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Mon. Update: Daniel Bryan Returns To Raw, Freak Accident On WWE Tour, WWE2K14 Bonuses Were Light, Extreme Rules Lineup, Roman Reigns Getting Pushed, Christian's Health, Sting In Future Plans, Samoa Joe Returns, EY Movement Off To Rough Start, GFW Updates

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WWE Monday Night Raw will emanate live tonight from the Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, MD. There are three matches announced, including the return of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan against the return of the monster Kane. The semifinals of the No. 1 Intercontinental Championship tournament will take place, with Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro and Sheamus vs. Bad News Barrett. Make plans to join our "Open Thread" beginning at 7 PM EDT and check out our preview at this link.

We had some fun today in Ask WNW with some CM Punk paranoia. While some will accuse that I look for ways to bring him up, I just answer the questions sent to me. Or do I?!? Anyways, Punk wasn't at Raw last week, won't be at Raw this week and isn't in any of the future WWE plans. However, I will still find ways to make you read about him, right?

You have questions, I have answers and Premium answers. Speaking of the latter, we had some fun in today's Premium Mailbag as I discussed whether or not it was a mistake pairing Paul Heyman with Cesaro, looked at the WWE Network and surprising Wrestlemania 30 buy rate data. I also explained why John Cena isn't ready to hand over the crown quiet yet. Find out why at this link.

Our Weekly Newsletter was published Saturday and is loaded with news. If you missed anything over the last week or are looking for a place to get in-depth pro wrestling news, you need to check it out. We've even expanded the free preview, so even non-members can get a feel for it. Read, read, read!

- Charles Robinson nearly cut his thumb off Friday in Saudi Arabia while helping set up the ring. He took 6 stitches from Senior Ringside Physician Chris Amann with Goldust assisting. We have the story (and the inappropriate photos) at this link.

- The bonuses for WWE 2K14 were drenched in lame sauce, at least according to Mick Foley. Mick said the payout he received for his inclusion was so low that he probably won't sign his new WWE Legends contract. You can hear Foley's comments at this link. Mick is a standup guy and always honest, which as a member of the media, I greatly appreciate. He's also had a somewhat rocky relationship with Triple H as Hunter never saw him as a top guy. I know Mick disputes that or has disputed that but now he has his Hall of Fame ring and can criticize WWE when he sees fit. They'll still probably call to use him on expert panels.

- WWE Extreme Rules is May 4, 2014 and will feature Evolution vs. The Shield, John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt in a Steel Cage Match, Big E vs. IC No. 1 Contender Tournament Winner for the title and Paige defending the Divas Championship against Tamina Snuka.

- Roman Reigns is still the guy slated for the biggest push out of The Shield. While it's unknown when exactly they will break up, he actually went over Randy Orton Saturday in Saudi Arabia. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose went over RybAxel.

- As noted, Daniel Bryan is set to return to WWE on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. He's been off the past two weeks on his honeymoon with Brie Bella. Bryan called it the best two weeks of his life.

- Remember a guy named CM Punk? Here he is in the trailer for the next season of Maron. I'm sensing a #banPunk initiative from my loyal commentators.

- Kevin Nash and Roddy Piper had a spat on Twitter but I sense the whole thing is a work. One thing wrestlers, especially successful wrestlers, know how to do is keep people talking about them. Nash called Piper a deranged old fool that got bitched slapped. I'm not kidding, we have Tweets to prove it.

- Christian hasn't worked since suffering another concussion on the March 24, 2014 episode of Monday Night Raw but is on the booking sheets for next month's overseas tour. If he receives clearance, the current plan is for him to work Sheamus.

- Batista isn't listed for any WWE shows following next month's Extreme Rules pay-per-view, with the sweeping assumption that he's taking time off. It's possible he's doing media promotion for Guardians of the Galaxy but we don't have details as of press time.

- Jake Roberts says he's cancer free but he needs another surgery. Doctors will do followup scans every three months. Cancer free and sober, way to go Jake. We're all rooting for ya!

- Eva Marie and her husband Jonathan were at UFC on Fox 11 Saturday night in Orlando. WWE doesn't mind when their talent attend UFC shows anymore and Vince McMahon doesn't see them as competition (which has always been his stance). Speaking of Eva, her health ailment from earlier in the year was unveiled. She was off with an ovarian cyst that had ruptured. More on that at this link.

- Sting is in future WWE plans and many retailers have been informed the company plans to release a DVD centered around him next September. Details regarding the project are unknown as of press time.

- WWE announced on Monday they’ll debut a new series of four specials on the WWE Network titled “Best of the WWE Hall of Fame.” The show will premiere on Tuesday night at 10 PM ET and will be hosted by Josh Mathews. Click here for more.

- The new WWE Studios project Oculus fell to #8 at the box office after debuting at #3. The film grossed $5,156,880 over the weekend with a total gross of $21,146,271. Considering the film was an independent project with a $5,000,000 budget, that's good.

- Samoa Joe returned to the ring on TNA Wrestling's live event loop last week/weekend in singles matches against Magnus. Joe hadn't worked since the March 28, 2014 live event in Lincoln, Nebraska.

- The Eric Young era didn't open well for TNA as last week's Impact Wrestling was down an average 405,000 viewers from the week prior as the show drew 1,010,000 viewers on Spike TV.

- If you live in London and are a fan of TNA Wrestling, you'll have a chance to meet Gunner next month at the Wembley Arena. More details are available at this link.

- Adam Goldberg, creator of "The Goldbergs," will dedicate the episode on May 6, 2014 to Ultimate Warrior. Speaking of Warrior, his wife Dana has another message for his fans.

- Taz is launching a new talk show to talk about his thoughts on the wrestling business. Click here for more.

- Before the Bell: Sacrifice 2014 is online at this link.

- We've purchased to help you keep up with the new promotion of Jeff and Karen Jarrett. The latest is that they'll have a working relationship with AAA, one of which they hope to see flourish in the years to come. Hermie Sadler is on the promotion's board and David Broome, creator of The Biggest Loser, will serve as executive producer. Kevin Sullivan, not that Kevin Sullivan, but the former producer in TNA Wrestling, is also on board.

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