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Monday Night Raw Live Coverage (06/04/18)

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Welcome everyone back here to WNW! We’re inching closer and closer to Money in the Bank. Who will gain the momentum? Join us! 


The show opened with Elias in the ring. He strummed cords with his guitar and introduced himself. He asked everyone who wants to walk with him, and they cheered. He said he will be the next intercontinental champion and will be more valuable than he already is. He said he destroyed one of his favorite guitars and left Seth Rollins in pain. Elias said he was in pain when it was destroyed, and he had a song to sing. He sand a few lines and then Rollins interrupted. He walked down to ringnside and walked around, while Elias held his guitar in the ring. Seth went under the ring and grabbed a chair, entering the ring. The two circled each other, and swung at the same time. Rollins hit the guitar out of Elias’ hand and then cornered him. Jinder Mahal came from begging and attacked Rollins. The two beat down Seth until Roman Reigns came out and even the odds, clearing the ring. Kurt Angle then came out on stage and made a tag match between Elias and Jinder vs Reigns and Rollins next...(c)


The match quickly began with the Shield brothers attacking the other two. Rollins and Jinder ended up in the ring before Reigns tagged in to take down Jinder. Moments later Seth and Elias tagged in, and Elias took it down to Rollins. He held him down in a headlock, staying in control. A few minutes later, Rollins fought back and made the hot tag to Reigns, who destroyed both men for a moment. Jinder and Reigns hit boots to each other before Elias tagged in and ran into a Superman punch. Elias rolled out and Roman followed. Singh interfered, and gave Elias the chance to gain control (c). Coming back, the duo kept Reigns in their corner, keeping him down to the mat via headlocks. Roman tried to fight back but fell back down to an elbow. A minute later Reigns caught Jinder with a Samoan Drop, allowing Seth to make a tag. Rollins came in and took out everyone, fastening the pace. Elias and Rollins were legal, and Seth delivered a Falcon’s arrow for a two count. Jinder entered the ring, followed by Reigns and they fought out of the ring. Moments later Seth brought a chair into the ring, but Elias hit Seth with a DDT onto the chair. Elias hit him with a Drift Away for the pinfall.....


Later tonight, Nia Jax vs Natalya and Braun Strowman vs Bobby Roode.

Also, tag team battle royal (c).

Tacos were ringside with Curt Hawkins in the ring. He said he’s sitting at 199 losses in a row, and won’t get to 200. He said he will give everyone free tacos when he wins. Curt welcomed his opponent James Hardin.


The bell rang and Hawkins completely attacked him. Before ending it, Baron Corbin interrupted and came to ring side. He entered the ring and looked down at James. He picked him up and hit him with the End of Days to get Hawkins disqualified.


After the match Hawkins went to strike Corbin outside the ring, but Corbin hit him with tacos and tipped the table over top of him....

Up next, Nia Jax vs Natalya (c).

Backstage Corbin entered Kurt Angle’s office and said he went to head quarters and Stephanie McMahon sent a letter to Kurt. In the letter, it appointed Corbin to be his constaple.....

Ronda Rousey made her way out to sit with the announce team. Then Nia Jax made her way to the ring. Natalya made her way out....


Nia quickly overpowered Nattie, running her down out of the ring before commercial break (c). Nattie tried to fight back by lifting Jax up for a slam, but was taken down. Nattie hit her with a drop kick and took Nia down. She threw punches and kicks, dazing her. She hit her with a close line and covered her for a two count. It appeared Natalya tweaked her knee, and Nia took advantage with a Samoan Drop for the win....


After the match Ronda and Nia went face to face as Nia tried to check on Nattie multiple times..... Odd.

Braun Strowman made his way to the ring, followed by Bobby Roode (c).

Braun stayed in control early in the match before Roode began working on the legs of Strowman. He quickly recovered and threw down Roode. Braun delivered a nice double armed suplex to Bobby. Moments later Braun went shoulder first into the ring post so Bobby took advantage. Roode then went rinside and set a ladder up from the ring to barricade. Roode had Braun chase him until each man was on a different side of the ladder. Strowman destroyed the ladder in half with his hands and threw Roode into the barricade. Back in the ring, Strowman hit Roode with a power slam for the win...


Kevin Owens was backstage and was being interviewed about his match later tonight. He said he doesn’t care about anyone, because he will win at Money in the Bank, and will defeat Finn Balor, and called him an Irish Myth....(c)

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt make their way down to the ring. Bray and Matt say that they will delete whoever wins the battle royal, they ask Renee if she is woken she says yes. Matt says wonderful.

Revival, Breezango, Ascension , Galloway & Dolph, Titus & Crews,B Team, and Rhyno and Slater.

Dolph was eliminated by Tyler Breeze, Drew enraged comes in and cleans house.

Breezango eliminated

Titus Worldwide eliminated

Ascension eliminated

Revival eliminated

Rhyno Slater eliminated

The B Team wins and earns a title shot

Bobby Lashley comes to the ring calls out Sami Zayn. Zayn’s music hit, but he showed up in the crowd on the stairs near the top of the arena. Sami says Lashley almost broke every bone in his hand and he couldn’t cook the "organic tofu steaks" that were in his freezer.
Zayn then mocks Lashley’s Instagram and the motivational quotes. Zayn then called himself an intellectual and wanted to dig deeper, so he logged into one of his anonymous accounts and sent Lashley a DM, just to have Lashley's his fan club come up. Lashley asked Zayn where he was going,
this went on way to long. Zayn said everything about Lashley was a lie and wondered if he actually had sisters. He then questioned if Lashley was even in the army or if that was another lie. This infuriated Lashley, who removed his jacket, and his smile to end the segment.

6-Woman Tag Match: Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks & Ember Moon vs. Riott Squad

Moon was in control Bliss tagged in instead. Bliss played off a leg injury after a break, the Riott Squad were in control and Bliss was in the back.
Banks made a hot tag and hit Liv Morgan with clotheslines, dropkick then running knees. Morgan fought her off they took Moon to the outside. Banks came back with a double knee drop on Morgan and Logan.
Bayley ran down and reached for the tag, Banks tagged her in, Bayley ran wild and gave Logan a Bayley-to-belly for the win.

Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens

Back and forth match towards the beginning, Finn hits a summerslaut drive on Owens. Good match not great, Owens then begins to stomp Finn in the corner, until the ref calls for the DQ. Owens gets a ladder from under the ring and sets it up. He teases a frog splash on Finn however his "fear of heights" kicks in and he climbs down a few steps Finn gets up and knocks Owens off then goes to the top of the ladder and hits the Coup de Grace. He then climbs back up and takes down the briefcase.

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