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Kirsh & Bochinni welcome us to Tijuana, Mexico & Week 2 of the Super Series between MLW & AAA. The series is tied 1-1. On tap for today’s show is:

-Douglas James vs. Averno 
-Team Filthy vs. Puma King & Xtreme Tigre 
-Plus more! 

Douglas James vs. Averno 

James makes his way to the ring first and we are ready to get things going. Now we see the entrance of Averno. Ding, ding, ding. Both men feel each other out at the early start. Both men showcasing their skill & mat ability. After a sequence of agility and ring awareness, James dropkicks Averno to the outside. James looks to capitaliza on the outside, but Averno takes his legs out and drives him into the guardrail. Averno tosses him face first off the ring apron and sets up a table. Averno grabs James & send him through said table.

Averno tosses James back into the ring & lands a buckle bomb. Averno is in full control right now. A 2 fall from Averno. Chop for chop in the middle of the ring is won by James. James hits a knee & a running clothesline. James off the top with a huricanrana. Suicide dive by James. Superkick to the chin by James followed by a meteora. James cover Averno, but only gets a 2 count from an extremely slow count by the ref. James lays into Averno with kicks to the chest. Averno blocks a kick and levels James with a forearm. James got crushed in the temple & is not moving.

Averno Wins

Winner by KO, Averno. AAA 2- MLW 1. 

-Video package of INJUSTICE taking out Pillman Jr.
-Birthday Girl, Alicia Atout talks to Dave Boy Smith Jr. about the beat down by Team Filthy 
-Both Pillman Jr. & Davey Boy Smith Jr. are cleared & Hart Foundation reunites next week on Fusion.
-TRIOS Tag Team Title Match SIGNED for Super Series; INJUSTICE vs. Jinetes Del Aire
-INJUSTICE with Alicia Atout talking about new match signed & Pillman Jr.
- Promo package for Vikingo
-Video of The Dynasty crossing the border & hiding from the Mexican locals.
-Busted Open Radio audio with Dan Lambert on Low Ki.

Team Filthy (Lawlor & Garrini) vs. Xtreme Tigre & Puma King

Team Filthy comes out first to a chorus of boos. Now we see Puma King & Xtreme Tigre .  Filthy starts the match by pulling his mouth guard out from his “Von Erich” trunks. Lawlor & Xtreme Tigre start things off & Tigre gets the takedown. Xtreme Tigre with a leg sweep & takes down Lawlor. Tigre plants a ensuguri & Lawlor is irate. Tom takes in Garrini & Xtreme Tigre takes Puma King. Garrini mocks Puma King & Puma King mocks back. Classic Karate King crane reference here.

Crane Kick Puma King

Puma gets the early upper hand, but Garrini ends the momentum with a kick to the midsection. Puma King lands a perfect dropkick on Garrini, but then eats a boot from Dominic. Puma King hits a powerslam, Senton combo. Garrini tags in Lawlor & lands some knees to the jaw of Puma King. Team Filthy has cut the ring in half and separated Puma King from his partner. Some quick tags from Team Filthy, but Puma King battles back with a DDT on Garrini. Puma King makes the hot tag to Xtreme Tigre. Tigre comes in & lands a senton right bertween the legs of Lawlor. Lawlor rolls to the outside. Garrini comes in and attempts a German suplex, but Tigre lands on his feet & eats a forearm from Garrini.

Puma King comes in and hits a double knee facebreaker and locks in Garrini in the rings of satrun, but Lawlor comes in and locks a cross armbreaker on Puma King while he has a hol don Garrini. Xtreme Tigre comes in and breaks up the 3-way submission. Lawlor lands a kick to Xtreme Tigre on the top turnbuckle. Puma King hits a running kick to the ribs of Lawlor. Now, Garrini & Lawlor team up on Puma King & Dominic locks in a choke hold. Xtreme Tigre breaks it up, as Puma King rolls to the outside. Dominic & Tom start to beat down Xtreme Tigre, but he fights back with a huricanrana on Lawlor sending him to the outside.

Tigre dropkicks Garrini to the outside. Lawlor back in ring & Xtreme Tigre takes down Tom & locks a submission on him, but it is broken up by Garrini. Dominic & Lawlor hit a combo of a knockout right hand into a rear naked choke. Puma King in to break it up. Puma King drops Lawlor on his face & then super kicks him in the jaw. Brainbuster by Puma King. Garrini eats a combination of kicks from Puma King & rolls to the outside. The lucha legend executes a perfect springboard crossbody to the outside on Garrini & tosses him back in the ring & gets a 2 count. Lawlor back in & hits double knockout punches on Puma King followed up by a kick to the head & brainbuster double team move. We see a CONTRA glitch as Lawlor goes for cover. The glitch only lasted a second. Lawlor and Xtreme Tigre in the ring & Lawlor catches Xtreme Tigre in a rear naked choke. Xtreme Tigre is tapping & the referee is just trying to break up the hold & not call for bell. Finally, Lawlor lets go of the hold, bell rings, Xtreme Tigre is out cold & Team Filthy are your winners.

LAwlor Choke Win

Winner by Submission; Team Filthy. MLW ties Super Series 2-2.   

- Next week; Holliday vs Chessman for Carribean Championship.
-Also next week, Hart Foundation vs. Texano Jr & Escorpion Jr.

We go backstage with Savio Vega interviewing Alicia Atout at her birthday party, where ironically we see Brian Pillman Jr.  Mance & Hammerstone come fighting through the door & Mance slams the Middleweight champion’s face into the cake. Show goes off the air with Mance eating cake & looking for beer while Hammerstone lays in Alicia’s birthday cake.

Mance Cake Hammerstone
MAnce eating Cake

Until Next Week........

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