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Monday Night Raw Live Results (11/13/17)- Jason is Out Triple H is In!

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Hello and welcome back to Monday Night Raw here at WNW! This week marks the return of Roman Reigns and a complete version of The Shield. What does this mean for Survivor Series? We'll have to wait and find out!

Monday Night Raw

Raw open with Stephanie McMahon's music hitting as the Commissioner heads to the ring. She welcomes everyone to Monday Night Raw. She as to make a lot of decisions that affect everyone from shareholders to fans. Massive decisions that normal people can't understand. She needs true leaders like Kurt Angle. Kurt comes to the ring and apologizes for last week, she asks how New Day got in last week. Kurt says he doesn't know. She asks if there was actually a raid, he says there wasn't. She says Kurt named the 5th member to be....Jason Jordan. Who is Jason Jordan? Kurt answers his son. Steph asks what achievements he has. Then asks who is the 5th member of Team Smackdown is. Kurt answers John Cena. Steph then says last time she saw John he was on Raw so either Jason Jordan was picked over John Cena or Cena was so embarrassed by Kurt Angle he turned and ran. She asks what's the first thing Angle will do at Survivor Series? Kurt says he's going to break Shane's ankle. Kurt is going to start the match for his team and if Shane has any balls he will, too. Steph says Kurt's answers have disappointed her, and she's been left no other choice...Kurt Angle you're....

The Shield's music hits and Ambrose, Rollins AND Reigns appear in the crowd. Ambrose asks if he heard her right, if they're looking for a leader then Kurt Angle is the guy. At TLC Kurt proved he's still got it. Steph says he may still have "it" but The Shield is missing something, the tag team titles. She asks if The Shield is even competing at Survivor Series. She asks Roman where he's even been. Roman says she's got a lot of questions, but where the hell has she been. All that really happened is she went through a table at WrestleMania. Maybe in her time off she forgot how this runs, we don't do what she tells them to do. They do what they want to do. And what they want to do, is fight the New Day. Roman says Kurt is going to lead Team Raw to victory and The Shield is going to whoop the New Day.

Mickie James vs. Dana Brooke vs. Bayley for the final spot on the Raw Women's Team (the 4 members of Team Raw are on the outside)

Mickie takes down Bayley and then Dana. Bayley trips up Mickie and then gets thrown into the corner by Dana. Bayley clotheslines Dana but then gets thrown out of the ring by Mickie. We go to commercial. When we return Mickie hits a flapjack on Bayley. Mickie heads to the top but Bayley runs up to stop her, Mickie fights her off with headbutts. Mickie off the top rope takes down Bayley. Dana breaks up the pinfall. Mickie with a kick on Dana's midsection when Bayley runs in but gets hit with a neckbreaker. She hits Dana with a takedown. Dana gets thrown out and Asuka checks on Dana but Dana hits her and tells her to mind her own business. Asuka then beats down Dana. In the ring, Mickie runs into Bayley for the Bayley to Belly! 1-2-3!

Winner and 5th member of Team Raw: Bayley


Enzo and Drew Gulak come to the ring and Enzo cuts a promo about Kalisto challenging for the Cruiserweight Championship with Drew jumping in here and there.

Kalisto and Akira Tozawa vs. Drew Gulak and Enzo

Gulak and Akira start the match. Akira takes out Gulak when Enzo runs in and Kalisto also runs in to make the save. The faces knock the heels out of the ring as we head to commercial. When we return Gulak is in control of Tozawa who is trying to fight out of a headlock. Akira hits a solid suplex to get himself some space. Both men hit tags and Kalisto hits a springboard seated senton. Enzo whips Kalisto but ends up getting hit with a springboard crossbody. Gulak ran in but accidentally hits Enzo. Akira tags in and takes out Gulak and Enz. Akira with a suicide dive on Enzo and Kalisto with a springboard flip onto Gulak. Tozawa throws Enzo in and hits a big kick that sets up the massive senton but Enzo pushes him into Kalisto and hits his finisher to end the match!

Winner: Enzo and Drew Gulak


Braun Strowman tells Kurt Angle he wants Kane, Kurt grants him the match in the main event. He also tells Jason Jordan he wants him to prove himself tonight to the haters so he's putting him against one of the best superstars on the roster, Bray Wyatt.


Miz cuts a promo on Corbin. He talks about squandering opportunities and how Corbin never makes the most of his spot. He talks about how Corbin could lose to Sin Cara knowing how he is. Miz talks about how he had the opportunity to beat The Shield tonight. His guests are the new Raw Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro!

Sheamus and Cesaro talk about taking advantage of the opportunity that presented itself just like Miz does. They are 3 time Tag Team Champions, and the REAL Tag Team Champions, unlike the Usos. They won their titles on the cute little B show Smackdown. They're going to break The Usos like they break The Shield tonight.

Jason Jordan vs. Bray Wyatt

Wyatt gets Jason into the corner but he's able to roll out before Bray can hit an attack and he hit a great dropkick on Bray. Headbutt by Bray. The make their way out of the ring and Jordan goes for a tackle but Bray sidesteps and sends Jason into the barricade. We head to commercial. We return right as Bray plants Jason with a uranage suplex. Jason is able to hit a right hand and roll up Bray really quickly! 1-2-3!

Winner: Jason Jordan

Backstage Kurt is excited and Stephanie looks impressed. Back in the ring Bray blasts Jordan from behind. Bray goes to work on Jordan. He uses the steel post to attack the leg of Jason. Jason needs help walking up to the ramp. Fans chant "Thank You Wyatt" and "na na na hey hey hey goodbye" which isn't a good sign for Jason Jordan.


Jason Jordan is getting looked at by medical staff and Kurt Angle tells Jason he might need to pull him from the match Sunday. Jordan asks him not to, he says he's seen Kurt wrestle through worse. Kurt says he needs him at 100% not 90. Jason says this was supposed to be his big break, please don't...Dad.


The Beast Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman come out! Split crowd Suplex City/AJ Styles chants. Paul introduces himself and says Brock has authorized Paul to give the top 5 reasons to be a WWE Network subscriber by Sunday. 1. Very first time a Universal Champion will face a WWE Champion. The first and maybe ONLY time Brock faces AJ Styles. 2. Selfishly, Paul wants to see AJ vs. Brock Lesnar he's never seen Lesnar go against someone who claims to be BETTER all around than Brock Lesnar. 3. In Paul's opinion, AJ Styles is the single most talented wrestler of this generation. Some might say it's Finn Balor, but fans can argue that amongst themselves. But, AJ has all the momentum, he's the WWE Champion. The only problem is AJ has to be the ultimate underdog because he's going up against The Beast Brock Lesnar. 4. If you want to see a Rocky movie come to life, Paul gives you AJ Styles. In the past 12 months alone AJ has scored victories of John Cena, Shane McMahon and Jinder Mahal to become champion. Selling point F5 this isn't a movie, this is Survivor Series, you can't Survive Brock Lesnar. You can't survive the F5. Paul looks forward to watching you, and more he looks forward to watching him be conquered.

The Shield vs. The Bar and The Miz

Cesaro and Rollins start the match. Rollins takes down Cesaro and Cesaro fights out and hits an uppercut. Cesaro with a shoulder tackle. Ambrose tags in and a double team by Seth and Dean. Ambrose gets Cesaro in the corner and hits a series of chops. Ambrose tells Cesaro to chop him back, he does but Ambrose shakes it off and hits a takedown into a submission. Rollins tags Ambrose and they hit a double team and then Ambrose tags back in. Cesaro hits an uppercut and tags Sheamus. Sheamus with a running boot to a seated Ambrose. Sheamus with huge right hands to the guts of Ambrose. Miz tags in and stomps Ambrose, he distracts the ref so The Bar can stomp Ambrose's head. Cesaro tags in and goes for a pin and tags in Sheamus when he gets 2. Sheamus with a knee then a headlock. All three members of the heel team in and then all members of The Shield. Ambrose and Rollins take out The Bar which leaves Roman to stare down Miz. Miz books it out of the ring. Miz runs away through the crowd. We head to commercial. When we return Miz is back in the match and in control of Rollins. Rollins hits a clothesline and both men are down. Tag to Sheamus who stops Rollins from tagging Roman. Sheamus goes for the 10 beats but Rollins fights out, only to get a right hand to the face. Sheamus off the top rope runs into a kick from Rollins. Cesaro tags in and Roman makes the hot tag! Roman takes down Cesaro with a leaping clothesline and then 1o clotheslines in the corner. Cesaro hits a boot but Roman counters with one of his own! Samoan drop by Roman! Roman signals the Superman Punch but Miz grabs his boot. Ambrose comes out of nowhere to attack Miz. Cesaro launches Roman in the air and hits an uppercut. Roman with a Superman Punch on Cesaro! Roman goes for the spear but gets caught with an uppercut. Miz hits a blind tag as Roman hits the Superman Punch. Miz with a roll-up for 2! Rollins flies in with a knee, Sheamus runs in and so does Ambrose who hits Dirty Deeds! Miz realizes he's surrounded. He turns around into a spear! Triple Powerbomb! That's it!

Winners: The Shield


Kurt says that Stephanie talked earlier about making tough decisions. Kurt has possibly the toughest decision to make of his career. After being attacked after his match earlier Kurt has to remove Jason from the match. Jason interupts him and tells Kurt not to take this away from him. He says by Sunday he'll be fine. Jason says Kurt was injured and he won a gold medal! Please don't take this away. Jason says he won't get another chance like this, don't take this away from him. Please reconsider this.

Steph cuts him off and says to give her a break. Make the announcement Kurt, do it NOW! That's when TRIPLE H'S MUSIC HITS! Hunter gets in the ring and takes Kurt's mic. He says if Kurt won't make the announcement, he will! The 5th member of Team ME! Triple H is the 5th man! Jason Jordan (without a mic) asks Triple H not to do this to him. Triple H hits a pedigree on Jason Jordan and leaves the ring.

Finn Balor and Samoa Joe vs. The Good Brothers

Joe shoves Balor right before the match starts. Karl attacks while he is down. Balor reverses a strike and tags Joe in. Joe with a beatdown in the corner then tags Balor. Balor with a running dropkick. Gallows goes for a sneak attack but Joe runs in and protects Balor. We go to commercial. When we return Joe is tagging in Finn who throws Karl Anderson into the corner. Balor with a kick over the top rope. Finn goes up top but Anderson knocks him down. Gallows tags in and goes for a right hand but it's blocked, but Gallows then hits a big side kick. Standing elbow drops by Luke to Finn. Finn is tackled into The Good Brothers corner. Anderson tags in and hits an uppercut on Finn. Anderson with a high elbow into a headlock. Major spinebuster by Anderson as we head to commercial again. We return and Gallows hits a big boot on Balor but then misses a leg drop. Balor with the overhead soccer kick. He is able to make the tag to Joe and Anderson tags in. Joe runs in and takes out both Brothers with ease. Tag to Balor who hits the running kick on the outside. Joe plans Anderson and Balor hits the Coup De Grace for the win.

Winners: Finn Balor and Samoa Joe

Kane vs. Braun Strowman

Kane smiles at Strowman as they stare down. Kane hits a right hand but then Strowman hit a big boot to take down Kane! Kane rolls out of the ring and Strowman goes on the chase. Braun hits several right hands on Kane who tries to get away from him but can't. Strowman goes to whip Kane into the steel stairs but it gets reversed and Braun crashes shoulder first. Kane takes out a table, apparently, the bell never rang to start the match so this is just a fight. Kane grabs a chair and hits Braun in the back with it, but it doesn't phase The Monster Among Men. Kane goes fora chokeslam but Braun pulls Kane's hand off. Braun grabs the chair and attacks Kane with it. Braun grabs Kane and rolls him in the ring and then goes the the second rope. Strowman tries to do a superplex to the outside through the table but Kane fights out. Kane grabs the throat of Strowman but Strowman fights it off. Strowman grabs Kane and hits the running powerslam and they go through the ring! That's the end of the show!

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