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Monday Night Raw Live Coverage (07/09/18)

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Good evening wrestling world! We're just six days away from an exciting Extreme Rules. Tonight, who can gain momentum heading into Sunday? Stay tuned!


Kicking off tonight's show is the man who will meet Bobby Lashley this Sunday, Roman Reigns. As Reigns was making his way to the ring, he came face-to-face with Lashley backstage. They exchanged words about Reigns going out and calling Lashley out.

Reigns' music hit and he's definitely not well-received in Boston! He's hearing it from the WWE Universe. He's addressing Lashley's demands on going out to the ring and calling him out. Reigns went on and did what Lashley wanted by calling him out! Here comes "The Dominator!" Lashley looks like he means business by the looks of it. As he entered the ring, Kurt Angle interrupted them. He demanded that they save it for Sunday. Lashley slowly took his hat off and the two went against the Raw GM's words. They're finally going at it. Angle called out the whole locker room to hold these two down. Not even the guys in the room can hold them back! In the process, Finn Balor came across Baron Corbin and snuck a punch in. The fight between Lashley and Reigns has spilled to the floor! Lashley can't even be contained. He's flattening The Big Dog. He threw Reigns back into the ring and wanted to finish what he started but the Raw roster won't allow it. Reigns gets back to his feet and he goes for a suicide dive. He takes out a sea of Raw Superstars! Reigns was making his way backstage as his music hit, he breaks away and runs back up the stage to continue the attack on Lashley! Finally, they call it quits and will finish this fight on Sunday.

Up next, we see Nia Jax and Natalya take on Mickie James and Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss in tag action!


Jax and Natalya started off with the edge. Alexa tries to roll out of the ring. Natalya, showing that meanstreak, goes after her. She wants Bliss back in the ring but Bless wants no part of the veteran.

Out of the break, James has control of the match over Natalya. She tags the champ in and they go for tag team action. Bliss stops herself after the assisted Irish whip from James and slaps Natalya. She's just playing mind games with her! Bliss looks to wear Natalya down. She tags James back in and they go for another assisted Irish whip but Natalya counters and takes the two out. She goes for the hot tag to Nia Jax and Jax comes in with fire! She military presses James to the mat, 7 feet in the air to the canvas, and goes for the leg drop to the veteran James for the win!


Bliss swooped in with a kendo stick and attacks Jax. Natalya steps in to help but gets stopped by Bliss and the stick. Jax fights back and Bliss rolls out of the ring for the escape. Jax wants a piece of Bliss! She's ready but, unfortunately, she has to wait until Sunday.

Kevin Owens has had a problem with Braun Strowman for quite some time. The last few weeks, we've seen Braun torcher him. From flipping his car to throwing him off of a 30 foot ladder to running him over in a porta-potty, it's clear that Strowman wants to make KO's life a living hell. Tonight, KO showed up late to the show and confronted GM Kurt Angle. He gave Angle a note from his doctor saying that he's unable to compete tonight. With him still showing him, he wants to just hang out in Angle's office where it's safe and monster-proof.

Up next, Mojo Rawley finally gives No Way Jose his rematch!


Mojo starts off with serious business. Jose seemed to have the edge to start things off but Mojo quickly gains control. He's slowly wearing Jose down. Jose tries to get some breathing room by throwing Mojo outside but Rawley shows that athleticism, jumps back on the apron and into the ring, and goes after Jose in the corner. Rawley can't keep Jose down but still wants to wear him down. Jose flips the script and seems to build momentum. Stuck in the corner, Rawley counters and pulls Jose out of the corner and over his shoulders. He delivers the Alabama Slam for the win! Hardcore Holly is probably staring at his television with pure joy.


Hopefully, Mojo can put his feud with Jose behind him.

Last week, we saw Sasha Banks and Bayley go to counseling. Bayley expressed that she's tired of Sasha being all about Sasha and thought she could change.

Seth Rollins came across Jinder Mahal. Mahal tries to help Rollins find peace. Rollins sarcastically said that he's burning pieces of his inner self together instead of wanting to burn it down. He walks away when Mahal starts with the breathing exercises.

Rollins is making his way to the ring and wants to address the WWE Universe about his match with the Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler this Sunday at Extreme Rules for the title. Seth knows Ziggler is going to bring Drew McIntyre out to the ring this Sunday during the match. Ziggler interrupted Rollins and bragged about himself and how he's better than the former champ. Dolph brought up his wrestling record from Kent State University. McIntyre let Rollins know about how he is. Rollins has jokes for the two and accused McIntyre of constantly taking orders from Ziggler. It got to a point where he made Drew mad. Drew threw the challenge to Rollins about a match tonight and it's set! They will see each other tonight. Rollins had to make one more joke to McIntyre and McIntyre and Ziggler went after him before he escaped up the stage.

Next, The Deleter and Raw Tag Team Champion, Matt Hardy, takes on Bo Dallas in singles' action!

Before the match, The B-Team came out to mock The Deleters once again. Bray Wyatt with his infamous "We're here!" catchphrase and they appeared in the ring behind their opponents for Sunday.


Hardy started off with the momentum and gave his a set of deleting head-bashes in the corner. Hardy, still wearing Bo down, throws him out of the ring. He follows up with a suplex on the floor!

Coming from commercial break, Hardy still has the advantage over Bo Dallas. He looks pretty aggressive tonight! He's all out wearing Bo down. He throws Bo out and Bo, kind of, hit the ropes hard as he slide out of the ring. Hardy follows him out and throws him into the barricade with Bray leaning up against the barricade laughing. As he set up for a side effect to Bo on the steel steps, Bo elbows out of it. Hardy puts him back in the ring and still has the aggression going. He wants to suplex Bo to the outside from the apron. Axel distracts him and Wyatt steps in to attack him! Bo took advantage of the distraction and hits the move to put Hardy away for the night.

WINNER by pinfall: BO DALLAS

The Deleters set up to run in and brawl with The B-Team. They put them out of the ring! These two teams go at it on Sunday!

Kurt Angle made it official and announced that Seth Rollins will face Drew McIntyre tonight.

Earlier tonight, Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns went to blows and had to be separated by the Raw locker room. Lashley vows to put Reigns out at Extreme Rules.

Tyler Breeze gave Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan some fashion tips. They tore up his merchandise and are making their way to the ring. Liv Morgan takes on Ember Moon, next!

Alexa Bliss cut a backstage promo talking about how she will beat Nia Jax and is glad that Ronda Rousey will be at ringside.


Both women start things off trying to gain an edge. Morgan is trying her hardest to stay away from Ember.

Fresh off a commercial break, Liv Morgan has the advantage. She plants Ember Moon face first in the canvas for the two count. She looks to wear down Moon. Moon drops Morgan flat on her back and wants to capitalize off the counter. Moon goes for the kill and Morgan dodges the clothesline by flexing back into a bridge. She throws her in the corner and Moon counters. Moon takes advantage of the counter and wears Morgan down. Sarah Logan goes for the distraction and Moon hits her off the apron with the springboard punch. Morgan tries to capitalize off the distraction but Moon rolls her up into the jackknife pin for the win!


Finn Balor and Bobby Roode prepare for their match against Elias and "Constable" Baron Corbin. Will they be glorious and victorious? We shall find out, next!

KO is still hanging out in GM Kurt Angle's office. McIntyre and Ziggler were called into Angle's office to discuss the stipulations behind Drew's match with Rollins tonight. If Drew loses, he can't accompany Ziggler at ringside this Sunday against Rollins. Ziggler is upset and feels like he's playing favorites. Drew vows to run through Rollins tonight.

Elias is in the ring and is ready for his tag match! He just announced to the WWE Universe that he has been in the studio recording his debut album. Of course, Elias is trying to get on the Boston crowd's bad side. Corbin came out and did a "song" with Elias talking once again about Finn Balor's size.


The match started during commercial break. Corbin seemed to have an edge on Roode. Roode flipped things around and Corbin tagged Elias in to take over. Roode continues where he was at with Corbin. Corbin steps in for the distraction and Elias takes advantage with the flying knee. Corbin tags in and begins wearing Roode down. Balor wants a piece and is trying to get his partner back into this match but Corbin puts a stop to the momentum. Roode counters and both men go down. They both tag their partners in and Balor goes at Elias with nothing but momentum. As Balor went for the suicide dive, Corbin grabs his leg from under the ropes to stop his fire and causes the distraction. Elias takes advantage and blind sides him.

Coming out of the break, Corbin is wearing Balor down and has control of the match. He tags Elias back in and Elias is picking up where Corbin left off. Balor tries to fight back and wants to tag Roode in but Elias tags Corbin back in to stop his momentum. Corbin, mocking Roode and Balor, tries to keep Balor down but he flips the script and tags Roode in finally! He has the momentum! Corbin stops it all with the drop for the two count. Balor wants to take Elias out with the drive-by but Corbin knocks him off the apron. Roode wants the roll up but Corbin kicks out at two. As he goes for the tag to Elias, Balor pulls him off and knocks him to the ground. Corbin slides out of the ring and brawls with Balor until Balor throws him back in the ring and looks for the Coup de Grace. Corbin knocks him off the top rope. Roode capitalizes and sets up for the Glorious DDT. Elias stops the momentum and Roode knocks him to the ground. Corbin takes advantage of the distraction and puts Roode's day to an end with the End of Days!


This Sunday, Finn Balor and Baron Corbin will finally face off at Extreme Rules.

Reigns lets Renee Young know that he didn't even have any respect for Lashley until he saw the look in his eye during their brawl earlier tonight. He vows to defeat Lashley this Sunday and says that Lashley will go be the guy somewhere else.

Up next, Seth Rollins takes on Drew McIntyre! If Rollins defeats McIntyre, McIntyre is banned from ringside for Rollins' and Ziggler's Intercontinental Championship rematch at Extreme Rules.


McIntyre started off overpowering Rollins and plays the mind games with the former IC champion. Rollins tries to gain the edge but McIntyre quickly begins wearing him down, abusing Rollins with his size and speed. Rollins fights back but Drew quickly stops Rollins. He goes back to wearing Rollins down and taking all of his energy from him.

Coming back from the break, McIntyre has just been punishing Rollins. He flips Rollins into the corner with muscle and throws him way across the ring! He is just abusing Rollins. Rollins is attempting to fight his way back into this match. He goes for a suicide dive to McIntyre and slides back into the ring for one more! He gets McIntyre back in the ring and goes for the springboard top rope dive for the two count. Rollins is on top so far. McIntyre tries to counter but Rollins catches himself, using that agility to keep control of the match. Rollins sets him for the Curb Stomp and McIntyre reverses. He follows Rollins to the corner and face plants him for the two count. McIntyre thought of the Claymore but Rollins follows him to the ropes. He goes for a enzuigiri and McIntyre counters with the sit down powerbomb, once again, for two. They go to the top and Rollins slips out. McIntyre gets hit foot caught on the turnbuckle and Rollins climbs to the top with Drew hanging on. McIntyre quickly jumps up and pulls Rollins down. Rollins flips the script. These men are putting on a hellacious match!

Seemingly, McIntyre is in control and wants to drop Rollins off the top rope. Rollins counters and bombs him into the corner, followed up with a super kick. Ziggler wants to get involved but Rollins isn't having that. Rollins delivers the crossbody to McIntyre for two. Ziggler climbs back in to distract Rollins and Rollins hits the Curb Stomp to the champ hanging halfway out of the ring! McIntyre capitalizes off the distraction and delivers the Claymore to send everyone home.


With McIntyre winning tonight's main event match against Rollins, he has earned the right to be at Ziggler's side during their title match this Sunday at Extreme Rules.

It was a decent Raw tonight! Maybe Smackdown Live will be even better tomorrow. Join us right back here on WNW. Have a wonderful night everybody! Let's jump into Extreme Rules on a good note!

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