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Monday Night Raw Live Streaming Results

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Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome back to WNW covers Monday Night Raw LIVE! Last week certainly felt like WWE was getting it's footing after No Mercy. Where will things go now? We'll find out tonight!

Live from Denver, Colorado.

The show opened with all the superstars on stage to show respect to all of those who passed away from the horrible events that happened Sunday in Las Vegas....

A video package aired, going over the Miz vs Roman Reigns, along with the beat down that the Miztourage gave to Reigns last Monday on Raw. Seth Rollins came out for his match against Braun Strowman, with no Dean Ambrose. The announce team welcomed everyone to Raw, noting that Michael Cole was absent, with Tom Phillips covering in for him. Braun Strowman came out, heading to the ring.


The two stood toe to toe, with Rollins taking the first shots at Strowman. Seth used his quickness against the monster, running around from Braun. Eventually Strowman got ahold of Seth, tossing him into the air, gaining control. Strowman worked over Rollins left arm, along with "Lets go Rollins" chants. Braun worked the slower pace with a chin lock until Rollins reversed it, causing Strowman going over the top rope. Seth went to go for a suicide dive, only for Strowman to blast him in the face heading into break.(c) Coming back from break, Braun remained in control, taking Rollins to the outside , tossing him into the ring post. He set him up to run him into another post, but Seth reversed it, making Braun run into it. Using quickness, Rollins performed a suicide dive, but Braun not going down. Back inside the ring, Seth connected with two kicks to the face, dazing Strowman for a second. Braun kneed him in the gut, picking him up for a powerslam on Rollins for the pin.


After the match, Strowman picked Rollins back up and gave him another powerslam. The Crowd chanted "One More time". Braun went to head for the ring once again. Dean Ambrose's music hit, and out ran Ambrose. He threw punches at Braun, only to be given a choke slam and destroyed by Strowman again. As Braun was leaving, out came Sheamus and Cesaro to the ring. Seth and Dean were laying in the ring. Cesaro gave Ambrose a Neutralizer, with Sheamus giving Ambrose a Brogue Kick.

The announce team set up The Miz vs Roman Reigns for the IC Title later in the show.(c)

An ad for the Susan G. Komen aired. Bryon Saxton noted that the month of October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The middle rope will remain pink for the rest of October.

A video replayed of last week of the Alexa Bliss and Mickie James was shown. Mickie James was backstage, with seeing Alicia Fox and Emma. Emma went on to say that James had a secret admirer, going into her locker room. She saw a walker and diapers, throwing them around the room. Mickie went to Alexa's locker room, with Nia Jax opening the door. She went to say Alexa doesn't want to face someone who is so 'Fragile.' Nia offered a challenge, with Mickie accepting.

Cameras switched to Bray Wyatt talking about, "She" and said she will never lie to him. Sister Abigale?

Elias was shown in the back with guitar in hand, with a match up next.(c)

Back from break Jojo introduced Elias into the ring, with him telling Denver not to start with him. He grew major heat. He told everyone to shut their mouths because he has a song to sing. The crowd continued to boo him as he kept singing, saying he will make the world burn, along with Denver being the worst in the U.S.A. He ran down the parents and children until Titus came out with Apollo Crews


Elias backed Titus into the corner, giving off blows, dragging him into a side headlock. The crowd chanted for O'Niel, giving Elias a back body drop, powering over him. He splashed Elias in the corner, and booted him out of the ring. The referee was dealing with Titus, so Elias could push Apollo Crews. The ref argued with Crews, telling him to back away. Titus grabbed Elias by the hair up on the apron, only for Elias to reverse, putting Titus away with Drift Away for the win.


After the match, Crews came in the ring to help Titus O'Neil, while Elias left the ring and to the back.

The announce teamed plugged in Smackdown Live's next Paper-View "Hell in A Cell"

Mickie James was shown walking for her match next against Nia Jax.(c)

An Asuka vignette aired for her arrival for TLC.

Nia Jax was out first for her match, with no Alexa Bliss. Mickie James came out next. Alexa Bliss came down to the ring


Alexa Bliss came down to the ring, distracting Mickie as bell rang. Nia Jax took control as Alexa stood on the outside watching on. She picked James up for a bear hug, with James fighting out of it. Nia took her back down to the mat, only for Mickie to fight back, throwing elbows and kicks to Jax. Nia gained control again, tossing Mickie out of the ring.(c) Back from break, James was fighting back, but couldn't out power Nia. She threw punches at Jax, backing her into the ropes, kicking her in the stomach. Nia took her back to the ground for the pin and a kickout. Nia had James in an elbow lock, turning it into a bear hug once again. Jax went for a power bomb, but missed because James reversed with kicks to the mid section. Nia Jax fought her back into the corner, setting her up top on the turnbuckle. Mickie James reversed it into a tornado ddt. She went for the cover, and Alexa Bliss barged the ring to break the count, causing the disqualification.


Bliss took it to Mickie, taking her out of the ring, following her. James fought back with a superkick to Alexa to the ground, standing over Bliss, then walking back.

A video of the Enzo Amore celebration was shown, with Braun Strowman and the Cruiserweights destroying him.

Renee Young was backstage trying to interview Enzo Amore, the Cruiserweight Champion. She asked him about last week and what his thoughts were about everyone attacking him. He said nothing, Renee thanking him.

Later in the show, The Miz VS Roman Reigns for the IC Title.(c)

Back from break, the announce team went over the match with Mickie James and Nia Jax.

Mickie James was in the back, talking with an interviewing. She went on to say to say she would want nothing more than to become Raw Women Champion. Kurt Angle showed up and informed Mickie James that she will get her opportunity against Alexa Bliss at TLC.

Matt Hardy came to the ring to the ring for a tag team match against The Good Brothers, Gallows and Anderson. Hardy's partner is Jason Jordan, who came out next. Gallows and Anderson came out last.


Hardy and Anderson started the match. Quickly, both men tagged in their partners. Before the break, Jason Jordan and Matt Hardy took control, throwing Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson out of the ring.(c) Coming back, Anderson worked over Matt, tagging in Gallows. He gave Hardy a kick to the head, tagging Anderson back in. He charged Matt in the corner and missing, causing a tag to Jordan. He beat up Anderson for a few moments, only for Gallows to make a tag, taking control. He gave him a boot, pinning him for a two count. Karl tagged back in, stomping on him, and working on the left arm. The crowd rallied Jordan back, suplexing Anderson. It gave him an open spot for a hot tag to Hardy while Anderson tagged in Gallows. DELETE chants echoed throughout as he fought off both of the good brothers. He went up the second rope for a elbow drop. Anderson took Jordan to the barricade, and back up on the apron. Gallows avalanched Hardy into the exposed corner, allowing the magic switch on Matt Hardy for the win.


Enzo Amore will address the Cruiserweight Division later in the show.

Roman Reigns was shown in the back, and was interviewed. He went on to say he isn't worried about Dean and Seth because they can take care of themselves. Reigns said he is focused on the Intercontinental Championship and the Miz. He said he wasn't leaving Denver without the IC Title.(c)

Back in the ring was Dana Warrior, along with the Susan G. Komen breast cancer survivors. A few of the women superstars were in the ring behind them. Each survivor was given a championship with an introduction for them. Dana and the ladies grabbed the ropes and shook them, then giving all of them a group hug. Classy Stuff.

Up Next, The Miz VS Roman Reigns for the IC Title.(c)

The Miz's music played, with the cameras facing the stage. After a moment Miz and Miztourage were shown in the crowd, making their way to the ring, Shield style. Roman Reigns came out, speeding to the ring. He came out to heavy boos, along with some shrieking cheers. As Jojo was making the introductions, Reigns took out both Axel and Dallas. He pulled out a chair, and chased Axel into the crowd, following him to the stage, attacking him with the chair. Dallas ran back to help Axel out and into a superman punch. Reigns grabbed the chair again and destroyed the Miztourage before making his eyes set on Miz before the break.(c)


The bell rang after the break, Roman chasing Miz outside the ring, tossing him into the barricade. He rolled Miz back into the ring before the Ten-Count. Miz rolled back out, and threw Reigns into the barricade and over into the crowd. Reigns made it back in the ring before the count out, and got caught with a ddt. Miz took control, booting Roman for a two count heading into break.(c)

Miz kicked Reigns with the YES kicks, but he reversed the head kick into a power bomb. Reigns set up for a Superman Punch, Miz reversing it with a Skull Crushing Finale for a two count. Miz couldn't believe it. He ran at Roman, running into a Superman Punch this time for a two count of his own. He set up for a Spear, only for Cesaro and Sheamus to interfere with the match, attacking Reigns.


After the match, Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro gave all their finishers to Roman. The Miz shook hands with both of them, and they all went to three sides of the ring, copying the Shield. They picked up Reigns and dropped him with a triple power bomb. The three stood over Roman and performed the signature Shield fist bump to commercial break.(c)

Finn Balor came out. The announce team went over last week's match with Balor and Goldust, with Bray Wyatt's children singing after the match. Balor grabbed a mic and said Denver is Balor Club. He said he doesn't like to come out and talk, but likes to fight. He said Bray Wyatt likes to play games. Finn said Bray is a coward, saying he lost to the Demon at Summerslam, and to himself at No Mercy. He said he is afraid, and can't beat Finn Balor. He told Wyatt to come out and face him face to face. Wyatt appeared on the screen and said he lied to Wyatt. Saying the Demon lies beneath the skin. Wyatt went on to say that Abigail is alive, and is dying to meet Balor. He began laughing, along with a woman's laughter to mix over it to break.(c)

Another vignette aired for Asuka aired for TLC.

Sasha Banks came out, following her tag team partner Bayley. Emma and Alicia Fox came out for the next match.


Sasha and Emma started, with the two trying to take over. Banks gained the control, tagging in Bayley. Emma punched Bayley, taking her to the ground. She tagged Fox in, tossing Bayley out of the ring and dropkicking Sasha off the apron.(c)

Banks dropkicked Alicia following break, but then was delivered a boot shortly after. Emma tagged in, and head locked her in the middle of the ring. 'Lets go Sasha' chants went around the arena. Emma tagged Alicia back in, throwing punches and gave Sasha a back breaker. She covered Banks for a two count. Sasha's mouth began to bleed a bit at this point. Emma tagged in, throwing her into the corner again. Fox tagged in once again, holding her up. Sasha tried to reverse it, only for Fox to stop the momentum. Banks tossed Alicia into Emma, making the hot tag to Emma. Bayley gave her strikes only for Fox to reverse her. Alicia went for a tag, with Emma walking away from the ring and to the back. Bayley turned Fox around and gave her the Bayley to Belly for the win.


Up next, Enzo Amore Addresses the Cruiserweight Division.(c)

Next week, The Miz will host MIZTV with guests of Sheamus and Cesaro.

Enzo came out and did his usual routine, limping his way to the ring. "How You Doin'" chants echoed. He said to everyone in the cruiserweight division to go to Hell, and all the people that agreed with them. Enzo said he made 205 LIVE relevant and made them main event two weeks in a row. He went on to say he deserved the Cruiserweight Championship, and said everyone else is jealous of the money he has. He said he's a star, with charisma. Enzo said his back is hurting because he carries the cruiserweights on it. He had a clause last week, if they lay a hand in them, then none of them have a chance to face him for a championship. Amore said that he had a new clause started and if the cruiserweights touch him tonight, they will get fired. Neville, with the cruiserweights came to the ring. Enzo said no one can touch him. The Cruiserweights surrounded the ring while Enzo ran each one of them down. Saying that none of them can challenge him. Kurt Angle came out and said none of the Cruiserweights at ringside can challenge him, but his latest signee can. Out came Kalisto, charging the ring and attacking Enzo. He performed the Salida Del Sol on Enzo, closing out the segment.

Cameras shot back to Roman Reigns by himself in the locker room. Soon, Ambrose came in view with the crowd erupting into Shield chants. Seth Rollins came in and joined the two. All three men exchanged looks at each other, and the tag champs left the room, leaving Roman alone to close the show.

Ryan's Take: Wow. A pretty news eventful Raw tonight. Overall, a good show in my opinion, and I am looking forward to next week's Raw. Thanks for reading along everyone! Goodnight!

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