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Have you seen this tweet? Usually about 2-3 days before the event in question the official WWE Twitter account will send out a call for sign-ups. If you are lucky, you will click the link and enter your info in time to secure a spot for the ThunderDome. 

For those that haven't been able to get in for the experience, here is how mine went: 

I happened to be scrolling Twitter and I saw the call-out tweet about 4 minutes after it had been posted. I rushed to click the link and filled out my info, and was happy that I reserved a spot. I had tried to get in the ThunderDome before, but they were always full during my call time. This time, however, my call time was at 7:00 pm sharp for last week's Monday Night Raw. 

The night finally came and after throwing on a WWE High Flyer shirt, I was camera ready. I clicked the link they sent me a few hours before right at 7:00 and unlike the last times I had tried, it told me that I had made it! 

And I really got to relish in the moment of making it through. I knew that I would be seeing Main Event getting recorded, but for the first 17 minutes of being in the ThunderDome, all I saw was the ThunderDome logo and then they played rock and hip-hop rifts in the background. Then, after that we spent the next 13 minutes looking at a screen that just kept telling us to "Stay Tuned". This entire time, my mic was on as was my camera and I didn't know if I was allowed to move or be out of frame. 

Right before Main Event kicked off, a producer could be heard and he went over some of the brief rules of the ThunderDome and he included encouragement about being animated because the more animated you are, the more likely we were to be put on TV. 

Main event officially kicks off, as Bianca Belair and Billie Kay were about to face off. During each entrance, we were encouraged to show how we felt about each wrestler. It admittedly did feel weird cheering out loud alone in my house, but it was different and on the way back to normal. 

Whenever we would go to "commercial" they would air promotional WWE videos which took the form of either Youtube videos featuring WWE superstars or videos promoting something new on the WWE Network. It was cool getting counted down from commercial because they wanted you to be animated upon return. 

Once Raw kicked off, we were re-informed of the rules and we were also told to keep our energy up because we could be pulled at any second because there were hundreds of people waiting to get into the ThunderDome. 

We were told to boo or cheer at certain points, but it didn't feel super intrusive because they just wanted reactions, which I totally understand. From talking to friends, I was about a minute or so ahead of where the action was on TV so that was cool. It was an interesting experience, and the time flew by. 

I got to watch the first hour of Monday Night Raw and was promptly cycled out at 9pm; I had stopped vividly cheering long before. It was a new and different experience, but I think I enjoy watching it from my couch and at my own pace than in the ThunderDome. 

How was your ThunderDome experience? Do you sign up for each one that you possibly can? Let me know! 

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