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Welcome to the beginning of MLW & AAA’s Super Series LIVE from Tijuana Mexico. Kirsh & Bocchini open MLW Fusion 105 & break down the card for us tonight in this class between two amazing rosters.

MLW National Openweight Title Match: Alexander Hammerstone vs. Laredo Kid

Barrio Street Fight: Mance Warner & Savio Vega vs. Pagano & Pagan

An update on King Mo, Killer Kross, Pillman Jr, INJUCTICE & Davey Boy Smith Jr.

After the National Anthem and a backstage segment of Alicia Atout giving kudos to Mance Warner on sending MJF packing in their “Loser Leaves MLW, empty arena match” from last week. Savio Vega interrupts and hypes the Tijuana Street Fight & that is our first contest.

Mance Warner/Savio Vega vs. Pagano/Mortiz—Tijuana Barrio Street Fight

The National Openweight Champion, Alexander Hammerstone joines Kirsh & Bocchini at the announce table. We also see all sorts of weapons around the ring. Tables, boards, chairs & even a car hood. Vega & Pagano go at it in the middle of the ring, but it does not take long for all 4 men to be inside the ring. Warner/Vega send Pagano & Mortiz to the outside with some viscious chops. This is when things pick up.  We see Warner use a cable chord to choke Mortiz & then slams chair into the side of Mortiz’s head. On the other side of the ring, Vega tosses Pagano into a car hood. It would not be a Mance Warner match, if a beer was not involved. Especially on National Beer Day. Vega takes a beer and introduces it to Pagano’s face. 

Vega Beer

Warner & Vega toss Mortiz out of the ring & Savio Vega uses this opportunity to ram some skewers into the head of Pagano.  Hammerstone with some great commentary here abotu using them the wrong way.  

Vega Skewers

Mortiz evens the odds by dumping both Savio & Mance to the outside. On the outside Savio & Mance get put through a board by the means of a suicide dive by Mortiz On the outside again, all 4 men beat the hell out of each other with all sorts of weapons.  Back in the ring, Mance & Pagano go at it. Pagano sets a chair up in the corner & Irish whip into the chair. Mance stops himself, grabs the chair and throws it at Pagano. Mance goes for the pin, but Mortiz breaks it up by throwing a chair at Mance. Now Mortiz & Warner go back & forth with chair shots to the head.

Vega lands a powerbomb on Pagano on the hood of a car. Inside the ring, Pagano gets the crowd fired up. Vega & Pagano go back & forth in the middle of the ring with strikes. Absolute chaso in this match. Pagano & Ortiz beating the crap out of each other on the outside, which Mortiz & Warner go at it in the ring. Mortiz sets Mance on the top rope & lights a table on fire. The Southern Psychopath gets the final statement by choke slamming Mortiz through the flaming table. Mance continued the beat the fire out of Mortiz & would have gotten the 3 count, if the ref was not busy tending to the burning table. 

Mance Fire

Pagano tosses a door into the ring & him and Mance exchange a little sign language. Both men beat the hell out of each other with wooden doors. Then they set them up in the corners. Mancer gets speared through a door. Then Pagano gets speared through a door. Both men got 2 counts. On the outside, Vega and Mortiz beat the hell out of each other. Mance & Pagano go back and forth with firsts and headbutts. Mance lands a knee between the eyes and sets up a table. Hammerstone enters the ring & bicklye kicks Mance in the face. 

Hammerstone kick to Mance

Pagano & Mortiz use this to take advantage & set Mance Warner up on a table. Mortiz lands a splash through the table, but cannot make the cover. Pagano headbutts the chair Savio tried to use. Savio sets up a chair on chest of Pagano & goes off the second turnbuckle, but Pagao shoves the chair into the lower region of Vega. Pagano hits a running blockbuster neck breaker for the win.

Winner by pinfall, Pagano/Mortiz (AAA)

Things We Learn

-We learn King Mo is suspended for a month for his attack on Killer Kross
-Filthy Tom says that him and Garrini will dethrone the Von Erichs
-Video of The Dynasty, who went to a donkey show & cannot find Gino Medina.
-INJUSTICE grabs a mic & says they are not paying a fine & might show up next week.
-Davey Boy Smith Jr. says he is talking to Court Bauer about a title match vs. Fatu.
-INJUSTICE confront Konnan & Konnan says he’ll give them a AAA 6-man title match.
-Psycho Clown accepts LA Park’s challenge.

Laredo Kid vs. Alexander Hammerstone- MLW National Openweight Championship

Laredo Kid makes his way to the ring first. Now comes the champion, Hammerstone with American flag in tow. Ding, ding, ding. Both men start off by a tie up, but Hammerstone is too strong. Laredo fights back with kicks, but Hammerstone reverses an Irish whip. Laredo kid uses his agility & a head scissor takeover to send the champ to the outside. Laredo kid hits a cross body to the outside.  Laredo Kid tosses the champ back into the ring and goes to hit a move off the top, but Hammerstone catches Laredo kid, hits an uranagi & gets a 2 count. 

Hammerstone Urunagi

Laredo takes a beating of kicks in the corner. Hammerstone uses his size and power & lands the Spinal Countdown. Another 2 count by Hammerstone. Laredo Kid is dumped to the outside.

On the outside, Hammerstone chops Laredo kid all around the ringside. Laredo Kid is tossed back into the ring. Laredo Kid fights back with a kick and a punch. Laredo with a missile dropkick that sends Hammerstone to the outside. Laredo uses this momentum and hits a suicide dive. Laredo also uses a beer & tosses it into the face of Hammerstone.

Laredo Beer to Face

Back in the ring. Laredo is getting the crowd pumped. Laredo lands a snap suplex & follows it up with two moonsaults, but only gets a 2 count. Hammerstone battles back with a pair of strikes, but Laredo Kid comes back with a super kick. Hammerstone hits a reverse DDT style move & argues with ref & then calls for Nightmare Pendulum. Laredo reverses and rolls him up for 2, but Hammerstone fights back with a huge lariat. Now the champ has Laredo Kid on the top rope. Kid fights back, tosses Hammerstone off and his a 450 splash, but Hammerstone kicks out. WOW!

Now Laredo puts Hammerstone on the top rope, but is shoved off by the champ. Hammerstone lands a bicycle kick, but then accidentally takes out the ref with a clothesline. The champion now heads to the top rope, but Laredo Kid nips up and lands a Spanish Fly. This match would have been over, but there is no ref. Laredo Kid tosses the ref back into the ring, but takes advantage & hits a German Suplex, a power bomb & the Nightmare Pendulum for the win.

Hammerstone Finisher

Winner by pinfall, and still MLW Openweight Champion, Alexander Hammerstone.

The show goes off the air with Hammerstone celebrating & the announcers saying Mance Warner is throwing security around.

Until Next Week……..

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