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Raw Results (8/24/15) Sting Does His Best Seth Rollins Statue Impression

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WWE Raw Results (8/24/15)
Monday, August 24th, 2015
From Brooklyn, New York
Report by Zack Krasney of

Welcome to my first week taking over the Raw Results show from the Amazing Kendra Bunyon! I'm sad I can't call this show Zackdown! I do want to carry over the question of the week to get the ball rolling before things kick of so this week's question is: Did you think the ending to Undertaker/Lesnar "worked" as a successful ending? Did you like it?

WWE Monday Night Raw Results

Triple H is in WWE Headquarters with Seth Rollins.

Triple H- One of the biggest nights in WWE history, SummerSlam. Lived up to every bit of the not just because of Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker. Because of one man, Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins- Boom! The Champ! Is! Here! Hahaha

Triple H- I'm proud of you Seth. This is everything we had in mind when we hand picked you to be the future of the WWE. Last night you stepped in with one of the biggest superstars with ever in WWE history, John Cena, not only did you win, but you won it all. But I have to let you know Seth you're not the future of the WWE. You're not the're the man. Are you ready, because now it's time for you to take your place amongst the Gods. We erected a statue, are you ready to take your place with men like this, the Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant, Bruno Sanmartino. Tonight Seth, tonight you get yours.

Seth- This is too much. I've never been so excited in my entire life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Thank you so much! *They hug*

We get the Raw intro video.

Brock Leesnar's music hits and Lesnar comes out looking PISSED with Heyman at his side.

Paul- Ladies and Gentleman my name is Paul Heyman and I am the pissed off advocate of the ripped of conquerer. The Beast of Barkley's, BROCK LESNAR! So what the hell happened here last night? How did we go from Brock Lesnar forcing the Undertaker for the first time in 25 years to tap out, to now what the history books will say he finally gets a victory of Brock Lensar. It is an indisputable fact that last night Brock Lesnar took the Undertaker to Suplex City. It is an indisputable fact that last night Brock Lesnar in the Phenom in the Kimura. And it is an indisputable fact that my client forced The Undertaker to tap out. I understand how uncomfortable it is, I'm a father I get it. Hey kids there is no Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny is a fable, The Undertaker isn't immortal, or already dead, or whatever nonsense he wants to spew out. The reality is that last night the Undertaker got tapped out by Brock Lesnar. You know what that means? The Undertaker said Brock Lesnar you're a better man than I am, you're a better wrestler than I, you're a better fighter than I am, Brock Lesnar please let go of my arm I can take it no more. It's like a little kid in a school yard getting his ass kicked, curling up in the fedal position and saying please leave me alone, or in this case *deeper voice* please leave me alone! I want you to know, my client doesn't blame referee, he didn't see the tap. Nor does my client blame the timekeeper, who freaked out because the timekeeper understood -heavy boos- Yeah only in Brooklyn do you boo compassion. The timekeeper had compassion because he freaked out that The Undertaker was tapping. The Undertaker knew that Brock Lesnar was going to break the Undertaker's arm and beat him over the head with it. Should we talk about the fact that the Undertaker collapsed again after his beating from Brock Lesnar again last night? We should it's all over the internet! I have enough material to cover all three hours! -cheers and Yes! chants for that- Let's go one step at a time so the timekeeper rings the best, the Undertaker thinks he's saved. Think about those words, someone needed to SAVE the Undertaker from a beating. That's what happened! The timekeeper thinks its over and rings the bell, so what did the Undertaker do? He went for the desperate lowblow, he pulls Brock Lesnar into the hellsgate, and because Undertaker wants to hear it, he neeeeeeds to hear it, he begs Brock Lesnar to tap out and what was Brock Lesnar's response. And Taker FYI, Brock Lesnar told you G.F.Y. I get it, you're the aging gunslinger with just a few bullets left in your gun. You can shoot it out with anyone in the locker room, but Undertaker you can't shoot it out with BROCK LESNAR! So you're right, you're right we're not out her to flap my gums, we're here because Brock Lesnar wants to fight the Undertaker one more time. And Ladies and Gentleman, I'm not here to issue a challenge for WrestleMania, or for the Royal Rumble, for Survivor Series for Madison Square Garden, for Friday, Sunday, in church, not in heaven and God be waiting for it to be in Hell. Brooklyn style! Right here, right now! Tonight!!!

Bo Dallas makes his way out to the ring and does his victory lap, smiling the whole time.

Bo- Mr. Brock, Mr. Brock I have good news and bad news. The bad news is last night against Undertaker you passed out. The good news is you eventually woke up and probably had a sweet dream. A dream like you actually beating the Undertaker. Brock you can make those dreams come true. All you have to do is BOLIEVE! -Paul leaves the ring- That's it Brock, Bolieve.

Brock clotheslines Bo HARD. German suplex. Then another, and a third. A forth german and Brock doesn't even look tired. Brock walks away and his music hits, Heyman catches up and says to him, 4 suplexes? Why not...5? Brock goes back and hits a FIFTH german suplex. Lesnar walks away but Heyman catches up with him again and smiles, he asks him for one more, just for me. Lesnar smiles, goes back in the ring and picks up Bo for the F5. Heyman grabs a mic and says "BO I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW, MY CLIENT BOOOOLIEVES!" Brock hits the F5!

Lucha Dragons vs. New Day

Big E- And NOOOW we give to you, your feature presentation! Presenting Xavier Woooooods!
Woods comes up playing trombone.

Big E, Kofi, Woods sing their own version of New York, New York except it's New Day, New Day.

Kofi and Sin Cara lock up, Kofi goes for the knee to the face but Sin Cara rolls him into a press. Kaliso tags in and gets monkey flipped into a splash. Kalisto manages to catch Kofi and send him to the outside and then stun Big E and send him outside too. Kalstio jumps over the top rope at New Day but gets caught, so Sin Cara hits a suicide dive to take them down as we head to break.

We return from break and Big E has the better of Cara but Cara makes the tag and so does Kofi. Kalisto takes Kofi down with a shot to the face and then does a jumping sunset flip pin 2 count but E breaks it up. Sin cara gets involved but Big E fights him on the outside. Kofi hits a reverse suplex and tags Big E. New Day hits a team finisher, as Woods plays his trombone.

Winners: The New Day


They Boyz go right after New Day and take them out fast! Bubba sends Big E shoulder first to the post and outside the ring. Woods runs in but the Dudleyz have one questions, WHAT'S UUUUUP! They hit the headbutt to the groin! Bubba says D-Von! 1, 2, 3! The crowd shouts "GET THE TABLES!" They put a table in the ring and hit the 3D on Xavier!

We see a recap of John Cena granting his 500th wish.

Steph and Trips are backstage
Steph- The attention to detail, even the hair and the beard.
Triple H- No I love it, he's gonna be blown away.
Steph- It's awesome

Seth- Knock knock knock!
Steph- Oop hold on! Ok!

Seth walks in..

Steph- We told you not to come in

Seth- I know I know, I don't want to spoil anything but I want to thank you guys. Not for what's behind the curtain, but I needed to tahnk you for everything you've done for me and the whole WWE Universe. When we took that tour of WWE headquarters this morning I couldn't help but notice everyone has the same love and respect for you that I do. This place is so much better off with you two in charge.

Steph- You know what Seth that's how we feel about WWE, it's so much better off with you as champion. Like HHH said you're THE man. Now get out of here so we can get this thing out of here it's heavy!

Triple H- Let's make you immortal kid!

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring through the crowd.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper

Harper and Ambrose start it off and Ambrose gets a clothesline and goes for a bulldog but misses. Missile drop kick by Dean on Harper and then he takes Wyatt off the side. Harper hits a suicide dive on Ambrose! Ambrose gets thrown in the ring but he does the bounce back clothesline. Wyatt gets a drive by by Reigns! We head to break...

As we return Bray is in control of Ambrose and Harper tags in. Slam on Ambrose by Harper. Uppercut by Harper and a slingshot guillotine by Harper. Bray tags in. Ambrose blocks a right hand but DDT by Wyatt. Knee to the gut of Ambrose, 2 count and a tag to Harper. Springboard swanton to enter by Harper. Gator roll by Harper. Tornado DDT by Ambrose on Harper! Ambrose makes the hot tag! Roman hits the Samoan drop on a tagged Wyatt. Reigns picks up Wyatt and just throws him! Twice! Corner clothesline! Fall away slam by Reigns! Loading up the Superman Punch but Wyatt caught him and tries Sister Abigail but Reigns judo throws him! Reigns blasts Harper on the side! Wyatt plants Reigns! But Ambrose is in and hits a bounceback clothesline! Ambrose sends Wyatt outside and hits a suicide dive! Ambrose rolls Wyatt back in and Roman Reigns hits a Jackknive suplex! Harper makes the save and superkicks both Ambrose and Reigns! Wyatt mockingly tries to set up the assisted powerbomb and mocks Reigns howl. Reigns kicks Wyatt in the face mid air and sends Harper flying. Bray goes for Sister Abigail but Reigns reverse him into Ambrose who blasts him with a right hand. Wyatt turns around int a Superman punch! Ambrose goes up top and takes out Harper on the outside! Reigns signals the spear ---DEHHH!!-- A mystery man is on the side of the ring with a black sheep mask on. He's HUGE, bigger than Reigns. Reigns comes at him but gets caught and tossed like a ragdoll. Ambrose comes in and looks shocked, he charges the man but gets a shoulder block. Reigns tries to fight him off Ambrose but keeps getting swatted away. He puts Reigns in a chokehold and makes him passout. The man picks up Reigns with ease and hits a slam. Ambrose runs in and kicks him trying to help Reigns but this guy wasn't even phased. He chokes out Ambrose, too. Bray and Luke join him. Bray gets on his knees and the two big men stand behind him, FOLLOW THE BUZZARDS!


Miz- Welcome to the most must see show on TV. Are you all ready for a little Divas revolution? Because my guests are the winners of the first ever tag team elimination match. They are lovely, elegant, gorgeous, they are PCB!

Becky, Charlotte, and Paige make their way out to the ring.

Miz- Please have a seat, thank you for being here. Becky I'll start with you since you pinned Brie--

Becky- Miz it's not about who pinned who

Paige- We won because we don't see ourselves as 3 separate divas

Charlotte- We are one cohesive unit, my dad taught me that. From back when he was part of the GREATEST facton in WWE history, the Four Horseman!

Miz- Your dad and I are old friends actually. He taught me the figure four and I perfected it!

Charlotte- Really look at you now, you really lived up to HIS legacy.

Miz- If by that you mean a 12 time champion in the WWE, future hall of famer, crossplatform megastar, then yeah I did. Not only did I live up to his legacy I surpased it. Wooooo. But this isn't about me, this is about you guys. You can't be all good power this and sisterhood of the traveling pants that. There's got to be some competition between the three of you!

Paige- Ok let me explain something to you Miz-y. We couldn't be here without each other. I couldn't be without them, and them without me. Ok sweetheart?

The girls lock pinkies

Miz- How cute, 3 beautiful woman who get along a rarityyyyy.

Paige- Aw Miz-y we're flattered we just not that into you. We are more than just looks you little pervert.

Charlotte- We'll take on anyone. Any woman, and MAN.

Becky- Any ghost, any dinosaur any robot that came from the future to change the past--

Paige- Ok, ok calm down Becky. She's getting carried away again. We're not into designer shoes, handbags, or labels. We're here to prove that this the era of the female athelete. We will not back down, we will not surrender, we are just as strong, agile, just as dominant as any man --Bella's music cuts them off--

Nikki- Dominant? You think you guys are dominant Paige? That's like saying Donald Trumps favorite holiday is Cinco De Mayo. As long as I'm Diva's champion. The only dominant team in the Diva's division is the on you're looking at.

Brie- That's right Nikki, I mean you three are very talented, no one is arguing that. But Team Bella, well we inspire women all over the world -We want Sasha- We are the faces of dominance. We are the faces of empowerment. And you ladies, well, you're welcome.

Becky- Explain to me Brie how you dominated when you lost last night?

Brie- Aw Becky you're so cute, I'm not talking about last night. I'm talking about the last few years.

Alicia- Aw are you the wild one? The crazy member of team PCB? That's so cute. Honey, do you know how many new rookie Diva's I've seen come and go? And how many of those divas are never heard from again in the NINE years that I've been here?

Becky- Ok so basically you've been saying you've been AROUND a long time. And you're the crazy one, you're basically the Nini Leaks of the WWE! Oh what are you gonna do Foxy? You gonna throw soda on me?!

Nikki- Actually Becky she doesn't have to prove anything to you. In fact, none of us have to prove anything to anyone! I mean wins and loses WHO CARES!? Because in 3 weeks and 1 day I will because the longest reigning in WWE history -major heat- So girlies you can keep your SummerSlam victory because the only victory that matters is this one -holds up title- Got it? Like it? Aw you wish right Paige? What, cat got your tongue?

Miz- Girls Girls GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!! When my hand goes up your mouth goes shut! And that goes for all of you! PCB you're the newbies so I'll give you some advice, you want to revolutionize the division? Then you should emulate someone who has revolutionized the WWE....ME! I took a touch of class and turned it into the most must see WWE Champion in history. All I see right now are a bunch of cackling women with a hashtag who wrestle like a bunch of girls.

PCB closes in on Miz with the crowd chanting "Kick his ass!" but Team Bella attacks from behind as we head to break.

Team PCB vs. Team Bella

Becky and Brie are fighting as we return from break, Becky has Brie in the corner. She hits a springboard dropkick and a hiptoss. Three leg drops by becky and a tag by Charlotte. Charlotte tries for the figure 8 but Nikki tags. Nikkie tries for a clothesline but misses. Paige Tags and knees Nikki over and over. Knee to the face by Paige, 2 count. Becky tags and a double headbutt by PCB. Becky locks in an arm twist but Nikki reverse and does one of her own. Roll up by Lynch but 2. Another try but 2. Becky tags Charlotte and she locks in an armbar. Knee to the gut of Nikki and Paige tags in. Paige goes for an arm submission as well. Nikki hits a spinbuster! 2 count. Paige puts Nikki in the corner and shoulders her. Becky tags in and stomps away, Charlotte tags. Double dropkick, Brie and Foxy run in but each get a dropkick for their trouble. Charlotte launches herself over the top rop to take out Team Bella.

We return and Nikki has Charlotte in a half boston crab. Charlotte sends Nikki through the ropes. Nikki pulls Charlotte through the ropes. Nikki slams Charlotte's leg against the steel post. Back in the ring Nikki tags Foxy who focuses on the hurt leg of Charlotte. -The crowd starts doing the wave- Paige tags in and starts taking out Foxy. High knee to the face of Fox and then several more quick ones! Big boot by Fox! 2 count. Fox to the top buy Paige stops her. Fox on the outside and Paige does a rolling splash on her! Back in the ring Paige takes out the Bellas on the side and puts Fox in the PTO! Brie breaks it up but Becky attacks her. Brie gets the better of Becky and throws her out then drop kicks Charlotte on the outside. The ref gets distracted with getting Brie out and Nikki sneaks in and hits the forearm to Paige. Fox hits the Scissors kick for the win.

Winners: Team Bella

Stardust and Wade Barrett vs.

This one never gets started as Stardust attacks King Barrett before things even get started. Neville runs out and attacks Stardust with some strong kicks. Neville plants Stardust and lines up for the the Red Arrow but Stardust rolls out of the ring and books it for the back.

In-Ring Segment

John Stewart comes out to the ring to explain his actions from Sunday.

John- What's up Brooklyn! -Thank you Stewart chants- You're very welcome Brooklyn, but apparently last night I did upset some people. It's true. Some of those people are here tonight, of course some people are happy -big pop and Yes Chants- But to those who had to comfort their children, children who want to know who the little old mean man was. Why would he do that? I will tell you why. It was not in anyway to help retain his championship, as well as he fought. It was not to help the authority because it's best for business. In my heart I could not let John Cena tie the great Ric Flair! For 16 championships, because in my mind the CHAMP IS FLAAAIR! Not on my watch! Wasn't going to let it happen!

Ric Flair comes out stylin and profilin!

Flair- I love that about you!

John- The great one!

Flair- Thank you! John I really appreciate what you were thinking last night, but to be honest I was pulling for John Cena. Hear me out. Sooner or later the record will be broken and I prefer it be by someone I respect. -To the crowd boos- Hey you don't gotta like it, you got to learn to love it because it's coming from the best thing today baby. Don't forget God's in the house tonight! -to John- Yeah I respect Cena.

John- I had no idea, my heart just couldn't let him do it! Against Rollins, it didn't feel right. I'm sorry I should have run it by you.

Flair- No problem, and I would like to recognize I'm the greatest of all time. Woo! Do you realize what you've done, you screwed everything up!

John- No I was saving the streak, the 16 time world title streak! I was saving it!

Flair- There is so much more to it than that, you have messed up EVERYTHING!

--John Cena's music hits--

Cena- Thank you for the energetic serenade but I gotta settle something, you and and me we gotta talk!

Stewart- What do you wanna talk about?

Cena- No, let them get it out. You did what you did last night because you thought it was the right thing to do, and there are a lot of people here that agree with you. You did not want me to tie the record and I am at peace with that. But because of what you did that Seth Rollins is WWE Champion AND his now the United States Champion.

Stewart- You didn't think it through.

Cena- Yes the United States Championship. The same championship I pried from the hands of Rusev and every single week on Monday Night Raw I use as an opportunity, a symbol of excellence to give superstars that THEY think deserve it a chance! You're a fan you know what I am talking about, names like Ambrose, Stardust, Neville, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Sami Zynn. And you DUMB son of a b--

Stewart- Let me just say this! You seem upset, -leans in to Ric and does the You Can't See Me motion- If I do this can he still see me, it doesn't seem to be working.

Cena- HEY! HEY! You you're just saying NOTHING! THIS IS NOT A COMEDY SHOW! You got your punch lines and I got mine, how bout you stand on a line and I punch ya! How's that!

Stewart- Here's what I say to you tonight, with respect! With respect! It was a beautiful match between you and Rollins. You've been a fighting champion and I respect that! I respect that you gave guys like Owens and Neville and Cesaro. I respect that. As good as you are I just couldn't see you beating his record, not against Rollins. I understand and I apologize for not seeing it through.

Cena- NOW WHAT DO WE HAVE! We have the WWE and the United States Championship in the hands of The Authority. The one group who doesn't listen to the fans!

Stewart- What a beautiful chance to win it back and win back the beautiful people of Brooklyn with your fighting skills, you can win it back. This is your moment. I almost feel like singing!

Cena- I can win it back? This is my moment? Kind of like your moment last night? When you just ran out and did what you had to do. I know you'll understand this then because right now I'm just gonna do what I gotta do!

Cena picks up John Stewart and hits him with an AA. John shakes Flair's hand and walks out.

John Cena is walking backstage when Renee Young catches up with him and asks him about AA-ing John Stewart.

John- I was doing what I thought was right. I'm so very glad that Mr. Stewart and I had a chance to talk. Tonight I'm gonna have another talk with Seth Rollins.

Ziggler, Cesaro, Randy Orton and Ryback vs. Kevin Owens, Rusev, Big Show, and Sheamus

Rusev and Ryback start things up with a lock up and test each other's strength. knee to the gut by Rusev. Thesz press by Ryback and some head slams. Cesaro tags in and throws a headlock on Rusev. Rusev jumps at Cesaro but gets caught midair! Press to Rusev! Tag to Ziggler who hits a dropkick. Ziggler goes for a superkick but Rusev rolls out of the way and the ring. Ryback gets tired of Rusev pacing on the outside and runs over Rusev!

We return to Big Show manhandling Ziggler. Big slap to the chest knocks Ziggler down. Big Show puts Ziggler in the corner and smacks his chest again! Slam by Show. -I'M A GIANT!- Kevin Owens tags in to a big pop! Owens is all over Ziggler with some stiff shots. He picks up Ziggler and drops him on the ropes. 2 count. Owens does a little Ziggler butt shake to mock him. Sheamus tags in. Sheamus does his drop suplex -RESPECT THE HAWK!- Sheamus puts Ziggle's leg behind his head and stands up to stretch it -ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?- Ziggler tries to jump for a tag but Sheamus turns it into an Irish Curse backbreaker! We got to break...

We return and Lana and Summer Rae go at it! Rusev is distracted in the ring, Dolph takes advantage with a fameasser! Both men reach for a tag... Rusev tags Owens who grabs the leg of Ziggler, but Ziggler reaches Cesaro anyway!! Cesaro with lots of uppercuts on Owens! Uppercut train back and forth between the corners! Signals for the swing but Rusev runs in, so Rusev gets it instead! 10 rotations! Ryback tags in and starts hammering Owens, Owens hammers back! Ryback sent into the bottom turn buckle! Kevin goes for the cannonball but Ryback gets up and hits the spinbuster! Ryback hits the Meathook and connects! Shellshock gets lined up but Owens pushes Ryback into Big Show who chokes Ryback and pushes him back into a rollup from Owens for 2! Both men clothesline each other and it's a double knock down. Orton makes the tag and so does Sheamus. Clothesline and Scoopslam by Orton! Orton goes for the spike DDT and connects! Orton signals the RKO but Big Show starts to get in the ring so Orton hits him with a dropkick instead! Sheamus gets Orton up on his shoulder but Orton wiggles out, Big Show goes for a KO Punch on Orton, but Orton ducks and it connects on Sheamus instead! RKO! 1, 2, 3!

Winners: Randy Orton, Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, and Cesaro

After the match Rusev and Kevin Owens give big show grief about him costing them the match. Show shoves both so Rusev hits a Superkick and then Owens follows up with a Cannonball and leave angry. The faces, still on the outside all get in the ring. Ziggler hits the Superkick, Cesaro and Ryback pick up Show in a gorilla press! They drop him into an RKO!


Bray- I tried to warn you Roman, I tried to tell you that so long as you walked this earth. So long as there is still a heart beating in your chest I will be there to put you down. You infect everything and everyone around you. Take your so called brother Dean Ambrose. You selfishly pulled him into our little game, now he's just another pawn. Last night the world witnessed your moment of glory. I hope you enjoyed it, because's over. Tonight you witnessed her greatest gift, I have someone I'd like you to meet. This is Braun Stowman and he is Abigail's black sheep. HAHAHAHA

John Cena is shown walking backstage when Stephanie catches him

Steph- Congratulations, it's trending all over social media, you AA-ed John Stewart, one of the most beloved hosts in history. A man you outweigh by about 100 pounds. Really congratulations, I think the trend is sore loser.

Cena- I don't care about anything social tonight other than my conversation with your boy Seth Rollins so believe me I'm gonna step up my weight class.

Steph- I know you think that you're going interrupt Seth's celebration tonight. In order to do that, to steal the spotlight which is what you're so good at. -Security surrounds Cena- You see I'm not going to let anyone ruin Seth's celebration tonight. Gentlemen please escort Cena out. Oh and John one more can't see me.

Triple H and Stephanie come out and sing happy birthday to Vince McMahon to get him to come out.

-The crowd cheers We Want Vince.-

Triple H- He is so pissed off in the back right now it isn't even funny. But let's get down to business. If you're looking for a superstar to immortalize in bronze. You look for something specific, you look for someone who works hard, who is the first to arrive and the last to leave every single night because that man has Hustle. That man is Seth Rollins. If you're looking for someone to immortalize in bronze, you'd be looking for someone who returned your faith in them since day one. Respect, Seth Rollins has loyalty. If you're looking for someone to immortalize in bronze, you'd look for someone who respected those who helped them who got them where they are, and would want to show them that. You'd have Respect, Seth Rollins has that. Hustle, Loyalty, Respect that's Seth Rollins. He has one more thing that makes him oh so special that no one else has at this time. You see because Seth Rollins, unlike some people, is a winner. He will do whatever it take to insure that he is a winner. Seth Rollins is that winner, because he is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the United States Champion, which means he deserves to be immortalized in bronze. Let me bring out, no longer the future, but THE MAN. Seth Rollins!

Seth makes his way to the ring.

Seth- Thank you Steph, thank you Hunter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, tonight is an incredible night not just for me, or us, but for everyone in the WWE Universe. Tonight is incredible, I join the Mt. Rushmore, this might be bigger than a Hall of Fame induction. This is like the Hall of Fame in New York where famous Yankees have been immortalized like Babe Ruth and Joe Dimaggio. It's like whatever you guys have her in Brooklyn to honor your Brooklyn Nets, well that doesn't sound right does it. They all kind of stink don't they, sorry little flustered. I'm reminded of a very old adage, heroes get remembered, but legends never die. And last night in this very ring when I defeated John Cena and beecause the first man ever to hold both the WWE World Heavyweight championship and the United States Championship I became a legend. Tonight with the unvailing of this statue, tonight. Just give me a minute...this is huge, I just need a minute. Tonight with the unvailing of this statue I become IMMORTAL! I've said a lot of terrible things about John Cena over the last month, most of them deserved. I called him a disease that plagued the WWE for the last 10 years, that I was the cure and I meant every single word of it! But there is a reason John Cena has sat atop the mountain of WWE for 10 years, because he has worked every single day to be the man. Let's make no mistake about it for the last 10 years John Cena was the man, truth. But to be the man, you know where this is going, you gotta beat the man. And that is exactly what I did last night BABY! When we unvail this statue, like you said Trips, I am no longer the future, I am the MAN. After I go on to main event Wrestlemania after Wrestlemania this statue will stand after I am long retired, hell long dead! It will live on forever in recongition of my legacy. Bruno Sanmartino, the Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant, and now...Seth Rollins. It's time baby, I can't wait anymore! Brooklyn are you ready? -Points at Hunter- This one's for you nah nah nah nah I said are you READY?! Let's do this baby! Because the champ is here!

The curtain is pulled up and IT'S STING!!! Triple H gets out of the ring. Rolling charges Sting but Sting blasts him! Stinger Splash! Sting clotheslines Seth out of the ring! Sting grabs the WWE Championship and holds it up to close out the show!

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