Monday Night Raw Results (12/11/17) - Monster vs. Monster

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Welcome everyone back to this week's coverage for Monday Night Raw on WNW! What's in store for the three Shield members as they all compete in singles action? Also, with Matt Hardy being WOKEN, will the Great War begin tonight? Let's find out! 

Live From Cleveland, Ohio.

A video recapped last week's Raw.

The show opened up with Samoa Joe in the ring. Joe praised the Shield for them being vicious with their talks, but said he is not impressed with them. Each man he ran down, saying he snapped Seth Rollin's leg, calling Ambrose a cockroach, and said he put Roman to sleep multiple times. Joe said he had Ambrose later in the night, but said he's out here now to finish his business with Reigns. He called Roman out, and wants to face him man to man, and said if it wasn't for the Shield, he'd be nothing. Cameras cut to the back of the Shield, Roman telling them that he has it. Roman headed straight for the ring, brawling with Joe. Cesaro and Sheamus came out, attacking Reigns, until Ambrose and Rollins came out, trying to make the save. Eventually, all members of the Shield were overpowered by the Bar and Joe, laying waste of the Shield in the middle of the ring....(c).

After the break, Bayley, Mickie James, and Sasha made their way to the ring as Bayley and Mickie James are in tag team action! Absolution came out on stage, and Paige said she squashed the boss last week. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville said they are going to destroy Bayley and Mickie. Paige ended it in saying, "This is my house".


At the start of the match, the baby faces gained control, before heading to commercial (c). Back from break, Bayley had control over Mandy Rose, until Rose came back with a high knee. She threw her in the corner, tagging in Paige. Paige put the knees to Bayley, taking control. Bayley fought back, tagging in Mickie. She fought back before all four women got into the ring to brawl, Mandy took Mickie with a super kick for the win....


The commentary team hyped up Braun Strowman vs Kane being a number one contenders match for the Universal Championship at Royal Rumble...

Bray Wyatt appeared on the screen claiming he was "here". Matt Hardy interrupted the screen, saying he is WOKEN (c).

Wyatt said it's always good vs evil. Matt Hardy cut in said the Great War is starting in WWE. Bray called Matt a liar, and said his words mean nothing. Matt said Abigail walked hand in hand with him until she got an addiction. Wyatt said only one of them can survive, and Hardy said he will delete him. They two laughed back and forth.

Backstage, Enzo was backstage with Gulak. Tonight will be a fatal four way to determine who will face Gulak next week. Enzo mentioned Nia Jax, and Drew went on to say he understands that he needs to be ready for anyone that he faces next week.

Finn Balor made his way to ring before break, ready for action! (c). Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel came out. Axel came out wearing his neck padding, getting ready to face Balor.


Before the match started, Axel took off his neck pad, then Dallas joined in, attacking Balor. The bell than rang, Axel attacking Finn, putting him in a head lock. Moments later, Balor came back and whip-lashed Curtis on the mat, doing the Coupe de' Grace for the win....


Up next, Rollins vs Sheamus (c).

Backstage was Kane, saying tonight is an abyss that he and Braun will be going to. Kane said he will climb out of the abyss tonight with a smile on his face, and will be the one to compete with Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble, winning the Universal Championship.


The match started Rollins taking it to Sheamus, tossing him out of the ring, performing a suicide dive. He threw him inside, and Sheamus countered, knocking rollins with a double fist to the face. The crowd chanted at Sheamus, saying he looked stupid as he continued the beat down on Seth. He kicked him down in the corner, playing to the crowd, missing with a kick to the midsection. Rollins fought back, with a swinging switch blade. Rollins quickened his pace, throwing Sheamus over. Seth followed up with a high risk spot over the top rope, but Sheamus rolled back into the ring. Rollins tried to get back in, but Sheamus hit him, falling against ringside..(c). Sheamus had Rollins slammed on his knee, working on it. He put Rollins in the Clover Leaf. Seth reversed it in a small package for a two count, and gave him a ddt for another two count. He gave Sheamus a kick to the jaw, following yet another two count. Sheamus went to the top rope, and Rollins came back for a suplex and a Falcon Arrow, with one leg. Seth set up for his knee finished and Sheamus countered with a rolling senton. He went for a Brogue Kick, missing and gets a knee to the face, Rollins getting the win...


Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Dean Ambrose. He said he needs to avoid being chocked out, and is ready to get his hands on Samoa Joe later tonight.

Coming up, a second chance for the CWC for their chance at a title shot in a Fatal Four Way (c).


All four men go at it to start. Cedrick and Nese go to the outside and Ali goes to the top turnbuckle and flips down onto them. Daivari attacks Cedrick and locks in a headlock. Daivari gets caught in a modified reverse DDT. Nese throws Alexander into the steel post and goes for a pump handle slam but it's reversed. Daivari hits a hard forearm to the face of Nese. We head to commercial. We return and Daivari has a headlock on Ali. Nese runs in and breaks things up. He hits a right hand on Ali and puts him on the top rope. Ali knocks Nese away. 054 from Ali onto Nese. Alexander breaks it up. Ali and Alexander hammer away at each other with rights. Alexander hits an incredible move into the lumbar check. Daivari throws Alexander out of the ring and goes for the pin but gets pulled off. Nese hits the running knee on Alexander but pin gets broken up by Daivari. Alexander with two big kicks to clear the ring and a Lumbar Check on Daivari for the win!



Gulak approaches Enzo and tells him he's gonna get through Alexander next week and then he'll defeat Enzo to become new Cruiserweight Champion! He then says that he's just engaging in friendly trash talking. Enzo tells him that they're not friends. That they're not on the same level. He tells him to learn his place and that his powerpoint presentations are...He's distracted by Nia Jax who walks up and says that she and Enzo should talk sometime when he's not busy.


Roman seems furious after the attack from earlier. He goes RIGHT on the attack. Cesaro rolls out and Roman goes on the chase. It leads to Cesaro attacking Roman as he slides back in. Roman with a couple of clotheslines. He hits 10 corner clotheslines but Cesaro catches one and uses the ropes to attack the arm of Roman. Big boot from Roman and then sends Cesaro over the top rope with a clothesline. We head to commercial. We return from break and Cesaro locks submission on Roman's neck and arm. Cesaro locks in another submission, this time on the elbow and wrist of Reigns. Roman fights out and goes for a backslide on Cesaro, he gets a 2 count. Roman avoids a splash in the corner and goes for a pin but Cesaro reverses it into an armbar! Roman almost gets to the ropes and Cesaro drags him back into the ring. Roman stands up and slams Cesaro into the turnbuckle. Roman with a headbutt. Roman signals the Superman Punch but Cesaro blocks it with a clothesline to the bad arm! Cesaro locks in a crossface! Roman turns it into a Samoan drop! Cesaro with a huge running uppercut to Roman and then throws Roman hard into the ring post! Roman with a flying Superman Punch off the stairs on the outside. Roman signals the spear but gets thrown into the air and hit with a huge uppercut! Cesaro locks in the crossface again! Reigns tries to do the Samoan drop again but Cesaro reverses into the swing, but Roman pulls his body weight up and reverses it into a sitout powerbomb! 2 count! This is awesome chants! Cesaro with a small package but Roman kicks out at two. Cesaro with a running uppercut, Cesaro with a barrage of uppercuts! Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer but Roman reverses and hits a spear! 1-2-3.



The match doesn't start, instead Absolution comes out. Paige asks where Fox is and they cut to backstage where she's holding her arm. Paige says that gives them time to talk. We've given warnings and let her go. No one not even Asuka, can stop Absolution. You either move out of the way, or we make you move out of the way. Asuka shakes her head no. Paige said either move, or we make you. Asuka laughs and says no again. Paige says that no one is ready for Absolution. Asuka goes on the assault first and fights a good fight against them but eventually, they get the best of Asuka. Then, the whole women's locker room runs out to make the save. They beat down Absolution and send them running.


Jason Jordan goes into Kurt Angle's office and apologizes for last week. He says INTENSITY got the better of him. Jason asks why Kurt didn't put him in a match against Joe this week after what happened last week. Kurt tells him Jason isn't the only one who has issues with Joe right now. Jason says that might be true, but he's the only one who can beat him. He has held his own against Roman, Bruan, Joe, Kane and even John Cena. Kurt says that he's going to tell him something not as his dad but as the GM of Raw. Holding your own isn't winning and if he wants to call his shots around here he needs to win not just hold his own. Jason says thanks Dad...or should I say KURT, then walks out.


Right as the bell rings Jason Jordan comes out with a chair and sits at the top of the ramp. Joe is distracted and Ambrose attacks Joe. Ambrose puts Joe in the corner and attacks his knee. Ambrose runs over to Joe, who rolled out, and blasts him in the back of the neck. Ambrose slams Joe into the barricade. Ambrose kicks the back of the leg of Joe and rolls him in. Joe hits a big kick to the side of the head of Ambrose. We head to break. We return and Ambrose is getting leveled by Joe. Ambrose gets up and smacks joe in the face. Joe is furious but Ambrose ducks a right hand and Ambrose hits a few clotheslines. Ambrose gets hit with a stiff right hand but Ambrose turns it into the lunatic lariat. Joe talks trash to Jordan after he plants Ambrose. Ambrose tries to roll up Joe but only gets 2. Ambrose tackles Joe out of the ring. Jason Jordan at ringside rolls Ambrose into the ring. Joe grabs Jordan by the neck but Ambrose hits a suicide dive on both. Back in the ring Ambrose hits an elbow on Joe. Jordan on the ring apron distracts the ref and Ambrose would've had three. Ambrose goes outside the ring and gets in Jordan's face. Jordan goes for a belly to belly but Joe comes out of nowhere with a suicide dive. He rolls Ambrose in the ring and hits a running senton on Jason. He gets in the ring and locks in the coquina clutch. Ambrose doesn't tap but passes out.



The match starts strong with Strowman tackling Kane into the corner and then hammering and headbutting Kane. Strowman hits a MASSIVE running dropkick! Kane rolls out of the ring but Braun goes after him and throws him into the steel stairs. Kane kicks Braun when he gets back in the ring but Braun shakes it off and Kane steps backwards in fear. Braun goes after him but walks into a chokeslam! 2 count for Kane. Kane geos for another chokeslam and connects! 2 count again. Kane showing signs of frustration. Kane goes for a third but this time Braun reverses it and hits a chokeslam of his own! 2 count for Braun! Kane rolls out of the ring. Braun goes on the chase but walks into a big right hand. They end up walking into the crowd and Strowman hits the gas and tackles Kane through the barricade! The ref counts to 1o and it's a double count out!


Strowman keeps attacking Kane. He throws Kane over the steel stairs and then detaches them and picks up the stairs. Kane also grabbed stairs from the other side of the ring. The slam both sets of stairs into each other and Kane is the one who drops. Strowman tries to attack the throat of Kane again with a weapon but Kane blocks it. Braun rolls Kane in the ring and grabs a table! Kane rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair! He blasts Strowman's knee as he comes after each other. Kane goes for another show but Braun punches him in the face! Kane recovers and blasts Braun with the chair repeatedly. Kane goes and gets the table and sets it up. Strowman and Kane hit each other with a clothesline at the same time and both men are down. Kane sits up! BUT THEN SO DOES BRAUN! Kane looks genuinely terrified and backs away quickly. They both stand up and Kane tries for a chokeslam but Braun blocks it and hits a running powerslam through the table!

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