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Monday Night RAW Live Coverage (06/18/18)

Hello everybody! Hope you are all having a lovely evening. After coming off of an awesome Money in the Bank last night, it's time to see how the superstars of RAW can carry things over to tonight. Stay tuned!


Last night, we saw Alexa Bliss win the second ever Women's Money in the Bank ladder match. In the same exact night, she interfered in the big matchup between Ronda Rousey and the former champion, Nia Jax, which led her to cash in her Money in the Bank contract and win the Raw Women's Championship! Tonight, Kurt Angle introduced the new champion to the WWE Universe of Grand Rapids and she's rubbing it in their faces, loud and proud! Ronda Rousey has something to say about it as she's walking to the ring ready to beat down Bliss for interfering in her title match and destroying her chance to win her first ever single's match and WWE title. Bliss is rubbing it in Rousey's face, too! She's just provoking Rousey to come after her, referring to her as "irrelevant" and an "overhyped rookie." Kurt Angle wanted to break it up and Rousey turned around and beat him down in the midst of her destructive path on the new Raw Women's Champion. Bliss tried to come back at her with the briefcase in the ring but Rousey turned it back over and laid her out once again. Angle once again tried to calm her down but Rousey beat him with the briefcase, too. The referees came in to halt her but Rousey laid them out as well. She picks up Bliss and drops her into the table that was set up in the ring.

Backstage, Kurt Angle followed up with her and has no choice but to suspend her.

We, also, saw Seth Rollins once against successfully defend and retain his Intercontinental Championship against Elias. He's tonight to give the WWE Universe an Intercontinental Championship open challenge. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre came out to answer him! Both are former Intercontinental Champions in their own right. Dolph is the one who will take the champion on as McIntyre looks on.

Intercontinental Championship Match (Open Challenge) - SETH ROLLINS (c) VS. DOLPH ZIGGLER

Dolph gets the kick to the gut and goes for the Zigzag early on. Rollins counters it and looks for the early Curb Stomp and Ziggler moves out the ring to ringside to take an early recoup. Still going on from the commercial break, Seth gets distracted by McIntyre and goes for the springboard dive. Ziggler gets the dropkick and he takes control of the match. Ziggler is looking really powerful tonight, wearing down the champ. Seth makes an attempt to get back into this match but Ziggler puts a stop to it and whips him into the corner pretty hard. He goes for the headlock! Seth flips it around and catches Ziggler off the dropkick for the slingshot. Rollins has gained control of this one as he displays his highflying moves, back-to-back, from the outside of the ring on in. Returning from the commercial break, Seth is still looking pretty heated up during this one. During the break, Ziggler got the counter suplex and both men spilled out to the floor. Ziggler looks to regain control as he moves out of the way of the Curb Stomp, yet again, kicks the champ in her surgically repaired knee, and goes for the fameasser with the two count. He's setting up for his own version of the Sweet Chin Music and Rollins gets his superkick of instead of reflex. Ziggler falls to his knees and Rollins kicks him in the head. He appears to be in complete control as he climbs the top rope for the frog splash. Ziggler moves out the way and goes up top as well! Rollins wants a falcon arrow but Ziggler won't allow it. Rollins meets him back up top once again and Ziggler still has fight left in him. He knocks Rollins off once again. He goes for the crossbody and Rollins catches him. He sets up once again for the Curb Stomp and Drew goes for the distraction. Ziggler takes advantage and pulls Seth by the tights. Rollins flips it, Ziggler flips it and has the pin locked in! We have ourselves a NEW Intercontinental Champion!


Ziggler rubs his victory in Rollins' face and Seth had something to say about it. McIntyre attacks him from behind and they set him up for the Zigzag/Claymore. Ziggler has the last laugh as he and McIntyre vow to take over Monday Night RAW and win titles, as they back up their promises.

Bobby Roode was in a pretty intense Money in the Bank ladder match last night. He took a Coup de Grace by Finn Balor from the top of a ladder and, yet, he still stands. Up next, we will see how well he stands after he takes on the man who has the 203 losing streak going on. Bobby Roode takes on Curt Hawkins!


Hawkins starts off early and looks to end his losing streak. Roodes pretty much isn't allowing Hawkins to even stay in this matchup and goes for the quick Glorious DDT. Hawkins' streak stretches to 204....


The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman, did what he set out to do last night. He gave all of his opponents those hands, climbed to the top for the briefcase and became the Monster in the Bank! We will hear from the big man following his victory at last night's show, next.

Strowman looks like he's not finished even after last night. He laid out his timeline and is explaining that it's a matter of time before he gives Brock Lesnar those hands and win the Universal Championship. Kevin Owens interrupts Braun and walks out to congratulate him on his victory. He's kind of trying to get on the big man's good side and is, even, looking to help him out. KO reaches out to shake the Monster in the Bank's hand and Braun keeps a grip held tight, flipping it into the Powerslam. KO excepts and clears it from the ring.

Sasha is reminiscing on last night's Money in the Bank ladder match as she's still disappointed after the loss. Bayley helps her friend get over it and vows for a do-over between the two and their careers. Tonight, they team up to take on the Riott Squad! Until then, we see the Deleters of Worlds in action coming up next.


The B-Team look to get into the Tag Team Champions' heads via satellite before their match even start. Due to the distraction, Slater & Rhyno get the early start and attack them. The Deleters flip the script a big as Matt Hardy looks to delete Rhyno with the Twist of Fate. Rhyno for the counter, Matt knocks Slater off the apron. Rhyno gets control back and has Hardy laid out. Hardy gets the jawbreaking counter as Slater tags in. Hardy tags Wyatt in and Wyatt has the momentum for deletion. He goes for Sister Abigail and Rhyno interrupts him. Hardy steps in to help his partner and delivers a Twist of Fate to Rhyno. He tags in and they look to finish Slater off with the Kiss of Deletion for the win.


Earlier we saw 'Rowdy' Ronda Rousey go crazy and get revenge on Alexa Bliss for interfering in her championship match against last night at Money in the Bank against Nia Jax. Stephanie McMahon expressed over the phone how pleased she was with Angle's method on how he handled her. Stephanie gave Angle some commands and he has a big announcement tonight.

Last night, Jinder Mahal suffered defeat by the hands of Roman Reigns. Up next, we will see how he has bounced back as he takes on Chad Gable.


Mahal's whole positive demeanor just flipped as his expression appears pretty aggressive. He goes after Gable to gain the early edge over him. Gable is still showing fight. He goes for the backdrop and drops Mahal on the back of his neck. Mahal hit the canvas pretty hard! Gable is bringing the fight to the former WWE Champion. He climbs to the top and lands the moonsault for the two count. Mahal rolls out to recover and the ball game is in his hands. He steps back in and hits the Khallas to finish Gable off.


Up next, we will see the Sasha Banks/Bayley saga continue as they take on the Riott Squad!


Bayley starts things off with Liv Morgan. Reminder, The Riott Squad attacked and dismantled Bayley, straight up humiliating her in the middle of the ring last week. Banks tags herself in and Bayley appears to have an issue with it. Sarah Logan tags in and looks to aggressively take control of the match. Banks isn't allowing it and fights back. Bayley tags herself back in and tells Banks to get back out. She looks to take some frustration out on Logan and this one spills to the floor. Banks steps in and helps her partner. They have the momentum going into the break! During the break, Logan took control of this match but loses momentum as Bayley gets herself back into this one. Logan gets the tag as Bayley is looking for Banks to tag in. Banks was still on the floor mat from the hit by Logan. Banks jumps back up and tags in with heat! The Riott Squad counter it and breaks her momentum. Logan looks to distract, Bayley steps in with the referee stopping her. Logan cracks Banks in the face and Morgan takes advantage by rolling her up and pulling the tights to put the best friends away for good!


Sasha Banks was pretty disappointed by the loss as she was still in a bad mood from last night's disappointment at MITB. Bayley helps her friend get to her feet but Banks pushes her repeatedly. They go face-to-face and Banks has the last word by pushing Bayley to the ground and leaving. Bayley was shocked at her friend! We will see how this saga continues out. Coming out of the commercial break, Bayley followed up with Banks and Banks has nothing to say to her. Bayley has enough of Banks' attitude and goes to beating on her! Banks flips the brawl around and lays Bayley out. We will see how this saga continues next week!

Next, Kurt Angle plans to give the WWE Universe a big announcement. Stay tuned to see what he has to say!

Angle comes out and addresses the WWE Universe. His question is "who will take on Lesnar for the Universal Championship?"Roman Reigns interrupts him and looks to address his boss. Reigns believes that he should be the one to face him as he stills feels like he the uncrowned champion after their bout at the Greatest Royal Rumble. As Angle tries to get his words out, Bobby Lashley interrupts him and addresses Reigns. Angle let's us all know that there will be a multiman match to determine who will face Lesnar for the title. Lashley feels like he should take on Lesnar. He let Reigns know that Reigns can't beat Lesnar and that he actually can. The Revival come out to challenge Reigns and Lashley to a tag team match. Reigns says he can teach them both a lesson and if Lashley pays attention, he can show him something as well. Angle makes it official! The Big Dog and the Dominator team up to take on The Revival!


Reigns starts things off with Scott Dawson. He has power of Dawson to begin with. Dawson has technique and heart! Reigns tags Lashley in and their egos seemingly being to clash mentally. Dawson takes advantage of the distraction and goes to work on Lashley. The Revival use their tag team experience to their advantage! Reigns wants a piece and they set up to have Reigns get taken care of by the referee. The Revival with the attack on Lashley's leg with a distracted referee and Reigns. They have taken control. Lashley flips the script and tags the former WWE Champion Reigns in. He's brings the momentum with him and sets up for the Superman punch! He knocks out Dawson but Dawson isn't the legal man. Reigns sets up for the spear but Lashley tags himself in, taking a page out of the book of the Sasha/Bayley saga! He delivers a spear of his own for the win, spitting in the face of Reigns!


Angle and Baron Corbin are backstage and Balor shows up to determine that he can beat Lesnar for the Universal Championship. Corbin talks down on him, stating that just because he was Universal Champion for a day, doesn't mean he can defeat the Beast. KO steps in and gives his word. Balor told KO that he wouldn't even know danger even if it was standing behind him! Of course, here's the New Monster in the Bank, Braun Strowman. Braun has Finn's back and vows that he and Finn can take on Baron Corbin and KO if they have a problem. Angle sounds like he wants to make it official and goes to get it trending!

If you missed it, we saw Ronda Rousey go on a destructive path and beat down Alexa Bliss and RAW GM Kurt Angle. This resulted in Kurt putting her on a 30-day suspension.

Up next, we see No Way Jose up against Mojo Rawley


Mojo Rawley has a look of serious business as he plans to put a stop to the No Way Jose party. He gets the early edge on Jose with aggression. No Way Jose turns things around. Mojo Rawley just regains the edge and uses his deceptive speed and energy, looking for the momentum. He delivers than the finish on Jose with the three count.


Mojo Rawley was interviewed and he vows to remain less hyped but more focused.

As Sasha Banks is leaving the arena, Bayley is following up with her once again, stating that she's not done with her. Banks told her that she's done helping her and she's done being her friend, gets in the car and pulls off. Bayley is begging for her to get out the car and Banks is gone. We shall see how the Sasha/Bayley saga continues next week!

It's time to Walk With Elias as he brings the concert to the WWE Universe in Grand Rapids! Elias expresses that he should get the chance to walk for another chance at a title, especially after he lost to Seth Rollins last night the same exact way that Rollins lost to Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship tonight. During his song, he told the people to ask themselves "What would Elias do?"

Renee Young interviewed Seth and Seth has announced that he's invoking his rematch clause for the title next week.

Up next, the Monster in the Bank, Braun Strowman, and the first ever Universal Champion Finn Balor look to handle Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin for our main event!


Balor and Corbin starts things off and the latter has already begun using his size and strength to his advantage. Corbin tags KO in and he's obviously still feeling the effects of last nights MITB match. KO quickly tags his partner back and Corbin is talking in Braun Strowman's direction. Balor gets the tag to Strowman and Strowman tries overpowering Corbin. Corbin isn't even backing down! He's actually bringing a fight to him. He's a bit too confident as he rubs it in the big man's face. Strowman recovers and big boot's Corbin to the ringside, following up with the hit to KO off the apron. Balor wants the tag back in and he tells Strowman to military press him into their opponents on the outside. Strowman with the throw and his team has the momentum! During the commercial break, the bad guys took control of this one as we return with "Constable" Baron Corbin overpowering Balor. Balor brings the fight back but KO gets the tag without Balor seeing it. Corbin ends up on the outside as Balor sets up for the suicide dive. KO pulls at Balor's feet from the outside and takes over with the slam into the barricade wall. KO has the advantage over Balor as he's just wearing him down. Corbin tags back in and is over powering Balor once again. Corbin keeps verbally jabbing at Strowman in the corner. Balor wants to fight back back Corbin is just too powerful for him. Corbin hits the Deep Six for the two count. KO tags back in and Strowman really wants in. KO goes for the running splash and Balor moves, looking to turn things around for his team! Corbin tags back in trying to stop Finn's momentum and he succeeds by once again overpowering him. Corbin adds fuel to Braun's fire and with the distraction, Braun gets in and goes after Corbin. He throws Finn over to their team's corner and runs to tag himself in from a stunned Balor. Braun has the momentum and wants to finish off Corbin. KO jumps in to help his partner and Strowman breaks up the pin to focus on him. He goes after KO and Corbin breaks it up by diving off the apron. The momentum is now in their corner, seemingly. Corbin wears the big man down and Braun gains control back. He tags his partner in and Finn with the energy! Braun is on the outside and goes after KO, running him over into the barricade. Corbin takes advantage and ends Balor's night with the End of Days for the win to finish off the show!


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