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Monday Night Raw Live Coverage and Results (7/16/18)

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Welcome wrestling world! We're here for another Monday night of Raw! After last night's Extreme Rules, what will happen tonight? Will we get an answer out of Brock Lesnar? What's next for Seth Rollins? Stay tuned for more!


Kurt Angle starts the show off tonight and he's in the ring address the Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar. Last night, he gave the champ an ultimatum and proposed that if Brock doesn't show up or let the world know when he will defend his title, he will strip him of the championship. Angle made up his mind and wants to take the title from him. Brock's agent Paul Heyman interrupted Angle and wants to compromise. Heyman told Angle that Lesnar wants to go back to UFC and win the UFC Heavyweight Championship with the Universal Championship strapped around his waste, representing WWE and becoming a two-sport champion all in one. Angle isn't allowing that and says that Lesnar will be defending his title at Summerslam. Paul Heyman made his mind up for Lesnar and stated that he will be defending the title then.

Heyman is gassing Angle and the WWE Universe up, then asked who will Lesnar be facing for the title. Bobby Lashley's music hit and he's on his way to the ring! Of course, last night we saw Lashley defeat Roman Reigns, which was one of his goals in returning to WWE. Next, he wants to face Lesnar and win the title.

Drew McIntyre's music hit! And he is ready to address the men in the ring. McIntyre has his sights set on the Universal Championship! Seth Rollins interrupted McIntyre and has come stand face-to-face with McIntyre. He wants a piece of Brock Lesnar as well! Elias strums his way to the ring, interrupting Rollins. He's ready for a shot at the title as well! He, also, announced that next Monday is when his debut album drops. He feels like the best move is to put that big wave up with him getting a shot at the title. Finn Balor interrupts and let's it be known that he deserves a shot at the title. Roman Reigns' music hits and he on his way to the ring, looking for another shot at the Universal Championship.

Kurt Angle announced that there will be two triple threat matches tonight. The two winners of those matches will face off next Monday for a shot at Lesnar at Summerslam. Rollins, Lashley and Elias will go at it later tonight but starting right now will be Roman Reigns, Finn Balor and Drew McIntyre!

Kurt Angle walked backstage and Baron Corbin pressed him about the two triple threat matches. He asked why he wasn't in either of them and Kurt feels like he wasn't deserving of it, and that Balor beat him last night.


McIntyre started early by knocking Balor out of the ring. Reigns went after McIntyre. These two powerhouses are hungry for this opportunity! Reigns put McIntyre out of the ring, followed by Balor putting him out and going for the dive on the two big guys. The three got back in the ring and McIntyre took control of his two opponents! He's not giving either of them a chance to breathe. He wants to wear down the big dog while he can.

Out of the break, McIntyre continues his path of destruction. He's single-handedly picking them apart. Roman Reigns knocks him off and Balor capitalizes by going at Reigns. They end up ringside and McIntyre comes flying out of nowhere, diving on top of Reigns! Balor pushes McIntyre into the steps and gives him the double stomp to the back of McIntyre's neck. Balor and Reigns end up back in the ring with Balor looking for the edge. He stomps Reigns! He climbs to the top looking for the Coup de Grace. McIntyre gives Balor a chair shot, brilliantly, under triple threat rules. McIntyre takes advantage of the laid out Roman Reigns but can keep the Big Dog down.

Reigns is working to build momentum after a slow start in this match. He starting to find his groove, setting up for the Superman punch in the process. McIntyre counters with the spinebuster. He still isn't keeping Reigns down and, immediately, goes for the powerbomb. Balor comes in and returns the chair shot to McIntyre. He gives repeat chair shots to Reigns. And goes out to give the signature to McIntyre on the barricade. Reigns comes out of nowhere with the spear and lays McIntyre out. Balor delivers the slingblade to Reigns and gets him back in the ring for one more. Reigns puts him out with the counter Superman punch. He sets up for the spear and Finn counters and goes for the Coup de Grace! He lands it! Drew McIntyre interrupts the pin and they brawl until McIntyre throws Balor into the steel steps. McIntyre looks to capitalize but Reigns hits the Superman punch on him. They all go at it for the momentum until, finally, McIntyre hits the Claymore on Balor. Reigns Superman punches McIntyre out of the ring and hits the spear on Balor for the win!


Roman Reigns is one step closer to facing Lesnar at Summerslam for the Universal Championship and we will see who he will face next week, tonight.

Bayley is waiting to talk to Angle. Angle is trying his hardest to get her and Sasha Banks to get back on the same page. He announced that they will be teaming up once again to patch up their friendship. They will face Dana Brooke and Alicia Fox tonight!

Up next, Dolph Ziggler will be in action.

Ziggler came out to address the WWE Universe about his recent win from last night's Extreme Rules. Bobby Roode interrupted the champ and looks to come face-to-face in the ring with him. He wants to get a shot at the Intercontinental Championship. Ziggler agrees and calls for a referee!

Intercontinental Championship - DOLPH ZIGGLER VS. BOBBY ROODE

This match starts off with pure athleticism. Neither man can get control in the early parts of this bout.

Out of the break, Ziggler has the control of this match. He has Roode locked in a sleeper hold. Roode tries to fight his way back into the fight. Ziggler counters Roode and hits the Zigzag for the two count. Roode hits a spinebuster for the two count. Ziggler fights his way back, hits the Superkick to Roode and puts him away for good.

WINNER by pinfall and STILL champion: DOLPH ZIGGLER

Roode was walking backstage and Mojo Rawley approached him saying "and you're supposed to be glorioius?" Rawley will be in action against Tyler Breeze, next.


Tyler Breeze looks to use his speed and quickness to his advantage. He may have forgotten that Rawley is pretty fast for his size. Breeze gets Rawley out of the ring and goes for the dive. Rawley moves out of the way and goes for the shoulder attack outside of the ring. He wears the Fashion Police down quickly. Breeze tries fighting his way back into this match but the athleticism of Rawley cannot be stopped. He delivers another shoulder attack, followed by a brutal Alabama Slam to put the pretty boy away.


Coming up next, the former best friends, Sasha Banks and Bayley, are being forced to team up again. If they cannot get on the same page, one of them has to get traded to Smackdown Live.


Bayley and Alicia Fox start the match off. Fox gains the edge and tags Brooke in to continue the assault. Brooke shows her strength and athleticism. Bayley ends up ringside and Fox tries to take advantage off the distraction to the referee. Banks come to the rescue! Dana Brooke intervenes and gets flipped flat on her back, right on the floor mat. Banks brings that meanstreak out and goes to work on Fox and Brooke! Bayley is in shock because Banks even came to save her. Banks' assault on them results in a disqualification. Her and Bayley just stare at each other before she walks up the ramp, leaving Bayley speechless. But nonetheless....


Sasha and Bayley met in the locker room. Banks was ready to pack up and leave the arena. Bayley is trying her hardest to talk to her and Banks finally tells her how she felt. She loves her friend and cares deeply about her!

Last night, we saw the Monster in the Bank, Braun Strowman, throw Kevin Owens off the top of a steel cage and onto the announce table. Braun spoke to Renee Young about it all and let the world know that he doesn't care who becomes the #1 Contender. He has the contract and can cash in anytime, any place.

The B-Team is in action, next!

Raw Tag Team Championship Match - THE B-TEAM (c) VS. THE ASCENSION

The Ascension are overpowering the champions early in the match. Bo Dallas gets the edge back. Konnor tags Viktor in and he brings the energy to the champs. Axel tags in and they eliminate Konnor altogether. They take advantage and Dallas tags back in to put Viktor away for good.

WINNERS by pinfall and STILL champions: THE B-TEAM

The Deleters of Worlds interrupted the victory celebration and announced their rematch for next Monday. They vow to take back the titles from the new champions. Matt Hardy wants to DELETE them once and for all.

Alexa Bliss retained her title against Nia Jax last night in an Extreme Rules match. She has comes to the ring to address the WWE Universe and is still calling Nia Jax a bully that has finally been conquered. She considers herself smarter than the rest of the Women's division. She's, now, addressing Ronda Rousey. Rousey has made her way into the arena through the crowd and plans to put the beatdown on Mickie James and Alexa Bliss. Bliss made a run for it and Rousey laid James out. Bliss came to the rescue but Rousey followed. Angle stopped Rousey from laying her out completely. He told her to wait her suspension out until Wednesday. Baron Corbin came out and told Angle to put his foot down by punishing her even more. Angle added on another week of her suspension. Corbin said he's going to tell Stephanie McMahon about the awful decision to suspend her for just another week. As he left to find his phone, it was revealed that Angle had it the whole time. He, then, announced that Rousey will face Bliss at Summerslam for the title, once and for all but she has to finish out her suspension.

Up next, the powerhouse tag team, Authors of Pain, are in action against Titus Worldwide.


Apollo starts things off against Akam. Akam immediately uses his size against him. He turns his attention to O'Neil on the apron and takes the big man out, sending him crashing to the floor from the ring post. He tags Razar in and he continues the damage. They both exchange tags to each other to put Crews away for good.

WINNERS by pinfall: AoP

Coming right up, Ember Moon goes one-on-one with Sarah Logan to bring the Riott Squad back on track.


Sarah Logan tries to use her wild style of wrestling but it's no match for Ember Moon's athleticism. Logan finally lays Moon out with her physicality. She begins to wear Moon down, picking her apart. Liv Morgan takes advantage of the distracted referee and slaps the taste out of Ember Moon. Logan still can't keep her down but she can still keep picking her apart. Moon has to keep an eye on Morgan at ringside. Moon escapes the hold and displays her agility. She counters Logan's backdrop and catches her right in the jaw, knocking her out. Moon gives Logan a few offguard hits but still can't keep her down. Morgan goes for the distraction and Moon reacts. Logan rolls her up for the two count! Moon gets Logan outside of the ring and goes for the suicide dive. Moon gets her back in the ring and climbs to the top but is met by Morgan's distraction on the apron. Logan knocks Moon off the top rope to seal the deal for the victory!


Who wants to WALK WITH ELIAS? He is in triple threat action against Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley, next! He's promoting his debut album which comes out on the 23rd of July. He has revealed that his album is called "Walk With Elias."


Before Lashley got to the ring, Elias attacked Rollins. Lashley finally got to the ring and the match starts. Elias continues the beatdown on Rollins until Lashley intervenes and throws him out of the ring. Rollins took him down with a clothesline and got in the ring to face off with Lashley. Rollins starts off pretty strong until Lashley gained control. They trade momentum and Elias finally inserts himself back into the match. He takes Lashley out and is going to work on Rollins.

Out of the break, Elias has a grasp on this match so far. Rollins is trying to get energy to get back into it. Lashley pops back up to break up Elias' hold on Rollins and Rollins and Lashley trade hits on Elias. Lashley goes for the vertical suplex, Rollins kicks him in the midsection to stop it. He gets laid out. Lashley looking for the spear to Elias and Elias rolls out. Lashley follows him and gets pushed into the steel post. Rollins delivers the suicide dive to Elias but fails as Elias moves out of the way! He gets Lashley back in the ring but can't keep him nor Rollins down. Rollins lands a frog splash out of nowhere, Elias capitalizes and throws the former IC champion out to pin Lashley. Can't keep the dominator down! Neither man can get the edge, Elias surely is trying to finesse his way to victory.

Rollins stops the superplex from Lashley to Elias and bombs him into the corner. He delivers the superplex/falcon arrow to Elias for the two count. He can't keep Elias down! He has the energy going in this matchup! He gives the two a suicide dive each! Elias tries to take advantage on the suicide dive to Lashley but can't knock Rollins down. Rollins sets up for the Curb Stomp, he delivers! Lashley breaks up the near fall. Elias rolls out, giving Rollins and Lashley the chance to brawl. Lashley gets the upperhand, applying the vertical suplex on Rollins. He sets up for the spear but Rollins moves! Rollins tries to capitalize but Elias stops the momentum. He pulls Rollins out and looks to go to work on Lashley. Lashley counters Elias' energy with a massive spear to advance to next week's #1 Contender match against Roman Reigns.

WINNER by pinfall: LASHLEY

We hope you all enjoyed Live Coverage with us tonight! Come back tomorrow for another exciting one as we tune into Smackdown Live! Enjoy the rest of your night and have an awesome week.

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