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Monday Night Raw Live Coverage (06/11/18)

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Welcome back to WNW everyone! We are 6 days away from Money in the Bank. Who will have the momentum going into the show. Stay tuned!


Tonight's show starts off with the Raw participants of both Money in the Bank ladder matches starting off on ladders of their own. Kurt Angle makes his way out to give a bit of a preview of MITB. Baron Corbin interrupts him and has shown his freshly-saved head, basically threatening Kurt by saying if at least one of the contracts doesn't come to Raw, there will be an issue. The women of the MITB are now arguing over who's going to win. Kevin Owens is starting an argument with the other men in the MITB. Alexa Bliss interrupts the men and now an argument between the men and women has started. Braun shuts it down and ends it with "This Sunday, somebody's gonna get these hands!"

Up next, Fatal 4-way match between the Raw participants of the Women's Money in the Bank ladder match!


Alexa gets the edge with a few nice hits. Ember Moon counters Bliss with a fallaway slam. Bliss tries to escape and uses her leg injury as an excuse to get out. The other three participants gang up on her and Natalya puts her out. They all get together in the ring and are showing great chemistry mixed with technical moves. Moon rolls out of the ring after she hits the canvas. Natalya is struggling to keep the edge over Sasha Banks and is forced out of the ring. Moon slides into the ring and goes at it with Banks. She delivers a suicide dive to Banks and Banks' head hits the barricade pretty hard! Seemingly, Moon has all the momentum after she gets Banks back into the ring. But, don't look now, Alexa Bliss delivers a clothesline to Moon and Moon hits the floor mat pretty hard. Bliss gets into the ring and tries to get the pin on Banks but she kicks out after two. Coming out of commercial break, Alexa Bliss has the edge and is using Natalya's knee injury to her advantage. Bliss is actually looking even more aggressive tonight! Here comes Sasha Banks, looking to build momentum over Bliss. Ember Moon slides back in the ring and gets some highflying action going. She's looking impressive week-by-week. A series of two-count pins Bliss to Moon, and Banks to Bliss, one of these three are looking for an edge. Moon and Banks look for a double super suplex to Bliss but Natalya slides in to throw them off on one bad knee, just to roll back out. Bliss looks for the dive on Banks but she gets her knees up and, now, ladies and gentlemen we have bodies all over the ring! Out of another break, someone is aiming for the momentum. Natalya locks the sharpshooter onto Banks but Ember Moon breaks it up. She gives an elbow to Nattie and lays her out. Then, she puts the Eclipse on her but Bliss stops her from pinning Nattie. Bliss puts Moon out and tries to get the pin on Nattie but Banks wasn't having any of that. Nattie rolls Bliss up into a sharpshooter after Banks is laid out to ring side. And Bliss taps!


Going into Money in the Bank, Natalya has a little bit of momentum over the other Raw participants.

Kevin Owens is looking to get a plan going with Finn Balor before their Fatal 4-Way match with Bobby Roode and Braun Strowman. But tonight, Roman Reigns and Jinder Mahal will square off. Also, Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey will go face-to-face before their big match this Sunday.


This is actually a pretty even looking matchup. Drew McIntyre looks like he's not playing any games tonight. Ziggler starts off with the quick attack on Tyler Breeze. McIntyre tags in and nearly chops Breeze's chest off. He brings Ziggler back in as Ziggler taunts Breezango. Breeze takes advantage of the arrogance and delivers a dropkick to the side of Ziggler's head. McIntyre and Fandango tag in but McIntyre has the edge very quickly. They look to finish these two off and Ziggler tags back in to Superkick Breeze into a Zigzag/Claymore for the win.


McIntyre and Ziggler look to conquer the whole tag team division on RAW.

Six days away, Jinder Mahal is looking to face Roman Reigns and Reigns looks to give the first part of his payback to Mahal. Coming up next!


Jinder Mahal got on the mic and explains what he's going to do to Reigns this Sunday. Before he can say what he'd do tonight, Reigns' music hits. Before the match could start, Mahal got right back on the mic. He told Roman that he's facing Sanil Singh instead. Reigns still get a piece of Mahal and knocks him off the apron. Singh tries to get a hit in and gets Superman punched. Then, Reigns spears him for the win!


After the match, Mahal attacks Reigns put the Khallas on him to gain the momentum going into Money in the Bank.

Tonight, the Fatal 4-Way match being the Raw participants of the Men's Money in the Bank ladder match will take place. Later, we will see Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey go face-to-face before their big match this Sunday!


Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel look to gain momentum as they wish to take over the tag team division. Axel starts off with Slater and gets the edge. He tags Bo Dallas in and Bo is looking pretty aggressive. After, he knocks Rhyno off the apron, he and Axel get the double back drop on Slater and get the win!


The Deleters of Worlds come in and aim to get into the B-Team's heads.

Things are building up pretty heavily between Elias and Seth Rollins. Next, we will all be Walking With Elias! He looks to defeat Rollins this Sunday for the Intercontinental Championship.

Elias has finally gone through one of his songs without being interrupted and will debut a new guitar next Monday if he wins the IC title. Seth finally has decided that he's had enough and came out to beat up Elias. Seth is threatening to give away or destroy Elias' new IC title-based guitar. Seth went with the latter and Curbstomped Elias' guitar. This Sunday, we will see Seth Rollins defend his Intercontinental Title against Elias.

Kevin Owens looks to get on the same page with Bobby Roode before tonight's Fatal 4-Way match that includes them, Braun Strowman and Finn Balor. Bayley and the leader of the Riott Squad are in action coming up next!


Ruby starts off with the attack on a distracted Bayley. She has the momentum over Bayley as of right now. Bayley turns things around and starts going at it with Riott. She's looking pretty aggressive here tonight. Riott rolls out of the ring to recover but Bayley goes after her! Bayley is in complete control. During the commercial break, Riott gained leverage over Bayley. Bayley tries to get herself back in the match but Riott stops all of her momentum. Riott has the armbar hold on Bayley and looks to be in control of this one. Bayley isn't letting the fight go and has regained control of this match! Bayley goes up top for the diving elbow but Riott rolls out of the way and rolls Bayley up for the two count. Bayley then gets back to back rollup two counts. So far, it's a physical matchup. Now Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan are going for the distractions. Riott capitalizes and puts the Riott Kick on Bayley for the win.


After the match, the Riott Squad adds insult to injury and mark the Riott logo on Bayley with the finishing punch. Up next, Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey go face-to-face before their big match this Sunday!

With a dope introduction from Coach, Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax go face-to-face before their big matchup this Sunday. Both have come out looks really intimidating but with the biggest smiles on their faces. As Coach aska few hard-hitting questions, he's helping to build the tension between the two. Nia starts off the face-to-face by stating the differences between WWE and UFC and, then, what she's going to do to her this Sunday. Rousey states her many accomplishments and accolades. The two, then, go at it after a blocked punch from Nia Jax. Rousey came out on top with the physicality. Could this be an image of what we will see at Money in the Bank?

Up next, Curt Hawkins looks to get his first victory after 200 straight losses against No Way Jose.


Starting off the match, Hawkins didn't come out after his theme song came on. He tried to catch Jose offguard with a rollup two count pin but Jose capitalizes, hits the Fastball Punch for the win to give Hawkins his 201st straight loss since he came back to WWE.


Preparing for their Fatal 4-Way match, Bobby Roode and Finn Balor run into each other backstage. They both agreed that they don't trust Kevin Owens and his propositions to both of them. Finn, in turn, told Bobby that he'll keep an eye on KO and him....but then there's still a Braun Strowman in the match. Tonight, they all go at it before their Money in the Bank ladder match this Sunday!

Sami Zayn is ready for his obstacle course with Bobby Lashley. Zayn is explaining what the obstacle course consist of and the reason why he would beat Lashley. Lashley was up first in the course and after he completed it in 42 seconds, Zayn attacked him from behind and finished him off with a Helluva Kick.

Coming up next, all four Raw competitors of the Men's Money in the Bank ladder match go at it in a Fatal 4-Way main event!


Braun Strowman started off by attack KO in the corner and then as Finn and Roode help KO out, Braun cleans up and shakes them off. KO is really aiming to keep himself, Roode and Finn together to take Braun down as they all regroup outside of the ring. They all have gotten themselves together to team up against Braun. Braun, for some reason, has taken a liking towards KO tonight because he has been starting off his attacks and focusing on him. KO tried running away but Braun is just too fast and powerful for him. He's picking his opponents apart. Barking out orders at the commentators and picking a ladder apart, Braun wants to Powerslam on KO. Roode and Finn start beating him down with a ladder to save him. KO gets the ladder and aims to deliver a splash on Braun Strowman. He goes all the way up and comes down with the Frog Splash on the announce table! Out of the commercial break, now Roode and Balor can focus on each other with KO and Strowman being down for now. Roode and Balor are going at it in the ring and EVERYBODY is down. Finn is working to gain momentum. Roode tried to get a nice counter but Finn blocked him for a brief moment. Roode picked the edge back up after another counter and gets a two count pin. Finn gets a slingblade off and drives Bobby into the corner but, wait! Here comes KO and knocks Balor off his groove. Balor countered the attack and kicks KO off the apron. Roode capitalizes and wants to superplex Balor. KO slides back into the ring and capitalizes by pulling them both down. Now, Braun is back on his feet somehow! KO isn't too happy about this, Finn and Bobby go after him. KO has a target on his back in Braun's eyes. He runs through the crowd but Braun catches him! He beats KO down and is now putting shoulder tackles on all of his opponents outside of the ring. Getting KO back into the ring, he's looking for a Powerslam but Roode pulls KO off his shoulders. Braun runs them into the corner and Finn capitalizes on the attack. Braun counters and puts Finn down. They all bring Braun down and KO takes advantage with a pin on Bobby. Now KO and Bobby are down after Finn capitalizes. After the Coup de Grace to Braun, Bobby slides in and puts him out. Bobby puts the Glorious DDT on Braun and KO comes in for the attack. He delivers the Frog Splash and the two count occurs. Everybody has put a finisher on Braun and hasn't finished him! Now, KO brings a ladder in and goes to work. After two hits, Braun catches KO's third and puts KO down. He then puts the ladder in place to deliver a Powerslam to KO onto it for the kill!


It's safe to say that Braun has the upper hand heading into Chicago for the Raw competitors in the Money in the Bank ladder match this Sunday! He's definitely a favorite to win it all. This has been wrestling from WNW, thanks for following it all with us. Have an awesome night!

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