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Monday Night Raw Results (11/16/15) - And Then There Were Four

WWE Raw Results (11-16-15)
Monday, November 16th, 2015
From the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello everyone and welcome back! This week we'll see the semi-finals of the WWE World Heavyweight championship tournament! That leads me to the Question of the Week: Who would you LIKE to see win the WWE WHC Tournament.

WWE Raw Results

Raw starts with a moment of silence for the victims of the attacks in Paris.

The show kicks off with druids coming to the ring and then GONG! Undertaker and Kane make their way out.

Undertaker- Standing before you is the true army of darkness. And on the horizon vengeance awaits the Wyatt Family. The Wyatt Family took our bodies and tried to claim our souls but there is no one, no man, living or dead that can tame the power of the dark side.

Kane- When you try to control the flames of Hell, you're bound to get burned. At Survivor Series we have reserved a special place for the Wyatt Family in the deepest pit of Hell. A place where they will suffer in eternal damnation..

Undertaker- Bray Wyatt your kind of evil is no match for ours. Our evil has been time tested over and over again. So this is what's going to happen, Bray Wyatt choose whichever two members you wish to sacrifice. They will never Rest In Peace.


The Wyatt Family emerges from the back. Bray sits in a rocker at the top of the stage surrounded by his family.

Bray- For 25 years, you have reigned over the WWE. An empire built and molded by darkness. For 25 years you have instilled fear. I say 25 years is long enough, I say that it is time for a new army of darkness, my army. The Brothers of Destruction are no longer fates master. You no longer make the wolves howl or make the lightning crash. Those are reserved for me. I am the face of fear, I am it's master. After Survivor Series you'll only be remembered as the brothers I destroyed. I am the one! I am Bray Wyatt! *thunder* As for your creatures of the night, they are mine.

DEH!!!! The druids are all wearing sheep masks now and they attack The Brothers of Destruction but are all quickly taken out and the last two are simultaneously chokeslammed. They wave on the Wyatts, but Bray stops them.

Bray- Wait! Our date with destiny is set. Until then...FOLLOW THE BUZZARDS!

Neville vs. Kevin Owens in a WWEWHC Championship Tournament Match

They lock up and Owens shoves Neville. Neville with a quick roll up but only 2. Neville gets Owens in the corner but the ref breaks it up. Owens with a headlock. Shoulder tackle by Owens but Owens with a hurricarana. Neville sets Owens up for the Red Arrow but Kevin rolls out. Moonsault instead on Kevin on the outside. 2 count back in the ring. We head to break.

We return to Owens hitting a nasty clothesline on Neville and a headlock is locked in. Neville fights out and gets a foot up in the corner to shake Owens. Chops by Neville and a kick to the gut and chest. Owens tries to send Neville to the outside, but Neville lands on the apron, only to get Superkicked by KO! Neville drops to the for and Neville makes it in at 9. Owens hits the running senton on Neville and gets 2. Owens tries for the cannonball but Neville pops up and hits a german suplex! Neville hits the Red Arrow fast but only gets a 2 count!! Neville goes to the top again but Owens jumps up, a kick to the head by Neville and Neville goes to the top again. KO knock him down and Owens sends him up for the Pop Up Powerbomb but Neville leaps it and hits a superkick then a SICK reverse frankenstiener that plants Owens on his head. Neville tries for the Red Arrow again but Owens moves and Neville lands on his feet. Neville turns into a Pop Up Powerbomb and KO takes the win.

Winner: Kevin Owens advances

Backstage Owens is talking to Triple H and they shake hands.

Tyler Breeze w/ Summer Rae vs. R-Truth

The lock up and move into the corner and the ref breaks it up. Tyler complains to the ref about his face. Truth with a slam and some dance moves. Leg drop by Truth and a 2 count. Breeze with a knee to the gut and misses a punch and Turth shakes his groin at him and a hip toss. Summer puts chap stick on Breeze. Breeze attacks the knee of R-Truth and then stomps the body of Truth. Breeze with a half crab submission. Truth makes it to the ropes. Truth with a clothesline and facebuster. Truth connects with the scissors kick but only gets 2! Breeze counters a suplex and connects with the Beauty Shot and gets the win!

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose in a WWEWHC Tournament Match

These guys lock up to start and Ambrose gets Ziggler intoa bridge but Ziggler fights back and does the same to Dean. Dean hops up and returns the favor again. Headlock take down by Ambrose. Roll up reversal by Ziggler for 2. Ziggler tries for the superkick but doesn't connect. Dean clotheslines Ziggler out of the ring and then tries the suicide dive but Ziggler moves and Dean catches the ropes to lower himself down safely. Back in the ring Ziggler puts Ambrose in a modified surfboard submission but Dean breaks out. Dolph with a dropkick. Ziggler walks into a backbreaker by Ambrose. Ambrose stomps the back of Dolph. Ambrose with a half boston crab. Ambrose with an elbow from the top but Ziggler rolls through for a 2 count! Sleeper hold by Ziggler but Ambrose makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Ziggler and Ambrose exchange pinfall attemps. Double crossbody that knocks both men down. Dean goes to the top but Dolph jumps up to pull him down. Dean holds on to the rope to avoid it. Both men headbutt each other and end up falling off the top to the outside. We head to break.

We return and Ambrose connects with a suicide dive. Back in the ring Ziggler hits the Superkick but Ambrose turns it into the lunatic clothesline. Ziggler hits the big splash and tries the neckbreaker but Ambrose turns it into a pin for 2. Ziggler with a jumping DDT and only gets 2. Ziggler tunes up the band! But Ambrose catches it and rolls him up for 2. Ziggler with the sleeper but Ambrose reverses and locks in his own sleeper. Ambrose connects with a big clothesline! Ambrose goes to the top but Dolph runs up and plants the facebuster from the top! Dolph seems to have tweeked his knee on the landing and it lets Ambrose roll out to avoid being pinned. Dolph rolls him in and connects with a Superkick! Only a 2 count! Ambrose and Ziggler throw right hands at each other until Dean goes into chop and jab mode. Ziggler with a headbutt! Ambrose rolls Ziggler into Dirty Deeds and connects for the win!

Winner: Dean Ambrose advances

Ambrose- If I win the WWE Championship at Survivor Series I'm going to turn this place upside down. No more suits, more action, less talking, more pyro, breakfast for dinner! Michael Cole in a fishtank! Break all the rules! I'm turning this whole place into the Ambrose Asylum!


Xavier Woods- For some strange reason the only anniversary people are talking about is 25 years of the Undertaker. I mean I'm 29. You should be talking about the debut of the greatest tag team in history...

Big E- You should be celebrating the debut of The Neeeew Daaaay!!

Big E- Do we get an invite to the Tonight Show like Undertaker?

All- OH NO

Woods- Do we get interviewed by ESPN like the Usos?


Kofi- Guys guys guys, speaking of the Usos, remember what happened last time they tried to step to the New Day? Jay had a little accident.

Woods- And Ryback, if he thinks he can team---

Big E- Hold up, stay positive. My grandpappy had a saying when life gives you booty, make bootyade!

All- Because...New Day Rocks

New Day vs. The Usos and Ryback

Jimmy and Woods start things off with a lock up. They dodge each other and it ends with a stiff right from Jimmy. Tag to Jay who runs in and leaps over the top rope to take out Big E and Woods. The ref gets distracted and New Day uses it to attack Jay. Unicorn stampede by New Day. Kofi locks in a headlock on Jay. Drop kick by Kofi to stop Jay from making a tag. Tag to Big E who hits a huge splash! Abdominal stretch by Big E. Tag to Kofi who hits a stomp from the middle ropes. Jay tries to fight to his corner but Kofi subdues him. Jay makes the tag to Ryback but the reff isn't looking and doesn't count. Tag to Big E who dances to taunt Ryback. Jay pops up and hits a big right hand but Big E stops the tag attempt. Ryback has had enough after another taunt and runs in to attack New Day. The ref tries to stop him but Ryback throws the ref out of the way and continues to attack. It leads to a DQ for his team. Ryback hits the Meathook on Big E, The Usos hit a double superkick on Woods, and Ryback hits a gorilla press on Kofi Kingston.

Winners: New Day by DQ

Backstage Triple H approaches Cesaro.

Cesaro- If you're going to tell me what you told Kevin Owens, you can save your breath.

HHH- Come on you know better than that, I'm talking to everyone here, not just Kevin Owens. I want to make sure you understand what's at stake, this is the WWE championship. You're right there, you've always been close, but now you're right there. I'm not just blowing smoke. You got everything it takes, very few guys can do what you do in that right. You know that, I know that. I just think you need that little bit of extra. This might just be the time for you to grab that brass ring, to prove to the word that you're the man. Know what I mean?

Cesaro- Thank you, I appreciate that.

HHH- I'll be watching tonight. I'll be watching you with Roman Reigns, I'll be sitting in my own personal Cesaro section. Take the extra step, do anything and maybe it's time for Cesaro to be the man...know what I'm sayin? Good luck.

Roman Reigns comes to the ring.

Roman-Is the Roman Empire in the house tonight?! It has been a wild ride to get to Sunday. The night after Hell in a Cell I earned the right to fight Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series but we hit a big bump in the road because Seth is unable to compete due to injury. So Triple H had to create a tournament to crown a new champion. Triple H says he can put me in the finals just like that. All I had to do was join the Authority, I thought about it long and hard but I had a huge problem...I don't sell out. I never have and I never will so this road is going to get rougher. I'm going to have to go through Cesaro, Kalisto, Kevin Owens, Alberto Del Rio, even my boy Dean Ambrose. But this ride ends with me as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion! And you can believe that!

Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro

Roman and Cesaro lock up and test each others strength. Cesaro goes for the uppercut but then instead taps Roman on the chest, mind games by the Swiss Superman. Cesaro gets behind Roman but Roman locks in a headlock. Cesaro reverses it and gets a headlock of his own. Cesaro gets whipped against the ropes and he flips over them. Cesaro goes to the top and when Reigns charges at him he does a cartwheel on the ropes! Roll up by Cesaro off of a Sunset Flip. Side headlock takedown by Cesaro. Cesaro with a gutwrench suplex. Cesaro tries a suplex but Reigns counters. Reigns tries the suplex but Cesaro counters. Reigns hits a tilt-a-whirl slam and gets 2. Reigns slams Cesaro into the corner. Cesaro hits the springboard rotating uppercut! Cesaro goes for the swing but Reigns fights out of it. Reigns gets sent shoulder first into the post and then Cesaro dropkicks him into it harder. Reigns goes to the outside and Cesaro comes charging with an uppercut. We head to break.

We return and Cesaro side steps a tackle and sends Roman to the floor. Cesaro tries for the running uppercut on the outside again but this time Reigns catches him with the big boot. Ref gets to 8 before the get back in the ring. Reigns with several strong kicks to Cesaro and a BIG clothesline. It seems to have hurt the shoulder of Reigns. Cesaro with the Uppercut Train but Reigns fights back and puts Cesaro in the corner for the 10 clotheslines but Reigns can't do it with his hurt arm. Reigns with a modified German Suplex on Cesaro. Reigns tries for the drive by but Cesaro ducks it and turns it into the Cesaro Swing into the Sharpshooter! Reigns tries to power out but Cesaro turns it into a crossface! Reigns tries to roll but Cesaro keeps it locked in! Reigns starts to fade but Reigns stands up and turns it into a Samoan drop! Cesaro gets sent to the outside and his bad elbow hits the ring side on the way down. Reigns runs out and hits the drive by on Cesaro as he's getting in the ring. Reigns with the leaping clothesline. Reigns with the 10 corner clotheslines but Cesaro blocks the 10th. Cesaro gets powerbombed by Reigns for 2. Reigns signals for the Superman Punch but Cesaro pops Reigns up and hits a HUGE Uppercut. Only gets 2! Reigns on the top rope but Cesaro dropkicks him down! Cesaro gets on the middle turnbuckle and tries to suplex Roman in but Reigns fights out and hits the Superman Punch! Reigns tries the spear but Cesaro counters with Uppercut! Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer but Roman flips him! Cesaro lands on his feet but Reigns hits the Superman Punch and the spear! Roman get the pinfall.

Winner: Roman Reigns advances

The Ascension vs. The Dudley Boyz

Victor and Bubba Ray start things off. Headlock by Victor but Bubba turns it into a suplex. Clothesline by Bubba and then a big boot. Hard right hand by Bubba and then a second. Tag to Connor that Bubba doesn't see so he gets blindsided by a big kick to the head. Tag to Victor. Connor gets whipped into Bubba. Bubba tries to fight off Victor but the tag is made to Connor. Connor hammers away at Bubba but after he talks trash to D-Von, walks into a press by Bubba. Tag to D-Von and Victor. D-Von with the shoulder tackle and knocks Connor off the sdie. Big Splash and another shoulder tackle by D-Von. D-Von clotheslines Connor out of the ring and then Bubba and D-Von hit the 3D for the win.

Winners: The Dudley Boyz

Backstage Renee catches up with Alberto Del Rio.

Renee- Alberto, up next you're facing off against Kalisto who on Smackdown surprised Ryback with a victory--

Zeb- Hold on their, why don't you drop the microphone down lower because I'm the spokesperson for Alberto Del Rio and the nation of MexAmerica. You know how we keep our citizens happy? There is no crime and there are no taxes. If you earn it, you keep it. Like Alberto earned the MexAmerican Championship.

Triple H- *walks up* Alberto Del Rio! Excuse me Renee, how are you Alberto. I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you. It seems like together you guys could be unstoppable, with the right allies you could be. You could go from being a man of the people, to just THE man. Know what I mean?

Alberto Del Rio w/ Zeb Colter vs. Kalisto in a WWEWHC Tournament Match

Quick attack by Del Rio who stomps and kicks Kalisto on his back. Kalisto tries a roll up but then gets kicked hard in the head. Del Rio tries to tackle Kalisto and misses, sending him to the outside. Kalisto hits the hurricarana on the outside. We head to break.

We return and ADR hits a tilt-a-whirl suplex. Del Rio throws Kalisto into the corner hard and then stomps his head. Kalisto fights out of a headlock but ends up getting hit with the backstabber. Del Rio puts Kalisto in the Tree of Woe but accidentally rips the mask off. They struggle to get it back on. Once it's back on Del Rio tries to tackle Kalisto in the Tree of Woe but misses. Kalisto fights back with kicks to Del Rio but then eats a hard right hand and it stops his momentum. Kalisto with a hurricarana to a downed Del Rio slams his head to the mat. Del Rio gets throw onto the top rope. Del Rio hangs Kalisto up again in the Tree of Woe but Kalisto fights back as Del Rio gets up on the top turnbuckle. Kalisto tries to do a hurricarana from the top but Del Rio hangs him up and hits the stomp to the chest for the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio advances

Michael Cole is in the ring for the Divas contract signing.

Cole- Ladies and Gentlemen over the last several years I've had the opportunity to get to know these two gifted athletes and Sunday they meet at Survivor Series for the Divas Championship. First the former 2 time Divas Champion, Paige. *Paige comes to the ring* And ladies and gentlemen, the Divas Champion, Charlotte!

Cole- Ladies, what the fans are trying to understand here is. In NXT you guys bonded, and became friends. What happened to the friendship.

Paige- First of all there are no friendships Michael. When you're a true champion, there are no room for emotions. I'll show Charlotte that this Sunday when I take back my championship.

Charlotte- It must be exhausting being this bitter and angry all the time.

Paige- How am I bitter or angry? I don't even look that way.

Charlotte- What happened to you Paige? What made you like this. I didn't get in this business to make friends. When I started in NXT, forget that we had similar backgrounds, I wanted to be like you. I was the naive sweet Carolina girl, you were the British badass. We didn't grow up like most little girls. We grew up watching our parents night after night on the TV. They care about wrestling almost as much as they cared about us. That's why my late brother... when my brother passed away you were there for me. I am here today because of him, that's the only reason. To fulfill his dream, we were family.

Paige- You know what Charlotte, it doesn't matter what I said or did. I have been using you since day 1.

Charlotte- Using me? You must suck at that because I'm Divas Champion and you're not. What's sad is it didn't have to be that way, it's not about the title it's about who has your back at the end of the day.

Paige- Where did you learn that? Doctor Phil or Seventeen magazine? You gonna keep crying Charlotte?

Charlotte- Team Extreme! Degeneration X! The Four Horsemen! Team PCB was going change things until you threw it all away.

Paige- Wrong I throw Team PCB away because I deserve that championship more than anyone--

Charlotte- You're not a champion! You never were! A champion is someone little girls can look up to and want to be like. I won't be champion forever, but when I lose that title it won't be this Sunday, and it damn sure won't be to someone like YOU!

Paige- You know what, that was quite a speech. I had a tear in my eye, oh wait not that was confidence. You are so naive and weak it's embarrassing. You know what I'm so sick of this. You think everyone has your back but at Sunday no one will! Not even Daddy, Mr. Four Horsemen himself! Where are you Ric? Why don't you come on out here and drop one of those famous elbow drops on your jacket? Cause you know that's so impressive you old fart!

Charlotte- You shut your mouth! Or there won't be a Survivor Series, you won't even make it out of this building. I will continue to fight every single day, just like my family, my dad and my brother.

Paige- You're wrong Charlotte, because you're little brother didn't have much fight in him did he?!

Charlotte leaps over the table and attacks Paige. Paige makes it out of the ring but Charlotte chases her and tackles her into the barricade. Charlotte throws Paige over the announce table and continue to attack her. The refs try and pull them apart but Charlotte isn't having it. Paige eventually gets away and makes her way up the ramp to end the show.

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