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Monday Night Raw Results (11/28/16) - Make America Boss Again!

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WWE Raw Results (11/28/16)
Monday, November 28th, 2016
From Charlotte, North Carolina
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello, all you lovely people and welcome back! This is Monday Night Raw here on I am your host, as usual, Zack Krasney. We have an exciting Raw tonight, with a Women's Championship match scheduled Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte. Again. That's fine. I assume Sasha will win and they'll just keep playing hot potato with the title every few weeks. Sasha ALWAYS wins it on Raw and Charlotte ALWAYS wins it back the next PPV. They'll continue using their rematch clause over and over until we all die. Also, expect the Road to Royal Rumble to continue to build subtly in the background.

Question of the Night: Which rivalry would you rather see Chris Jericho vs. Roman Reigns or Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns?

Monday Night Raw

Raw kicks off with Chris Jericho!

Highlight Reel

Jericho- Welcome to the Highlight Reel! Tonight my guest needs no introduction but I'll give him one anyway. The longest reigning WWE Universal Champion in history and my best friend! Kevin Owens!

KO- Chris, I gotta say it's an honor to be out here with you for the second week in a row. Is that the first time that's happened? Making history! Best friends making history! That's what we do, not what these people do. No reason to boo that. What you people did do was celebrate Thanksgiving. That holiday where you get together with your families and pretend to like each other. You give thanks what you're grateful for, American Thanksgiving is just a way to get one last meal in before you rush out to trip over each other to save 60 bucks on a tv. You should all be very proud. Chris and I didn't do that because we're a superior bread of human called Canadians. We celebrate Thanksgiving last month. Chris why don't we just ignore these silly USA chants. Let's say what we're thankful for. Can I start? I'm thankful for being your WWE Universal Champion. I am thankful for being the face of the premiere show in WWE, Monday Night Raw, also known as the Kevin Owens show. Last but not least I am thankful for my best friend Chris Jericho.

Chris- I'm gonna go now. I'm thankful you're my best friend. For this wicked rad scarf. I'm also for Seth Rollins. Let me explain, I'm thankful for he showed what happens when your ego takes over. Thankful he showed what happens when you're a stupid idiot. He cashed in his rematch and failed epically. Mick Foley banned me from ringside but that wasn't Jericho wearing a Sin Cara mask, that was Sin Cara wearing a Chris Jericho mask.

KO- I had Seth Rollins exactly where I wanted him and after I beat him last week he isn't medically cleared.

Roman Reigns music hits

KO- Can we help you?

Reign- Why'd you stop talking. You guys are hilarious. Best friends.

Chris- Oh we make you laugh? Like a clown? A little song and dance to make you laugh? SHUT UP! Think it's a joke?

Roman- I think your best friend as champion is a huge joke.

KO- Did you just say me as WWE Universal Champion is a huge a joke? The only joke I see around here is you calling yourself "the guy."

Roman- That's no joke I am THE guy. You're just a guy who needs a lot of help.

KO- Help for what?

Roman- For everything! That's why you keep him around.

KO- You think I need him? I don't need Chris Jericho.

Roman- Let me get this straight? You don't need Chris Jericho. Thing is, I disagree. If you didn't have him last week, you would've lost that title. The week before that too. And the week before that, and before that.

Jericho- Enough! You know what happens when you insult my best friend. You know what happens when you make fun of Kevin Owens?!

KO- SHUT UP! I got this. You can't talk to me that way.

Roman- Or what?

KO- What am I gonna do? How about I drag you out there and powerbomb you onto the apron like I did Seth Rollins.

Roman- There he is. That's the Kevin Owens I want. Not Joke Owens Joke. Fight Owens Fight. Let's fight. Tonight. And how about if I win, I go on to take your Universal Championship at Roadblock.

KO- You want a fight? You got it! You just booked yourself on the Kevin Owens show!

Roman- I love that show, but spoilers, at the end of the show I'm gonna be kicking your ass.


Kevin Owens is furious backstage, but Jericho asks him why he yelled at Jericho to shut up in the ring. Owens tells him he can't believe that's what he's focused on. He tells Chris that Roman is right, Chris thinks he's helping but all he is doing is making people think he can't win on his own. Jericho tells Owens that he can't believe him. Owens doesn't need Chris? Well he's done helping him and he's done being his best friend. Owens tells Chris he'll regret that. Mick Foley walks up but Chris tells Mick he doesn't need to punish him because he never has to worry about Jericho interfering for Owens again. Mick looks ecstatic.

Braun Strowman vs. R-Truth

Truth goes for a quick kick but Braun hits a clothesline and then a huge running splash in the corner then a running powerslam for the win.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Goldust gets in the ring to protect Truth and then attacks Strowman when he approaches. He locks Goldust in a bear hug but Sami Zayn runs out to make the save! Sami fights him but Braun gets the better of Sami and then hangs him upside down in the corner. A bunch of refs and Mick Foley runs out to stop him.

We return from break and Byron asks Mick Foley, in the ring, why he has stopped the fighting between Sami and Braun two weeks in a row. Mick says sometimes you need to save someone from themselves. Mick says Sami will never quit but he can never beat Braun Strowman and he'll get destroyed in the process. Sami asks Mick if he's serious? Mick says he made the match last week because Stephanie doesn't like him and wanted to fire him for his failure. So Mick made the match, but it wasn't a match it was a massacre! Sami says Mick made a career out of proving people wrong and overcoming incredible odds. As far as Sami is concerned Mick is a hypocrite.

Cedrick Alexander vs. Tony Nese

Alexander twists the arm of Nese. Arm drag from Cedrick. Nese catches Alexander but he rolls out of it and hits a hurricarana and a dropkick. Backstage Alicia Fox is watching and swooning over Alexander. Nese with a springboard moonsault on Alexander. Running elbow from Nese that looked painful. Crossface forearms to the face of Alexander and then Nese wrapped the legs around Cedrick to squeeze the ribs. Cedrick fights out and hits some strong kicks and a running forearm. Huge jumping kick from Alexander. Gulak hops out from the side to distract Alexander and Nese hits a pumphandle powerbomb! 1-2-3.

Winner: Tony Nese


Chris Jericho gets asked if this fight is real or fake like last week. He says it's very real. He walks to his car and has his driver open the door for him. The drive accidentally knocks the list out of Jericho's hand. Jericho picks it up while calling him a stupid idiot. When he stands up he's standing face to face with Seth Rollins. Rollins asks if he made the list and then attacked Jericho. Seth throws Jericho around the parking lot and ends the attack with a pedigree on the roof of a car!

Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte for the Raw Women's Championship

Charlotte sweeps the legs of Sasha and goes for a quick cover but only gets 1. Sasha hits the Banks Statement early! Dana Brooke pushes the ropes to Charlotte to break the hold. Sasha runs out and throws Brookes into the stairs. Sasha gets back in and smacks Charlotte. Charlotte sends Sasha to the outside, Sasha attacks when Charlotte comes back out. Charlotte with chops to Sasha. Sasha with chops of her own. Sasha throws Charlotte over the barricade. Charlotte gets back in and whips Sasha into the barricade. They fight into the crowd. Charlotte with chops on the outside. The ref counts to 10!

Double Count Out

Mick Foley comes out and says he won't allow this match to end like that. He's restarting the match later tonight as a no count out, no DQ, falls count anywhere contest!

Enzo vs. Rusev

Enzo- My name is Enzo Amore and I am a certified G and a bonafide stud and you can't teach that! And this right here this is Big Cass and he's 7 foot tall and you can't teach that! Bada boom realest guys in the room! How you doin!? Rusev! Last week you beat me and that was for one reason, it's was the luckiest day of your life. I couldn't have seen it coming in a 100 years, like the Cubs winning the world series. Your luckiest day in the ring was the luckiest day of your wife's life because she got to see the realest guy in his realest form, and she knows how I'm doin. You went home for Thanksgiving--

Cass- What were they eating.

Enzo- I don't know what were they eating.

Cass- Mashed potatoes

Enzo- How you doin?

Cass- Sweet potatoes

Enzo- How you doin?

Cass- Baked potatoes

Enzo- How you doin?

Cass- Apple Pie

Enzo- How you doin?

Cass- Pumpkin pie

Enzo- How you doin?

Cass- Pecan pie

Enzo- How you doin?

Cass- And definitely some turkey

Enzo- Unbeknownst to all of you at dinner Lana is sitting there thinking about a certified G stuffing her turkey!

Cass- And Rusev that proves there is only one word to describe you! And I'm gonna spell it out for ya! S-A-W-F-T!

Rusev hits a wicked clothesline immediately. Rusev picks Enzo up and hits a huge kick low blow!

Winner by DQ: Enzo Amore

Rich Swann vs. Noam Dar

Dar locks a headlock on Swann. Dar with a shoulder tackle. Swann dodges a lot of shots from Dar but Noam hits a strong soccer kick to the shin of Swann. Noam whips Swann hard into the corner. Elbows to the back of the head of Swann. Dar with heavy blows to the chest, neck, and head of Swann. Swann with a wicked kick to the back of head of Noam. 2 count. They get up and Swann hits a NASTY spinning kick to the face of Noam Dar! That's all she wrote!

Winner: Rich Swann

Pre-Taped Segment

Sheamus and Cesaro are at a bar. They drink to not having to be partners anymore. Cesaro says they'll always have Survivor Series. Sheamus says it's incredible, they don't even get along and were able to beat out 9 other teams. Cesaro says if they had gotten along they would've been unstoppable. Some guy walks up and picks a fight with Sheamus. Cesaro tells him not to take the bait. Another guy walks up and picks a fight with Cesaro. Cesaro and Sheamus look at each other then attack together. They clear out the bar and then share a drink together and toast to partners.

Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens

Owens cheapshots Roman and blasts him repeatedly before the bell rings. The ref pulls him off and rings the bell. Kevin attacks Roman and sends him through the ropes. Owens attacks on the outside but Roman fights him off and sends Owens into the ring. Owens goes right back out and Roman pursues him. Roman throws Owens into the barricade. Reigns tries to send Owens into the steel stairs but Owen reverses the whip and sends Roman into the stairs. We head to commercial.

We return and Roman starts picking up steam with leaping clotheslines. Reigns almost runs into the ref and Owens blasts Roman from behind. KO clotheslines Reigns in the corner, mocks Roman, and hits the cannonball. 2 count. Owens locks in a chinlock. Roman is in it for a long time but Roman starts to fight out. Owens gets up quickly and hits a senton and then right back to the chinlock. Reigns starts to show signs of life and KO goes for another senton but Reigns gets his knees up! Roman with 10 clotheslines in the corner. Roman tries the Samoan drop but KO slides out. They exchange right hands. Samoan drop connects! 2 count for Roman. Roman signals the Superman Punch but Owens rolls out. Roman with the drive-by! Roman rolls Owens in but Roman gets caught when he gets in the ring. Owens hits a kick to the chest then follows it up with a Superkick! 2 count! Owens heads up top! Roman up and hits a right hand to stun Owens. Another right hand and Reigns gets on top with KO. Owens with headbutts to knock Reigns down! Superman Punch! Owens is knocked off the top and onto the floor on the outside. Roman to the outside hits another Superman Punch! KO rolled in and Roman signals the spear! Owens counters the spear but gets hit with a spear anyway! 1-2-3.

Winner and now #1 Contender: Roman Reigns


An interviewer walks up to ask Kevin Owens a question but he asks her if she's really going to talk to him right now?! He says he say what happened to his best friend Chris Jericho, yes they're still best friends, and he couldn't even focus on his match knowing his best friend was headed to a hospital. Mick Foley should've canceled his match but he went out there and did the best he could in the condition he was in.


Michael Cole interviewed Paul Heyman. He asks Paul what happened. Paul says they screwed up and there is no getting around it. They took Goldberg lightly. He hadn't stepped into the ring in 12 years and gets into the ring with Brock Lesnar. They thought it was an easy payday. Right out of the gate Goldberg hits a spear and cracks Lesnar's ribs. You can't breath you can't fight. Cole asks how Brock is handling it. Paul says like Cole cares. The humilation and embarrasment...there are no excused. This is now part of Brock's legacy. He's dealt with losses before but this is embarrassing and has put Brock in the mindset that he has something to prove. Which scares Heyman. That moment can define you, destroy you or drive you. Think about what Brock Lesnar with something to prove is capable of. If Brock has something to prove, then he'll prove it. If Goldberg is in the Royal Rumble, then Brock Lesnar is going to be in the Royal Rumble. There will be 28 losers, 1 winner, and 1 victim. Goldberg.


Woods- In just 17 days we shall defeat the record set by Demolition. That means in 17 days the New Day shall be the longest reigning WWE World Tag Team Champions of ALL TIME!

Kofi- Last week we beat another formitable tag team, twas Cesaro and Sheamus. We beat them by doing what we do best and that is being the New Day baybyyyyy!! For 463 days we--

The Club's music cuts Kofi off.

New Day vs. The Club for the Tag Team Championships

Bell rings and Gallows takes out Big E and Kofi. In the ring Woods gets powerbombed by Anderson. 1-2-NO he kicks out. Gallows tags in and slams Woods. Tag to Anderson who hits strong kicks and a knee to the head of Woods. Tag to Gallows. Gallows with a massive kick to the back of the head of Woods. We head to commercial.

We return and Woods is able to hit a spinning kick to Gallows to make some space. Hot tags are made! Big E runs in and hits belly to belly suplexes! Three in a row! Gallows in but gets clotheslined out. Anderson slides out of the Big Ending and hits a running kick to the jaw of Big E. 2 count! Big E spear through the ropes! Big E sets Gallows up for the Midnight Ending but Anderson breaks it up. Anderson hits a spinbuster on Woods. Tag to Gallows. Anderson and Gallows hit a team Powerbomb/Neckbreaker. 2 count! Tag to Anderson. They set up Magic Killer but Big E runs in. Gallows hits him with a sitdown powerbomb! Anderson runs into a boot and Woods misses the honor roll. Woods with a rolling elbow. Anderson with a roll up and grabs the tights of Woods! Woods reverses it and grabs the tights of Anderson for a 3 count!

Winners: New Day

Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte in a No-DQ, Falls Count Anywhere Match for the Women's Championship

The match starts and Sasha knocks Charlotte out of the ring and hits a suicide dive! 2 count on the outside! They roll back in the ring and Sasha hits a mule kick to the gut of Charlotte that knocks her out of the ring. Sasha goes for double knees off the apron and misses, but lands on her feet. Both women hit each other with a double clothesline. We head to commercial.

We return and Charlotte knocks Sasha down with a clothesline and locks in a submission on the arms of Sasha. Sasha fights out and hits a sunset flip but Charlotte rolls through and signals the Figure 8. Sasha kicks her away and hits double knees! Sasha with running knees to the chest of Charlotte. Sasha sets Charlotte up for knees to the gut but Charlotte slides out of the way. Charlotte tries to suplex Sasha off the apron but Sasha lands on the apron. They exchange blows and chops on the apron. Charlotte with a big boot on the apron knocking Sasha to the floor and she hits the apron on her way down. 2 count! Natural Selection on the outside! 2 count! Sasha barely kicked out! Sasha grabs a kendo stick and beats Charlotte with it repeatedly! Charlotte tries to kick it away but can't. Sasha tries a suplex but it's reversed into a neckbreaker by Charlotte. Charlotte locks in the Figure 8! Sasha grabs the kendo stick and hits Charlotte with it to break the hold. Charlotte with chops and the women head up the ramp. Charlotte slams Sasha's head onto the steel floor. Charlotte clears off the announce table. Sasha back up attacks but gets sent onto the announce table. Sasha slides off to the floor below. Charlotte with a moonsault off the announce table!! 1-2-NO! 1-2-again no! Sasha kicked out and Charlotte can't believe it! Charlotte literally drags Sasha towards the ring and down the ramp. Sasha reverses a whip and sends Charlotte into a post then into the barricade. Sasha with a back body drop and then gets onto the barricade. Double knees from the barricade! She only gets a 2 count! Sasha grabs the kendo stick and blasts Charlotte in the back repeatedly! Charlotte tries to go through the crowd but Sasha is on her. Charlotte with chops. They go up the stairs. Sasha bounces the head of Charlotte off the railing then traps her between the metal handrail and locks in the Banks Statement! CHARLOTTE TAPS!!

Winner and NEW Women's Champion: Sasha Banks

As Sasha is celebrating Ric Flair comes out and raises the hand of Sasha!

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