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Kirsh & Bocchinni welcome us to Tijuana, Mexico for the 5th Stage of Super Series.

-Los Parks cut promo on match tonight & how they vow to hold all the titles in MLW.

-Alicia Atout backstage with Konnan (with his booker hat on). MLW vs. AAA calls out MLW and says the ball is in their court now.

-Team Filthy has filed lawsuit verse MLW & demands Low Ki get a psychological evaluation.

- video package of the premiere of MLW Anthology

-video package of The Dynasty. Halliday & Gino out in the middle of nowhere talking about Meth Gators and a family of raccoons. Another hilarious segment from The Dynasty.

-video of Ol’ Mancer pissed off. Ol’ Mancer wants a match between him & Vega verse The Dynasty & all the Gold in a Triple Tower of Doom. Cage on top of Cage on top of Cage. Levels of whoppin’ from Ol’ Mancer. Cages, ladders, barb wire, light tubes oh my.

-video package of the highlights of the past 5 weeks of the Super Series. MLW leads the Super Series 4-3 with one match left.

Nino Hamburguesa, Psicosis & Psycho Clown vs. Los Parks 

Nino Hamburguesa, Psicosis & Psycho Clown come out first. A wild card, a legend & a fan favorite respectively. Psycho Clown is beloved by the fans & you see many Psycho Clown masks in the crowd. Now we get the entrance form the Los Parks. This is the long awaited return of. The Chairman, LA Park and he is accompanied by his sons. 

Los Parks Entrance

A headbutt from LA Park to Psycho Clown and this trios match is underway.  Remember, not tags required in this math & the action is non-stop. At the early going, Los Parks are in control & delivering strikes to their opponents in the corners. Psycho Clown & LA Park on taking their fight into the crowd, while the other 4 wrestlers are inside the ring with some chairs. The Chairman leveled Psycho Clown with a chair. Inside the ring, Los Parks are dismantling Nino & Psicosis with chairs. LA Park just tossed a bar table into the ring. It is absolute chaos as LA Park throws the bar table at Psicosis. Psycho Clown eats a face full of table too. The Parks are in complete control right now.  Nino gets power bombed on top of the table. No give on that table at all. LA Park heads into the crowd again and this times returns with a trash can & a case of beer bottles, which he just fired at the face of Pcycho Clown. 

LA PArk Beer Bottles


This is an absolute massacre. Nino fights back with a shoulder tackle as Psycho Clown and Psicosis pull Los Parks to the outside. Psycho Clown are removed the guard rail and starts using chairs on LA Park. Inside the ring, Nino is taking the attack to Los Parks with chair after chair shot. Back in the ring, Psycho Clown takes part in the dismantling of Los Parks with chair shots to the lower region.

Psycho Clown with a super kick to the face of LA Park. Los Parks are now on the receiving end of a beat down. Now, LA Park is in the middle of the ring with Psycho Clown. LA Park hits a clothesline & then does his signature dance. 

LA Park Clohesline Dance

 Psycho Clown escapes another clothesline and lands a top rope cross body. After LA Park’s sons accidentally hit him with elbows, Los Parks kick out of a 3-way cover. Psycho Clown starts whipping everybody he sees. Absolute bedlam & nothing is predictable. Psicosis hits a bronco buster on all of Los Parks, followed up by a somersault senton by Nino. Another 3-way pin attempt and kick out by Los Parks.

Nino eats a super kick & a clothesline from Los Parks, but fights back with a senton. LA Park breaks up pin attempt by kicking the ref & then the pin attempt. Once again, LA Park and Psycho Clown in the ring getting the crowd hyped up. LA Park & Psycho Clown exchange chops & clothes lines in the ring. LA Park gets the upper hand with a lariat on Psycho Clown. Psycho Clown fights back with a discus clothesline, followed up by a spinning heel kick for a 2 count. El Authentico eats some chops, but battles back with a headbutt and a running knee buster. Psicosis in the ring & the two legends go at it. Psicosis gets the upper hand with a drop kick for a 2 count. LA Park rolls to the outside and Psicosis hits a suicide dive. Everyone takes their turn on hitting a dive to the outside, even the big man Nino. Nino hits a suicide dive onto his own teammates. 

Nino Dive


Back in the ring, Los Parks dismantle Psicosis, but the referee with an extremely slow count. Pagano enters the ring and levels Los Parks with chair shots. Pagano went to hit LA Park with the chair, but the ref stopped him. This distraction allowed LA Park to head but Pagano out of the ring & hit the spear on Psicosis for the win. 

Los Park WIN

Winner by pinfall, Los Parks. Winner of the 1st Super Series 5-3.

-CONTRA interrupts the feed & we see a beaten Davey Boy Smith laying in a stairwell covered in a control flag. Some computer commands come across the screen calling for the final lesson & the ruining of MLW & it started with the breaking of The Bulldog.

-Day 1 of the War is here. CONTRA has seized MLW.


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