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Monday Night Raw Results (11/2/15) - Survivor Series Comes Early

WWE Raw Results (11/2/15)
Monday, November 2nd, 2015
From the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO
Report by Zack Krasney of

Welcome everyone to WNW's Live Monday Night Raw coverage! I'm your host Zack Krasney and we have a new #1 Contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! Roman Reigns! Question of the Week: People have said that Roman Reigns "wasn't ready" last year, do you feel Reigns is ready now?

Monday Night Raw Results

Roman Reigns is kicking the show off.

Roman- Well just based off the energy I'm proud to be here in Denver! I'm also proud to stand here as Number 1 contender and next WWE Champion! I want to talk about the current champ Seth Rollins! He's good in the ring...and brown nosing and kissing the Authority's ass. I don't like brown nosers and I don't like people who stab me in the back, I don't like weasels so I guess I don't like Seth. But he's been lucky enough to stay WWE Champion since WrestleMania but he's dealing with an unstoppable force! I'm coming for him and I'm going to become the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion and you can believe that!

Seth Rollins makes his way out.

Seth- You want me to believe that you're going to do something no one else has and take my WWE WH Championship from me? I don't believe it Roman, I want to address something else. Did you pay me a compliment a minute ago? I feel I should return the favor. You're very good as well, I mean I recruited you to the Shield. Look at everything you've done, at WrestleMania you stood toe to toe with Brock Lesnar. You took everything he could throw at you and shoved it back in his face. But how did that match turn out? Hahahaha I won and became WWE World Heavyweight Champion! I rewrote history! When history is written about you, when it comes to you and me, you're good but you'll always be second best. These people will only remember you as the guy who used to carry my bags.

Roman- Why don't you come down here and we'll see who the real man is.

Seth makes it half way down the ramp before the Authority's music hits and it stops Rollins.

Steph- Hang on a second, if we're gonna do this then we need to make it official. How many of you want to see Roman Reigns go 1 on 1 with Seth Rollins. How many of you want to see Seth Rollins face Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship?! You're gonna get it! Just not tonight.

HHH- I told you'd they'd fall for it, I mean I know we're at a high altitude but how high are you people?

Steph- Truly, you think we're gonna give away a match like that in Denver? Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship will be in two weeks at Survivor Series.

HHH- Roman since you're looking for a fight let's do a traditional Survivor Series 5 on 5 elimination tag team match. On one side Team Roman Reigns facing off against the team lead by WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. Pick a good team Roman because your survival might just depend on it.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens

Owens kicks the knee of Ziggler and attacks the knee with a ton of stomps. Owens mocks Ziggler but Ziggler kicks Owens in the gut but Owens attacks the leg again. Owens puts Ziggler in the corner and uses the ropes to attack the leg of the showoff. Dolph fights back with some punches but Owens whips Ziggler at the ropes. Ziggler colapses before he can even bounce against the ropes. Owens tries for a running senton but Ziggler moves and hits the jumping DDT. Owens rolls out of the ring to get he breath. Tyler Breeze's music hits and he makes his way to the ring with Summer Rae. We head to break.

We return and Owens is in complete control of Ziggler. Owens throws a headlock on Ziggler. Ziggler fights out and turns it into a jawbreaker to get some space from Owens. Owens charges but eats an elbow. Dolph with a clothesline and a splash in the corner. Neckbreaker on Owens followed by a jumping elbow drop. Dolph tries for the Fameasser, Owens reverses but Dolph rolls him up for 2. Owens hits a big German suplex! KO goes for the cannonball but Dolph hits the Superkick! Breeze gets up and takes a selfie with the match going on behind him. Dolph swats at him but turns into the Pop Up Powerbomb. Owens gets the pinfall victory.

Winner: Kevin Owens

After the match Tyler Breeze brings his selfie stick into the ring and poses next to Dolph but gets blasted by a right hand from Ziggler. Breeze hits the Beauty Shot and then poses next to a laid out Ziggler.

Owens is backstage and gets greeted by Seth Rollins.

Seth- There he is! The man! Kevin Owens, nice win out there! That was huge!

Owens- Thanks. Where is this going?

Seth- I'll tell you, WrestleMania is right around the corner and I can't think of bigger match than Champion vs. Champion.

Owens- I like the sound of that.

Seth- How does being on Team Rollins tonight sound?

Owens- Well I like the sound of the match at Wrestlemania, so sure, just remember you owe me one.

We see a replay of Paige turning on Team PCB..again.

Renee Young is backstage with Becky Lynch.

Renee- Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the B in team PC---

Becky- Woah woah woah what did you just call me? Renee! There are children in the audience. Besides as far as I'm concerned there is only one B in team PCB and that's Paige.

Renee- I'd imagine emotions must be running high with you and Charlotte after what happened last week.

Becky- Well it's not like I'm in tears or anything. I'm not curled up in the fetal position with a pint of ice cream. But last week was an eye opener that's why tonight I can't wait to get my hands on that two-faced, backstabbing--

Renee- You do realize if you win the fatal four way tonight you'll be facing your best friend---

Brie Bella- UMMMM excuse me. Don't worry about competing against your girlfriend. If anyone is going to facing Charlotte for the Divas Champion it's going to be me, not her wacky side kick.

Becky- Excuse me? Wacky side kick? I take that as a compliment coming from Nikki Bella's pathetic door mat of a sister. *Brie walks away* Ohhhh Renee! There's gonna be a fight in Denver tonight!

Cesaro vs. The Miz

Stardust is in the crowd in the "Stardust Section." They lock up and Miz twists the arm but Cesaro rolls through and flips out. Cesaro gets blasted by a right from Miz and then Miz puts a headlock in. Cesaro catches Miz in mid air! He turns it into a backbreaker on Miz and then starts the Uppercut train! Miz slides out of the ring after 3 Uppercuts. Cesaro goes after him but Miz pushes Cesaro head first into the steel post. Back in the ring Miz kicks Cesaro in the face. Miz locks in another headlock on a seated Cesaro. Cesaro tries to fight out but gets whipped into the corner. Miz hits his corner clothesline and slide through. Miz follows up with an axehandle from the top rope. Miz tries for the SCF but Cesaro counters with the swing! He swung so long the crowd stopped counting, probably around 24 he stopped. Sharpshooter by Cesaro and Miz taps!

Winner: Cesaro!


The Wyatt Family makes their way to the ring.

Bray- Every night is a special night, but tonight, tonight I wanted to know if everyone all around the world, I wanted to give them something they'd never ever forget. Tonight I'm going to give you something truly special. You have all been witness to my family carrying out the rotting carcass of the Undertaker and have witnessed me and my brothers carrying out the scorched body of Kane. That's the thing man, we never wanted the bodies. A body decays and becomes useless, but a soul lives forever. Unless of course that soul is consumed by a higher power. I have become that higher power. Like I said, I wanted to give you something tonight that you'd never be able to forget. Allow me to enlighten you to the fact that I, Bray Wyatt, and my family have successfully harvested the souls of Undertaker and Demon Kane. And their power is now surging through my veins and it feels really really good. That power has become inconceivable and it all belongs to me. Now I summon the thunder! Now I summon the lightning *Taker and Kane's pyros go off* I summon the dark forces because I, Bray Wyatt, am the eater of worlds! And it is well within my power to summon the forces of evil and scorch the earth, to take your world and burn it straight to Hell! *More Pyros as Bray does the Undertaker's pose* Follow! The Buzzards!


Lucha Dragons vs. King Barrett and Sheamus

Sheamus and Kalisto start things off and Sheamus shoves Kalisto but Kalisto uses his quickness to stay out of the way of Sheamus. Dropkick to the head of Sheamus but the Irishman hits an elbow and tags Barrett. Barrett stomps away at Kalisto and follows with a suplex. Sin Cara makes a bind tag and hits a spring Senton. Kalisto tags and they hit a team splash. Barrett pulls the leg of Kalisto who was on the top turnbuckle and it snaps the neck of Kalisto. Barrett continues the attack on the outside as we head to break.

We return and Barrett has Kalisto in an abdominal stretch. Barrett lets go and pounds Kalisto before tagging Sheamus. Sheamus hits some strong uppercuts. Kalisto flies across the ring and tags Sin Cara who hits a crossbody on Sheamus and then a hurricarana. Springboard flip by Sin Cara to take out Sheamus then a suicide dive on Barrett. Sin Cara sends Sheamus shoulder first into the steel post and goes to the top but Barrett causes the distraction letting Sheamus hit the ropes. Barrett attacks Sin Cara on the outside. Barrett slams him into the barricade and tries for the pin but only gets 2. Headlock by Barrett on Sin Cara. Barrett hits a big kick to the gut of Sin Cara. Tag to Sheamus, who hits a knee drop on Cara. Sheamus hits a throw away suplex. Sin Cara tries to fight back with chops but eats an Irish Curse backbreaker. 2 count. 10 beats of the Bodhran and a tag to Barrett who hits a big boot. Tag back to Sheamus. Sheamus goes for a suplex but Sin Cara hits a knee mid suplex and Sheamus drops him. Both teams make a tag and Kalisto hits a springboard kick and kicks to the leg. Spinning shoulder tackle! Hurricarana into the mat! Sheamus tries to run in but is taken out by Sin Cara. Kalisto hits a reverse flip slam on Barrett for the win!

Winners: Lucha Dragons


Zeb Colter is on his phone.

Jack Swagger- Well if it isn't Zeb Colter.

Zeb- Well if it ain't Jack Swagger, I'd know that voice anywhere. How long has it been 6 months? 8 months?

Jack- Too long my friend. *Looks at MexAmerican flag* You ok Zeb?

Zeb- I'm fine

Jack- You and Alberto together, want to form a new nation. What's it called

Zeb- It's MexAmerica, don't judge it. We want to unite not divide. I want people to come together, I've even asked Canadians to join if they weren't so simple minded. We both have great resources, great---

Jack- Stop stop. It's me! I don't believe for one second that you and Alberto--*Del Rio walks in*

ADR-No one asked you. Stay away from me and stay away from Zeb...little Jackie.

Zeb- We're trying to form a better nation.

ADR- Via la MexAmerica.

R-Truth vs. Alberto Del Rio w/ Zeb Colter

Truth goes right for the arm of Del Rio, who rolls out of the ring. Del Rio shoots on Truth and gets him in the corner. Del Rio hits a kick and then blasts him with right hands. Truth puts Del Rio in the corner and returns the favor. Del Rio hits an armbar with Truth's arm going over the rope and Del Rio hanging on to it, very painful looking. Truth hits a spinning heelkick and then hits the lie detector! Del Rio kicks out at 2. Del Rio hits the running enziguri and a back body drop. Headlock by Del Rio. Truth fights out and hits a back body drop of his own. Del Rio puts Truth in the tree of woe and kicks the ribs of Truth. Del Rio goes to the top and hits the stomp to the chest on Truth for the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Seth Rollins is backstage


Seth- You know what fine. Tag Team Champs you wanna be on Team Rollins, fine you're in. One condition we play by my rules. I'm the captain.

Big E and Kofi- You da captain, you da captain. The captain, the captain.

Seth- One issue though, do the math you're smart guys, 2 of you plus the two we have, we're one man short, we need another guy.

Big E and Kofi do their unicorn pose and it looks like their holding their breath really hard.

Seth- What is that, what are you doing? Stop it.

*Trumbone plays*

Xavier Woods- I'M BAAACCKKKK!!!

Kofi- Through unicorn magic and positivity he's back!

New Day- Now that we're reunited we can not lose!

Seth- Fine. Fine.

New Day- We wrote you a song. Team...Rollins. Team...Rollins!


Jojo is with Sasha Banks.

Jojo- Sasha are you nervous going into your match tonight.

Sasha- Nervous? That's cute. What's your real question.

Jojo- That is my question, the WWE Universe has been chanting we want Sasha for weeks, is there any pressure?

Sasha- Look at me! Of course the WWE Universe wants to see more of me. There isn't any pressure, I always deliver. As far as Becky, Brie, and Paige are concerned they'll never make it to Charlotte. Oh and didn't you get the memo? Halloween was on Saturday, this is Raw.

Paige vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks vs. Brie Bella Diva's Number 1 Contender Fatal Four Way

Brie attacks Becky and Sasha breaks up a quick pinfall. Double dropkick by Becky. Paige tries to attack Becky but Becky strikes first and hammers away. Paige rolls away as Becky and Sasha go at it. Becky gets the shoulder submission on Sasha. Brie breaks up the submission but The Boss throws her into the corner. Becky rolls up Sasha for 2. Several pin attempts by Becky but all get 2. Leg drop by Becky, and another, and a third. 2 count. Missile dropkick by Brie on Becky and Sasha. Brie hits "Brie Mode" on both. Paige runs in and takes out Brie but Becky is up and immediately on Paige. She tackles Paige out of the ring and attacks. Paige throws Becky face first into the steel stairs. In the ring Banks hits the knees to the ribs of Brie Bella. Sasha slaps Brie and tries to pin but gets 2. Brie trips Sasha into the ropes. Brie throws Sasha into the corner and hits a running bulldog. 2 count. Brie misses a missile dropkick on Sasha. We head to break.

As we return Brie is hitting the Yes kicks on Sasha then Becky, but Paige rolls her up for 2! Brie then does the Yes kicks on Paige. Becky breaks up a pinfall attempt, Brie hits a facebuster on Becky. Paige throws Becky out of the ring. Paige throws Brie into the corner and hits the high knee. Brie gets grabbed from behind by Sasha, they battle it out on the top turnbuckle. Paige runs up then Becky, it becomes a Double powerbomb by Becky, and Brie and Paige hit a double Superplex on Sasha. This is awesome chants! Brie and Becky exchange right hands. Becky hits a clothesline on Paige and Brie. T-Bone on Paige from Becky, then one on Brie. Disarmer on Brie! Banks breaks it up. Sasha throws Brie out of the ring. Becky rolls up Sasha for 2. Uppercuts by Becky on Sasha. Neckbreaker by Sasha. Bankstatement on Becky! Paige breaks it up then throws Sasha into the steel lost. Rampaige on Becky Lynch for the win!

Winner: Paige

Byron- Paige you must be feeling really good right now?

Paige- Oh you like that? Brie, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch are losers and if you cheered them you're a loser, too. Don't like that either. When I take on Charlotte if you cheer her you'll be losers too. Guess what Denver! This is my house!!

Renee is backstage with Charlotte

Renee- We now know who you'll be facing, the woman who attacked you and Becky Lynch...Paige.

Charlotte- I'm glad that she won, it's obvious she'll do anything to win, but so will I. It's rotten what she did last week, but it's important to know your opponent. Earlier tonight she called me Flair baby girl, please Paige keep beating the same drum. Anyone who wants to say I'm here becomes I'm Ric Flair's daughter I fight that much harder. She made this about our honor, so she's going to learn why I earned this championship.


Woods- You know we're gonna talk so just shhhhhhhh. Who better to be in a 5 man Survivor Series match than the New Day. When you really break it down and really think about it we're the true definition of a survivor.

Big E- Xavier Woods survived a disgusting attack by the Dudley Boyz. At Hell in a Cell we survived a match with them.

Kofi- What is the New Day's favorite band

All- Survivor

Big E- What's the New Day's favorite reality show

All- Survivor

Woods- What is the New Day's favorite Destiny's Child song?

All- Survivor

Kofi- What is New Day's favorite book?

All- Lone Survivor

Big E- What is New Day's favorite movie?

Woods- Also, Lone Survivor. Technically the last unicorn but moving on. Tonight we're going to lead Team Rollins to victory because New Day...rock. New Day Rocks.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match- Team Rollins: Seth Rollins, New Day, and Kevin Owens vs. Team Reigns: Roman Reigns, The Usos (!!), Ryback, and Dean Ambrose

Woods and Jimmy Uso start things off and Woods runs right into a superkick. Tag to Jay who hits the flying splash and pins Woods.

Xavier Woods gets eliminated

We head to break.

We return and Rollins is in control of Jay. Tag to Kofi who stomps Jay. Rotating stomp and tag that they've nicknamed the Unicorn Stampede. Owens tags in and Big E launches him into the cannonball. Owens stomps Jay then locks a headlock in. Tag to Kofi. Kofi kicks the face of Jay and then gets 2. Kofi slides out of the ring and pulls Jay down. Tag to Jimmy! Jimmy takes Kofi down and knocks some of Team Rollins down. Samoan drop by Jimmy. Uso booty slam by Jimmy. Team Uso go Uso crazy over the top rope on New Day ! Jimmy with a Frog splash on Kofi.

Kofi Kingston gets eliminated

Big E attacks but Jimmy gets blind tagged and Jay goes on the attack but gets caught in the Big Ending and gets pinned.

Jay Uso gets eliminated

Jimmy gets back in and slides out of a Big Ending and hits a super kick. Jimmy tries to run and flip over the top but Owens runs in having made a blind tag and Jimmy runs into a Pop Up Powerbomb and gets pinned.

Jimmy Uso gets eliminated

Reigns is in and attacks Owens. Owens eats a clothesline and kicks from Reigns. Neckbreaker and a suplex from a fired up Reigns. Big Boot from Reigns. Rollins runs in but Reigns blasts him with a right hand and Ambrose runs in to clothesline Rollins out of the ring. Ambrose with a suicide dive on Rollins! Ambrose gets blasted by a huge clothesline from Big E on the outside, but the E gets blasted by one from Ryback! In the ring Reigns hits a Samoan drop on Owens. Reigns loads the Superman Punch but Rollins causes a distraction and Reigns turns into a Superkick from Owens. We head to break.

We return to Big E planting Reigns and tagging Rollins. Rollins attacks and stomps Reigns. Rollins is talking trash when Reigns pops up and hits a huge right! Rollins recovers and hits a DDT. Rollins throws on a headlock. Roman fights out but Seth hits a reversal to plant Reigns again. Tag to Kevin Owens. Owens hits a clothesline and the running senton. Stomps by Owens then tags Rollins. Double Suplex by Owens and Rollins on Reigns. Rollins hits a running forearm in the corner. Rollins talks more trash and slaps Reigns but it just seems to pissed Roman off. Roman with right hands, but Seth with a kick to the gut. Reigns launches Rollins over the top rope! Seth gets back in and tags Big E but Ryback tags in! Ryback with a clothesline and a shoulder tackle! Spinebuster on Rollins! Big E comes out of the corner and hits a big clothesline! Ryback recovers with a Meat Hook! Goes for the pin but Owens breaks it up with a running senton! Ambrose off the top rope hits a missile dropkick on Owens! Ambrose with a suicide dive on Owens, Owens catches him but Ambrose hits the lunatic clothesline! Rollins throws Ambrose into the stairs. In the ring Big E hits the belly to belly on Ryback, pin but only 2. Big E tries the Big Ending but it gets reversed into the Shellshocked!

Big E gets eliminated

Rollins runs in and hits the pedigree on Ryback!

Ryback gets eliminated

Rollins knocks Reigns off the ring to stop him from getting in and instead has Owens throw Ambrose into the ringside and then into the match. Ambrose tries to fight off Rollins and tag Reigns. Rollins runs over and knocks Reigns down. Ambrose with chops and right hands! Ambrose with the running forearm then bulldog! Ambrose to the top rope and hits the flying elbow on Rollins! 2 count. Ambrose stops Owens from getting in the ring but Rollins hits a kick to the back of the head of Rollins. Reigns runs in to break up the pin. Rollins hits Ambrose in the back of the head and tags Owens. Owens with a gutbuster to Ambrose. Owens blasts Dean in the head with right hands on the mat. Owens blasts Ambrose more with forearms to the face. Tag to Rollins as Owens holds Ambrose and lets Rollins hit the knee to the face from the top rope. 2 count. Tag to Owens. More forearms to the face but Dean starts swinging back! Ambrose with chops and punches but Owens hits the Superkick. Rollins tries the knee again but this time he hits Owens by mistake! Dean throws Rollins out of the ring and hits Dirty Deeds on Owens!

Kevin Owens gets eliminated

Rollins looks shocked on the outside. It's all 3 members of the Shield left. Tag to Roman Reigns. Rollins tries to run but Ambrose won't let it happen, he rolls him back in. Clothesline by Reigns. Rollins runs again but Reigns catches him and bounces him around the outside stairs then announce table. Drive by on the announce table! Roman brings him in the ring ring and hits the 10 corner clotheslines. Tag to Ambrose and Seth is up on Reigns shoulders. Rollins fights out and tries to run again but Ambrose goes to get him again, this time Seth grabs a chair and blasts Ambrose and Reigns.

Seth Rollins is eliminated

Rollins throws Ambrose over the barricade on the outside. Rollins blasts Reigns in the back with the chair. Seth goes to blast Reigns but Roman hits a Superman Punch and Rollins retreats with his championship in hand.

Winners: Team Reigns- Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, The Usos and Ryback

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