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Welcome everyone back here on WNW! We are just one day removed from the historic Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View. We saw Asuka win the first ever Women's Royal Rumble Match, along with Ronda Rousey making her appearance felt as she pointed towards the Wrestlemania logo. After an unsuccessful attempt to capture the Universal Championship, what is next for Braun Strowman? Let's find out tonight. Make sure to get involved in the discussion down below, and give your thoughts and opinions on Raw! 


The show opened recapped last night's historic moment with Ronda Rousey's debut.

Stephanie McMahon made her way to the ring, while Michael Cole and Corey Grave introduced Coach as the new member of the announce team. Stephanie welcomed everyone to Monday Night Raw. She said history was made because of the Women's Royal Rumble Match. She also said that Ronda Rousey is the newest WWE Superstar. Stephanie went on to say that tonight is about the winner of the Women's Royal Rumble Match. She introduced Asuka, as she made her way to the ring. Stephanie said this would be a time for Asuka to choose what champion she would like to face at Wrestlemania, but she said she should wait. She then said in four weeks, Alexa Bliss will defend her Women's Championship in the first ever Women's Elimination Chamber Match. She said tonight is Asuka's night, and asked her if she had anything to say. Asuka began to speak in Japanese, then said no one is ready for Asuka. Out came Sasha Banks, and made her way to the ring. She congratulated Asuka, but said she's ready for her tonight. Stephanie said tonight it will be Asuka vs Sasha Banks.

The announce team hyped matches tonight between Braun Strowman vs Kane in a Last Man Standing Match, John Cena vs Finn Balor, and Matt Hardy vs Elias, all of which are Elimination Chamber Qualifying Matches.

Braun Strowman made his way to the ring, pulling out weapons from under the ring, including chairs (c).


The match was in progress coming back from break, as the two were fighting at ringside. Kane hit Braun with a kendo stick at one point, and they made their way through the crowd, up to the announce table. Braun gained the advantage, and took Kane out with a chair. As Kane was laying there, Strowman flipped the table on top of Kane, and the referee called for the bell.


After the match, paramedics came out to check on Kane, and Corey Graves began an interview with Braun. He asked him what he just did. Braun replied by saying he did what he was supposed to do, be the last man standing (c).

The announce team recapped what happened a few minutes again, and said Kane was being taken to a nearby hospital. Backstage, Kurt Angle came to Strowman and asked him to cut him a break on all the destruction he has putting on. Strowman said he's right, and should have done more. He said at Elimination Chamber, he will win and beat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.

In the ring was Elias. He strummed a few cords, and asked who wants to walk with him. He said he was disappointed by being eliminated by John Cena, but Cena will be getting his soon. Elias said he has to look forward, and has to defeat Matt Hardy. He sang a song and the crowd poured in the boos. Matt Hardy interrupted, making his way to the ring (c).


The two locked up, and Matt Hardy threw a quick punch at Elias, starting to laugh. Elias then put a headlock on Matt, but was reversed with a back body drop. Matt took control for a few moments, working the neck of Elias. He kept saying DELETE during his holds. Elias fought back with a closeline, and beat down Hardy. He went to ringside, and wrapped his shoulder across the post twice in a row (c). Elias was working Matt's shoulder, but Matt fought back, throwing punches and headbutts. He threw his head into the turnbuckles repeatedly. He performed a side effect for a two count. Bray Wyatt's screen played, and distracted Matt. Elias followed up with a boot to the face, and Drift Away for the win.

After the match, Bray appeared on the screen, and laughed, then disappeared.


A video showed the Miz saying he brought the prestige back to the IC Title, and is owed everything.

Up next, Roman Reigns vs the Miz for the IC Championship (c).

Miz and the Miztourage made their way to the ring, followed by Roman Reigns.


Roman started out quick with a punch to the face, beginning to beat down Miz. Miz threw chops at Roman, but he thew another punch at him, then closelined him over the top rope. Roman went to ringside, and threw Miz into the stairs. Tossing him back in, then followed up with another closeline over the top rope. The Miztourage tried to get Miz up, but Reigns grabbed a chair, and chased them up the ramp and they went to the back. Roman turned to Miz, and thought about hitting Miz with the chair, but tossed it to the side. The Miz took advantage, taking Roman off his feet, taking control (c). Coming back, Miz had control on Reigns with a headlock, but was reversed into a Samoan drop. The two traded punches, but Roman gained the momentum, taking the beating to Miz. He proceeded to give him a boot to the face. He set up for the superman punch, but was reversed with a chop block to Roman's knees. Miz used the 'IT!' kicks. Miz applied the Figure Four on Reigns, applying the pressure. Roman flipped over, reversing the pressure on Miz, but made it to the ropes. Roman sold the knee, but made it to his feet first. Miz went for the knee again, but was reversed into a sit-out powerbomb for a two count by Roman. Miz tried to take off the protecting covering, but the referee caught him. Reigns tried to attack, but caught a thumb to the eye, and a Skull Crushing Finale for a two count. Miz tried for another SCF but Roman fought out with a Superman punch. The Mizourage came back out, and took Miz out of the ring. Reigns took out everyone, and threw Miz back in the ring. Dallas tried to interfere, but was hit with Spear. Miz took advantage with a roll up on Reigns for the pinfall.


Later tonight, John Cena vs Finn Balor. Also, Asuka vs Sasha Banks.

The Revival made their way to the ring, with tag team action up next! (c)


The match was in-progress, as Slater and Rhyno were in control. Quickly, Wilder and Dawson took over, working over the arm of Slater. The two took turns tagging in and out, keeping Heath on the mat, away from Rhyno. Moments later, Rhyno tagged in, taking it to Dawson with a belly-to-belly. Soon after, Dawson and Wilder gained the upper hand, and performed the Shatter Machine on Rhyno for the win.


Dawson and Wilder were in the ring being interviewed. They said they learn from the past, while everyone else is stuck in it.

Later tonight, The Bar defends their tag team championships against Titus Worldwide (c).

The newest inductees to the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018 are the Dudley Boys. Awesome.

A video aired of the Club. 57 minutes of Finn Balor being in the Royal Rumble Match. He said John Cena cost him the Rumble match. He said he won't just step up, he's going to step over.

Backstage, Sasha Banks said it's her time to defeat Asuka, and made her way to the ring (c).


Sasha puts Asuka in the corner but Asuka comes out and puts a headlock on. Arm drag by Asuka which is returned by Sasha. Sasha puts Asuka in the corner and stomps away at her. Asuka hits some hard kicks of her own on Sasha and sends her off the apron to the floor. Sasha gets back in only to get smacked around by Asuka. Asuka uses her boot to choke Sasha in the corner. Asuka goes after the arm of The Boss. Asuka puts in an armbar. Sasha starts to fight out and then hits a heavy strike to knock Asuka down. (c.)

Sasha puts Asuka in the corner and hits the double knees to the guys of Asuka. 2 count. Sasha puts her knee in the back of Asuka and pulls her arms back. She fights out but Sasha slams Asuka back down. Sasha slaps Asuka and Asuka looks dangerously back. Asuka goes for a strike but Sasha puts in the Banks Statement! Asuka reverses out but gets put right back in! Asuka fights out but it cost her. Asuka rolls out and Sasha goes for a suicide dive but gets kicked in the head midair! Nasty fall! They both make it back in the ring but Asuka throws Sasha in the air and hits a massive knee to the face of The Boss. Asuka hits several strikes and then a missile dropkick off the top rope. 2 count! Somehow Sasha kicked out! Asuka locks in the armbar! Sasha reverses it into a pinfall for 2. Asuka goes for the running butt bump but Sasha pulled down the ropes and sends her crashing hard to the floor. Double knees by Sasha! Sasha to the top rope and hits double knees again! 2 count! Banks with the back stabber into the Banks Statement! Asuka fighting hard to get to the ropes but Sasha rolls her backward, and Asuka turns it into the Asuka Lock! Banks taps!



Titus and Sheamus start. Apollo goes on the offense quickly but Sheamus is able to recover and start hits own. Crews with a big dropkick and a tag to Titus. Sheamus and Titus throw hands but Titus takes control in the corner. Sheamus makes a tag to Cesaro who hits rapid fire uppercuts! Titus picks up and tackles Cesaro into the corner and hits rapid fire slaps to the chest! Splash by Titus. Blindtag by Sheamus who attacks Titus from behind. (c)

We return and Cesaro and Titus are in the ring. Sheamus tags in and knocks Crews off the side and then knocks down Titus. Tag to Cesaro and they double team Titus. Titus locked in a headlock. Cesaro tags in Sheamus. Titus thrown out of the ring and Cesaro goes for a cheap shot but Titus sees it coming and hits a big boot. Titus hits several hard smacks to the chest of Sheamus. Sheamus runs straight into a heavy clothesline. Both men make tags. Crews knocks down Cesaro. Cesaro sends Crews to the apron but he heads to the top rope and hits a big press. Crews with a leaping clothesline. Standing shooting star press by Crews. Crews gets flung into a powerbomb by Sheamus who tagged in. Crews knocks down Sheamus and hits another shooting star press. Cesaro blind tag. Crews rolls him up for 2. Cesaro throws Apollo into the steel post and they hit their team finisher for the win!



They lock up to start things off and Finn gets Cena in the corner. Let's go Balor chants. Cena takes down Balor with a test of strength. Balor is able to reverse it and lock in an armbar. Arm drags by Balor who then locks in another armbar. Cena fights out and hits a shoulder tackle. Cena with a headlock on Balor. Balor fights out but gets locked in another headlock. Finn fights out and Cena rolls out of the ring looking frustrated. Cena and Balor do another test of strength. Cena hits a hard right hand to the skull of Balor. (c)

We return and Balor runs into an elbow from Cena. Cena slams Balor. Cena whips Balor hard into the corner. Cena does it again and the ring literally shook with the force. He throws Balor again but more lightly. Balor gets his boot up and a hits Cena with some quick strikes and then hits a double stomp on Cena's chest. Cena with a shoulder tackle, and another. He sets up the 5 knuckle shuffle. The crowd actually seem to be getting to Cena. Cena misses the 5 knuckle shuffle and Finn hits a tackle on Cena! Cena goes for the AA but Balor slides out. They exchange right hands. Cena with a big boot! Cena drops the 5 knuckle shuffle. AA but Balor jumps out and hits the Pele Kick! 2 count! Slideblade! Finn goes for the dropkick into the corner but Cena has it scouted and hits a huge clothesline. Finn runs at Cena but gets caught and put into the AA. Cena connects! FINN KICKS OUT AT 2! Cena gets out of the ring and shrugs. He says to the crowd, I'm just trying to go to WrestleMania. Balor knocks Cena off the top rope. Balor goes for the Coup De Grace but misses, Cena locks in the STF! Finn trying to drag himself to the bottom rope and finally gets it! Finn gets the kick to the face of Cena. Balor to the top but Cena back up and Cena sets up the Super AA! 1-2-3.

Winner: John Cena

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