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Monday Night Raw Results (11/30/15) - The League of Nations Emerges

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WWE Raw Results (11/30/15)
Monday, November 30th, 2015
From the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, PA
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello all and welcome back to Monday Night Raw live coverage on WNW! I'm glad to see everyone! We are coming off the lowest Raw ratings in nearly two decades, so what will WWE do? Will they fight back with good booking? Will they continue on the path they started on? Or will we see an emergency reset of storylines? Question of the Week: If you were in charge of WWE creative for this week, how would you fight back against the low ratings?

WWE Raw Results


New Day is kicking off Monday Night Raw and there is confetti falling from the ceiling.

Now I know what you're thinking, whose birthday is it?

Tonight is not about a birthday it's about a NEW DAY!

Tonight is a celebration

There is a party going on

A festival

A Gala

These people don't know what a gala is.

E you're sweating again. I got this terrible towel for you.

Anyways, today marks a new era, a new beginning. A new champion! So it's time to put your hands together and give a warm New Day welcome to that Irish jigging, mohawk wearing, Brogue Kickin, ginger giant! Sheamus!

Sheamus comes to the ring.

Sheamus- Thank you so much! That was great! What an introduction! I'm sorry but the only people here who look stupid are all of you. I'm WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Guys your attitude is so infectious.

Big E- Just like the water in this city.

Sheamus- I'd also like to thank the Authority. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, a couple who taught me life's greatest lesson. When opportunity comes knocking, put on your best suit and smile and answer the door.

And those who are too stubborn or negative will cause it to leave.

Right now I'd like to thank the man who made this all come true! A man who helped me achieve my dreams! Roman Reigns!

He was champ like 8 days ago.

If Roman Reigns had just have accepted Triple H's handshake I may not be wearing this title. You'll agree this just looks so much better on me! Roman Reigns I owe you so much, I really do! If you weren't there savoring every single moment, achieved your life dream, you wouldn't have seen me coming. So I Brogue Kicked the title right off you after 5 minutes and 15 seconds. So all of you can forget about your Austin 3:16, cause Sheamus 5:15 says I just kicked your arse!

Sheamus celebrates in the ring but Roman Reigns comes out of nowhere and blasts Sheamus with a Superman Punch! He takes the WWE Championship and walks out.


Roman Reigns is with Dean Ambrose and the Usos showing of the WWE Championship when the Authority walks up.

Roman- What's up

Triple H- I believe you have something that doesn't belong to you.

Roman- But doesn't it look so good with me.

Steph- Cut the crap and just give us back the WWE Championship.

Roman goes to hand it to Triple H and then hands it to Steph instead.

Roman- Tell Magic Mohawk in two weeks, I'm taking this back.

Triple H- I actually talked to Magic Mohawk and he said he doesn't want to wait two weeks. He wants to kick your arse again tonight.

Roman- Great, we'll do this tonight.

Steph- Oh and Roman, if you want to win the championship, you have to beat Sheamus in under 5 minutes 15 seconds.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze

Ziggler takes down Tyler Breeze and rolls him up for 1. Another roll up for 1. Shoulder tackle by Breeze and a dropkick to the face of Ziggler. Elbows to the neck of Ziggler and a headlock. Breeze slams the head of Ziggler down as he tries to fight out. Ziggler tries to go for the tackle but Breeze sends him shoulder first into the steel post. We head to break.

We return and Ziggler is fighting out of Breeze's control with a series of clotheslines. Swinging neckbreaker by Ziggler who is starting to feel it. Ziggler tunes up the band but Breeze turns it into a roll up. Breeze drops Ziggler face first into the turn buckle an blasts him when he turns around. Breeze hammers away at Ziggler in the corner. Ziggler gets thrown into the corner and Breeze tries the pin and uses the ropes but the ref catches it. Breeze hits a back stabber but on the side instead of the back. Only a two count. Breeze hits a kick to the knees. Ziggler tries a Superkick again but Breeze counters with an Unprettier attempt but Ziggler fights out. Repeated roll up attempts again and Ziggler catches Breeze with the Superkick! 1-2-3!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler!


Rusev is in the ring with Miz

Miz- Welcome to the most must see show in WWE history, MizTV. Please get off your feet and welcome the Bulgarian brute. Please have a seat.

Rusev- Tonight is not about USA!

Miz- You look like you're back at 100% with vengeance. I can't imagine what it must have been like to be at home watching the WWE Championship tournament.

Rusev- Sitting at home just a month ago, unable to lift my head *We Want Lana chants* Everyone wants Lana but she is MINE! So shut up! Siting at home injured the WWE Universe didn't care about Rusev, no one sent get well cards, but one person cared and nursed me back to health. Who has all my love and heart, and I'd like to welcome her to the ring. *Lana comes to the ring*

Miz- This is what Miz TV is all about, love triangles, make ups, break ups, and unexpected engagements.

Lana- This is the happiest day of my life.

Miz- This is wild, after all the insults, after all the people you guys have been with. After all Rusev made Summer Rae Lana 2.0----Sorry. What brought you back together.

Lana- When Rusev asked me to spend the rest of our lives together all was forgiven. We fight hard, but we love just as hard. For the record, I never went all the way with Dolph Ziggler. Rusev my heart belongs only to him. He is my Bulgarian love.

Rusev- For the record I didn't go all the way with Summer Rae. From now on when I step into this ring I won't just break someone's spirit, I'll break their bodies! My heart belongs only to you Lana. *They begin to make out*


Ryback- I think we've all seen enough of this crap. Also, I heard the Zigman went all the way Lana! This is Pittsburg and we believe in Smashmouth here! The big guy is hungry! Feed me more!

Ryback vs. Rusev

We return and Rusev is in control of Ryback but Ryback hits the Thesz press and puts Rusev in the corner. Repeated shoulders by Ryback and a missile drop kick from the second rope! Rusev rolls but Ryback isn't gonna wait, he chases after him and tackles him into barricade and then into the steel steps. The steps seem to have bumped the leg of Lana so instead of getting back in the ring Rusev checks on Lana and gets counted out.


Triple H is on his phone and Dean Ambrose walks in.

Ambrose- wanted to see me?

Triple H- Yeah I did, I just wanted to congratulate you. Congratulations on winning that triple threat match on Smackdown and securing yourself a title match with Kevin Owens. Good for you!

Dean- That's it? You called me in here to congratulate me.

Triple H- That and oh your pal Roman Reigns, if he doesn't beat Sheamus for the championship in under 5 minutes, not only will he lose his championship opportunity..but so will you. Roman needs to learn his actions have consequences. For him and his friends. Good luck.

The Dudley Boyz are in the ring with some tables.

You know last week wasn't a good week for the Dudley Boyz. The Wyatt Family beat us and beat us up. Smackdown wasn't much better, they beat us up again, and this time it was worse. They added insult to injury when they chokeslammed me through one of our own tables. The Wyatt Family has been able to do what most men could not do. There is only one problem, you guys didn't get the job done. If you were standing in front of us right now we'd say congratulations, but we're still standing and ready to fight at any given moment. By doing what you did to us you made yourself the target, you put a target on your back, you put your names on these tables. *They rip off black sheets from the tables and each has a Wyatt Family member name on it*

And you see boys, it's obvious you forgot about those commandments. Thou shall not steal, thou shall not kill and most importantly thou shall not mess with the Dudley Boyz.

Why don't you get your family, come down here, and we can finish this TONIGHT!


Bray and the family appear at the top of the ramp.

Bray Wyatt- On behalf of my family I would like to accept your little challenge, but you should be more careful inviting the devil in your backyard because he might just like it and decide to stay.


Now the Wyatt Family is closer to the ring.

Bubba- You think you have the upper hand, look at you, the three of you and the two of us. You have your family and we have ours!

Tommy Dreamer makes his way from the crowd carrying a trashcan with some weapons in it! Tommy gets in the ring and he and the Dudleyz stand tall!

Wyatt Family w/ Bray Wyatt vs. The Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer

Bubba and D-Von hits the double flapjack and then tag Tommy Dreamer. Tommy fights of Rowan but then gets planted by Harper. Stowman tags in and chokes Tommy. Tag to Harper. Harper hits the throat of Dreamer and tags Erick Rowan. Rowan blasts Dreamer then puts pressure on Tommy Dreamer's head. Dreamer fights out but then eats a Big Boot. Roman goes for a splash but Dreamer rolls out of the way. Tag to Bubba Ray! Bubba flips Harper over his shoulder. Bubba plants Luke but only gets 2 because of a break up. Everyone gets in the ring and the ref can't control things so it's a no contest. The Wyatts eventually take control of all three men. Bray yells to get the tables. Braun places the table in the corner. Bubba pops up and blasts Bray Wyatt causing him to fall backwards into a table! The Dudleyz and Tommy Dreamer retreat as the Family attend to Bray.

Goldust vs. Alberto Del Rio w/ Zeb Colter

Zeb- Cut the music and shut up while I talk. You haters are so caught up on the internet, complaining and talking about Anne Hathaway's baby bump, who ever she is, to take on the matter at hand. The matter at hand is you have hate in your heart. The only man who can literally beat it out of you is this man, Alberto Del Rio.

ADR- Just look at you Goldust, you are out of date. And full of hate--*Goldust blasts ADR*

Alberto attacks back and hits a clothesline on Goldust. DDT by Del Rio and a chinlock. Goldust tries to fight out and hits a clothesline. Powerslam by Goldust. Del Rio attacks the arm but Goldust hits the spinebuster! Del Rio reverses a bulldog and puts Goldust in the corner and hits the chest jump to secure the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio hits the cross armbreaker after the match to continue things. Jack Swagger runs out and chases Del Rio out of the ring.

Backstage Charlotte is greated by Becky.

Becky- I have a really good idea, what do you think if went to the Authority and asked for a match tonight.

Charlotte- A tag match?

Becky- I was thinking more along the lines of against each other!

Charlotte- Why would we do that?

Becky- Because it'd be everything we wanted to do when we came here! It wouldn't be for the title. It'd just remind us there is a world outside of Paige.

Charlotte- Don't let her get in your head.

Becky- No this isn't about Paige, it's about having fun! Like we did in NXT.

Charlotte- Ok but under one condition, my dad is in town, I want him in my corner.

Becky- Well I only have one thing to say about that....WOO!!

The Usos vs. The Lucha Dragons for the #1 contendership

Jimmy and Kalisto start things off and they exchange control early on. Kick to the head of Jimmy who makes the tag to Jay. Jay can't get control of Kalisto who makes the tag to Sin Cara. Headlock by Sin Cara. Kalisto tags back in and hits the axe handle to the arm of Jay. Blind tag to Sin Cara who capitalizes on the silent tag to blast Jay. Suicide Dive by Sin Cara on Jay then Jimmy gets blasted off the side and Kalisto hits a flipping move on the 3 men on the outside. New Day gets up and attacks both teams, making sure the ref saw everything.

Winner: Double DQ

Woods- Oh no, since both teams were disqualified that means at TLC, New Day will defend the titles against....noooo oneeee!

Steph is backstage with The Usos and Lucha Dragons.

Steph- I know what you're thinking, because neither team lost you by default kind of won. So at TLC Lucha're in! And Usos you're in! ...IF your cousin Roman Reigns can defeat Sheamus in under 5 minutes and 15 seconds. See Roman needs to learn his decisions affect not just him, but his whole family.

Sasha Banks w/ Team BAD vs. Brie Bella w/ Alicia Fox

They lock up and Sasha takes control. Brie hits a fireman's carry into an arm bar. Sasha mokes Brie mode. Foxy hops up on the side but gets grabbed by Naomi and thrown into a superkick. Brie gets attacked off the distraction. In the corner Sasha chokes Brie with her foot then hits knees to the face of Brie. Sasha puts Brie in a submission on the mat and turns it into a clothesline. 2 count. Brie fights back and hits a missile drop kick and goes right into the Daniel Bryan kicks. Brie mode! But Naomi causes a distraction, then Tamina. Banks Statement! Brie has to tap out.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Backstage Roman Reigns is stretching when he is joined by The Usos and Dean Ambrose. He assures them he's got this and his family doesn't seem nervous.

Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus for the WWE Championship. Roman Reigns must win in under 5:15.

Bell rings and Reigns runs right at Sheamus who tries to retreat. Pin by Roman 2. Pin again 2. Sheamus tries a clothesline but Reigns hits his own. Sheamus runs out of the ring then trips Roman when he comes after him. Roman thrown into the ring barricade. Sheamus rolls Reigns back in. Running high knee by Sheamus then a chinlock. Roman starts to fight out and does with headbutts. Big clothesline by Reigns. 1 count. Big Boot by Reigns. 2 count. Sheamus rolls out but Reigns chases him and tackles him. Back in the ring Samoan drop. 2 count. Superman Punch signal but Sheamus rolls out. Sheamus throws Roman over the announce table. Reigns is up and Sheamus doesn't realize and gets thrown headfirst into the steel post. Roman tries to get Sheamus back in the ring but Sheamus is dead weight. 1 minute left. Roman gets Sheamus back in the ring. Roman signals the spear but Rusev pulls him out of the ring for the DQ. Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio pull Sheamus out and save him.

Winner: Roman Reigns by DQ, but still champion Sheamus

Sheamus says Reigns will have to wait until TLC for his title shot. He then introduces us to his new faction, the League of Nations. Wade Barrett from the UK, Alberto Del Rio from Mexico, and Rusev from Bulgaria. They all line up to get in and attack Roman but The Usos and Ambrose run in to make the save. Roman has both teams exit the ring and tells Sheamus to get in the ring. Sheamus gets on the ring side and gets blasted by a Reigns right hand.

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte w/ Ric Flair

Paige is on commentary for this one. They stare things with a pinky swear. They lock up and Charlotte ends up twisting the arm. Becky ends up reversing it and twisting the arm herself. Charlotte and Becky both try a hip toss but gets countered. Charlotte takes down Becky but Becky locks in a headlock. Charlotte and Becky exchange pinfall attempts. Chop by Charlotte and then the flipping headlock. Uppercuts by Becky and a springboard kick. Arm drag by Becky and then a submission the arm. Charlotte appears to tweak her ankle and Becky goes to check on her. Flair hops up on the side and Becky goes to talk to him. Charlotte flips up when Becky's back is turned and rolls her up from behind for the win.

Winner: Charlotte

Becky looks confused and betrayed in the ring as Charlotte and Ric Woo their way to the back.


Becky catches up with Charlotte.

Becky- What was that?!

Charlotte- What was what?

Becky- You cheated!

Charlotte- No no no Becky I didn't cheat, I lured you in. It's strategy! I didn't hurt you, I beat you! This isn't NXT! Sweetheart this is the big leagues, everyone needs to step up. I stepped up, Paige stepped up, now you stepped up. All I'm trying to do is help you see the bigger picture. I know you see the bigger picture. We're still girls right?! You're my girl.

Paige walks up as Charlotte walks away.

Paige- Hey sorry about your match, at least your friendship wasn't affected right?

Stardust is backstage in his outer space. He commands Ascension to rise but instead it's Titus who tells him to lighten up! Tis the season!

Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and the Usos vs. Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Rusev, and Alberto Del Rio.


Kofi- This is the part where everyone in this arena shuts their mouths and listens. As the New Day makes an important announcement.

Big E- After speaking to several officials, we have been allowed to join the league of nations.

Woods- Which, if my math is correct, and it always is, would make this a 7 on 4 match.

Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and the Usos vs. Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Rusev, Alberto Del Rio and New Day.

Ambrose and Kofi start things and Dean hits a big clothesline. Slam by Ambrose and a tag to Jay. Running headbutt and a tag to Roman. Roman hits a jumping elbow drop and tags Jimmy. Jimmy attacks the arm of Kofi who hits a big right hand and tags Woods. Woods hammers away at Jimmy in the corner. Big uppercut by Jimmy who tags Ambrose. Ambrose stomp Woods hard and fast. Jay Tags in. It looks like they're doing an Uso stampede to mock New Day. Roman is last and throws Woods out of the ring. We head to break as both teams stare each other down.

We return and Ambrose makes a tag to Jay. Alberto Del Rio is in and kicks the head of Uso. Tag to Woods who loses control of Jay and a tag is made to Jimmy. 2 count. Chop by Jimmy to Woods. Jimmy seems to tweak his knee and Woods capitalizes. Tag to Rusev who goes right to work on the knee. Severally elbow drops to the inside of the knee. Outside the ring the attack continues. Alberto Del Rio tags in and comes off the top rope to take Jimmy down. Sheamus tags in and does the 10 beats and Roman saw enough and runs in to make the save. Kofi tags in and stomps Uso before twisting his leg. Jimmy manages to make the tag to Jay and Uso goes to work on Kofi. Samoan drop on Kingston! Woods distracts the ref and Big E attacks Jay. We head to break with Jay gripping at his knee.

We return and Barrett is stomping away at Jay. Jimmy was brought to the back after hurting his knee. The unicorn stampede is happening with all 7 members of the League of Nations. Kofi locks in a headlock. Jay manages to kick his way out of a bad situation and Reigns tags in. Roman takes out all the men on the side of the ring and slams Woods. Woods gets the 10 corner clotheslines. Double drive-by on Woods and kofi. Del Rio grabs Roman and slams him into the barricade. Rusev does it as well then rolls him in the ring. Jumping headbutt by Rusev. 2 count. Sheamus tags in and stomps the wrist. Knee from Sheamus to the chest of Reigns. Big E tags in and hits a belly to belly! Big E with an Abdominal Stretch. Roman fights out but tag gets made to Alberto Del Rio. Rio locks in the headlock. Del Rio goes to attack but misses and flies through the ropes. Reigns crawls to Ambrose and makes the tag! Sheamus tags in! Ambrose tags down Sheamus, then everyone else! Running bulldog by Ambrose! Ambrose tries for Dirty Deeds but it's reversed! Lunatic Clothesline! Ambrose on the top rope jumps to the outside and takes out all of the League. Ambrose back in the ring pulls down the rope and sends Sheamus to the outside. Suicide dive! Rusev breaks up a pinfall attempt. Uso takes Rusev out. Del Rio takes Uso out. Roman Reigns takes Del Rio out. Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick on Ambrose when Reigns is out of the ring and gets the win.

Winners: The League of Nations

After the match Rusev continues to kick Ambrose so Reigns runs in to make the save but gets punished for it. The League of Nations stands tall at the end of the show.

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