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Monday Night Raw Live Results (5/21/18)

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Welcome back to WNW for another Monday Night Raw live coverage!

Pleased to join everyone this evening on a special edition of live coverage, you can follow me @Thomasfentonwnw and @wnwnews all night long as well with commentary and opinions.

Kurt Angle walks to the ring to open the show, he announces a contract signing between Ronda and Nia. Only to be interrupted by Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie says WrestleMania is water under the bridge and she will do what is best for business, claims Kurt needs her guidance and she will be the one that will oversee the contract signing.

Roman interrupts the promo, only to be rained with boos. Roman ask Steph where is Brock, Steph says you already lost your opportunity and to take it up with Jinder. Owens then comes down to the ring and says he grabbed the brace ring and stepped up to join the Money In The Bank match. Owens tries to get the crowd to chant "Thank you Roman". Owens then does some kissing up to Steph announces Roman vs. Owens right now.

Owens vs. Roman

Back and forth action most of the match, Roman picks it at the midpoint of the match with a series of clotheslines. Owens regained control with a ddt. Owens goes for pop up power bomb which is reversed by a big boot and then a Samoan drop by Roman. Owens goes from a cannonball, Roman pops up with the superman punch, 1,2...kick out by Owens. Roman goes for a spear and Owens rolls to the outside and still gets a spear. Jinder runs down and attacks Roman for the DQ. Owens and Jinder beat down Roman until burn it down hits, and Rollins makes the save taking them both out.

During the commercial break this was turned into a Tag match

Jinder and Owens vs. Rollins and Roman

Rollins in clears house, tags to Roman who then works over Jinder, Owens back in now with Roman and he and Jinder work over Roman in the corner. Roman looking for the tag, cut off by Jinder then pulls Rollins off the apron to prevent the tag.

We come back from commercial and Roman has still not made the hot tag and is being worked over by Owens. Rollins makes the hot tag and goes diving, one to Owens and one to Jinder. Rollins rolls Jinder back into the ring and goes for the blackout, Rollins gets distracted Jinder hits a gut buster for 2. Owens back in now he goes back and forth with Rollins who then hits the Blackout for the 1,

Jinder attacks Rollins and Reigns at the top of the ramp with a chair, and continues to hammer Roman until officials come out to break it up.

Sami interviews Lashley's sisters next.....yes that's a thing
Not recapping, this was as bad as anything WWE has done in a long time. Sami interviews 3 males dressed as Bobby's sister, Bobby comes down. The 3 "sisters and Sami attack Bobby, Bobby turns it around beats up everyone, clears the ring and segment over.

Alexa with a backstage promo in which was over scripted and was giving lines of ancient history.

Alexa vs. Ember Moon

Mickie gets kicked out of the ringside area mid match, Bliss works shoulder most of the match, Ember hits the Total Eclipse 1,2,3.

Braun vs. Finn is set up for later on tonight

No Way Jose is out next

No Way Jose vs. Corbin

Corbin works a chin lock, some sloppy rope work, Jose gets control. Corbin hits end of days for the 1,2,3.

This crowd is absolutely dead and have every right to be.

The B team beat Breezango quickly

Nia and Ronda contract signing is up next with Steph

Nia sits while Ronda and Steph talk back and forth each out, Steph telling Ronda there is no weight class in WWE and that Ronda is not good at taking a loss.

Ronda tells Nia she is taking her title and her arm, the go face to face and it ends.

We come back and Dolph and Gable are already in the ring together.

Dolph vs. Gable

Dolph pins Gable, after Gable takes a superkick. After Drew drops Gable with the Kick.

Natty vs. Dana vs. Logan vs Mogan (winner will be added to the women's Money In The Bank match.

Riott Squad worked together, however it was Natty making Logan tap out to join the MITB match.

Elias vs. Roode

Roode gets jumped before the start of the match, but Roode regaining control to start the match.

Elias gets the pin on Roode after a roll the dice.

Up Next Finn vs. Braun

They try the speed vs power story in this one, Braun takes the fight to Finn. Finn catches Braun with a sling blade outside the ring, hits a double stomp. Finn hits the coup de gras on the out side of the ring from the barricade. Braun back in misses Finn and hits the post, Finn goes up for another coup de gras, Braun catches him and hits 2 running powerslams for the 1,2,3. Nice worked main event.

Keep hitting refresh all night to get updated results...

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