Monday's usually a busy day in the world of Professional Wrestling as some news breaks after the weekend and it all caps off with Monday Night RAW, tonight! Before then, let's catch you up to everything you may have missed, today!

- Apollo Crews is reportedly set for a heel turn according to Of course, Crews was set for the Men's Money in The Bank ladder match, this Sunday, but was written out of the match due to a kay-fabe injury, caused by United States Champion, Andrade, last week on RAW.

However, there's no word on when or how the heel turn will take place for Crews.

- One half of the NXT Tag-Team Champions, Matt Riddle recently spoke with Sportskeeda and had the following to say on the topic of fans perceiving him to have heat, backstage in WWE:

"I'll tell you this. Do I have heat with WWE or NXT, or the people that run the show? No. Do I have heat with some people who think I'm disrespectful at times because they don't understand how business works? Yes. Do people take things too seriously? Yes. And honestly, I've had to give talks at NXT, is not like I stopped the place, but it's like, interjecting. I'm like, 'Hey. I'm going to tweet or say something that offends you. Realize I'm not trying to actually offend you, I'm just trying to make people think I am. I'm putting out an image, a facade, you know?'

"If I talk a certain amount of trash, people are like, 'Oh, man, that guy's uncontrollable, he does what he wants.' You know what I'm saying? I'm doing the job, I'm in the business I'm in. I'm a tag champ, I was in the Rumble, so how does this guy have so much nuclear heat?"

Riddle would go on to say, that he was recently at WWE HQ and spoke with Vince McMahon and had this to say on the meeting:

"I was in Vince McMahon's office just three weeks ago, before this thing broke out," Riddle continued. "I was in headquarters talking to him - and, yeah, we mentioned the heat I have with certain people but, at the end of the day, he signs the checks, he makes it happen for me and they're in control, not the talent.

"If employer's happy and I can make them money and make them a profit, and I'm worth my weight and I'm pulling my weight, I don't see a problem. To answer your question, yes, some people I have heat with. But most of it's just high school, catty, "He said this", people who just can't take a joke or a work."

- Cody Rhodes sat down with Tony Schiavone and discussed several topics, including his upcoming TNT Championship match against Lance Archer at Double or Nothing, May 23rd. Cody also said that he plans to retire from full-time in-ring competition, by age 40. Cody turns 35, in June.

You can check-out the full sit-down interview, below!

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