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Monday Night Raw Live Coverage (1/8/18)- We're the Champions Club!

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Hello everyone and welcome back here on WNW! Tonight, The Miz returns after a seven week hiatus. Also, 'Woken' Matt Hardy makes his official debut on Raw, along with Enzo Amore defending his Cruiserweight Champion against Cedric Alexander. Join us for live coverage tonight for Monday Night Raw, and make sure to share your thoughts and opinions down in the comment section! 


The show opened with a recap of last week's Raw, focusing on Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe for the Intercontinental Title...

Roman Reigns made his way to the ring, to a mixed reaction, more so with boos. Reigns said after all the attacks and hype from Samoa Joe, he couldn't get the job done. He said he fought for Dean Ambrose. He said if anyone in the back messes with one member of the Shield, they mess with all the members. Reigns was then interrupted by Jason Jordan, going to the ring. He was treated with heavy boos. JJ said he got goose bumps when he watched Reigns face off against Joe. He told Reigns it was indeed his yard after that match, and offered a fist bump. Seth Rollins came out and said Jordan had a lot more to learn, He said he was stepping on Roman's moment. Jason said they all run the show. Reigns said enough of the we stuff. JJ cut him off again and said they are the most dominant three man group in all of WWE. Finn Balor, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson came out. Finn told JJ he was running with Anderson and Gallows for ten years before he found out who his dad is. He said 2018 is the year of Balor Club. JJ laughed it off and said he's happy of being part of Champions Club. Finn said he sees the Seth and Roman, but then sees a nerd in Jason Jordan. Jordan took a shot at Gallows, but they pulled him apart. Kurt Angle came out on stage, and said there will be a six man tag team match in the main event between the Balor Club and the Shield and Jason Jordan.

Tonight, Brock Lesnar responds to the brawl with Kane last week, along with the return of the Miz!

Up next, Sasha Banks and Bayley will face two members of Absolution, with Mickie James in their corner.(c)

Sasha, Bayley, and Mickie made their way to the ring, followed by Absolution.


Mandy and Bayley started the match, with Rose showing her power over Bayley. Bayley tried to fight back with punches but Mandy took control. She blew a kiss to Sasha, and got closelined by Bayley, and Mandy rolled out of the ring before break.(c) Sasha and Rose were the legal women in the ring, with Mandy shoving Sasha in the face before being punched. Sonya led a distraction so Mandy could land a knee to the face. Sonya tagged in and worked over Sasha. She aimed for the midsection, before landing a fury of shots on her body. Sasha tried to fight back with a knee, but led to a closeline for both women. A hot tag was almost to Bayley, but Rose stopped it. Shortly after, Bayley attacked Deville, while Sasha applied the Bank Statement on Mandy, forcing her to tap.


Later, Balor Club vs Shield and Jason Jordan (c).

25 years of Raw clip aired of when Stone Cold attacked Vince McMahon in the emergency room.

The commentary team recapped the brawl between Brock Lesnar and Kane last week, also of Goldust teaming with Cedric Alexander.

Backstage, Goldust entered a room with Cedric Alexander. He pepped talk Cedric, but he said he didn't need it. He said he is close to making this dream a reality. Goldust said that Alexander is in control tonight, and to go on and win the Cruiserweight Title.

Pianos played, and Matt Hardy made his way to the ring with a new theme song, as he is in action next (c).


Hawkins was in the ring as the show came back. Hawkins grabbed Matt, but he started to bite him. Hardy threw wild punches at him, attacking Curt. Matt suplexed him into the turnbuckles, and then threw his head into the turnbuckles. Matt said it's over, and hit the Twist of Fate on Hawkins for the win.


Bray Wyatt appeared in the ring after the lights turned out, and back on. Matt turned around and the two men stood face to face. They began to exchange laughter at one another for about a minute and a half before the Wyatt screen played....

Up next, the Miz returns. (c)

Elias was introduced in the ring, playing his guitar. Elias asked the crowd who wants to walk with him. He said he walked all over the Earth, and has heard millions of stories, but one stands true to being WWE stands for "Walk With Elias". He began to sing a song, and mentioned Elvis, and the boos poured in. He wrapped up the song with introducing the Miz, who came out with Cheers. The Miztourage was with him, as they came down to the ring. The crowed chanted "Welcome Back". Miz asked if everyone missed him, and cheers echoed. He introduced MizTV, and said he was not forgotten. He said it was because of the Miztourage. He said in 2017, they turned their careers around by joining him. Axel said it was the best year of his life, and labeled each day as Mizmas. Bo Dallas led everyone in a 'Thank You Miz' chant. Dallas gave Miz a picture of Miz. Axel took off his coat, and gave it to Miz. Dallas followed by giving his watch to him. Axel started to give his shoes to Miz, but he stopped both of them, and told them to sit. Miz said this year was going to be better than last year, but he didn't forget about the Shield putting him through the announcer table two months ago. He said he let Reigns borrow the IC Title. He said in 2018, he will celebrate the birth of his daughter, and he will gain his title back. Miz said he's back, and is coming back for his Intercontinental Champion, and you can believe that...

Backstage, Finn said tonight is about new memories, and need to talk strategy. He said eyes open, and feet moving. Also, this year is the year of Balor Club.

Up next, Cruiserweight Championship (c).

Enzo made his way to the ring. He said last week he couldn't wrestle, and spent New Years in the hospital. Enzo said he was shocked to see Cedric team up with Goldust. He said he teamed with Goldust because that's the closest he's getting to gold. He said 2018 will end with him being Cruiserweight Champion. Cedric made his way to the ring...


Cedric threw a punch at Enzo, knocking down Enzo. Cedric chased him ringside, and toyed with him back in the ring. Enzo then took control, pushing Alexander off the top rope to ringside (c). Back from break, Enzo was still in control, keeping down on the ground. Moments later, Cedric tried to fight back, dropping a dropkick to Enzo. The pace fastened, with fury of strikes coming from Alexander. Enzo's face busted open and rolled to ringside. Cedric leaped over the top rope, and making Enzo landing oddly on his ankle. The referee began to count, and Enzo couldn't make it back in the ring.


The announce teamed hyped up Balor Club vs Shield and Jason Jordan (c).

Backstage, the doctors tried to look at Enzo. Nia Jax came in to check in on Enzo, but he said he was good.

Kurt Angle was on the phone and was talking to someone on the phone, asking the woman to join the Royal Rumble match, thus her not being in the ring in years. Sheamus and Cesaro said they are obligated to a tag team title match. Kurt said they will get their rematch at the Royal Rumble paper-view. Miz then came in the scene, saying he wants a match against Roman Reigns for the Intercontinental Champion at Raw's 25th Anniversary Show. Kurt granted him the wish, saying it was a good idea.

The announce team hyped up next week's Mixed Match Challenge show on Facebook.

Backstage, Asuka was shown. Then Alexa Bliss entered, saying when Nia Jax hears what she called her, she won't be so lucky.

The Bar made their way to the ring, tag team action next (c).

As the Bar waited in the ring, Titus World Wide made their way to the ring.


Sheamus and Titus started out, with a Titus giving off a shoulder tackle. Apollo tagged in, but Sheamus took control, tagging in Cesaro. A dropkick was given to Cesaro, but the Bar took control early on. Sheamus tagged back in, matting down Crews. Apollo reversed a shoulder, tagging in Titus for a hot tag. He ran down Sheamus and Cesaro, giving out slams. Moments later, confusing occurred, and Titus rolled Sheamus up for a three count.


Up next, Brock Lesnar (c).

Brock Lesnar came out with Paul Heyman. Paul Heyman introduced both of themselves. He said they both respect old school, but the industry is always wanting new things to attract more people. They wanted a challenger who is better, and can become the new Universal Champion. Though it has gotten away from that, to how will Brock Lesnar survive the predicament. He said he might pin them both. Heyman said Lesnar is the baddest dude on the planet, and no one can put him down. As they went to exit to the back, Kane attacked Lesnar, and the two fought to the back. Strowman came into the mix, and destroyed both men, laying waste to them. He grabbed a grappling hook, and tossed it over a stage part, bringing it down onto Kane and Lesnar (c).

Samoa Joe made his way to the ring for in ring competition. Rhyno and Heath Slater came out, heading in for in ring competition!


Joe took full control shortly after the match started. Slater tried to rally the crowd, with Rhyno trying to fight back. Joe quickly locked him in, forcing him to tap out.


Joe was interviewed in the ring, and said Roman Reigns didn't win last week, but only a victory at a great trouble. He told Roman it wasn't over, but until then, he said he will be a participant in the Royal Rumble. John Cena's name was mentioned, and Joe said Cena will be the first one he eliminates.

Backstage, Alexa said she cares about Nia, and doesn't want Enzo to hold her back. She said she wants Asuka to be out of the Royal Rumble. She said Asuka talked about her poorly, and Nia demanded to tell her what she said. She eventually did, but it was in Japenese (c).

Asuka made her way to the ring, and Nia came in the ring, attacking Asuka. She then walked her way to the back.

The announce team hyped both Royal Rumble Matches, along with the WWE Universal Champion match, and WWE Championship.

Up next, Balor Club vs the Shield and Jason Jordan (c).

Next Monday, it will be Asuka vs Nia Jax.

The Good Brothers made their way out to the ring, following is Finn Balor. The Shield and Jason Jordan came out next.


Balor and Rollins started things off. They locked up, chain wrestling, using a fast pace exchange. Anderson tagged in, taking it to Rollins, working on the arm of Seth. Reigns and Gallows tagged in, and the Shield took out the Club heading into break (c). Balor and Reigns were in the ring, with Roman throwing punches and strikes at Finn, until he reversed it into a swing blade. Anderson tagged in again, along with Gallows, beating down Roman. A headlock was applied by Luke, slowing the pace down of the match. Reigns tried to escape it, going on one knee, tossing right hands, until being thrown back down on the mat. Anderson tagged in, putting a headlock in of his own on Roman. Reigns reached out, but couldn't make a tag. Roman powered out, performing a tilt a whirl, but could't make a tag again. Gallows tagged in, beating down Roman, keeping him from his corner. Reigns fought back, but ran into a boot, but turned into a Superman punch. Reigns tagged in Rollins, and quickened the pace. Anderson became legal, and performed a Falcon Arrow for a two count. He set up for a knee finisher, but couldn't connect. A spinebuster was set up on Rollins. Gallows tagged in, and knocked off Jordan, but Seth knocked down Luke. Finn tagged in, and Jason Jordan came into the ring, distracting the referee from seeing the legal tag on Reigns. Roman and Jordan got into a shove contest, and The Club took advantage, Magic Killer on Rollins, and Balor performed the Coupe de Grace on him for the pinfall....

After the match, Jason tried to apologize, but then Miz and the Miztourage came out of the crowd and attacked all three men. Miz performed a Skull Crushing Finale on Reigns. They set up for the triple powerbomb, taking down Roman to end the show.....(e)

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