LIVE from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, it is MLW Fusion #104.

Douglas James vs. Septimo Dragon

Kid Ref is out official and we are underway. Douglas James a hybrid wrestler & we start things off fast and furious. Both men showing off their quickness and agility. Douglas just lands a jumping knee to the face followed up by a low suicide dive to the outside. Septimo tosses Douglas back in, avoids contact & drills him with a super kick and a moonsault to the outside. Suicide dive of his own by Septimo. Septimo in control now, throws Douglas back in the ring & gets a 2 count.

Septimo spikes Douglas with a head scissors take down. Dragon jumps up to the second turnbuckle, but Douglas fights back with kcik to the knees & a code breaker from the second turnbuckle. 2 count for Douglas. Suplex by Douglas. Now some stiff kicks to the chest of Septimo. Douglas takes down Septimo with a crossface. Septimo rolls through and both men back up to their feet. Douglas turns Septimo inside out with a clothesline. 

Both them trade forearms to the face, followed by slpas and chops. Ouch. Septimo catches and kick lands one of his own. Now, both men exchange kicks and strikes. This flurry ends with both men landing a kick to the head. Both men are down. Once again the men exchange kicks, forearms & strikes. After both men run the ropes, Septimo lands a kick to the head after going into a handstand. A piledriver by Septimo, but only gets a two count. Septimo now heads to the top & misses a double stomp. Douglas hits a knee to the head and then a death valley driver into the corner followed up by a submission for the win. 

Douglas Win

Winner by submission: Douglas James.

  • We see a video of Richard Halliday of The Dynasty talking to somebody on the phone. Rumor is that the Dynasty is going to try and injury Mance Warner before tonight’s loser leaves MLW match with MJF.
  • Alicia Atout is backstage with Mance Warner talking about tonight’s match.
  • We get an update on INJUSTICE being suspended and fined for the attack on Pillman.
  • We also get a promo for the MLW/AAA Super Series, which starts next week. LA Park challenges Psycho Clown to a 3 on 3 match. LA Park and his sons vs. Psycho Clown and 2 partners of his choice.  
  • Alicia Atout is backstage with The Dynasty.  
  • Alicia Atout talks to Savio Vega on his take of the loser leaves MLW match. It is a blood feud and Vega knows a lot about blood feuds.   
  • Then we get a replay of the controversial match between King Mo and Low Ki. 

Now we see a video of Hammerstone and Holliday backstage with weapons and they find Mance Warner. Then Savio Vega comes from behind and all 4 men start brawling.

When we return we see Hammerstone & Holliday knocked out and Savio Vega is there to make sure that they do not interfere in the loser leaves MLW match. 

We get a promo from MJF about his life as a kid & how he got bullied and beaten. MJF states that Mance is not the only one who has had to face adversity & not the only one who can be a psychopath.  

MJF is a psychopath

MJF vs. Mance Warner: Empty Arena, Loser leaves MLW match.

This one is not going to be pretty or a display of technical wrestling. This is going to be a fight. MJF spits in the face of Mance and the two men go quickly to the outside. Both men laying in fists and slamming each other into the rails. MJF starts choking Mance with some chords. MJF grabs some bolt cutters, but Mance kicksMJF and takes the bolt cutters. Mance tries to eliminate the huevos of MJF. MJF blocks it. Now MJF tosses Mance into the folding chairs. MJF continues to toss and throw chairs at Mance Warner.

Mance fights back by slamming MJF into a guard rail. MJF starts walking up the bleachers with Mance following him. Mance unloads first on MJF at the top of the bleachers. Now, up on a balcony, both men exchange strikes. Mance heatbutts MJF and Mance tosses him down the bleachers. MJF is calling for a doctor. Mance covers, but only gets a 2 count. MJF has a broom and his choking Mance. MJF lays out the cameraman.  

MJF chokes Mance

 MJF dragging Mance back towards the ring. Somebody hands MJF a cigarette, which he puts out on Mance’s head. MJF tries to call for a taxi, but Mance throws a chair at him and cancels the cab. Mance tosses MJF through a row of chairs. Mance tries to break MJF’s wrist in the metal structure. MJF climbs back in the ring and Mance follows. Now both men exchange fists in the middle of the ring. 

MJF cigarette

Mance has the upper hand & is just laying in the quick jabs and then a Dusty style elbow to the forehead. MJF with a thumb to the eye of Mancer. Mance Warner fights back with a pop up headbutt, which he follows it up with a lariat. Mance goes for the cover. 1-2-3! MANCE WINS! MJF is GONE! 

Mance with the win

Winner by pinfall: Mance Warner. MJF must leave MLW.

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