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We are LIVE from Tijuana, Mexico for week 4 of the Super Series between MLW & AAA. MLW leads the series 4-2. Let’s get things kicked off with an AAA exhibition match.

Black Destiny, Fantastick & Rayo Star vs. Mocho Cotta Jr., Tito Santana & Carta Brava Jr.

The bell rings & all 6 come out firing. We see showcases of everybody’s agility, speed & technical prowess. A code red out of nowhere from Rayo Star. A continuous flow of the match, there are no tags in or out of these lucha libre tag matches. Action is all over the ring and the ringside area. Rayo Star takes a dropkick to the spine. Now we have a chair in the ring & Cotta Jr., Santana & Brava Jr., have control & are singling out Rayo Star. A spine buster & then a catapult into a chair shot. Now, Rayo Star is dumped into the 3rd row.

Back in the ring, Black Destiny takes a chair shot & then double drop kicks to the face. Fantastick takes a double foot stomp in the corner & Rayo Star steps in before more damage is done. Rayo Star battles back & lands a kick to the head on the top rope, followed up by a beautiful Spanish fly. A crucifix power bomb on Rayo Star, but Black Destiny breaks up the pin attempt. A spring board Ace Crusher by Black Destiny, but Cotta Jr., broke up the pin attempt. It is absolute chaos in the ring now, with each man hitting big move after big move. A triple kick out by Destiny, Fantastick & Rayo Star. Black Destiny hits a suicide dive across the top of the guardrail.

Now stereo suicide dives to the outside on Rayo Star & Fantastick. A barrel roll splash to the outside by the valet taking out Rayo Star & Fantastick. Back in the ring Cotta Jr. & Black Destiny battle. All three of Poder Del Norte land a clothesline, double knees & double foot stomp into the corner on Black Destiny. Black Destiny is dragged into the middle of the ring & lands a frog splash for the 1-2-3 & the win. 

Del Norte Win

Winner by pinfall, Poder Del Norte (Mocho Cotta Jr., Tito Santana & Carta Brava Jr)

-video flashback to how Richard Holliday stole the Caribbean title from Savio Vega.

-great video package of The Dynasty out in front of Savio Vega’s childhood home, which Holliday just bought.  

-MLW Anthology series promo 

-video flashback to the win from last week from The Hart Foundation & the attack from INJUSTICE 

-Pillman Jr. with a promo on Jordan Oliver & challenges him to a hair v. hair match.

LA Park en la cocina pendejos! (In the kitchen with LA Park in the kitchen, dumbasses!)

The Parks are in the kitchen and going to make a meal for Psycho Clown, so that he is nice & healthy & can cope with the pain that they are going to deliver. LA Park does not want Psycho Clown coming here dragging ass like a struggling dog on the rug. 

LA PARK in the Kitchen

LA Park reminds us to wash before we start cooking, so we do not get the coronavirus. After the washing of the hands, the Parks cut promos on Psycho Clown & his teammates on every ingredient. They remind us that MLW is the big leagues and not triple a. They also state that MLW needs to be warned because they want to fight for all the titles in MLW.

Mexiccan Pork Dish

-750 grs. Cortodillo de Res (5)

-320 grs. Cortadillo de Cerdo (2)

-250 grs. Salchicha para asar (6)

-100 grs. Tocino (3)

-250 grs. Charizo (4)

-250 grs. Menteca de cerdo (1)

-4 tomatoes
-1 cebolla
-cilantro al gusto
-sal, pimiento y ajo en polvo
-pure’ de tomatoe
-1 cubo consome’ de tomate
-agua la nece saria

-Davey Boy Smith Jr. with his thoughts on Jacob Fatu & his title shot.

-Mance Warner promo on Hammerstone

-Dan Lambert files suit again Low Ki for damages

INJUSTICE (Myron Reed, Jordan Oliver & Kotto Brazil) vs. Inetes Del Aire (Myzteziz Jr., Octagon Jr. & Hijo Del Vikingo)

INJUSTIC makes their wat to the ring first & the crowd greets them with a chorus of boos, while INJUSTICE tosses flour tortillas into the crowd. Up next, Inetes Del Aire’s music hits & the Tijuana crowd is fully behind the Trios Champions. In the early going, Del Aire takes control. Brazil gets leveled with a super kick from Octagon Jr. This is followed up by everybody hitting somebody else with a stiff kick to the face. Every week we see the amazing agility of Myron Reed & we see it again here when he handsprings out of a huricanrana attempt from Vikingo. Reed & Vikingo go back and forth with athleticism & escapes. Vikingo levels Reed with a spinning kicks, but Oliver uses this time to take out Vikingo. Now we have Oliver & Myzteziz Jr., to showcase their stuff. Oliver wins this battles by slamming down Myzteziz from behind. Now we get Kotto & Octagon Jr., in the ring to showcase their stuff. This encounter is highlighted by both men showing off huricanranas. Kotto eats a kick to the nose & then gets places in the corner. Kotto is separated in the corner where his chest is exposed and he eats a plethora of stiff kicks & chops & end the attack with an insane popup dropkick. Inetes Del Aire is in full control now.

POPup Dropkick

Reed now eats a bunch of kicks to the face after breaking up the count. A shooting star press for a 2 count by Vikingo Jr. All 6 men in the ring now. Oliver now eats some chops in the corner, which is followed up by a train of attacks. Kotto in at the last second to break up the pinfall. INJUSTICE is now in control in the ring. A double spine buster into a german suplex by injustice, but Vikingo breaks it up. Injustice singles out Vikingo & hits a springboard neck breaker followed up by a senton for the 2 count. The referee seems to be lethargic for INJUSTICE’s counts. All the men are on the outside now after some suicide dives. Only Kotto Brazil stands, but that does not last long as Octagon Jr. takes them all out.

Back in the ring, Vikingo and Brazil go out it, but he gets tosses to the outside. Vikingo gets suplexed and rolls out of the ring. Kotto lands a suicide dive to the outside & Oliver his an over the top ace crusher to the outside. Then Myron Reed hits an amazing Ace Crusher to the outside of his own. WOW. All 6 men look exhausted. Reed back in the ring & INJUSTICE locks in a triple submission on Myzteziz, but here comes Pillman Jr., who spits beer in the face of Kotto. This distraction from Pillman Jr. allows Inetes Del Aire to take full advantage with some lucha libre moves to the outside on Oliver & Reed leaving Brazil alone in the ring with Vikingo. Vikingo plants Brazil with a running meteroa & then lands a 630 senton for the 1-2-3.

Inestes WIN

Winner by pinfall, and still the AAA Trios Champions, Inetes Del Aire. MLW leads Super Series 4-3. 

Show goes off the air with an irate INJUSTICE. Until next week for the final week of the Super Series between MLW & AAA.

Until Next Time……..

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