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Monday Night Raw Live Coverage (07/02/18)

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Good evening wrestling world! Welcome to another edition of Live Coverage! Tonight should be a great one for us all. Stay tuned!


Last week, The Dominator and The Big Dog tried to go two weeks straight with victories over The Revival. They crumbled as they attempted to one up each other and The Revival got the roll for the win.

Seth Rollins looked to get a victory and regain his Intercontinental Championship back from Dolph Ziggler. After the match, Rollins was attacked by Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. His former Shield brother came to the rescue and cleared the two attackers.

Tonight, Reigns has to focus on getting an upperhand over his opponent at Extreme Rules, Bobby Lashley. Can they coincide for once and get the victory to get the 2-1 lead on The Revival tonight? We shall find out on Raw.

Reigns starts the show off by explaining why he's better than Lashley and how bad of a partner he is. He doesn't want to team up with Lashley, he wants to fight him. He wants people to believe that Lashley's time is over and that his ego won't allow him to give it up since he didn't stop 10 years ago during his first tenure. Ziggler and McIntyre interrupted him and Ziggler told Reigns how egotistical he is. McIntyre is, basically, saying he's a fool for saving Rollins last week. The two teamed up to jump Reigns in the ring and Rollins returned the favor for him by saving him. It looks like this feud is far from over and that it's just getting started!

Reigns and Rollins confronted General Manager Kurt Angle about facing Ziggler and McIntyre. They want them tonight! Angle didn't want to make it happen since Reigns has a match tonight but he went on and granted their wish. Tonight, we see Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins take on Drew McIntyre and Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler! Next, we see "Woken" Matt Hardy in action against Curtis Axel!


Hardy already wants to get in his opponent's head. Bray Wyatt isn't at Hardy's side tonight due to an injury over the weekend. Axel wants the advantage but can't seem to keep it. He takes a breather and rolls out of the ring. Coming back from the break, Axel has the the edge over the woken one and has is just wearing him down. He's not giving Hardy any breathing room whatsoever! Hardy flips the script and gets himself back into the match with repetitive moves of deletion on Axel. Axel catches Hardy slipping and gets the advantage back and ends the match with a neckbreaker that had quite the impact!


Tonight, we will see Roman Reigns and Lashley take on The Revival for the third week in a row. Also, a brief Shield reunion will happen as Seth and Reigns take on Ziggler and McIntyre. Up next, the Sasha Banks/Bayley Saga continues as they will go to counseling to mend their friendship.

Reigns and Rollins get ready for their matchup and Lashley has a comment on what Reigns said about him earlier in the ring. We will see how Lashley and Reigns get along tonight as it's obvious that they don't like each other.

Earlier, Sasha Banks did their counseling session and you'll never believe who led their peacemaking.... DR. SHELBY! He has returned! They can't even look at each other while Dr. Shelby is talking. We will see how their counseling worked out later on tonight. Next, Titus Worldwide takes action against Authors of Pain in tag team action.


Razar starts things off with Titus O'Neil. Razar thought he had the start of the match in the bag until that Florida football came into play for Titus and got the shoulder block and the tag to Apollo. Apollo uses his speed to his advantage until Razar flips things over and gets the tag to Akam. They display beautiful tag team chemistry with an assisted reverse drop. Akam wants to wear Crews down and can't keep him out for good. He tags Razar in for more tag action. O'Neil steps in to help Crews but gets laid out by the two big men. They deliver the Last Chapter to put Crews away for good.


Coming up next, the brief Shield reunion happens as Reigns and Rollins take on Ziggler and McIntyre in tag team action!

Kevin Owens arrives to Raw almost an hour late. He parks in a restricted area and looks a little worried! He's been on Braun Strowman's radar lately. Who can blame him?


Rollins and Ziggler started the match off with technical action. They show very good chemistry in the ring! Ziggler tags McIntyre in and the crowd hypes Reigns up to come in and face him. McIntyre gets an edge over Reigns earlier and wears him down. Ziggler gets back in and continues what McIntyre started. As Ziggler goes for the running attack to Reigns in the corner, Reigns catches him in the chops and knocks Ziggler out cold. He tags Rollins back in and Rollins brings the heat on his opponents! Now, the Shield brethren has the edge over the bad guys.

Coming out of the break, Ziggler has the sleeper hold locked on Rollins. The crowd wants Roman wants again but Ziggler puts the fameasser on Rollins to stop the hot tag from happening. Ziggler pulls Rollins to his team's corner to tag McIntyre in and he puts the pain on the former IC champion. Rollins gets McIntyre out of the ring and wants to go for the tag to Reigns but McIntyre pulls Reigns off the apron and gets back in to push Rollins to his corner once again for the tag. Ziggler wants the edge and Rollins catches him off guard. He still wants the tag! McIntyre tags himself in to stop the hot tag and gets knock off. Rollins is struggling to get to the corner and Ziggler once again goes for the fameasser but Rollns catches him for the powerbomb to the corner. As Rollins inches closer and closer to Reigns, The Revival jumps in from the crowd and pulls their later opponent off the apron for the attack to end the match.


The Revival are straight up mauling Reigns on the outside and Ziggler and McIntyre join in. They finish the beatdown on Rollins and go for the Zigzag/Claymore. The Revival rolls Reigns in for the Shatter Machine and leave a statement in the ring. Tonight, we will see the top guys in The Revival add on to their statement against Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley once again.

KO confronts GM Kurt Angle about handling Braun Strowman. Angle suggests a match happen between the two to settle their differences. It's official! Kevin Owens will see Braun Strowman in the ring tonight. Will he get those hands? We shall see.

"Constable" Baron Corbin makes his way to the ring. He's out their to address last week's match as he tagged with Finn Balor. He claims that Balor was unprofessional during their match. They definitely imploded which resulted in them getting counted out. He's inviting Balor to come out and bury the hatchet. Really, he wants an apology from him but Balor isn't going for it. Of course, Balor gives Corbin some smart remarks and Corbin doesn't take too kindly to it. He strikes Balor and Balor bounces back with a slingblade and a dropkick off the apron. That should show Corbin who he's messing with!

Elias is backstage and strumming away at his guitar. The Riott Squad steps in to ask if he's performing tonight. "For them? Not a chance...." and instead has a song in mind for them before the match. Now, they're hyped and are on their way to the ring. Liv Morgan takes on Ember Moon in singles' action, next.


The two lock up and look for the edge over one another. Ember knocks Morgan off her balance and already wants to wear her down. Morgan gets out of the lock and catches Moon off guard with a jab. Morgan has a bit going for her and looks to capitalize. Moon brings the fight and is back on top!

During the break, Morgan took momentum over for this match. Moon quickly flipped the script and definitely kept most of the momentum for the duration of this match after the commercial break. Moon delivers and get the 3 count!


The Sasha/Bayley Saga continues as they are still in counseling! Dr. Shelby is working his magic and are allowing them to express themselves about how they see the other. The two began by mocking one another to where they almost went to blows in Dr. Shelby's office.

Up next, The Revival takes on the crumbling team of Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns. We will see how Lashley and Reigns get along this week!


Reigns is starting things off with Dawson. They get things going with technically sound chemistry. Dawson slides out to regroup and Lashley wants to tag in but Reigns denies it. Dawson rolls back in and Wilder looks for the distraction. Reigns is thrown off and Dawson takes advantage! He goes at Reigns' midsection and beings wearing him down. He gets the tag to Wilder and Wilder brings that aggression as he always does. The Revival are completely wearing Reigns down and aren't letting him get to his partner in the corner. They realize Lashley and Reigns aren't on the same page and they take advantage of an battered Reigns. Lashley jumps in for a second and helps his partner fend off their opponents. Reigns still refuses to tag Lashley in and as Reigns goes for a spear, Dawson hangs onto his feet from the outside and Wilder jumps on him. The top guys put a beat down on Reigns and get DQ'd without a care in the world!


The Revival continue their beatdown and Lashley walks away, obviously frustrated and feels that Reigns can do it by himself since he didn't want to tag him in. They put another Shatter Machine on Reigns and the statement they made earlier in the night has been capped off!

KO wants Angle to realize that he needs to give this out-of-control show a break for tonight and cancel his matchup with Braun. Angle refuses and KO storms off after a series of bribes and favors. That match takes place later!

Reigns storms to Angle's office and wants a replacement for Lashley. He vows to lay Lashley out.

Last week, we saw Mojo Rawley attack No Way Jose and refuse their match to start. Next, we will see them go toe-to-toe.


Mojo gets on the mic and insults Jose once again. He says that he's serious business while Jose prefers to dance rather than take his job seriously. He refuses Jose the match again and Jose goes to take a shot at Mojo. Mojo counters and lays him out! He goes after a member of Jose's line and lays out the poor guy. Jose comes to the rescue but Mojo begs to differ and drives him spine first into the apron.


Alexa Bliss cashed in her MITB contract a few weeks ago to win the Raw Women's Championship. We all knew she'd rub it in everyone's faces and straight up cut into Rousey. Rousey attacked her and Kurt Angle, which resulted in her putting Bliss through a table. Rousey vows to return after her 30-day suspension and come after Alexa Bliss. Renee Young interviewed Rousey earlier and Rousey told Young how she's excited for Jax vs. Bliss for the title at Extreme Rules. Even though she's suspended from Raw, she's not suspended from Extreme Rules and she will be there, front row, up close and all to watch the match.

As Jax came out to get ready for her match, she announces that she's ready to beat Bliss at Extreme Rules. She stated that Angle is making their title match an Extreme Rules match. And she turned her attention to her opponent for tonight, Bliss' best friend, Mickie James. Since Bliss is at James' side tonight, she brought Natalya out to be at her side as well! This should be interesting.


Nia Jax is overpowering Mickie James and is using her size completely to her advantage. James ends up outside of the ring and Jax follows. She tries running from Jax but that doesn't work obviously as Jax catches her. She puts James on her shoulders and Bliss pulls James off for the save! We have a standoff between the two duos at ringside.

James got the momentum during the break. She's definitely looking like a veteran in there against the size of Nia Jax! She's going to work on the left knee of Jax and is slowly wearing her down. Jax is looking to get back into this match but James isn't letting her. She flips the script and holds James together by squeezing the oxygen out of her. James makes it to the ropes but Jax gets the momentum going. James knocks her off her groove but Jax bounces back. Bliss goes for a quick distraction but it doesn't help. Jax delivers the Samoan Drop and it's overwith!

WINNER by pinfall: NIA JAX

KO is preparing for his match against Braun Strowman and is looking for a game plan. Jinder Mahal is standing by with him...breathing.... As for KO, he plans to show the world how you destroy a monster.

Earlier, we saw Reigns refuse to tag in Lashley in their tag match. The Revival went to work and Lashley walked out on him. They face off at Extreme Rules in two weeks.

KO says he's ready for his match with Strowman! We will see if this is true, next.


A focused-looking KO locks up with Braun. Braun just throws him like a toy. KO rolls out of the ring and runs backstage! The ref gets to counting. It's over!


KO is backstage looking for a way out. He forgot the keys to his car in the arena. Braun goes chasing after him. KO has nowhere to go except....there's a portapotty outside of the arena. He hides in there of all places. Braun eventually figures out that KO is in there and tapes the whole unit up. He drags it on into the arena and wants the WWE Universe to watch! Braun is pulling it with ease and is dragging it onstage. He steps back to take one good look at the crowd and charges up to run portapotty off stage, tipping it over with KO inside of it! You can only imagine the mess going on inside of it! Makes you feel kinda of sorry for KO a bit......but finally, the announcer announces that Braun won by countout. The Monster in the Bank sends us all home smiling!

Thank you all for staying tuned. We will see you all tomorrow on Smackdown Live Coverage! Have a beautiful night.

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