Good evening wrestling world! Tonight's Raw comes to you from Sacramento, California with the aftermath of Sunday's TLC event. At the top of the hour, Vince McMahon will appear to shake things up. Also, what will Ronda Rousey have to say about her actions from Sunday? Plus, what will the new Intercontinental champion, Dean Ambrose, have to say about his win over Seth Rollins? We will find out all of these things on tonight's show!

The night starts off with Vince McMahon entering with a huge ovation from the crowd.

He says he’s been asking himself what’s been wrong with the product that they’ve been putting out. He acknowledges that he can not run the company by himself, and Stephanie McMahon walks her way to the ring. Her husband, Triple H, follows her and is also met with a large ovation from the crowd. To the surprise of the crowd, Shane McMahon’s music hist and he emerges from backstage.

Stephanie tells the crowd that they are out there because they have not been doing their job correctly and it all changes tonight. Triple H says the four will be taking control of Raw and Smackdown Live. He says that they are going to give the fans what they want.

Baron Corbin comes out from the locker room and says he is very excited for this fresh start. He is met with thunderous boos from the crowd. Corbin says that what happened to himself last night was not fair and that he needs to speak with the McMahon family. (Commercial)

Raw comes from commercial, and he is still being booed by the crowd. As Corbin stands on one side of the ring with the McMahons on the other, he goes on to say that every night he does his absolute best and it is not his fault that people can’t do their jobs. He says he was not prepared for all of the people Strowman brought with him at TLC. He also claims that he would’ve beaten Strowman. He wants them to reconsider making him the permanent general manager. Triple H says that he can have the job if he can win his match tonight. He says that he can have the job if he beats a mystery opponent… and that opponent is Kurt Angle. Stephanie McMahon announces that there is a special guest referee, and that is Heath Slater.

Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin

The match begins and Kurt starts the match with some quick strikes to Corbin. Angle is able to hit Corbin with a german suplex, and Corbin rolls out of the ring. (Commercial)

Corbin has seemed to gain the upper hand. Triple H comes out and announces that is is a handicap match and Roode, Gable, and Crews come out and begin beating Corbin on the outside. When back in the ring, Corbin is hit with a triple german suplex from Angle, who tags Gable in. He also hits a german suplex on Corbin and makes that tag to Roode. After some double team moves, he tags in Crews. Corbin tries to run out of the arena, but is caught by the four men. In the ring, Slater turns his back as the four men stomp Corbin. Shane McMahon comes out and announces that the match is a no disqualification match. The four men go to the outside and all grab chairs. They all begin to brutalize Corbin with the chairs. Afterwards, each men his their finishing moves. Angle hits an Angle Slam and pins Corbin in the middle of the ring. Angle wins

After the match, a table is brought into the ring. The four men set up the table in the middle of the ring, and Angle hits an Angle Slam through the table. (Commercial)

Finn Balor vs. Dolph Ziggler

We are shown why this match is happening, and that is because of the attack on Balor from Ziggler from the night before.

The bell rings and the two square off in the middle of the ring. Dolph seems to have the advantage, showing his superior mat skills. After a while, the two come to a standing stalemate. Finn begins to gain momentum, delivering some quick arm drags, climaxing with a dropkick that sends Ziggler to the ground. (Commercial)

The match has been contested equally to this point. Balor begins to land a couple of chops to the chest of Ziggle, followed by a flying forearm. The two go back and forth, until Finn is able to deliver a SlingBlade. He attempts to follow it up with a running dropkick, but Ziggler is able to reverse with a big ddt. Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag, but Finn reverses with an enziguri. He goes for the Coup de Grace, but Ziggler is able to get him down and deliver a Zig Zag, Balor kicks out at two. Ziggler begins to tune up the band, but Drew McIntyre is headed to the ring. Ziggler meets him at the ramp and they brawl. Finn hits both of them with a suicide senton. When Ziggler and Finn get back in the ring, Ziggler hits a Fameasser to Finn, he kicks out at two. McIntyre interrupts a super kick from Ziggler and begins to maul him. McIntyre hits Ziggler with a Claymore inside the ring, and Balor on the outside. Match ends in a no contest

Camera cuts to Dean Ambrose backstage. We are going to hear from Ambrose after the break! (Commercial)

As we come back, Dean Ambrose is making his way to the ring as the newly crowned Intercontinental champion, and is closely followed by his swat team. Ambrose says the crowd should be bowing down to him. He says that he accomplished exactly what he said he would at TLC. He says Rollins failed himself and all of the people. Ambrose says he doesn't need anything from the people because he has his belt. He also says he’s not done with Seth Rollins, claiming that he is going to take everything from Rollins. Ambrose wants Rollins to come to the ring and admit that he was right. Rollins does not answer. Since he doesn't come out, he says he issues and open challenge for Rollins to come take out his frustrations on Ambrose, and Rollins still does not come out. Ambrose says Rollins is no hero. He says since Rollins doesn't have the guts to come out. He issues an open challenge for the title. Tyler Breeze makes his way to the ring.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Tyler Breeze vs. Dean Ambrose

The bell rings and Breeze goes on the attack. He delivers multiple boots to the corner and knocks Ambrose to the outside of the ring. (Commercial)

Dean Ambrose has gained the advantage and has Breeze i the middle of the ring. He delivers a quick clothesline and pins Breeze for a two count. Ambrose continues to punish Breeze, but is caught with an enziguri, followed by a hurricanrana. Ambrose kicks out at two. Breeze hits Ambrose with the Beauty Shoot and then delivers a cross body with a super kick, Ambrose is able to kick out at two. Breeze goes for an Unprettier, but Ambrose reverses and hits Dirty Deed, pinning Breeze in the ring. Ambrose retains

Ambrose grabs a mic and continues saying how Rollins won’t show up. However, Rollins was disguised as one of the men that had accompanied Ambrose to the ring and attacks Ambrose. Rollins attacks Dean, but his swat team breaks it up as Ambrose exits the ring

Backstage, Charly Caruso interviews Shane McMahon and asks what changes will be made to Raw. Shane is interrupted by AoP and Drake Maverick. Maverick demands a rematch for the “stolen” titles. Shane announces a fatal four way tag team match for a number one contender match for the tag team titles. (Commercial)

We come back to a video package showcasing some of the new talent that will be making their debuts in the future.This package includes NXT’s Lars Sullivan, Lacy Evans, Heavy Machinery, Nikki Cross, and EC3.

Back in the ring, there’s a spotlight on Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush, a la Elias. Rush claims that they are going to give the crowd a performance like something they’ve never heard. They recount how they smashed Elias’ guitar over his back at the TLC event. Lashley proceeds to taunt the crowd. Elias interrupts Lashley and smashes a guitar over the back of Lashley and leaves the ring. Lashley is able to stand right back up. (Commercial)

Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match for the Number One Contender's Spot: Lucha House Party vs. The Revival vs. AoP vs. The B Team

Lince Dorado and Axel start the match off. Dorado delivers a dropkick and makes the tag to Kalisto. Scott dawson tags himself in and bring the offense to Kalisto. He brings him to the corner and tags. Kalisto is able to plant the Revival with a double ddt. He makes the tag to Dorado and is dive from the shoulders of Kalisto down onto the Revival. AoP tags themselves in and begin to punish Dorado. (Commercial)

Dash wilder had Dorado in the middle of the ring, but Axel is able to tag himself in. He gets caught by Dorado and the two men are grounded. Both men make the tag to their corners, and Kalisto delivers a cross body. He goes on the attack to the B Team. He unloads multiple kicks to Bo. Scott Dawson tags himself in, and he goes at it with Bo Dallas. Dallas delivers a ddt and covers, but Wilder breaks the count. Kalisto is able to go back in the attack, but is interrupted by AoP. The action spills outside and most of the men are on the outside. Dawson rolls Bo Dallas for a quick pin, and the two trade quick pinfall attempts. Wilder makes the tag and The B Team deliver a Shatter Machine and pick up the win. The Revival win

Charly Caruso interviews Seth Rollins in the back. Rollins says that last night was a disaster. From losing his title to the reaction he got from the crowd. He says that he will do better and that starts with him ending Dean Ambrose. He is interrupted by Baron Corbin. Corbin claims Rollins is the reason why he is not the general manager anymore. Rollins knocks Corbin down with a quick right hook. (Commercial)

Ronda Rousey makes her way to the ring to explain her actions from last night. Rousey starts by saying how she called her shots and she made them, referencing Charlotte Flair, Nia Jax, and Becky Lynch. She says she came tonight not to justify her actions, but to do define what a champion is. She says a real champion represent the best of the best, that they live for a challenge, and that is why she is there tonight. She then proceeds to issue an open challenge for the Women’s title. We are brought backstage where numerous woman of the division are arguing, but they are stopped by Stephanie McMahon. She says that she is going to make the woman earn a shot at the title. She says the winner of an eight woman gauntlet match will by the number one contender.

8 Woman Gauntlet Match to be the Number One Contender

The match starts off with Bayley vs. Alicia Fox. Bayley kicks the match off with a quick pin roll up and a kick out by Fox at two. Alicia takes control with a kick to the midsection and a quick pin attempt. She brings Bayley to the corner and delivers a couple of kicks to the stomach. Fox Loses control when she goes for a scissors kick that is reversed by Bayley into a back suplex. Fox is able to kick out at two. (Commercial)

Fox has control and is delivering blows to Bayley in the corner. Fox continues to have the advantage. Every time Bayley attempts to fight back, she is shutdown by Fox. Fox attempts to rollup Bayley, but Bayley reverses and gets a pinfall. Fox is eliminated and Dana Brooke makes her way to the ring. She comes to the ring firing onto Bayley. Dana targets the left knee of Bayley, delivering numerous chop blocks. Dana keeps the pressure on, but her momentum is halted when Bayley delivers a Bayley to Bayley suplex, out of nowhere and picks up the pinfall, eliminating Dana Brooke. (Commercial)

Mickie James has entered the match and is bringing the battle to Bayley. James delivers a big flapjack and kips up. The two exchange multiple quick pins, but James delivers a roundhouse kick to the face of Bayley, Bayley kicks out at two. Both woman stand up and Bayley is able to turn the tides with a back suplex. After a quick outside encounter, Bayley gains the advantage and delivers a cross body to James. She goes to the top again and delivers an elbow drop. James is able to escape a pin by getting a hand on the ropes. Bayley goes a for a Bayley to Bayley, but it is reversed. The women exchange blows and James sends Bayley to the turnbuckle. She’s able to deliver a big ddt and pin Bayley, eliminating her. Ember Moon makes the way to the ring, but she is not able to gain any momentum as James attacks her as soon as she gets in the ring. The woman go back and forth but James is eventually able to send Moon face first into the apron outside of the ring. (Commercial)

Both woman are down on the mat as the match continues. The woman stand and trade big strikes. Ember gets the advantage and goes for a quick rollup, but James kicks out at two. James delivers another flapjack, kips up, and goes to the top rope. She attempts another cross body but Moon counters with a codebreaker. She’s then able to execute a Eclipse, eliminating James. Natalya makes her way to the ring. Moon has the advantage as she is able to apply a head lock to Natalya. Natalya escapes, but she ends up on the receiving end of a suplex. Both women are downed after a pin attempt. Ember moon attempts an Eclipse, but is hit with a Discus Clothesline from Natalya. Natalya then attempts a Sharpshooter, but Ember escapes. Natalya shoots for a quick pinfall and gets the pin on Ember Moon. Ruby Riott is the next woman to enter the match, alongside the other two members of the Riott Squad. (Commercial)

Riott has Natalya in a rear naked chokehold, but Natalya is able to escape. The woman continue to wrestle on the mat, where Natalya is able to get up and slam Riott. Riott is able to regain the advantage, getting Natalya to the mat and kicking her in the ribs. From the corner, Natalya delivers a quick pin, but Riott kicks out and gets Natalya back onto the mat with a choke hold. The two stand up and Riott catches Natalya with a knee to the face, sending her to the mat. After a rollup, Natalya dropkicks Riott to the corner. After some offense, Natalya attempts a Discus Clothesline, but Riott catches the arm and delivers an STO. After a missed reverse senton, Natalya delivers a quick rollup, pinning and eliminating Ruby Riott. Out comes Sasha Banks. Banks takes control and sends Natalya to the corner, delivering a double knee strike to the midsection of her opponent. After, a tornado ddt, Natalya is able to kick out of a pinfall. (Commercial)

We come back and both women are downed in the ring. They stand and Natalya is able to ground Banks again, delivering a dropkick. She attempts pin, banks kicks out at two. After some action, Natalya is able to hit Banks with a Discus Clothesline. Bans is once again able to kick out of a pinfall. Natalya locks in a Sharpshooter that she is able to lock in the middle of the ring. After a few grueling moments, Banks is able to reverse and send Natalya’s head into the bottom turnbuckle. Natalya tries to grab Banks, but she reverses into a half boston crab in the middle of the ring. Natalya almost reaches the rope, but Banks transitions into a rollup attempt and the a Banks Statement. Natalya counters and gets Banks to her feet, delivering a big german suplex. That leaves both women grounded. They get up and Banks is able to hit Natalya with a Meteora from the middle turnbuckle. Natalya is able to kick out of a pin at two. Banks tries to apply a Banks Statement, but Natalya reverses and locks in a sharpshooter and forces Sasha Banks to tap in the middle of the ring. Natalya wins and becomes number one contender.

Rousey makes her way to the ring and the two meet face to face in the middle of the ring. Rousey raises the arm of Natalya and the two hug and the two woman shake hands.

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