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Monday Night Raw Live Coverage (06/25/18)

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Happy Monday everybody! Tonight should be an exciting night of wrestling. In the meantime, grab yourself some snacks and drinks, and enjoy! Stay tuned!


Tonight's show starts off with RAW General Manager Kurt Angle and "Constable" Baron Corbin. Baron is already fussing at RAW Announcer Jojo since she didn't announce him properly. Angle had received a call from Stephanie McMahon about an announcement that he must make last week. He's, also, addressing the WWE Universe about the rumors of Brock Lesnar's next title defense. Roman Reigns already has something to say about that as he makes his way to the ring. He wanted to hear what Angle had to say up close and personal. Bobby Lashley interrupts Angle and comes to address Reigns about him not being able to defeat Lesnar after 3 years of losing. Kurt Angle called off any WWE Universal Championship contenders matches. Lashley believes he is the one who can truly beat Lesnar for the title. Reigns suggested they fight tonight. Here comes The Revival, looking to once again prove themselves in the ring against these two after their loss last week against them. They threw out the challenge and Baron Corbin approves! Lashley and Reigns take on The Revival. Will Reigns and Lashley co-exist? We shall find out next.


Of course, Lashley and Reigns start off by overpowering The Revival. Reigns rolls in and gets the advantage. He wants to tag in Lashley to see what he can do. Lashley gets distracted after Dash Wilder attacks Reigns and Scott Dawson takes advantage and drops him on the ropes. The Revival are using their chemistry to their advantage. Lashley finally flips the script and Wilder jumps to tag in Dawson. Lashley tags Reigns in and Reigns has the upside of this match. As Reigns sets up for the finisher, The Revival get a recovery on the outside. Reigns doesn't allow it and delivers a drive-by!

Returning from the break, The Revival have the edge over their opponents by still using their tag chemistry. Reigns is trying to fight his way back into the match but is absorbing amounts of punishment. After much damage from The Revival, Reigns throws Dawson into the corner and gets the tag to Lashley. Lashley brings the energy and is dominating! Lashley sets up for the spear, Reigns tags himself in and puts the Superman Punch on his opponents. Lashley threatens to tag back in but Reigns moves. Dawson comes flying and Reigns throws him into Lashley, knocking him off in the process. Reigns sets up for the spear to Dawson and Wilder rolls up Reigns for the win!


Lashley had some words for Reigns after the match. Who will have the momentum going towards Extreme Rules? We will find out. Tonight, we will see Seth Rollins looks to win back the Intercontinental Championship from Dolph Ziggler. Alexa Bliss will address the crowd on last weeks brutal beating from Ronda Rousey.

The Deleters of Worlds deliver a statement to their opponents for their WWE Raw Tag Team Titles, The B-Team. Next, we will see one half of The Deleters in action! Matt Hardy takes on The B-Team's Curtis Axel in singles action.


Before their entrance, The B-Team mocked the Deleters, trying to get in their head. Hardy looked like he had the edge as he and Axel were up on the top turnbuckle. Hardy's foot slipped and Axel gets a crossbody on him for the win.


The B-Team crawled back into the ring after their victory celebration. Hardy and Wyatt, of course, applauded them.

Last week, we saw Sasha Banks and Bayley go to blows after their loss. Tonight, we will see how they deal with each other.

Up next, we will see The Authors of Pain in action for the first time in quite some time!


Of course, Lazar starts off by throwing the opponents around. Akam tags in and does the same....nothing different as always. Lazar tags back in and they go for the tag team finisher for the victory.


The Authors of Pain attacked their opponents and Titus Worldwide came out to the rescue.

Finn Balor walks into Kurt's office asking about Lesnar's situation. Strowman walks in saying he's been rough on Kevin Owens and wants to be his partner tonight. He suggested facing Finn Balor and Baron Corbin and Kurt approves since Corbin was just telling him how he's setting up some tag teams that can possibly explode on each other. Tonight, this match will take place!

Last week, Ronda Rousey beat Alexa Bliss down and put her through the table. Bliss will address this situation to the WWE Universe, next.

Mickie James introduced Alexa Bliss to the WWE Universe. Bliss has addressed the attack from Rousey and explained that her MITB cash-in was legal. She turns her attention to Nia Jax and how she has to defend the RAW Women's Championship at Extreme Rules against her. Alexa states that she has overcome so many obstacles, including defeating 7 other women for the Money in the Bank contract. Natalya has something to say to the champion. She stated that it's a matter of time before Rousey returns to beat Bliss down. As Bliss dismisses Natalya, Natalya revealed how she got Kurt Angle to approve a one-on-one match between the two of them. She, then, brought out Nia Jax! Up next, we will see Natalya take on the RAW Women's Champion in singles action.


Through the commercial break, Alexa Bliss gained early control over Natalya and is wearing her down. Natalya outpowers the champion to get some breathing room but it's not enough to keep Bliss down. Bliss immediately gets the edge back. She gets a bit ahead of herself by talking trash to the veteran. Bliss gets leveled by Natalya. Mickie James goes for the distraction and the referee turns his attention to her. As Bliss goes for the ropes, Nia Jax pulls at her foot and Natalya levels Bliss again for the edge off the distraction. Natalya applies the sharpshooter and gets the champ to tap!

WINNER by submission: NATALYA

Last week, we saw Seth Rollins lose his Intercontinental Championship to Dolph Ziggler in an open challenge. Tonight, he vows to regain his title back and embarrass Ziggler in front of his partner, Drew McIntyre.

Up next, the former best friends, Sasha Banks and Bayley, and their partner Ember Moon will face The Riott Squad in a 6-Woman Tag Team Match. Can Banks and Bayley get along tonight? We will see!


Bayley starts off with Sarah Logan. She immediately tags Banks in and Banks keeps the control. Logan tags Liv Morgan in and she seems to get an edge over Moon. Moon flips it around and Morgan rolls out of the ring. The other Riott Squad members try to attack Moon and her tag partners come to the rescue! Moon delivers a suicide dive to The Riott Squad! Returning from the break, Ruby Riott has control of the match. As she goes for the backdrop, Moon counters and tags Banks in. Moon and Bayley are down outside of the ring. Liv Morgan distracts Banks and Ruby Riott takes advantage with the rollup for the win.


Bayley finally got a piece of Sasha Banks! She is straight up smothering Banks all over the ring area. She is picking her apart! This is all built up frustration between the two during their friendship. Bayley rams Banks into the steel steps and delivered a statement to her in the process. Guess it's safe to say that their friendship isn't patching up anytime soon, huh?

Up next, a rerun of Mojo Rawley and No Way Jose's match from last week takes place. Mojo is confronting Jose's posse member. He made it clear to Jose that he will not get a rematch from last week. Jose gets in Mojo's face and gets sucker punched. No match is taking place between the two tonight!

Strowman will team up with Kevin Owens to take on Finn Balor and "Constable" Baron Corbin in tag action! This match is next.


KO starts things off with his partner from last week, Baron Corbin. Corbin is just throwing KO around like a toy. Corbin wants Balor in and they get to arguing. KO tries to get control of Corbin and rolls to the corner to Strowman for a quick tag. Strowman wants to intimidate Corbin but nothing helps. He thought he had it all in his control until Strowman knocked him off his balance. Corbin tags in Balor and Strowman goes for KO. Ko sees that he can trust Strowman so he's starting to loosen up. He knocks Corbin off the apron and Corbin wants to take action. Strowman lays Corbin out and he and his partner are on the same page as they get corner attacks on their opponents. They have all of the momentum as KO is just staring at Strowman, looking like the night he won the Universal Championship with Triple H's help. He is in utter shock!

Coming out of the break, Balor and Corbin have control of the matchup. KO tags Strowman in, Corbin gets a beating for a brief second. Strowman shoulder attacks his opponents around the ring side. Strowman insists that KO goes for the same thing. He goes for it but is stopped by Corbin. Strowman comes to the rescue but is knocked down after he runs into the steel post. Balor wants to finish KO and Corbin slaps him in the back of the head for the tag. Balor kicks Corbin out of revenge and KO goes for a pop up powerbomb but Finn counters and throws him out of the ring. As Finn goes for the suicide dive, Corbin pulls him out of the ring and they go to blows up the stage! They get counted out!


KO thought that he and Braun were on the same page since they teamed up tonight and even got a win! KO wanted to shake The Monster's hand but he says no and, instead, wants a piece of KO. He chases his tag team partner backstage! KO hid in a coaches room backstage of the arena and Braun goes looking for him but walks past the room after he confronted the concession guy about KO's whereabouts.

After the break, KO is making a break for it and wants to leave the arena. KO wants his keys but the valet guy doesn't have them. Braun has his keys and shows KO that his car is flipped over.

Tonight, Seth Rollins looks to get the Intercontinental Championship back as he challenges Dolph Ziggler to a rematch coming up next!

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match - SETH ROLLINS VS. DOLPH ZIGGLER (c) 

Rollins starts off with straight up energy as he gives a dropkick to the champion as soon as the bell rings! Ziggler rolls out of the ring to regroup. He gets back in to take control over Rollins. He's just wearing the former champ down slowly! Rollins wants to pick up the pace but Ziggler puts a stop to it. Rollins flips the script and gains control back after Ziggler rolls back out of the ring to regroup once again.

Coming out of the commercial break, Ziggler gained control after the distraction to Seth by Drew McIntyre. Ziggler is once again wearing Rollins down with numerous holds. Rollins buys time to regroup as he throws Ziggler into the corner pretty hard. As Rollins pick up momentum, he runs toward Ziggler in the corner and Ziggler launches Rollins over the ropes! Ziggler is back to wearing Rollins down. He's getting a bit cocky and Rollins takes advantage! Ziggler wants to regain control with sleeper holds but it doesn't keep Rollins down. They both go for the same crossbody. Rollins throws Ziggler over the top rope. As he goes for the suicide dive, McIntyre hits Rollins in the back of the head to stop him. The referee throws McIntyre out of ring side and McIntyre tries for a distraction before he goes. Ziggler walks over to confront the referee and Rollins rolls him up off the distraction but McIntyre still has the distraction to the referee. Rollins punches McIntyre off the apron and Ziggler tries to take advantage of the distraction but Seth counters and gets him out of the ring. He goes for the suicide dive to the two on the outside! He gave the champ no time to recover and gets him back into the ring for the two count pin.

Out of another break, Rollins gets the knee to Dolph and seemingly knocks the champ out. Rollins finally covers him and only gets the two count! Rollins wants the powerbomb off the apron and Ziggler counters! Rollins climbs back on the apron and Ziggler goes for the DDT on the apron. Rollins hit the ringside floor for the 9 count. The crowd is really into this one! Ziggler looks for control and sets up for Ziggler Chin Music but Seth counters for the powerbomb to the corner and follows with his own superkick for the two count. Rollins goes to the top rope and Ziggler follows. Rollins knocks him off and delivers the frog splash for yet another two count. How in the world is Ziggler staying in this one?! Rollins sets up for the Curb Stomp but Zigglers counters to go for the Zigzag. Rollins counters and they roll each other up a few times until Ziggler throws Rollins shoulder first into the corner post and follows up with a Zigzag for the two count! Where is Seth getting this energy from?! Ziggler puts Rollins on the top rope and wants the superplex. Rollins stops him and looks for the superplex of his own and puts the falcon arrow onto Ziggler! As it seems like Rollins may get the win, McIntyre interferes and pulls the referee out on two and a half.

WINNER by DQ: SETH ROLLINS (Championship doesn't change hands on DQ, of course)

As Ziggler and McIntyre start the attack on Rollins, Roman Reigns comes out to help his Shield brother. He delivers a beat down on the two men and leaves them with a Superman punch to McIntyre.

This concludes tonight's show! Hope you all enjoyed live coverage with me. Have an awesome rest of the night wrestling world and we will see you all tomorrow.

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