Kirsh & Bochinni welcome us to Tijuana, Mexico for week 3 of this great inter-promotion battle. The Super Series between MLW & AAA is tied 2-2.

Richard Holiday vs. Chessman- No DQ  

Holiday makes his way to the ring first & The Marketable One grabs a mic & cuts a promo in Spanish. Holiday, then pulls out his airpods & mocks the crowd. Chessman’s music starts and the AAA start makes his way to ringside with steel chair in tow. Holiday puts some pureal on his hands and we are ready to go.

Holliday Pureal

 Both men quickly take this fight to the outside and Holiday uses the chair Chessman brought to ringside to level him with it. Now back in the ring, Holiday takes control of the match with some strikes in the corner. Chessman ducks out of the ring and Holiday follows him, but when Chessman kicks The Marketable One back to the outside. Chessman lands a suicide dive and levels Holiday. Chessman grabs a chair and uses it on the back of Holiday. Back in the ring, Chessman gets a 2 count. Chessman & Holiday exchanges strikes in middle of the ring. After some back and forth, both man land a clothesline. Suplex by Holiday for another 2 count. Chessman fights back with a boot to the face. A moonsault off the top by Chessman, but only got a 2 count. Chessman misses a move from the top top, which gives Holiday the opportunity to hit the Market Crash for the 1-2-3. 

Holiday Finisher

  Winner by pinfall, Richard Holiday. MLW leads Super Series 3-2.

-Video package of Hammerstone getting a face full of cake. -Atout talks with Mance Warner & the two share some Miller Lite 

Mancer shares a beer

-update on Douglas James
-La Park en la cocina pendejos promo for next  week & we get soem pillow talk with LA Park

LA Park Fart

-Hammerstone promo on Mance Warner
-Col. Robert Parker denies involvement of promoting matches on barge ships
-Von Erich promo from Hawaii
-MLW looking into the slow counts from AAA referees
-Low Ki promo about making a call to some people

Los Mercenarios (Texano Jr. & Rey Escorpion Jr.) vs. Hart Foundation (Pillman Jr. & Davey Boy Smith Jr.)

Los Merceneraios make their way to the ring first to a huge pop from the crowd. Now we get the Hart Foundation. This multi-generational match should be a good one. Texano & Pillman start things off. Tempers were flaring in the early going & Pillman gets a kick to the head of Texano. Pillman is in control & fakes a hesitation drop kick & slaps Texano Jr. Los Mercenarios take advantage of the referee arguing with Davey Boy. The Hart Foundation separates the ring & Davey Boy Smith Jr. executes a stalling suplex. Another slow count from the referee. INJUSTICE is at ringside distracting the Hart Foundation. Los Mercenarios uses this distraction to double team Davey Boy. Texano plants Pillman Jr. with a backbreaker for a 1 count. Los Mercenarios take advantage of another distraction by the referee and double team Pillman Jr. Escorpion Jr. tossing Pillman Jr. around. Pillman Jr. battles back with a kick, but Escorpion Jr. pulls Pillman down by the hair. Pillman is taking a beating now by some great double team work by Los Mercenarios. Texano hits a slingshot senton for a 2 count. Los Mercenarios bait Davey Boy & hit Pillman with a bull rope as the referee is distracted. Powerbomb by Escorpion Jr. Pillman fights back with a jawbreaker and a dropkick. Hot Tag to Davey Boy Smith Jr., but the referee did not see it & does not allow it. But this distraction allows more double teaming on Pillman Jr. After a Pillman springboard cross-body, he makes the tag to Davey Boy & this time the ref sees it. Davey Boy cleans house & lands 10 punches to the head of Texano. Davey Boy clotheslines both of Los Mercenarios outside & Pillman lands a somersault plancha. Pillman tosses Texano into the ring & Davey Boy holds him up as Pillman Jr. lands Air Pillman. Davey Boy Smith with a jackknife pinning combination for the 1-2-3 & the win.

Hart Foundation Win

Winner by pinfall, The Hart Foundation (Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Brian Pillman Jr.) MLW leads the Super Series 4-2.

The Hart Foundation celebrates in the ring & with the Tijuana, Mexico crowd. The Hart Foundation had not been in a ring together since October and they did not miss a beat. Contra interrupts the broadcast & announces their preparation for the upcoming war. Samuel says that their soldiers are everywhere. Hail Contra is how we end this episode of MLW Fusion. 

Until Next Time……

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