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MLW FUSION #97 Results

MLW Fusion Ep. 97: A Dynasty production

This week’s FUSION is brought to you by The Dynasty; Richard Holliday, MJF, Alex Hammerstone & Gino Medina.

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· Gino Medina pins Septimo Dragon.

· Alexander Hammerstone pins Aerostar to retain the National Openweight Championship

· The Von Erichs pin MJF & Holliday to retain the World Tag Team Championships

This week’s FUSION is brought to you by The Dynasty; Richard Holliday, MJF, Alex Hammerstone & Gino Medina.

We open the show with AJ Kirsh being forced to read heavily favored Dynasty promo for the upcoming matches for tonight’s FUSION. It seems that The Dynasty has put fliers up around the premises that say if anybody sees Mance Warner, please alert security.

Gino Medina v. Septimo Dragon

After a video package of Medina turning on Konnan, we are ready for our first match. Holliday joins Kirsh and Bocchini, so we are going to be getting a heavy dose of marking out to The Dynasty. Septimo makes his way to the ring with Konnan in tow. Ding, ding, ding!

Both guys come out of the gate firing on all cylinders. Septimo lands a moonsault to the outside and connects with a super kick. Now, Septimo back in the ring and hits a suicide dive to the outside. Septimo in full control on the outset.

Back in the ring, a near fall by Septimo. Both wrestlers display a wide arrange of reversals, attempts & athleticism. A head scissors takes Medina to the outside, but he recovers quickly and both men are back at it with the flips, reversals and counters. Septimo goes for another head scissors, but Medina just tosses him off.

Medina now takes advantage, hits some knife edge chops & follows hit up with a head lock. The momentum has shifted Medina’s way now. Medina is controlling the contest with some attacks in the corner. Medina with an Irish whip into the corner and then catches an elbow. Septimo hits a springboard arm drag, but Medina stops his momentum with an enziguri. Medina now rolls to the outside by Konnan. Medina pushes Konnan and then catches a spring board moonsault from Septimo. Both men back in the ring and after botched front handspring off the rope, Septimo does a handspring over the ropes and onto the apron. Septimo follows that up with a standing Spanish fly for a near fall.

The crowd is getting behind Septimo. Septimo lands a springboard DDT and gets another near fall. Konnan looking on as Septimo Dragon heads to the top rope. Septimo goes for a double stomp, but misses. Medina drills Septimo with a snake eyes and follows it up with a small package. Medina gets the 3 count by putting his foot on the bottom rope for extra leverage.

Winner; Gino medina by pinfall

After the match, Holliday & Medina beat down Septimo and rip the mask off of Septimo. Konnan enters the ring and fends off Holliday and Medina with a sock filled with something. I was not shocked that Septimo had his mask ripped off, the entire match it was not buckled around his chin.

A promo read for the World Tag Team championships is full of pro Dynasty and burring the Von Erichs. Kirsh’s and Bocchini’s tone during these reads, in combination with the over the top pro Dynasty lines is hilarious. Mance Warner is outside the arena being told he cannot enter due to breaking the dress code. Warner cuts an Austin style promo and says he will be back. We also see a promo for Erik Stevens appearing next week on FUSION.

Aerostar v. Alex Hammerstone-National Openweight championship match

Konnan joins us at the announcers table this time and both men enter the ring. Konnan hypes the AAA/MLW partnership. The ref raises the title high in the sky and we are underway.

Crowd seems to be behind Aerostar, but that is not surprising because nobody likes The Dynasty. Hammerstone tries to impose his will early on, but Aerostar uses his speed and agility to stay away from the stronger Hammerstone. Hammerstone takes full control with a powerbomb onto the apron and then a spinal countdown in the middle of the ring.

Aerostar tries to even things back by reversing an Irish whip and then gets to the top rope and lands a barrel roll splash off the top rope. Hammerstone lands a big forearm, goes for a suplex, but Aerostar slides down and rolls up Hammerstone. TWO! Aerostar was almost the new Openweight champion. Aerostar now lands a rolling ace crusher for another 2 count. Both men are completely exhausted. Aerostar to the top again, but Hammerstone hits ropes and crotches Aerostar on the top rope.

Hammerstone goes to the top rope with Aerostar and hits a stalling superplex, cover and gets a 2 count. Aerostar having trouble walking due to his injured ankle or knee. Hammerstone lands a running big boot and follows it up with a German suplex. Hammerstone goes for a powerbomb, but Aerostar drops down and rolls him up for a 2 count. Aerostar goes to capitalize and attack, but his met by Hammerstone ripping the mask off of Aerostar. Hammerstone rolls up Aerostar and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winner; Alex Hammerstone by pinfall. Still MLW National Openweight Champion.

Konnan is irate at ringside. Hammerstone invites Konnan into the ring, but Konnan just goes to check on Aerostar. Aerostar with a towel on his head makes his way to the back, while Hammerstone stands in the middle of the ring with the title and the mask.

A message from filthy Tom Lawlor


We see a video package set to the theme of DALLAS. In this edition, Lawlor stands outside the Sportatorium. Lawlor of Garrini wish the VON Erich’s good luck verse The Dynasty because he wants Ross VON Erich at full strength when fight each other. Segment ends with Lawlor and Garrini pissing on the hallowed grounds of the Sportatorium.

Mance Warner, after some beers, cuts a promo.

Mance says he has had a few more beers and is ready to roll on up there and piss on The Dynasty’s party.

Fatu calls out Cima

Kirsh and Bocchini talk about on the 100 episode of MLW, we will get Fatu verse Cima for the MLW Heavyweight Championship.

MANCE enters for the price of beer

Mance gives some beer to the security guard who lets him in to the arena because & I quote “MJF is an asshole”.

MJF & Holliday v. The Von Erichs-Tag team title match

The Dynasty attempt to make their way to the ring first; but they refuse to come out first, so here comes the VON Erichs. As the Von Erichs were getting some flowers from a fan, The Dynasty attacks from behind. MJF & Holliday toss both the Von Erich boys into the guard rails. After a total beat down on the outside, Ross is tossed into the ring.

Inside the ring, both Holliday and MJF takes turns laying in shots into Ross. Now we have MJF and Ross in the ring & Ross is taking a beat down in the corner. The Dynasty using double team tactics with the help of enticing Marshall into the ring. The Dynasty is in complete control and cutting the ring in half and not allowing Ross to get anywhere near Marshall. Holliday and MJF continue to pick apart and verbally abuse Ross. Ross makes an effort to make the tag, but Holliday drags Marshall off the ringside.

MJF & Holliday continues the onslaught on Ross. A double elbow drop on Ross and then a lazy cover for a 2 count. Ross goes again for a tag, but is driven back into the corner. MJF and Holliday are using classic heel tag team psychology to control this match. Holliday lands a vertical suplex on Ross and gets another 2 count. MJF is lambasting the ref for a slow 2 count. Now it is MJF’s turn to inflict pain onto Ross. Crowd getting behind Ross, but The Dynasty attempts to shut it down by hitting a double suplex. Ross flips out of it and counters with a double neck breaker. Marshall getting the crowd behind him. Ross has taken a hell of a beating, but has enough energy to get the hot tag to Marshall Von Erich.

Marshall hits the ring with some closed fists and tossing MJF to the outside. Marshall hits back to back lariats into the corner on Holliday. The Von Erichs are feeding off of the crowd. Marshall hits a corner cannonball and follows it up with a standing moonsault. Marshall with the cover. TWO! Ross hits a running knee & Marshall lands a discus forearm for another 2 count. MJF still on the outside.

MJF makes his way into the ring, but is sent back out with a double dropkick. Ross follows it up with a plancha over the top to the outside on top of MJF. The Von Erichs are fired up. Holliday with a big boot to Ross keeping him from entering the ring. Marshall plants Holliday on the top rope and goes for a superplex, but Holliday blocks it and counters with a Market Crash from the top rope. MJF follows that up with a splash from the top. Holliday goes for the cover, but Ross breaks it up at the last second.

Here comes Hammerstone, but Mance Warner drills him with a chair. Gino Medina makes his way down, but Mance is not allowing him. Back in the ring, the Von Erichs knock Holliday to the outside with a double dropkick. Marshall locks the claw in onto MJF, Ross comes over and lands a belly to back suplex onto MJF. Marshall held the claw in place and got the 3 count.

Winners; The Von Erichs by pinfall. Still tag team champions

The show goes off the air with the Von Erichs celebrating the victory deep in the heart of Von Erich country. The Dynasty’s night was foiled by Mance Warner.

Until next week, I am The Standing One. You can check out Putting You Over, where I do interview, recaps, news and LIVE reactions at Thank You. Comment below on what you thought of this episode.

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