After a big weekend which was headlined by AEW’s Double or Nothing PPV event, Saturday night, WNW is here to bring you the fallout from the event!

- During Saturday’s post-PPV media scrum with AEW CEO, Tony Khan, he announced that London was set to be the location of AEW Fyter Fest in June before the COVID-19 pandemic began. The event was set to be the company’s UK debut.

Check-out what Khan had to say:

Originally Fyter Fest was going to be in London and now we can't do it. It's just not possible. We had the plans. I thought it was going to be our UK debut. I'm sorry, I wanted to do it. I'm not sure when it's going to happen. It was going to be Fyter Fest. We were going to have this great show. Tons of huge matches we had planned."

- Britt Baker was on Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone’s podcast, recently and had the following to say about her heel turn on AEW TV:

"The first video package I did which was for Double or Nothing. Cody set up. When Cody watched it back, he says, 'yeah, that was great, but you're going to be a great heel one day.' This was a huge babyface package, like what? Then just naturally, it was kind of heartbreaking to me as the fans kind of turned on, 'oh, she's a dentist,' and it became a joke. And it was like a mockery, and that is crushing when you literally spent blood, sweat and tears, worked your ass off to become a dentist and a professional wrestler.

"And then it's just something. It's just like a meme or something to joke about. That really sucked, and that's something that I was beating myself up over so much like, oh my gosh. Now what? That was my thing. That's what I worked so hard to do. That's why I announced myself as Dr. Britt Baker DMD, which by the way is redundant you don't need the Dr. and the DMD, but I was like, it's professional wrestling. We have to do it we have to do a big."

"So that was really hard for me at first," Baker recalled. "There's the joking. Oh, she's a dentist. She's a dentist, and because for me, it's not a joke. Those were the hardest years of my life. That's one of the biggest accomplishments I will ever have, and then it was actually Kenny, we were just training in the ring one day and he said, 'how do you feel about becoming a heel?' Sure, I'm up for anything. With that being said, I have zero experience as being a heel.

"I've been booked as a babyface my whole life. I maybe had like two quick indie matches where they're like, 'hey just be heel today,' where I'm like, oh God. I don't know what I'm doing."

- During the Double or Nothing post-show media scrum, AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley, fresh off his successful title defense against Brodie Lee, was asked what his initial thoughts are about him defending his title at Fyter Fest, next month, against Casino Ladder Match winner and AEW-newcomer, Brian Cage and the champion, said the following:

They sure aren't getting any smaller, are they? From what I've seen, I'm really impressed, honestly, I've seen him in the ring before and he's one of those guys who defies all physics and logic. Not unlike Brodie Lee, just an incredible athlete that can do things a guy that size shouldn't be able to do. That's a whole new can of worms, oh man, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

He's an exceptional talent. I don't know anything about him personally or what his attitude is. He's now aligned with Taz and everybody knows Taz's personality. If he's anything as a manager, like he was as a competitor then it's going to be an aggressive situation. So, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

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