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Monday Night Raw Live Coverage (1/15/18)- The Return Of The Curb Stomp

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Welcome everyone back to WNW! This week on Raw, how will Roman Reigns respond to the Miz’s and Miztourage’s attack on him last week? Let’s find out! 


The show opened up with a recap of last week's destruction on Kane and Brock Lesnar by Braun Strowman.

Strowman made his way to the ring, wearing what appears to be a new t-shirt they are selling for him. Braun said he said he has a short story that ends in a happy ending. He said at the Royal Rumble, he will become the new Universal Champion. Kurt Angle interrupted, following him were security guards. Kurt said Braun put lives in danger last week, and thousands of dollars in damage. Angle said he is in charge. Braun said to do his job, and he'll do his. He said he does what he wants, when he wants. He said at the Royal Rumble, if he wants to be Universal Champion, he will. Angle said Braun won't be able to compete in the title match, because he's fired. The crowd sent "You Suck" chants at Kurt. Angle left the ring and went to the back. Braun stood in the ring, and followed by exiting up the ramp.

Later, Nia Jax vs Asuka, and Roman Reigns vs the Miztourage.

Before commercial break, Braun was in the back walking, and turned to security, "Are you gonna make me leave?"(c).

Strowman was walking to the door to exit and stopped. One security guard put his hand on him, and said he had to leave. Braun took out all the security, and tossed them all, destroying them. He said he isn't finished yet until everyone catches his hands....

Cesaro and Sheamus made their way to the ring. Titus World World Wide came out next.


Sheamus and Apollo started. Cesaro quickly tagged in, with double team action, along with Sheamus tagging back in. Apollo fought back, using his agility. Titus tagged in, throwing chops at him. Sheamus threw a punch at Titus, and tagged Cesaro back in. For a brief moment, the two traded chops to the chest, but Titus took control with a body slam. Apollo tagged in, taking it to Cesaro. Sheamus made a blind tag, performing a close line off the top rope (c). Sheamus was in control coming back, but Apollo made a tag, as did Cesaro. Titus got fired up, throwing Cesaro around the ring, following a body slam. A few moments later, Cesaro went for a Neutralizer, but Titus avoided it. Apollo tagged in, but the Bar began to take control. Jason Jordan appeared, and distracted the Bar, allowing Apollo to roll up Sheamus for the pinfall....


Braun was backstage, going into Kurt's office looking for him. Angle was't inside, and Strowman destroyed his office (c).

Backstage, Braun went to the catering area, and destroyed Curt Hawkins. A man with a chocolate cake appeared. Strowman grabbed a piece of cake, and stormed off.

Enzo Amore and Tony Nese came out to the ring. Enzo said he will be walking out with the Cruiserweight Title at the Royal Rumble. He said Cedric Alexander is going to have to go through Tony Nese to get to himself. Alexander and Goldust came out. Dust said Enzo is like a movie that goes to straight to DVD, while Alexander is a box star, selling movies. Alexander performed the SAWFT line on Enzo before break (c).

Once again, Strowman was show, shoving a dumpster through backstage.


The match was in session when commercial was over, with Alexander controlling Nese. Cedric tried to go up top, but Tony reversed it, slowing down the pace a bit. Tony tied him up in the turnbuckles, shoving kicks on Alexander. Enzo was shown ringside barking at Cedric. Goldust went behind Enzo, scaring him. Moments went on, and Alexander fought back, firing up. He face planted Nese, and went for a count of 2. Nese tried to fight back with some kicks, but Alexander put the Lumbar Check on him for the win...


Kurt was in his office, and said he has no other option but to call the police. A referee ran in and told Kurt that Braun is headed for the TV trucks. Angle said those are worth twelve million dollars, and ran off (c).

Braun barged into the TV truck, and said he wants to shut off everything. He yelled and left, then disconnected the truck from the trailer. He then went to turn the truck upside down, flipping it. Kurt said he called the police. Braun charged to the arena once again, and targeted Michael Cole. Kurt then pleaded with him, saying he isn't fired, and is back in the title match. Braun was happy, but proceeded to toss Cole onto security (c).

Tom Phillips came out, replacing Michael Cole.

Nia Jax made her way to the ring, followed by Asuka.


The match started with Asuka trying to use her quckness, but was tossed by Jax. She threw punches at Nia, and a spider move on her. Soon she was taken out, but kept fighting until she was taken out to the mat. Nia tried to grabb her, but she reversed it into an arm bar. Nia powered out, slamming her into the the turnbuckle, heading to break (c). Nia had a bear hug on Asuka, but Asuka escaped. She hit her with a knee to the face, along with punches and kicks. Nia then powerbombed Asuka for a 2 count. Nia seemed to get frustrated, and Asuka performed a knee bar on her until the submission was broken. Nia tossed her outside, slamming her against the ring. She climbed up the stairs, but Asuka kicked her leg out beneath her. They made it back in the ring, but Jax's leg was given out. The referee called for the bell, and Asuka was claimed the winner.


Kurt was backstage in his office, and Jason Jordan appeared. He thanked Angle for everything. He said he was right there by his side. He said Seth could use some single action against Finn Balor after the loss last week. Angle granted the match for the main event.

A video was shown for Martin Luther King Jr. An amazing tribute (c).

Alexa Bliss and Nia were backstage, and Alexa said she was sorry. Enzo appeared and asked how she was. Alexa told him that she has it under control, but he said he did as well. Jax told her that Enzo has it, and she walked off.


Dash and Wilder stayed in control of the macth the entire time, making quick of the local workers.


Charlie was in the ring, and Dawson said what everyone witnessed was tag team excellence. He said they are students of the game. Charlie questioned what old school legends they are looking forward to see next week. Wilder stated they are professional wrestlers, not entertainers. Dawson said the Revival is the team that WWE will be built around for the next 25 years.

Up next, Elias (c).

Elias was in the ring. He asked everyone who wants to walk with him. He said he's out here for two reasons. One, to teach everyone a lesson, that WWE stands for Walk with Elias. The other reason, which led to a song. He sang about John Cena, tossing him over the top rope, eliminating. He said he will succeed, while the Spurs will fail. Major heat. He welcomed out the Miz and the Miztourage. They all made their way out to the ring.

Up next, Roman Reigns vs the Miztourage (c).

The mix grabbed a mic, and said he was gone for six weeks. He said he is the spark that was missing. He said that they laid waste to Roman, and that felt awesome. He said producing unforgettable moments is what he does. He said that next week, the title is his. Miz said he will reclaim his IC title. He said that will feel awesome. Roman made his way to the ring.


Axel started with Roman first, and Roman knocked down both Axel and Dallas. Roman turned to Miz, following him until Axel took down Reigns. Axel beat down Roman, tagging in Axel. The two took turns with tagging in and out, beating down Reigns. Dallas held down Roman with a headlock, and then gave a DDT to him. Axel tried to tag in but Roman kept him from it. Axel eventually tagged in, but was given a Samoan Drop. Axel tried to tag Dallas, but Roman knocked off Dallas. Roman took it to Axel, beating him down with shots. Bo tried coming in, but was connected with a DDT on Axel on Roman's watch. Roman went to Miz, tossing him in the ring. Miz ran out, and a roll up on Roman for a two count by Axel. Roman speared Axel for the win...


Later tonight, Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor (c).

Sasha Banks, Mickie James, and Bayley came out. Absolution then came out, singles action next!


Sasha quickly tried to apply the Bank Statement, but Sonya quickly took it to Sasha with a knee to the face. She worked her mid section, into a headlock. Sasha tried to fight back, backing her into a corner. Sasha followed with punches of her own, giving a dropkick to Sonya. Banks leaped off the top rope, but Deville caught her with a kick to the ribs for the pinfall....


A video was shown of where the Raw Roster visited the Civil Rights Museum.

Backstage, Jason and Jordan and Seth Rollins were shown. JJ said he can go to Kurt and cancel the match. Seth said no, but has a problem with how JJ did everything.

Matt Hardy made his way to the ring (c).


Coming back, the match was in progress. Matt was destroying Slater. Heath went to ringside, and Rhyno talked him into getting back in the ring. Slater threw punches at Hardy, and then worked on his arm. Matt then bit on Slater's hand, and continued to add aggression to him. He said it's time to be deleted, and said it's OVAH! He followed with a Twist of Fate on Slater for the win.


Golderberg was introduced as the first inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame.

Up next, Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor (c).

The Good Brothers, Gallows and Anderson came out, followed by Finn Balor (c).


A few minutes in the match, Balor and Rollins took it to each other, taking turns trading moves. Before the break, Balor had control, while Seth was on the outside floor (c). Coming back, Rollins performed a suicide dive out to Finn on the outside, throwing him back in the ring. He gave him a neck breaker, continuing to work on his neck. Finn tried to fight back, but Seth kept in control, but favoring his knee. Finn through punches, and fastened the pace. Chops were given to Seth, and then a kick. Finn went for a swing blade, but Seth reversed it into a swing blade of his own. Balor then got up and performed a swing blade as well. Soon after, Rollins followed up with a super kick. Seth went for a knee, but was turned into a punch by Balor. A minute later, Seth gave Finn a Falcon's Arrow for a two count. Seth went to the top rope, and went for a frog splash, but Balor put his knees up. The Bar came out, and a brawl was out for everyone. Moments later, mayhem was unleashed, JJ tripped up Finn, and Seth took advantage with the return of the CURB STOMP FOR THE WIN!


Finn sold the loss and Curb Stomp in the ring after the match to close the show (c).

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