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Monday Night Raw Results (11/20/17) - Roman Hits A Grand Slam

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Monday Night Raw

The show opens with Stephanie McMahon. She welcomes the crowd to OFFICIALLY the A show. Welcome to Monday Night Raw! Shane knew that Smackdown didn't have a chance. She welcomes the man who lead Team Raw to victory ...Triple H! We get a recap of Survivor Series last night from the announce team. Hunter comes out in a suit and as he gets in the ring Kurt Angle's music hits and Hunter looks pissed, as does Kurt. Kurt says this isn't Kurt the GM talking, it's the WWE Hall of Famer, and if Hunter ever attacks him from behind again he can take this job and shove it because he's coming for Triple H! Steph says he's talking to the COO of WWE and she appreciates the intensity he has but don't put his career in danger AGAIN. Jason Jordan's music hits and he hits the ring. Kurt tells Jason Stephanie is right and Jason is a competitor. Jason says to put him in a match with Triple H then. Jason calls Triple H a coward when he laughs. Steph says Triple H isn't afraid of anyone! BRAAAUNNNN!!!! Strowman hits the ring with purpose and gets right in Triple H's face and Steph gets out of the ring. Slowly, Hunter backed away and got out of the ring. The crowd chants that Hunter is a coward. Steph said since Jason wants a match so bad! He can have one! Jason Jordan vs....Braun Strowman!

Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor

Finn starts things of with speed and quick kicks, but Joe hits a heavy shot to take Balor down then locks in a grip submission on Balor's neck. Balor fights out and sends Joe outside the ring, then leaps over the top rope and flips onto Joe. We head to commercial. We return and Joe whips Finn into the corner then hits a big kick to the side of the head of Balor. Joe locks the grip submission on the shoulder of Finn. Jawbreaker by Finn to create separation. Massive right hand from Joe and then a Pele kick from Balor! Both men fight to get to their feet. Balor with a big kick and then a dropkick to the side of the head of Joe. Joe is thrown out of the ring and Balor hits a baseball slide on Joe. Balor on the apron goes for the kick to the face but Joe catches it and pulls Balor off and sends him crashing into the apron. Joe gets in the ring and then hits a MASSIVE suicide dive. Back in the ring Joe with an STO on Balor. Finn with slingblade! Balor misses the dropkick and Joe hits a running senton. Joe locks in the coquina clutch but Balor fights out and sets up for the Coup De Grace, but Joe pulls him down and throws on the coquina clutch! Balor passes out rather than tap!

Winner: Samoa Joe


Jason Jordan approaches Kurt and asks if he's really going to let this match with Braun Strowman happen. Kurt asks why he would stop it. Jordan replies that he's hurt. Angle says he thought Jordan was feeling better but Jordan says that's just because it was Triple H in the ring. Kurt says he can't, imagine how bad it would look if he cancelled it. Jordan hypes himself up and says he can handle Braun because Kurt's blood flows through his veins.

Asuka vs. Dana Brooke

Asuka starts with some strong striking offense. Dana with a kick but gets shut down quickly. Asuka with more kicks and then a unique submission using the ropes. Dana gets driven off the apron. Asuka mocks Dana and then kicks her in the head repeatedly while holding the arm of Dana. Dana kicks the knee of Asuka. Dana pats Asuka on the head mockingly then slaps her. Asuka unleashes a flurry of strikes and a huge kick and picks up the pinfall.

Winner: Asuka


Miz welcomes his guest ROMAN REIGNS! Nothing happens. Miz repeats Roman Reigns! Miz says this is just disrespectful! Roman Reigns! Finally The Shield's music hits and they all come through the crowd. Miz says he made it pretty clear his guest is Roman, not the Shield but you three can't get enough of each other. They must feel pretty good right now. Dean says they do because last night they proved they haven't missed a step. Rollins says they proved they're the most dominant three man team in WWE history. They're pretty much unstoppable. Miz says oh yeah! The Shield! The brothers in arms back together! It's so cute. There is one thing that's bothering the Miz, but after all this time he hasn't heard a thank you. Roman says there is never a situation where the Miz gets a thank you from The Shield. Miz says the only reason they're back together is because of him! If it weren't for him they wouldn't have put aside their pride and got the tactical vests out. The crowd chants thank you and Miz is awesome. Roman says he doesn't think he's ever heard that chant. Roman points out that they won last night and Miz lost. Miz points out he's the only champion in the ring. Seth says he's been thinking about that, that it's only a matter of time before they get their hands back on the Tag Team Titles. Roman says they didn't discuss this, if they're getting the Tag Titles back, he doesn't wanna be the only one in The Shield without a title. Seth says, he doesn't want him excluded and Miz has a nice shiny title. Roman says he does like that, Miz isn't doing anything tonight...Bo Dallas chimes in and says if Roman wants Miz he's gonna go through him and Axel. Ambrose says they're so stupid, they've gotta go through them first. They beat down The Miztourage as Miz books it! The Shield hits the Triple Powerbomb on Dallas!

Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus

Dean takes control early but Sheamus turns the tide with heavy strikes to the body of Ambrose. Sheamus plants Ambrose near the apron and goes for 10 beats. Ambrose goes for the lunatic clothesline but Sheamus counters it with a big kick. We head to break. We return and Ambrose crashes and burns from a missed missile dropkick. Sheamus hits a sitdown powebomb. Submission by Sheamus that Ambrose fights out of but then Sheamus hits a big suplex to take control again. Then another. Ambrose slaps Sheamus and then sends him into the steel post when Sheamus charges him. Ambrose with right hands to Sheamus. Clothesline by Ambrose! Sheamus to the top rope but Ambrose knocks him off. Ambrose goes for a suicide dive but gets hit on the way out. Ambrose bounces back and tries again, this time he connects! Cesaro attacks Seth from behind. Sheamus tries to get the pin off the distraction but it doesn't work, Ambrose kicks out at 2. Dean sends Sheamus into the 2nd rope and then goes to the top rope. Cesaro up for a distraction and Sheamus runs up and hits a giant senton from the top rope! Sheamus only gets a 2 count! Sheamus signals the Brogue Kick but Rollins runs through the ring and hits a suicide dive on Cesaro! Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds off the distraction for the win!

Winner: Dean Ambrose


Jason Jordan approaches Matt Hardy and asks him if he has any tips about facing Braun Strowman. Hardy says he's faced many dangerous men in WWE. Mark Henry, Big Show, even Brock Lesnar. However, they were just men. From experience, Braun really is the monster among men. Being in the ring is truly humbling. Good luck.

In-Ring Promo

Alexa Bliss says she's been reading all the tweets and messages, Alexa couldn't beat Charlotte but it was a great match. Sorry you came up short. You can save your pity, she doesn't need it. Charlotte only won because she got lucky. But 2017 has been the year of Alexa Bliss, she is still the goddess of WWE and there isn't a woman on the planet who can hold a candle to her! Mickie James music hits and she says she's sick and tired of the same old jabber from biscuit butt. Bayley's music cuts her off and says she agrees with Alexa that 2017 has been her year, but the year ain't over yet and she isn't the same woman Bliss beat for the title and that championship is hers! Sasha's music goes off next and The Boss comes out and says Raw deserves a better Women's Champion. It doesn't need a hugging champion, or an older champion, it needs a Boss Champion. Alicia Fox's music hits and she says if Raw needs a boss champion it should be the BOSS of the Raw Women's team. Bliss says this has been a huge waste of her time and not one of them deserves a championship opportunity. Angle comes out and says there is going to be a fatal four way match and Bliss will face the winner.

Alicia Fox vs. Mickie James vs. Bayley vs. Sasha Banks

As we return from commercial break Bayley is taking it to Sasha and hits a back body suplex. Mickie runs in and kicks Bayley then Fox runs in and takes out Mickie. Sasha hits the Banks Statement but Bayley breaks it up. Sasha with a kick to Bayley and Mickie with a neckbreaker to Sasha. Both Sasha and Mickie hit clotheslines on each other. All of a sudden PAIGE'S music hits! Paige comes out with a mic and asks if we missed her. She apologizes for interrupting but she has something to say, "I'm back! But she didn't come alone..." She walks down the ramp and all of a sudden Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville run in from the crowd and all three take out Mickie, Sasha, and Bayley as Fox runs to the back.


Paige, Mandy and Sonya are walking when Renee starts to ask Paige about what happens when Alexa Bliss walks up and says they were doing what those women deserved. Paige introduces Sonya and Mandy to Bliss. Bliss says it's nice to meet them but they don't respond. Bliss says it again but still no response. Suddenly Paige kicks Bliss and all three women beat down Bliss backstage and destroy her. They leave Bliss in a heap on the ground.

Braun Strowman vs. Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan SLAPPED Braun! He booked it out of the ring and the ref stops Strowman from going after him. Jason gets back in the ring but goes to get out. Strowman catches him, Jordan ducks out of the way and actually picks up Braun but his leg gives out. Braun with a massive splash in the corner. Jordan rolls out and Kane appears and attacks Strowman from behind with a chair. Kane unleashes on Strowman. He then puts the chair against the throat of Strowman and slams Strowman down so the chair crushes the throat of Braun. Braun is choking and gagging but won't accept help. He's gasping for air but makes his way up the ramp.

Winner via DQ: Braun Strowman

In-Ring Promo

Enzo comes out with the heels of 205 Live. He talks about him and his army keeping the Cruiserweight Championship. He hypes up all his fellow 205 Live heels. Rich Swann interrupts with all the faces except Kalisto. Enzo asks if they're here to join the Zo train. Cedrick Alexander says they're out here because they want a chance at the title and they're willing to earn it. Enzo asks if Kalisto has been poisoning their brains. Enzo says get on board or get out of his way. Rich says without his backup Enzo's just a catchphrase and a T-shirt. Enzo shoves the heels into the faces and a brawl starts as Enzo escapes.

205 Heels vs. 205 Faces

Daivari locks a headlock in on Rich Swann. Swann fights out and goes for a tag but can't make it. Tag to Dar who goes for a splash but misses. On the outside the heels accidentally collide with each other. Cedrick Alexander tags in and takes out Dar. Alexander hits a huge kick to Dar but we get a bunch of run ins. Mustafa Ali tags in and hits his finisher on Dar for the win.

Winners: 205 Faces


Renee catches Kurt Angle on his way to the trainers room. She asks about Braun Strowman, Kurt tells her he refused medical treatment and he thinks Braun left the building. She asks if there will be consequences for Kane. Angle says he'll address that later but he needs to check on Jason. He goes into the trainers room and Jason says he feels like he let Kurt down. Miz walks up and asks how Kurt could give Roman a shot at his Intercontinental Championship. He asks Kurt to cancel the match but Kurt won't do it.


Elias is in the ring. He sings a song about Survivor Series and how he beat Matt Hardy. Hardy's music cuts him off and Matt comes out. Elias attacks him and they brawl . Matt takes control and Elias slides out of the ring before Matt can hit a Twist of Fate.

The Miz vs. Roman Reigns for the Intercontinental Championship

Miz rolls out of the ring and circles. He eventually runs in and tries to attack but runs into a big right hand. Miz uses the ropes to attack Roman and tries for a neckbreaker but Roman counters into a one armed sitout powerbomb. We head to commercial. We return and Roman is hammering away at Miz in the corner with clotheslines. Roman signals for the Superman Punch but Miz rolls out of the ring. Roman goes out after him but runs into a boot to the gut and a DDT on the floor! Miz rolls in the ring, looking for the count out. The ref gets to 9 and Roman just beats the count. Miz with another DDT and gets a 2 count. Miz with some elbows to the neck of Roman then a chinlock. Miz hits his neckbreaker combo after Roman fought out of the chinlock. Roman pops up and hits a right hand, but Miz puts Roman in the corner and hits the repeated dropkicks. Miz runs into another right hand from Reigns. Roman with right hands but Miz hits a high knee to the gut of Roman. Yes kicks to the chest of Roman but Roman is able to connect with a Samoan drop! Roman goes for a Superman Punch but Miz tackles the knee of of Roman midair which sends Roman crashing and Miz immediately hits a kick to the side of the head of Roman! Miz stomps the head of Roman and then hits the running clothesline in the corner. Miz to the top rope but Roman hits a Superman Punch midair! Only a 2 count for that one. Sheamus and Cesaro run out and distract Roman, allowing Miz to hit the Skull Crushing Finale. 1-2-NO! Roman kicked out. Rollins and Ambrose run out to get rid of The Bar. Roman hits a spear and gets the pinfall!

Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Roman Reigns

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