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  • Savio Vega vs. Richard Holliday (Caribbean Strap Match)
  • AAA World Cruiserweight Championship - AAA Laredo Kid vs Zenshi
  • TJP and Bu Ku Dao vs. Violence Is Forever

6:03 PM - We start out with a LOT of talk about the Caribbean Strap Match for the Caribbean Championship with Savio Vega vs. Richard Holliday. Let's go then!

6:04 PM - Not disappointingly, another teaser about the Contra Unit and the recent ambushes.

AAA Laredo Kid vs. Zenshi (AAA Cruiserweight Title Match)

6:07 PM
- Both Laredo Kid and Zenshi show good sportsmanship with a handshake. There's something to be said about this kind of match.

6:08 PM - Laredo Kid traps Zenshi in a headlock after both corner one another. We're waiting on the big moves as they exchange wristlocks. Laredo Kid counters.

6:10 PM - "Neither guy wants to give up too much." Commentary nails it. We're still waiting for the big guns. I don't doubt they're coming. So far, the dodging and zipping has been impressive.

6:11 PM  - Zenshi connects a shooting star off the apron. Both are down and the count begins. This is what we were waiting for! It doesn't end there as Zenshi flies from the ropes in a slingshot to Laredo Kid. Laredo Kid kicks out easily. It's not over just yet.

6:13 PM - Laredo Kid finds justice in a top rope missile. Zenshi appears to need some space and leaves the ring for the beginning of the 20 count. Laredo Kid takes FULL advantage with a 450 Splash and attacks Zenshi several times from the apron.

6:14 PM - That bottom rope Moonsault from Laredo Kid! I'll be surprised if it isn't over. And it's NOT over! Another attempted middle rope Moonsault, but Zenshi is ready with his knee, straight to Laredo's chest.

6:17 PM - After a NEAR upset earlier, Zenshi ends up barely pulling through with a boot to the bottom rope.

6:18 PM - Both begin a scuffle on the turnbuckles which eventually leads Laredo Kid a retaining victory, bloodied mouth and all.

Laredo Kid challenges Lio Rush.

Violence Is Forever vs. TJP & Bu Ku Dao

6:32 PM
- We're seeing them come out now, let's get started!

6:35 PM - It's already looking a bit rough for Bu Ku Dao straight out of the gate. There's still plenty of time to turn it around, but that intimidation would shake anyone.

6:35 PM - Bu Ku Dao is already in a submission hold. That was a crafty trap from Violence Is Forever's Dominic Garrini. Dao reverses and takes control only for Garrini to make the tag to Ku.

6:37 PM - European Upper Cut into a German Suplex from Violence Is Forever. A true show of strength and athleticism by the team.

6:39 PM - It wouldn't be fun without some foul play, now would it? Bu Ku Dao is taking the brunt of the hits this match. He will hurt in the morning.

6:41 PM - The tables turn with a crucifix and a dazed Kevin Ku. Bu Ku Dao makes the tag. This may be the opening they needed!

6:42 PM - TJP is tagged back in and manages to extract his revenge. All four men end up in a literal dog pile which results in complete mayhem!

6:43 PM - Through the mayhem, Dao pins Violence Is Forever's Kevin Ku for the World Tag Championship opportunity!

Richard Holliday vs. Savio Vega

6:50 PM 
 - Here comes the strap match. Leather straps secured to both Holliday and Vega and of course it doesn't take long for Holliday to begin running circles around Vega. This is halted by a strap to the back... next around the throat, and I think someone didn't think this through very well.

6:52 PM - I thought Savio had that. He only had one more turnbuckle to go.

6:53 PM - Holliday and Vega are becoming well acquainted with this leather strap. Ouch.

6:54 PM - Savio's thumb just went... INTO VEGA'S EYE! Ouch again!

6:56 PM - Richard Holliday returns the earlier favor to Savio Vega. He's down, for now.

Too slow, Holliday!

6:57 PM  - Those welts on Holliday's back don't look too nice. Savio is now... tying him up. Wait, what channel is this...?

6:59 PM - Both men are tired and down! The count had begun for a double K.O! Vega breaks the count at 8.

7:00 PM - Move ref, get outta the way! Get outta the way, ref! Get outta the way! That wasn't rigged for Holliday to win at ALL... nope! Well congrats Holliday! What is ACTUALLY going on here? Ref is a little friendly with Holliday....

7:01 PM - And that ends the show, folks. I am looking forward to more Contra propaganda next week and someone needs to check that ref on behalf of Savio Vega!

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