this choke hold. Out comes Marshall Von Erich to even the odds. In the ring, Low Ki still has the hold locked on, but Lawlor sneaks in the ring and slams King Mo’s umbrella on the back of the head of Low Ki. Lawlor grabs Mo & stands him up. When the ref was was not looking, Dan Lambert tossed in the towel that Ross Von Erich was holding for Low Ki. The ref saw the towel and Low Ki out cold because of Lawlor and he rings the bell.

King Mo Wins

Winner by KO, King Mo.

Lambert and King Mo celebrate in the ring with Tom Lawlor. At the top of the ramp, Alicia Atout asks American Top Team what happened. Lambert & King Mo mock Philly & tell them to kiss the feet of King Mo. Lawlor grabs the mic and berates the Philly crowd for idolizing a fake like Rocky Balboa.

Now we got to the footage of Brian Pillman Jr. that INJUSTICE handed Alicia Atout. The footage shows INJUSTICE attack Pillman in the parking lot while he is on the phone. They lay his head on a cinder block & Myron curb stomps Pillman’s head through the cinder block. That is how we end this week’s edition of MLW FUSION.

Curb Stomp Pillman

Until Next Week……..

Also, check out Putting You Over LIVE at or on-demand at Putting You Over on YouTube.

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