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Live from the NYTEX Sports Centre in North Richland Hills, Texas is where MLW FUSION resides tonight. I hope to bring to you a glorious recap of the night’s events. Feel free to let me know how I missed the mark and sound off in the comments. Here we go….

The show starts off with a reminder of how Josef Samael cost former Teddy Hart the Middleweight championship by means of a fireball in his face. Fatu reminds us of how the Hart Family is riddled in controversy. Then we see Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr. jump the ring and make a statement. This is the backstory to tonight’s no-ropes, no pin match between Smith and Simon Gotch.

Simon Gotch (Contra) v. Davey Boy Smith Jr. (Hart Foundation)-No Ropes, No Pinfalls. (Only win by KO or Tap-Out).

Smith Jr., get the upper hand off the bat with a ½ guard on Gotch. After a Gotch shove to the outside, Smith and Simon exchange leg kicks inside the squared circle. Smith gets Gotch in a gator roll, which Gotch gets out of and then lands some knee strikes to the head of Smith, which Junior seems to shake off. Gotch tries again with a head scissor, but Davey Boy kips-up. The two wrestlers may be equal in terms of mat execution, but Davey Boy stands tall when it comes to power. Smith uses this power to get into full guard land some vicious elbows to Gotch’s face. After an escape by Gotch and some back and forth exchanges, Smith gets Gotch into a submission. Samael interferes and tries to help Gotch escape, but the ref is on top of things. Gotch gets Smith into a knee-bar after blocking a suplex attempt by Davey Boy. Junior uses his strength and power to break free from the knee-bar and hits Gotch with a back suplex and another suplex. 


Smith went for a 3 suplex, but Gotch fights out of it. Gotch was on the verge of a comeback till Smith drilled him with a discus forearm. Davey Boy Smith Jr., knocked Gotch out with two more suplexes.

KO. Winner Davey Boy Smith Jr.

“Filthy Does Dallas” Premiere

Before the next match we get to witness the premiere of “Filthy Does Dallas” starring Tom Lawlor and Dominic Garrini as themselves. A classic mocking parody movie where they poke some shots at the Von Erichs.


Myron Reed v. Drago (MLW Middleweight Championship)

Drago tries to get the quick upper hand, but Reed escapes. The pace is quick and hard hitting. Reed’s chest protector seems to be help him take the blows from Drago, especially the middle-rope splash. Reed takes an advantage thanks to execution of an enziguri, lungblower, back suplex, slingshot leg drop and of course the help of Oliver. Reed is marking out to the crowd. Drago tries to regroup, but Reed attempts to regain the advantage. Drago pulls the top rope down and Reed goes flying over the top. Oliver catches Reed, but both are taken out with a tope con hilo from Drago. Finally the action makes it back to the ring, where both wrestlers exchange blows. After two power bombs and a near fall, Oliver runs in and is greeted with a super kick, which sends him to the outside. Drago is now on the verge of finishing off Reed, but is struck by a low blow. Reed then finishes off Drago with a springboard 450.

1-2-3 Winner. And still MLW Middleweight Champion, Myron Reed.

Low Ki, King Mo & Contra

Low Ki starts off the next segment with him ranting and raving about how is the longest reigning & most defending champion in MLW history. King Mo interrupts and makes fun of Low Ki.

Contra interrupts in the feed preaching about the failures of the Hart Foundation and state that they have found the demise of the Hart Foundation, referring to the fact that Air Wolf has been attacked and his match has been canceled.

Von Erich Dominance.

Next we get a video package of the dominance of the Von Erichs, which leads to the Main Event between Marshall Von Erich v. MJF. It seems that Tom Lawlor will join Kirsh and Bocchini on commentary for this match.

Marshall Von Erich versus MJF

MJF, comes out first (accompanied by Hammerstone and Medina, but they get sent to the back right away by the ref), and cuts a vicious promo on the mic. MJF states that he will put another Von Erich 6 feet under.

The match starts off with a tie-up, which leads to neither man getting the upper hand. The two battle for the upper hand and the crown is eating it up. MJF now offers to shake the hand of Marshall, which he obliges and MJF kicks him in the gut. MJF and Marshall go back and forth a little more and then Von Erich fights back with a couple of deep arm-drags and then a picture perfect dropkick. Marshall signals for the Claw, but MJF rolls out of the ring (classic heel move). MJF spends the next couple of minutes targeting the hand of Marshall in order to neutralize the claw. MJF bites, stomps and wrenches on Marshall’s hand in the medal of the turnbuckle.


MJF tosses Marshall back in to the ring and gets the upper hand by mounting him and landing some punches and gets a near fall. MJF tries to continue to control Marshall by utilizing a wrist lock, which Marshall punches his way out of, but MJF uses his hair to stop all momentum. MJF continues to work on the hand of Marshall.

Back and forth they go with a test a strength, which Marshall wins with a belly-to-belly suplex. MJF comes back at Marshall, but Marshall hits him with a dropkick and follows it up with two running lariats and then a summersault senton into the corner. Marshall then hits a pop-up power slam for a near fall. Marshall calls for the claw again, but MJF is a coward and runs and hides behind the ref, blocks a punch and sneaks in his own arm bar. MJF wrenches back on the right arm of Marshall, all while bending the fingers at angles fingers should not bend. Tom Lawlor enjoying all the pain that Marshall is being put through.

Marshall fights his way to the bottom rope and breaks the hold. Both men look exhausted. Both men battle to their feet. MJF charges Marshall in the corner and catches a foot to the face, which is quickly followed up by a picture perfect moonsault & a false finish. Marshall seems a bit frustrated and is still trying to get feeling back in his right hand.


As Marshall is getting fired up by the crowd, the other members of Dynasty run-in and are met by fists. MJF rolls Marshall up and uses the ropes for leverage, but it busted by the ref. This infuriates MFJ, he shoves the ref & turns around to The Claw from Marshall Von Erich.

MJF taps to The Claw. Winner by submission; Marshall Von Erich.

Lawlor is irate at ringside, pulling at his hair. He threatens to sneak into the ring with a chair, but backs down when Marshall Von Erich glares at him. The show foes off the air with Marshall laying waste of Dynasty and sending them back pedaling with their tails between their legs.

Until Next Week…….

The Standing One

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