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Monday Night Raw Results (11/9/15) - The Brothers Of Destruction Return!

WWE Raw Results (11-9-15)
Monday, November 9th, 2015
From Manchester Arena in Manchester, England
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello everyone and welcome back to Monday Night Raw! I know this week Raw is taped because they're in England. Personally I haven't read the spoilers, this isn't technically a spoiler free zone so if you wanna talk about things in the comments you can, but just be aware of others. Also to my video game fans, happy last few hours of freedom before Fallout 4 consumes your soul! Question of the Week: Who should fight for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series?

WWE Raw Results

Triple H starts off the show and the announcers talk about Seth Rollins injury.

HHH- I want to take a moment to acknowledge a great champion, the man Seth Rollins. See when Steph and I chose Seth Rollins we had high hopes for what that would be and Seth Rollins surpassed those expectations. That's right Thank You Seth Rollins! Every obstacle, every opponent Seth made his way through and retained the WWE Championship. But on his way to becoming the greatest champion of all time, Seth Rollins blew out his knee. While Seth Rollins is still the man, he his no longer WWE Champion. This creates an opportunity for someone to step up. A few weeks ago we determined a new #1 contender to face Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series, I'd like to bring that man out now. Roman Reigns!

Roman makes his way though the crowd as usual.

HHH- As of this moment Seth Rollins isn't champion and there is a tournament starting tonight to determine the new WWE Champion. To me it seems unfair that Seth Rollins is no longer champion and it seems unfair that while you earned the right to be #1 contender it seems unfair that you go right back to the bottom of the pile and have to earn your way back up in this tournament. In reality it doesn't have to be that way, it could be easier. It could be that these guys battle it out for the right to face YOU at Survivor Series. That in my opinion seems more for, and before you say anything I want to tell you something I've never told you before. The reality is back before we made Seth Rollins the future of the WWE we strongly considered you first, and I mean STRONGLY. All that time when Evolution was facing the Shield, I was scouting. You have all the tools, the strength, the speed, the athleticism except for one thing, one thing Seth Rollins had, and that's the willingness to do what it takes to be the man. That's why Seth Rollins was WWE Champion and you were not. How did it feel to win the Royal Rumble, beating 29 other men, coming so close to beating Brock Lesnar, and having Seth Rollins come in and steal it away from you? Could you have beaten Brock Lesnar? Maybe. Could you have fought and kept your championship? We'll never know because Seth Rollins was willing to do ANYTHING to become and stay WWE Champion. And now here you are all these months later and you still have all of that, all those positives and nothing to show for it. You have dug and scratched to earn your way back to this title and you've hit wall after wall after wall, and I can make those walls go away. I'm not asking you to do anything you haven't already done, you've earned your spot. I'm asking if you wanna be the man, because if you do all you have to do is be MY man.

Roman- So you're gonna give me everything I've already earned and all I have to do is sell out?

HHH- Sell out, that's a funny thing. Selling out is what people who didn't succeed say to justify how others got ahead of them. Sellout is a word THEY chant because they will never be what you are. Don't let some misguided morals ruin your shot for you. You think they're not going to criticize what you do, I don't care how you do it. You don't want to get criticized then do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing. You want THIS title, then realize you're not going to be liked by everyone all the time. Understand what I am offering you. This is everything you've ever wanted since you were a boy. You wanted to say I'm the man, you wanted everything that comes with it. You don't want to die and have it say "yeah but everyone liked me." I'm offering you an opportunity for you and everything you hold dear, your family. Setting up your daughters daughters. All you have to do is be my man.

Roman- Everything I've gotten I've EARNED. Every chance I've had I fought for it. I've never gotten a hand out and no one can ever take that away from me. But it ain't going down tonight you can take your offer and shove it.

HHH- Thank you, thank you for reminding me why I didn't chose you in the first place. Welcome to the back of the line. Don't go anywhere your match is right now.

Roman Reigns vs. Big Show WWE Championship Tournament

We return from break to find Big Show in control of Roman Reigns. Big Show gets shoved face first into the steel post. Big Show throws Roman Reigns into the ring. Reigns hammers Show as he enters the ring. Reigns jumps at Show from the middle rope but gets swatted down. Big Show throws Reigns into the corner roughly. Big Show hits Reigns with a big boot and a big splash. Big Show throws Reigns out of the ring. Show rolls Roman back in the ring. Reigns tries to fight back with right hands but fails to lift him up, Big Show hits a slam on Roman Reigns.

We return and Reigns is fighting back with right hands but gets caught in a bear hug by Big Show. Reigns fights out and hits the Samoan Drop! Big Show rolls out of the ring. Roman kicks Big Show in the side of the head from the apron but Big Show swats him with his huge hands. Roman gets Show in the corner and hits the 10 corner clotheslines. Reigns hits a drive by on Big Show and lines up the Superman Punch but gets caught in the chokeslam! 2 count only! Show signals the KO Punch but Reigns pops up and hits the Superman Punch and the spear for the win!

Winner: Roman Reigns advances

Kevin Owens- Thanks for cutting my music, if you wanna hear it that bad buy it on iTunes and put some cash in my pockets. And yes I have pockets in my ring gear, that's how great I am. You know change is exactly what WWE needs right now, because the WWE Universe has been cheering for the same garbage for years. Not you guys, the British fans are better than that. You guys consider yourself the smartest fans in world right? You're probably the dumbest. You worship the Queen of England and the Royal family as if it matters. That's the dumbest thing I've seen in my life and I've seen some pretty dumb stuff. Now this change I'm going to bring make no mistake it's not for any of you or WWE Universe fans, this change is to benefit me and me only, because I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm a prize fighter and when I stand in this ring has both Intercontinental and WWE Champion no one will be able to deny that this is truly the Kevin Owens show.

Kevin Owens vs. Titus O'Neil WWE Championship Tournament Match

They lock up and Titus gets Owens in the corner and hammers away at Owens. Kevin fights back but eats a big boot from Titus. We head to break as Owens rolls out.

We return and Kevin has Titus in a headlock. Titus fights out with elbows but Owens hits a Superkick and then hits the running Senton. 2 count. In the corner Owens talks trash and hits a chop, then another, he tries for 3 but O'Neil catches it and hammers away. Kevin runs into a shoulder tackle. Titus follows it up with a slam. Big splash from Titus in the corner. Titus tries it again but Owens rolls away to avoid it. Titus with an interesting slam on KO. Owens hits the Pop Up Powerbomb out of nowhere! 1-2-3.

Winner: Kevin Owens advances

Renee Young is backstage with Paige.

Paige- Thank you Renee for recognizing my accomplishments. I can't wait to hear the incredible investigative journalism you have for me this week! Go on!

Renee- Alright tonight you're facing your former teammate Becky Lynch who you proved right by turning on her. Are you worried you awakened a dragon in Becky?

Paige- A dragon, right. No to me she's more like a rat. You're know what's better than beating 3 Divas to become #1 contender? Going through Becky to do it. I'm going to take the B out of the equation and I'll be facing that C at Survivor Series.

Becky Lynch vs. Paige

They lock up and topple through the ropes as they attack each other. Both ladies get back in the ring still grappling. Forearms by Paige, but Becky hits one as well. Paige uses the ropes to her advantage to break things up. Arm submission by Becky. Paige slams Becky's head into the mat and hits a headbutt. Paige chokes Becky with the ropes and her knee. Paige hangs Becky in the tree of woe and then gets out behind Becky and pulls her arms backwards. Paige hits an abdominal stretch, but Becky reverses it. Paige turns it into a hip toss but Becky hits a clothesline and dropkick. 2 count. Paige hits the high knee and then follows up with a running knee on a sitting Becky. Becky hits the T-Bone suplex. 2 count. Running leg drop by Becky, she tries for a second one but runs into a kick to the face from Paige. Becky hits a springboard kick but gets caught in the RamPaige. Paige tries for the pin but Becky is under the ropes. Paige tries to get Becky in the PTO but Becky gets to the ropes before it's locked in. Paige rolls up Becky and grabs the tights but Becky rolls it through and pulls the tights of Paige! Becky gets the win!

Winner: Becky Lynch

Paige attacks Becky as soon as the pin is done. She takes her out to the announce table and locks the PTO in on the table. Charlotte runs out to make the save.

Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler in a WWE Tournament Match

Shoulder tackle by Miz tos tart things off followed by the neckbreaker. Miz tries for the SCF but Ziggler fights out of it and throws Miz off. Miz rolls out but Ziggler chases it. Ziggler tries for a splash but Miz moves. Miz attacks the leg of Ziggler. Miz continues to focus on the leg of Dolph. Miz tries for the Figure 4 but Ziggler fights out of it. Ziggler rolls Miz up but it's 2. Miz tries for the corner clothesline but Ziggler moves. Splash by Ziggler. Dolph tries the spike DDT but Miz throws him off and Dolph lands on his bad knee. Miz tries the Figure 4 and manages to lock it in after Ziggler fought it off. Ziggler makes it to the ropes but it took him a while to get there. Miz attacks Ziggler immediately after but Ziggler hits a Superkick out of nowhere! It gets him the pinfall!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler advances

Zeb Colter- Cut the music, I don't think I need to introduce myself. In MexAmerica we believe Mexico and America should combine to become one great nation. We would ask England to join us if you weren't so despised around the world. What was that rumble? Some hate? Haters out there? I know what you're moaning and groaning about. You're craving leadership from MexAmerica. Let's face some hard truths England, Germany is already telling you what to do. You're complaining about refugees coming across your borders, and even Scotland doesn't want anything to do with you. And I've seen this before, it usually ends in a disaster, it wouldn't surprise me to see on the news that Vladimir Putin was calling the shots here. It wasn't long ago that the women here weren't shaving their armpits. Right Alberto?

ADR- Exactly Zeb. And don't forget to mention this place is populated by haters. You, you, all of you ignorant and haters.

Zeb Colter- You know I came out here tonight, I didn't want to talk to subspecies because they'd fail to take advantage of a great opportunity. Triple H offered us a great opportunity, on Smackdown the WWE Championship tournament continues and Alberto Del Rio will steamroll through it.

ADR- Viva la MexAmeria.

Naomi vs. Natalya

Naomi slaps Natty and then throws her out of the ring. Naomi gets pulled off the apron and thrown back in the ring. Sasha pushes Natty into the ring post when the ref isn't looking. Naomi rolls her back in the ring. Headlock on Natalya by Naomi. Natty hits a big clothesline! Naomi tries a roll up but it doesn't work. Natty tries the sharpshooter but it's countered. Naomi tries to hit the Rear End, but Natty doesn't walk into it. Natty pushes Naomi into Tamina who jumped up on the ringside, and rolls her up for the win!

Winner: Natalya

After the match Team BAD attacks Natty and Sasha puts her in the Banks Statement.

Sheamus w/ Wade Barrett vs. Cesaro WWE Championship Tournament match

Lock up to start things off and Cesaro seems to win the test of strength. Sheamus gets behind Cesaro and turns it into an arm twist and pushes down on the arm. Cesaro flips out of it and drags Sheamus and pins him for 2. Sheamus rolls out to catch his breath. Sheamus kicks Cesaro in the gut and does a headlock takedown. Cesaro nails Sheamus with a huge clothesline. Sheamus tries for the springboard shoulder tackle but Cesaro hits an uppercut to stop him! Uppercut by Cesaro but Sheamus counters with the Irish Curse backbreaker and 10 beats of the Bodhran. We head to break.

We return and Cesaro gets slammed hard by Sheamus. Cesaro fights out of a headlock and goes to the top rope but Sheamus knocks him down onto the Royal Jewels (get it? England pun) Sheamus slams Cesaro down off the top rop and gets a 2 count. Sheamus talks trash and slaps Cesaro but that pisses Cesaro off. Cesaro slaps back and counters the Irish Curse and hits a huge slam on Sheamus! Cesaro tries for the swing bu Sheamus makes it to the ropes. Big Boot by Cesaro. Cesaro tries for a suplex but Sheamus counters and ends up suplexing both men outside the ring. Cesaro seems to hurt his elbow, but both men get back in the ring. Sheamus connects with White Noise but Cesaro kicks out at 2! Cesaro counters the Brogue Kick into the Sharpshooter but Sheamus makes it to the ropes. Both men exchange uppercuts. Cesaro starts the uppercut train. Cesaro puts Sheamus on the top rope and dropkicks him off it to the outside! Cesaro uppercuts Sheamus into the timekeeper area. Wade Barrett distracts Cesaro and Sheamus blasts Cesaro from behind. Sheamus is distracted from Wade Barrett talking trash to Wayne Rooney on the outside. Cesaro hits a huge uppercut and picks up the win with a roll up!

Winner: Cesaro Advances!

Renee is backstage with Tyler Breeze.

Renee- Tyler you just recently debuted and now you've got a chance to become WWE Champion if you can win just 4 matches? How does it feel to have such a unique debut?

Tyler- Renee the world is an ugly place, obviously, but thanks to super good looking people like me give the world hope. Tonight I'll beat Dean Ambrose and send him back to the dump where he found his horrible outfit.

Summer- Have you seen Dean Ambrose? His sweaty dirty clothes, he would be a disgrace to the WWE Championship, but my Tyler Breeze would be a blessing.

Tyler- Renee look at....back up....look at this face! At Survivor Series you're looking at the new face of the WWE.

Dean Ambrose vs. Tyler Breeze in a WWE Tournament Match

Ambrose and Breeze lokc up and Ambrose gets a headlock in, but Breeze shakes him off. Breeze goes to the ropes to get Ambrose off him. Breeze with knees to the gut of Dean, but Dean comes back with a big clothesline and then a clothesline out of the ring. Ambrose goes for the suicide dive but Breeze pulls Summer in the way and moves, stopping Ambrose from jumping. Breeze runs in and gets clotheslined right back out and Ambrose hits the suicide dive this time! We head to break.

We return and Breeze hits a crossbody off the top but Ambrose rolls through for a 2 count. Superkick from Breeze! 2 count. Breeze stomps Ambrose in the corner. Tyler throws Dean out of the ring and then whips him into the barricade. Breeze talks trash on Ambrose and then blasts him in the head. Ambrose hits him with jabs and chops then some forearms. Clothesline in the corner by Ambrose and a roll up, they reverse back and forth with pins. Breeze uses the ropes in his pin but Ambrose rolls out. Ambrose hits the lunatic clothesline and blasts Breeze. Ambrose with a dropkick from the top rope. Ambrose seems to have hurt his shoulder or arm. Breeze throws Ambrose into the steel post 3 times. Breeze with a modified back stabber and then follows in with an arm bar. Ambrose makes it to the ropes with his foot. Breeze stomps away at Ambrose. Ambrose manages to flip Breeze out of the ring. Breeze gets back in the ring and Ambrose rolls up Breeze for the win!

Winner: Dean Ambrose Advances

Kofi- We know we know.

Xavier Woods- Shhhhhhhhh

Kofi- So you mean to tell me, that there's a 16 man tournament to determine the next WWE Champion and all the members of the New Day were left out.

Big E- This is outragious!

Xavier- Even know we've overcome every single obstacle placed in front of us to stay your WWE Tag Team Champions.

Kofi- And the powers that be want to treat us like outcasts!

Xavier- We get it we get it.

Big E- You see, yall must have forgot, it wasn't so long ago that we laid out, laid out! Dolph Ziggler, and who can forget our childhood favorites the Dudley Boyz, not to mention the golden boy John Cena! We really out did ourselves that time.

Xavier Woods- Guys in all seriousness, this match is for our fallen captain, Seth Rollins. Everyone put on your horns to your heads to send Seth the Unicorn Magic he needs. Even though you don't have to because everyone knows European Magic sucks.

Kofi- And Harry Potter sucks.

New Day vs. Neville and The Usos

Jimmy Uso almost hits a superkick on Woods to start. Tag to Kofi who gets a kick to the back of the head from Jimmy as we head to break. The New does their stomp and tag which they call the Unicorn Stampede. Kofi and Jimmy exchange right hands. Kofi locks in an arm submission on Uso and slams his head to the mat, then tags Big E who hits a HUUGGE jumping splash. Jimmy tries for a spinning kick but E ducks it and Uso lands flat. Big E knocks Jay off the side, but he turns around into a Samoan drop! Hot tag made to Neville and Woods. Neville with a forearm and dropkick, then several more kicks. Neville to the top rope, springboard missile dropkick! Standing shooting star press! Kofi and Big E run in but the Usos run in and hit a double Superkick! Double suicide dive! Neville dropkicks Woods into the pile of men. Neville to the top rope! Spinning press to the pile of guys! Neville rolls Woods back in and goes to the top rope. On the outside Superkick from Jimmy to Kofi, then clothesline from Big E to Jimmy. Neville has to abandon the top rope but he takes Woods down and lines up the Red Arrow. Kofi slides the trombone in the ring and the ref has to go get it. Big E knocks Neville off the top and Xavier puts his feet on the rope and pins Neville for the win.

Winners: New Day


Bray Wyatt makes his way to the ring.

Bray- Change isn't easy. But it is inevitable, it's part of life. And how you deal with change will tell you who you truly are. So I say, tonight we celebrate change. Tonight, we celebrate the spirits of Kane and The Undertaker. For over two decades they have been the benchmark of power. The earth shook at their feet, they and they alone control the light and darkness and reign supreme. So what I'd like to do right now is for everyone here and at home, bow your heads and pay your respects to the icons that are Kane and the Undertaker. HAHAHAHA Fools! You are all fools! We will no longer pay respects to these relects because they're respect is now my respect! There was no passing of the torch! I took that torch and used it to burn Kane and Undertaker straight into ashes! And it all belongs to me now. Everything belongs to me now! As their bodies rot, mine grows stronger! Right now there power is pulsating through my veins. Now I summon the lightning and thunder! The Demons march to Bray Wyatts command. There is no more time for salvation, look to the sky and take solace in knowing this will be over soon. The Apocalypse is here. FOLLOW-- Footage of the Brothers of Destruction appear on the screen--

Undertaker voice- REST IN PEEEAACCEEEEE *lightning hits the posts*


Kane and The Undertaker appear and make their way down to the ring! They get in the ring and stare down Bray.


The rest of the Wyatt Family appear surrounding the ring. Kane and Undertaker clear out Harper and Rowan. Stowman gets in the ring and takes off his mask. Harper and Rowan back in and get a double chokeslam. Stowman knocks down both Brothers, but they sit up! They take Braun out of the ring. They attack Bray, then go back to Braun on the outside and send him over the announce table. They turn their attention back to Bray in the ring and hit a double chokeslam on Wyatt! Undertaker and Kane make their way up the ramp and both men raise their fist.

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