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Monday Night Raw Live Coverage- “IT’S OVAH!” (3/19/18)

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Live From Dallas, Texas

The show opened with Kurt Angle making his way to the ring, and he said that Roman Reigns was still suspended from last week. He also said that Brock Lesnar wasn’t there yet. Reigns then made his way through the crowd and entered the ring. Reigns said Brock isn’t showing up, so someone has to be here. Kurt said he will get Brock at WrestleMania in three weeks, and he will get his hands on him. Reigns said he didn’t care about the suspension, and said he won’t leave the ring until he faces Lesnar tonight. Reigns grabbed a chair and sat down in the ring, as Kurt made his way to the back. U.S Marshals made their way to the ring, three of them. They read his rights to him as they began to handcuff them. Roman told them not to touch him, but they grabbed him. He started hammering down in all three men, handcuffed. Lesnar’s music played, and he ran down to the ring. Roman tried to defend himself, but Brock delivered German Suplexes on him. Lesnar grabbed the chair, and beat down Roman while he was cuffed. He continued with the shots at him. Lesnar started going to the back, but ran back in and hammered Roman with more chair shots and another German Suplex. Lesnar started up the ramp once more, but came back and delivered a F-5 to Reigns.....

After Lesnar and Heyman left to the back, paramedics entered the ring, and put Roman on a stretcher. Lesnar’s music hit once more, and he charged down to throw the stretcher up side down.....(c)

Backstage were the paramedics putting Roman in an ambulance.

A video package aired from last week between Alexa Bliss and Asuka, along with Nia Jax.

Up next, Alexa Bliss vs Asuka.

Alexa said she was sorry she didn’t say anything sooner about Nia Jax. She said she used Nia, and it felt good to say that. She said she was dumb to think they were friends. Bliss said she feels so much better after venting. She said she feels like she dropped three hundred pounds of pure loser. She said she will be able to end Asuka’s undefeated streak now that Nia isn’t dragging her down. (C)


The match was in progress as air came back live. Bliss held Asuka down for most of the first few minutes, and kept Asuka grounded. Moments later, Asuka started to fire up with strikes and kicks, taking down Bliss. Mickie James distracted, allowing Alexa take control once more. Alexa threw punches at Asuka, and threw her out of the ring heading into break (c). Moments after coming back from break, Asuka had Bliss in an Ankle Lock before she got to the ropes. Mickie pulled Bliss out of the ring, and the referee counted to 10.


After the match, Jax made her way to the ring, chasing Alexa to the back (c).

Backstage, Alexa went into Kurt’s office, and said she wants Nia Jax to be Arrested. Angle said she saw what she did, and after what she said about her last week, she’s granting Nia a match against Bliss at WrestleMania for the Raw Women’s Title....

Braun Strowman came out to the ring. He said he was informed by management that he needs a tag team partner at WrestleMania. He said he doesn’t need one. The Bar made their way to the ring, and Sheamus said it’s easier to throw someone over the top rope than beat them. They said they will walk in and walk out of WrestleMania tag team champs. Braun told them to shut up. Sheamus said they beat everyone, and Strowman is no different. Strowman then said one of them gets these hands, as one of them will face Braun.


The match began with Strowman charging Cesaro, crushing him in the corner. He then tossed him in the corner, over the top rope (c). Both men were on the outside of the ring, and Braun charged Cesaro in the barricade before going into the ring. Cesaro capitalized and threw uppercuts at Braun to take him down. He tried for a Neutralizer, but was caught with a punch to the face. Sheamus distracted Braun, so Cesaro rolled Out of the way. Moments later, Braun powerslammed Cesaro for the pin....


A scene was cut to the Hardy Compound, where Matt introduced all of the Hardy’s. Matt then told Senor Benjamin to set the compound up for Deletion (c).


The match began as soon as commercial came back. Quick back and forth action for about three minutes as Revival set up Apollo for the Shatter Machine for the victory.


Charlie was in the ring and asked them what their Path To WrestleMania is. They declared themselves as participants in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal...

Mark Henry is the newest inductee to the Hall of Fame.... Deserving inductee.

Up next, Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Absolution (c).

Bayley made her way to the ring, followed by Sasha. Banks grabbed a mic, and said when there’s a problem, she talks to them face to face. She said she wants to fix what the problem is between her and Bayley. She said at the chamber it was everyone for themselves. She said she forgave Bayley, and offered her hand to her. Bayley grabbed a mic and said she was angry, and said she helped Sasha win the past two weeks, but she can’t get over the fact of the what she did at Elimination Chamber. She said she watched her fall of the pod and smiled, and get the picture out of her head. She questioned how it was so easy to do that to a best friend. Absolution interrupted and said it was time for their match, and what real woman do to settle scores...


Sasha and Sonya started, with Banks giving a slap to the face to her before being thrown out of the ring (c). Coming back, Bayley was in control over Mandy Rose, throwing an elbow in her back. Sasha made a blind tag and entered the ring, trying to pin Rose. Mandy quickly took control, tagging in Deville. Both beat down Banks in their corner. Sonya had her in a headlock, keeping her from tagging in Bayley. Rose tagged in and hit a running knee, then punches to the face on Sasha. She fought back with a hip toss, but was taken down once again. Bayley tagged in moments later, and took our Sonya. Mandy Rose tried to interfere, but Sasha came in and started beating her down. Bayley rolled up Sonya, having her beat but Sasha and Mandy were distracting the referee. The two stood face to face with one another before Deville took advantage and pinned Bayley.


Up next, John Cena wants answers from the Undertaker (c).

Cena made his way to the ring, and said he gave Undertaker a chance to answer his challenge with a yes or a no. He said Taker belongs here. He said he wants to know how Dallas feels about Undertaker answering his challenge. ‘YES’ Chants echoed throughout. Cena said his answer is nothing. Not a yes, or a no. He said that is biggest mistake because it’s disrespectful to him and everyone else. He said without the fans, there would be no streak, and no Undertaker. Cena said he wants a yes or no. If he’s retired, then say no. He said Undertaker is a man that is a coward. Cena told him to be the Undertaker and do something. Nothing happened, and Cena said he isn’t a God, or a man. Kane interrupted and made his way to the ring. Cena said Kane is giving a response, so he asked yes or no. Kane grabbed Cena and Choke Slammed him before walking to the back....


The Miz and the Miztourage are up next against the Balor Club (c). Miz said the fans have no respect, and if he will take respect if he has to. The Balor Club interrupted and made their way to the ring. Before the match started, Seth Rollins made his way to the announce table (c).


Starting off, Balor was in the ring with Axel. Miz soon tagged in and beat down Finn, tossing him in the corner of Miztourage. The three tagged in and out, being worked into a head lock by Axel. Finn tried to fight back, but Axel held on. Finn escaped and tried to tag out, but Dallas quickly up grabbed Finn once more to be thrown into the corner. Moments after, Anderson tagged in and cleared the ring, gaining momentum, taking it to Axel. He charged him and was caught with an elbow. Miz tagged in, and took control going to break (c). Coming back, Finn was on a hot streak, going up top for his finisher, but Axel shoved him off. Miz ran into Axel on accident, and Finn rolled him up for the win....

After the match, Miz and Miztourage attacked The Club, and Seth made the save with a Stomp on Miz....(c)

A video package aired with Ronda Rousey with Kurt Angle...

Bray Wyatt made his way to the gates of the Hardy Compound, and V1 welcomed him, with a scan of Matt’s face. He said follow the music... He then walked to wear Matt was in the ring outside, with Reby playing the piano. Matt stood in the ring and said, “Bray Wyatt... I knew You’d come.” (C) The two started with laughing, and then Bray took control. He grabbed a chair and kissed it, Matt told V1 to initiate. Fireworks went off, and math hit him with a chair. The two fought to an area that was in resemble of the Wyatt Compound, and hypnotized Bray. Matt hit him with a kendo stick. They moved to the area with the signs of Hardy, and Bray lost Matt. Moments layers Matt fought Bray, but was met with an Irish whip into a tree. Bray then threw Matt into the door of building, the dome of Deletion. Matt took control and hit him with a ladder, beating him down. He then got on his lawn mower to run over Bray, but got spooked when Bray was on all fours. Bray beat him down again. He drug Matt down to the Lake of Reincarnation. Bray got ahold of V1 and said he would deal with him later. Moments later Senor Benjamin and Brother Nero popped up, singing “He’s got the whole in his hand.” Matt took advantage and hit the twist of fate for the win. He then shoved Bray in the Lake, and said he was deleted to end the show....(c)

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