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WWE RAW Live Coverage (5/28/18)- Monster In The Bank

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Welcome back everyone for this week’s Monday Night Raw! How will Raw bounce back after last week’s show? Let’s find out together! 


The show opened with a video package of Memorial Day, absolutely wonderful....

Braun Strowman made his way to the ring, as the announcers hyped the show for the night. Braun said when he sees the briefcase, he gets motivated. He said it holds a contract for a championship at any given time. Strowman said he will destroy seven other men and will be known as Mr. Money In the Bank and Monster In the Bank. He said no one will stop him. Once he wins he said he’s cashing in the briefcase and Brock Lesnar will get these hands. Finn Balor interrupted and said he’s getting ahead of himself. Finn said he was the first Universal Champion and it eats away at him that he never lost it. He said he will take back what is his. Balor said at MITB it will be everyone for himself. Strowman said Finn fought a good fight for a little guy. Finn Balor slapped Braun, and Braun threw him across the ring. Kurt Angle made his way out and annoucned that up next it will be Strowman vs Balor up next...(c)

Ryan’s Take: A decent start to Raw, not really sure why we are getting another match between these two after we saw it last week. Ugh. 


Kevin Owens joined in on commentatry before the match. Braun took control quick at the beginning of the match, beating him down. Kevin Owens said he will win the Money In The Bank. Strowman ran at Finn in the corner, only to be hit in the face with a boot. Braun quickly recovered, and took Balor down again. Moments later, Braun Irish whipped Balor into the corner hard, falling down to the ground. Kevin grabbed a mic and told Braun to stay on Finn and give him his hands...(c) Coming back from break Braun stayed in controlled, tossing Finn outside. He ran after him and shoulder-tackled him up into the security in the crowd. Strowman grabbed him and brought him back into the outside. Balor reversed him and threw him in the ring post. Finn fought back and and took him down outside of the ring. Moments later in the ring Finn stomped him down from the top rope, and then performed a Coupe De Grace. He went up for a second one but Kevin Owens cane down and attacked Finn. He grabbed a ladder and attacked him with it. He then brought it in the ring to attack Braun. He grabbed the ladder from Kevin and hit him with it.... Braun played to the crowd as Kevin ran up the ramp and into the back...

Later tonight, Seth Rollins vs Jinder Mahal.

Up next, are you ready to walk with Elias?

Ryan’s Take: Owens on commentary distracted me for most of the match. I didn’t care for the match because Strowman was in control the entire time, then Finn magically came back. Match finish was logical considering it kept both men looking as possible favorites to win at Money in the Bank. 

Backstage Kevin Owens was trying to get his keys to leave before Kurt Angle came up and asked where he was going. Kurt told him that he wasn’t going nowhere. Sasha Banks then appeared on the screen said she has to win the gauntlet match and doesn’t need luck when she’s the boss.

Elias was introduced and began to strum some cords. He asked everyone “Who wants to walk with Elias?” He said this song is special to him, like magic. He said to try and keep up because they were in the South. Elias said the crowd in Richmond were disgusting and asked for the lights to come in more. Moments later he stopped himself and wanted to here less of them and more of himself. He said he has to do everyone’s job, and called himself a Renaissance man. He wanted silence and said he would sit all night until he heard a pin drop.. up next, Seth Rollins vs Jinder Mahal.

Ryan’s Take: What the hell? That was weird. Why would you have Elias come out, just to plug the next match? He hasn’t even left the ring left. 

Elias was still in the ring, and said he will give everyone another chance. The crowd chanted for him to leave. Seth Rollins came out and interrupted, making his way to the ring. The two stood face to face, and Rollins grabbed the chair from Elias, tossing it out of the ring. Elias began to leave the ring, and casually left. Jinder Mahal then made his way to the ring,


The match quickly started with Seth getting the better of Jinder before Seth got distracted by Singh, so Jinder could take control..(c) Coming back, Jinder stayed in control, working over Seth. Seth fought back and drove Jinder’s face into the second turnbuckle. Seth then hit him over the top rope, following up with a suicide dive. He went to the top rope and perfomed a block buster. A moment later, Mahal countered Rollins, kneeing the misection. Rollins quickly bounced back with a Falcon’s Arrow for a two count. Seth kicked back up and tuned up the band, kicking Jinder right before Singh interfered. The referee told Singh to go to the back. Jinder took advantage and hit Rollins with a chair for a two count. Singh then returned but Seth gathered up and buckle bombed Singh into Jinder. Rollins then grabbed a chair and attacked Jinder, destroying him with shots. Singh tried to intervene, but was hit with a chair shot as well. Rollins stood on the announce table to celebrate. Elias then returned and attacked Rollins with his guitar.... (c)


Ryan’s Take: A decent match between the two men. Seth continues to prove he is the workhorse of WWE and Jinder did his part good as well. The Elias post match attacked seemed right as neither him or Rollins have no feud against Anyone at the moment.

Seth was shown being put on a stretcher, but he insisted on walking out on his own...

Nia Jax then made her way to the ring, but Ronda made her way out as soon as Nia was about to enter the ring. She then sat with the announce team. Nia then said Ronda gets to see what she will happen to her at Money in the Bank. She then told her that her Oppenent will demonstrate the arm bar. Her Oppenent then put Nia in an arm bar, but she reversed it with a power slam. She then did her Samoan drop, along with a leg drop, and a rolling senton. Jax then told Ronda to come down to the ring and help her out. Ronda then made her way to the ring. Nia told Ronda that she’s not intimidating and told her that she was cute. Nia then turned around and left the ring....

Later tonight, Women’s Gauntlet Match.

The tag team champions, Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt made their way to the ring for tag team action! (c)


Bray and Viktor started the match, and Wyatt immediately attacked him, tagging in Matt. Hardy attacked Konnor before Viktor took control. Konnor tagged in and beat down Matt with a standing elbow drop. He kept on him keeping him grounded in a headlock. Matt tried to fight back, tagging Wyatt back in. After moments of destruction, Matt tagged in and the two performed the Kiss of Deletion for the win.


Backstage, the B-Team entered Angle’s office and they asked for a tag team title match. Kurt said they can’t leap over the other teams in the division. The two then talked about a BBQ and inviting all of the teams to it tonight....

Up next, Bobby Roode vs Kevin Owens (c)

The two men made their respective entrances before the match.


Kevin Owens started off with a headlock on Roode before both men gave each other shoulder tackles after each other. After a few moments of back and forth, Kevin took control with a cannon ball into the barricade on Roode on the outside (c). After a few minutes of back and forth, Kevin Owens picked up the win....

After the match, Strowman made his way to the ring and destroyed Owens And Roode with power slams.


Up next, Sami Zayn’s public apology (c).

Sami made his way to the ring. He grabbed a mic and said he needed to get serious. He said he went to far and he had to give a formal apology. Sami pulled out glasses and a letter and said last week was basically a mess. Sami said he was bombarded with text messages from everyone. He said he lied to everyone and said they were not Bobby Lashely’s sisters. Sami said they were actually men. He said he would like to say he is.... sorry.... however he said everything was true about the stories. He said he should be owed an apology and deserves more. Lashely made his way to the ring. He said memorial day is a special day for his family. Sami said he’s gonna Helluva Kick his stupid smile off his face. They shook hands and Bobby wouldn’t let go, and said he’s sorry for what he does to him at Money in the Bank....

After a minute or two, Drew MCIntyre and Dolph Ziggler came out.

Up next. Drew McIntyre vs Chad Gable (c).


Chad quickly tried to after the legs of Gable but Drew took him out with a huge big boot. McIntyre threw down punches and a nice suplex before working him into an arm lock. Gable tried to fight hack and use his quickness, but Drew launched him across the ring. He picked him up and started to scale the top rope. Gable fought back and delivered a moonsault on him for a two count. The two ended up on the outside and Gable got the better of him before Drew tossed him into the ring post. Back inside the ring, Drew hit Chad with the Claymore Kick for the win....


Up next, the B-Team has a Memorial Day BBQ (c).

Ryan’s Take: A spotlighted match to keep Drew and Dolph on a roll. Good quick action. 

Coming back from break, all the tag teams were in the ring, and the B-Team gave everyone feet. Long story short, all the teams told Dallas and Axel that they will not jump line. A Food fight broke out between the teams, and every left the ring besides Rhyno, who was still eating. Axel and Dallas enter the ring and put him through a table to end the BBQ (c).

Ryan’s Take: Just when I thought we couldn’t top a segment worse then Bobby’s sister, here we are seven days later..

Backstage Kurt was in his office, following the B-Team coming in and demanding a tag team championship match. Kurt then said next week will be a tag team battle royal match to determine who will face the Deleters of Worlds at Money in the Bank....

Bayley made her way to the ring as she is the first women to enter the gauntlet. Liv Morgan was out next...


The two women started the match and Bayley quickly eliminated Liv Morgan with a Bayley to Belly for the pinfall..... (Morgan Eliminated)

Sarah Logan made her way to the ring and Bayley tried to do the same to Logan, but failed as Logan beat down Bayley. Bayley quickly rolled Logan up for a three count.... (Logan Eliminated)

Morgan entered the ring and helped Logan attack Bayley. Ruby Riott was out next to run the gauntlet (c).

Coming back from break, Ruby made quick work of Bayley in about a minute.... (Bayley Eliminated)

Dana Brooke made her way to the ring, attacking Riott with punches and a close line. Moments later Ruby connected with a Riott Kick for the pinfall.... (Dana Brooke Eliminated)

Mickie James came out next and took it to Riott. Ruby fought back with punches, but ran into an elbow and a drop kick. James ran a baseball slide on Riott heading into break (c).

Mickie was in control coming back and tried for a Mick Kick but missed. Ruby rolled up James and held the tights for the pinfall... (Mickie James Eliminated)

Sasha Banks entered the gauntlet last and quickly took out Riott. She worked her over in an arm lock, but Ruby fought out and planted Banks face first on the mat. Ruby delivered kicks at Sasha and threw her down again. Sasha fought back and gave a knee to Ruby that stunned her. Moments later Ruby hit an amazing ddt on Banks, following a kick to the face for a two count. After going back and forth Sasha put Riott in the Bank Statement but the Riott Squad interfered, but Sasha fought them off. The Bank Statement was applied once more and Riott rapped out...

Sasha celebrated to end the show (e).


Ryan’s Take: An okay main event to a lackluster show. If you missed the show this week, don’t worry, you’ll see the same next week. Creative needs to get it together. Overall, a long three hours. Everything was a dud besides the Rollins and Jinder match. 

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