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Monday Night Raw (11/23/15) - The Authority Goes European

WWE Raw Results (11/23/15)
Monday, November 23rd, 2015
From Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello WNW People! We are on the heels of a Sheamus cash in on the newly crowned WWE Champion, Roman Reigns. Question of the Week: What did you guys think of the Sheamus cash in and why?

Monday Night Raw Results

The show starts with the Authority, both Steph and Triple H.

Steph- Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night Raw. You know life is often defined by opportunity, those who grab it and those who let it slip away like Roman Reigns.

Triple H- Two weeks ago I stood in this ring and offered Roman an opportunity that would practically guarantee he'd win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and all he had to do was shake my hand and show as much faith in the company as the company showed in him. Instead Roman chose to tell me to shove my opportunity.

Steph- For many opportunity doesn't even knock once, but for Roman it knocked twice. Once when my husband offered him a chance and again last night when all you were trying to do was be a good boss and offer congratulations.

Triple H- That's right because I'm not a petty man, when Roman Reigns by his own hand became WWE Champion I was the first to stand there look him in the eyes and wish him congratulations and offer my hand again. Instead Roman Reigns chose to cheap shot me. That cheap shot is why Roman Reigns is no longer WWE champion. See, all of you should learn from this, this is a life lesson, your lives are defined by opportunities, the ones you take and the ones you miss. Let me introduce you to a man who doesn't miss opportunities, the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, The Celtic Warrior! Sheamus!

Sheamus- What a moment! It just doesn't get better than this right!? Thank you! I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. What an introduction! Top class! *you look stupid chants* I'm telling you right now there is nothing you can say that will ruin my moment, that's right wear yourselves out. I won't let you stand in my way. Last night Roman made it to the top of the mountain, he just couldn't stay there because I kicked him off. The first Roman Empire lasted 500 years, this one lasted 5 minutes 15 seconds. When Brutus stabbed Cesar at least he rolled over and died. I told everyone I was only one Brogue Kick away from becoming WWE Champion and last night I proved this. I have just one question for the entire WWE Universe. Who looks stupid now!?

Triple H- You don't look stupid, what he looks like is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. *Hugs Sheamus*

Roman's music hits and he makes his way through the crowd to the ring.

Sheamus- Hey speaking of looking stupid it's the former WWE Champion, hey Roman hows the pride thing working out for you?

Roman- Congrats Champ. Guess what Nashville, I want my rematch TONIGHT!

Steph- Excuse me sorry to break this up. Roman I'll have to ask you the same question I ask everyone else, what's it like to want?! You lost that opportunity last night when you attacked my husband. So I'll tell you what I want and that's for you to back up and get the hell out of my ring!

Roman- What is this H? Are you standing behind her because you're scared of me? *Triple H steps forward and they stare down*

Triple H- Yeah you speared me last night, congratulations. How'd that work out for you? You've got a whole lot to show for it, that's why you're not WWE Champion anymore. As far as your rematch goes, you'll get your rematch when I say you'll get your rematch. And it sure as hell won't be tonight.

Rusev appears from behind and superkicks Roman, then Sheamus follows things up with a Brogue Kick.

Triple H- Yeah that pride is a bitch isn't it Roman. You'll get your rematch in 3 weeks at TLC in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match.

Steph- Oh and one more thing Roman, the closest you'll get to this championship is when Sheamus is wearing it in the corner of your opponent tonight. Rusev!

Brothers of Destruction survive, tonight the Dudley Boyz pay for their sins. Tonight we'll break them in half and show the world their insides.

The Dudley Boyz vs. Wyatt Family (Bray and Luke Harper)

Bubba and Harper go right after each other and Harper takes control of Bubba in the corner. Luke knocks D-Von down but Bubba gets him off the distraction. Big boot from Bubba and a tag to D-von. Double flapjack by the Dudleyz and a Dudley Death Drop. We head to break as Luke is pulled out of the ring by Bray.

We return and Wyatt is in control of D-Von. He hits a running clothesline in the corner on D-Von and tags Harper back in. Harper hits an uppercut but D-Von throws a big right hand. Harper attacks back and tags Bray Wyatt. Wyatt locks in the grip submission on D-Von's neck. D-Von fights back but gets suplexed by Wyatt. Bray tries the running senton but misses as D-Von rolls out of the way. Hot tag to Bubba and Harper! Bubba flips Harper and hits him with some clotheslines and the jabs and plants Harper. Braun jumps up to cause a distraction and Bubba turns around into Harper's spinning clothesline. Bubba gets pinned for the loss.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

D-Von goes to check on Bubba and gets attacked by Erick Rowan. Braud comes in and attacks Bubba Ray. Bray hits the Sister Abigail on D-Von and yells to follow the buzzards!

Sasha Banks w/ Team BAD vs. Becky Lynch

They lock up and Sasha gets tossed but she laughs it off. Sasha plants Becky and hammers away. Becky fights back with forearms. Sasha quickly sets her up for the knees to the ribs in the corner and connects! Sasha chokes Becky with the ropes for a 4 count. In the corner Sasha stomps away at Becky. When the ref isn't looking Tamina hits the cheap shot. Sasha puts her knee in the back of Becky and pulls her arms. Becky fights out and tries a roll up but only gets 2. Becky throws Sasha into the ropes and blocks a clothesline, then connects with her own! Becky hits the fishermans Suplex and gets get disarmer! Tamina gets the refs attention while Naomi pulls Sasha under the ropes, the ref turns around and has to break it up. Sasha rolls up Becky and gets the win.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Paige interrupts Cole talking about the next Diva's #1 Contender on the tron.

Paige- Wait wait wait, I am still next in line to fight for MY Diva's Championship Charlotte cheated, so I'm about to show you something. How can you not see what happened out there? Like you and the rests of the WWE Universe she has you fooled. *We see footage of Charlotte's arm under the ropes as she uses the Figure 8* She cheated! She's just like her dad, a dirty cheater! I'm going to show why she's just like her dad, pathetic.


New Day comes to the ring riding unicorn toys.

Big E- Music City! It's a very special time of year, because this is the offical 1 year anniversary of the New Day!

Woods- We're turning 1!

Big E- Yippie Kay yay Mother-

Kofi- Shut your mouth! We have a serious problem, we're forced to spend our 1 year anniversary in the capital of...I can't even say it.

Big E- We are being forced to celebrate our anniversary in the capital of....COUNTRY MUSIC!

Kofi- That's awful! Terrible! New Day is all about the power of positivity but country music SUCKS! All they talk about is "I lost my girlfriend, I'm all alone"

Woods- "My pickup truck just broke down!"

Kofi- "My doggy ran away, fido come home, I need a new girlfrieeeend"

Big E- Or tractors! How many damn songs are there about tractors! I hate tractors!

Woods- If you've learned anything about New Day in the last year it's that the power of positivity is your friend.

Big E- That's why we are going to show you what country music should be *Woods sings*

Kofi- Country music sucks! It sucks! This isn't my character saying this! It's me! It sucks!

Woods- The Authority feels the New Day should create an open challenge of our own, and that's an open challenge for our WWE World Tag Team Championships. And that's because.. New Day...Rocks! New Day...Rocks!

*Lucha Dragons come out*

Kalisto- Hey I don't think New Day Rocks, it's more New Day..Runs. New..Day Runs. If you're serious about an open challenge, we're serious about taking it.

Sin Cara- Oh by the way, happy anniversary.

New Day starts to back out of the ring but The Usos come out.

Jimmy- Woah woah woah woah woah!

Woods- No no! Bad Jimmy! You do not deserve a shot at our titles! You're not ready!

Jay- Oh we're ready! Your boys are ready!

Sin Cara- Technically we were out here first, but the more the merrier! Let's make this a triple threat!

Big E- Enough! You have ruined our jamboree!

Kofi- Shame!!!

Big E- Tonight was supposed to be about us!

Kofi- Shame!!

Big E- And you have made this about YOU-HO!


Woods- So guess who gets an opportunity at our titles now!? No one! It has officially been canceeeeeellllleeeeedddd!!

Usos and Lucha Dragons attack New Day and send them packing.

Renee Young is backstage with Charlotte

Renee- Earlier tonight we heard from Paige who had choice words for you, labeling you as a cheater.

Charlotte- That doesn't surprise me but I always have and always will respect Paige as a competitor. I don't care about my hand under the ropes because I knew things weren't over between me and Paige. She can lie and politic all she wants because tonight I'm going to beat her AGAIN, woo!!!

Neville vs. Mark Herny

Neville kicks the side of Mark Henry. Neville ducks a grapple and does it again. Mark traps Neville in the corner and hits him with headbutts, driving Neville to the mat. Neville tries to fight back but Henry throws him in the corner again and then throws Neville across the ring. Neville gets back up and onto the turnbuckle to do a springboard crossbody but Mark catches him. Neville catches Henry with a kick to the head. It knocks Henry down and Neville hits the Red Arrow for the win!

Winner: Neville

Mark Henry blocks Neville from getting to the back but then puts his hand out for a handshake. They shake and Henry says you're gonna be good boy.

Stardust & The Ascension vs. Goldust & The Prime Time Players

Stardust and Goldust start things off but Stardust tags Connor right away. Victor gets tagged in right away and he puts Goldust in the corner and chops him. Goldust kicks the gut of Victor and hits an arm drag. Tag to Darren Young who slams himself down on Victor. Tag to Titus who suplexes Darren onto Victor. Slap to the chest of Victor and another tag to Darren. Young walks into and elbow and Stardust tags in but runs right into a belly to belly. Young goes for the finish but Victor pulls Stardust off Darren's shoulders. Tag to Connor who hits a team attack on Darren. Running elbow drop by Connor and then a headlock. Tag by Stardust who uses the ropes to choke Darren Young. Stardust kicks the chest of Darren then stomps his wrists. Darren fights out the corner but Stardust prevents the tag. Both men make tags! Titus and Connor are in and Titus hits a shoulder tackle! Big boot by Titus on Connor. Stardust gets taken out by Goldust and Victor by Darren. Connor comes off the middle turnbuckle at Titus but gets caught and put in the Clash of Titus! 1-2-3!

Winners: Prime Time Players & Goldust

Zeb Colter and Alberto Del Rio come out to the ring.

Zeb- Just because Alberto was not successful in his attempt to become WWE MexAmerican Champion does not mean MexAmerica is a failure, quite the contrary most countries call them growing pains. MexAmerica is young but you know who else is young? America. Now Alberto Del Rio and myself came up with MexAmerica we left room for people to leave this sinking ship of a country. How did you all repay us? You did what Americans do best, you took to social media and complained. You all became a bunch of haters*

ADR- And for the Mexicans *speaks Spanish*

Zeb- What he said for those who don't speak Spanish is that we are trying to make a nation that will be better, and try to teach you to be better people. We want to let you know that work and charity we have done is terminated! We're done!

ADR- The borders to MexAmerica are closed forever!

Zeb- Look at what you have done! You can lead a horse to water, what's the expression the land of the brave? I don't see a lot of brave faces out here tonight. You know what I see--*Jack Swagger's music hits*

Jack- I can't, I can not believe what I'm hearing. Zeb you used to put your hand over your heart and stand for something. I looked up to that, now look at you. You turned your back on the country. What is the matter with you, you old out of touch hypocrite?!

ADR- Hey hey hey! You don't talk to him like that you stupid American!

Jack- I promised to defend this country against all threats foreign and domestic. If you don't like what I have to say why don't you do something about it.

Jack makes his way to the ring and stares down Del Rio who eventually backs down and rolls out of the ring.

Jack- I want you to listen to this Zeb. Will everyone please rise, place your hand over your heart and say along with me! We the people!

Paige vs. Charlotte for the Divas Championship

They lock up to begin with and neither one can gain momentum. Paige slaps Charlotte and Charlotte slaps Paige. They just go all out and then Charlotte plants Paige's face to the mat. Charlotte locks in a headlock then moves it to an armbar. Paige fights to the ropes and it forces of the break. Paige won't get back in the ring so Charlotte flips her back in. Charlotte knees the face of Paige. Knee drop by Charlotte. Paige tries to leave the ring but Charlotte catches her. Charlotte locks in the legs around the neck of Paige then flips her several times. Boot to the face of Paige but then Paige pulls Charlotte off the middle turnbuckle and Charlotte's head and neck bounce off the turnbuckle hard. Paige stomps away and then puts Charlotte in a very painful looking submission that looks like the PTO on the mat. Charlotte makes it to the ropes to break the hold and punches Paige in the face. Paige puts Charlotte in the ropes and knees her in the chest. Running knee to the face by Paige and a 2 count. Suplex by Paige into the ropes. Paige throws Charlotte under the ropes and uses them to stretch the knee of Charlotte. Paige attacks the back of the neck of Charlotte. Paige kicks the face of Charlotte then attacks the knee of Charlotte. Paige suplexes Charlotte into the ropes on her knee again. Charlotte with a take down but Paige quickly takes control again. Paige does a modified boston crab with her heel in the hamstring of Charlotte. Charlotte fights out and both women get up and hit a double kick the face. We head to break.

We return and both women are down. Paige and Charlotte attack each other on the mat. Charlotte chops at Paige. Reverse choke by Charlotte on Paige, but Paige makes it to the ropes. Charlotte spears Paige through the ropes to the mat below. Charlotte tries to get back in the ring but Paige won't let her.

Double Count Out

Paige continues to attack and puts Charlotte on the announce table and locks in the PTO.

Heath Slater is in the ring.

Heath- Wait and minute wait a minute wait a minuuuuute. Now I know there is too much country going around these parts that's why the one man band came out so he can show y'all what good music is really like. Not talking about your Luke Bryan, you're Carry Underwood, you're Johnny Cash. You're gonna see grade A talent from the One Man Baaaaanddd, Heath Slater. Sit down and shut your mouth, because I need total silence when I clear my singing pips. Nashville, I'm about to blow your mind. *FEED ME MORE!*

Ryback comes to the ring but he gets blasted from behind by Heath's guitar. It doesn't really phase the Big Guy and Ryback hits the spinebuster and then the Meat hook on Slater.

Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens and Tyler Breeze

Dolph and Breeze lock up and Breeze twists the arm of Dolph. Dolph returns the favor but tag is made to Owens. Kevin tries to take control of Ziggler but tag is made to Ambrose. Owens tags out. Ambrose takes down Breeze and tags Ziggler. Splash by Ziggler, and a second with a neckbreaker but it's reversed and huge kick by Breeze to Ziggler. Tag to Owens and Owens hits a clothesline and the running Senton. Tag to Breeze who stomps away at Ziggler. Tag by Owens who locks a headlock in. Ziggler fights out and tries to make the tag but can't. Dropkick by Dolph. Ziggler tries to make the tag and does! Ambrose and Breeze in! Ambrose with a crossbody and clotheslines Tyler out of the ring and Ambrose hits a big suicide dive! Swinging neckbreaker to Breeze back in the ring. Missile drop kick by Dean. Insane clothesline by Ambrose. Owens runs in but Ziggler hits the Superkick. Dirty Deeds by Ambrose to Breeze for the win!

Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev w/ Sheamus

Roman headbutts Rusev and then throws hands at him. Rusev wrestles Reigns to the ground in a headlock. Reigns fights out and hits a huge forearm. Reigns tries the Samoan Drop but Rusev fights out of it. Neckbreaker by Reigns. Reigns bounces Rusev's head against the turnbuckle and then climbs up and hits 4 right hands before Rusev slips out and pulls Reigns down and hammers him with right hands. Rusev uses the ropes to choke Reigns. Reigns with a big boot kick to Rusev who rolls out of the ring. Reigns sends Rusev into the barricade on the outside then stares down Sheamus as we head to break.

We return to Rusev keeping Reigns on the mat with a headlock. Rusev sends Reigns to the outside and Sheamus blasts Reigns when the ref isn't looking. Rusev kicks the spine of Reigns. Rusev attacks the back of Reigns then locks in a headlock. Sheamus trips Reigns and the ref caught it so he ejects Sheamus from ringside. Reigns uses the distraction to roll up Rusev for a 2 count. Reigns hits the Samoan Drop on Rusev! Reigns and Rusev exchange right hands in the middle of the ring. Big clothesline by Roman then 10 corner clotheslines but Rusev comes out of the corner with a spinning heelkick! 2 count. Rusev goes to the top but Reigns stops him and Roman climbs to the top. Rusev pushes him off and hits a flying headbutt! 2 count! Rusev signals the Accolade but Reigns fights out of it. Roman hits the Superman Punch out of no where! But Rusev kicks out at 2! Reigns gets fired up and signals the spear but Rusev rolls out of the ring. Reigns rolls out and charges at Rusev but Reigns ends up walking into Superkick. Rusev bounces Roman off the announce table and rolls him back in the ring. Reigns catches Rusev getting back in the ring and knees him repeatedly and then hits a Superman Punch, Rusev falls off the side of the apron. Roman runs out and hits the drive-by on Rusev who was getting back in the ring. Wade Barrett comes out of no where and hits the Bullhammer!

Winner: Roman Reigns by DQ

Wade Barrett gets a chair but Reigns grabs it and hits Barrett with it, but Rusev attacks from behind. Rusev tries for a chair shot but Reigns hits him first and grabs the chair. Reigns unloads on Rusev with chair shot after chair shot. Sheamus runs out but Reigns sees it coming and blasts him with a chair shot too.

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