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Monday Night Raw (12/7/15) - Tater Tot Takes On Roman Reigns

WWE Raw Results (12/7/15)
Monday, December 7th, 2105
From North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston, South Carolina
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello everyone and welcome back to Monday Night Raw! Last week we saw the debut of a new faction, The League of Nations, how will this group progress through TLC? We will find out tonight. Question of the Week: What are your first thoughts on the League of Nations?

WWE Monday Night Raw

The League of Nations is in the ring to kick off Raw.

Sheamus- How about that?! I can't tell you how happy I am. Look at the smile on this face. I said it before I'll say it again, how can I be stupid when I'm your WWE Champion? You know I spent the whole day trying to decide what I was going to say tonight, how I was going to defend my championship at TLC against Roman Reigns. The truth is it was a waste of time, all you need to know is right here *Sheamus 5:15* This is all it took for me to beat Roman Reigns. 5 minutes 15 seconds, that has to be a world record. I want to say that WWE is officially entered into the international era, because we are the League of Nations! 4 premier athletes from 4 of the greatest countries in the world, Bulgaria, Mexico, England, *USA Chants* We tried to find an American, but none could lace our boots, last is jolly ole Ireland. We're dominance personified. Last Monday Night Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and The Usos, the only ones who look stupid were them when we kicked their arse. Trust me when I say there are not 4 people on the face of this planet that can match us. You want to know why? Because we're the best of the best of the best of the best of the best.


The Wyatt Family appears in the ring! Both sides stare each other down.

Bray- Pardon the interuption but I don't think we've been introduced. My name's Bray Wyatt and these are my brothers. And we don't really care about your nations or whatever, in fact this is my world and I'm just allowing you to breath in it. You want to come out here and talk about dominance but we didn't come out here to talk, we came out here for the chaos. *Dudley Boyz pyros go off*

The Dudleyz and Tommy Dreamer come out to the ramp.

Bubba- Hold on a second Bray, we'll see your chaos and raise you to the extreme! And that ain't just a catch phrase.

Bray- Behold the words of a fool! Let me lay it out for you again you are out manned and out gunned! So do yourselves a favor and stay out of my way!

D-Von- You see Bray that's where you're wrong, when you're extreme you don't die you multiply! *Rhyno makes his way out and joins the Dudleyz!*

Team Dudley heads to the ring and grabs a chair on the way down. *Roman Reigns music hits and he, Ambrose and the Usos come through the crowd*

Team Reigns vs. Team Extreme vs. The Wyatt Family in an elimination match

D-von and Harper battle it in the ring, Harper hits a kick to the gut of D-von. Ambrose with a missile drop kick and Del Rio tags in and attacks. Tag to Rusev and a double back drop on D-Von. Rusev can't catch Ambrose who tags Jay Uso who attacks Rusev. Bray Wyatt tags in and attacks Jay Uso. Rhyno tags in and hits a belly to belly on Jay. He stares down Stowman who tagged in. Stowman takes him down then every other man in the ring. Rhyno slips his grasp and tags Tommy Dreamer. Double team knocks Braun out of the ring. Tommy gets hit with a super ick. Rusev with a fall away slam on Uce. Rusev to the top rope but gets stopped with chops. Jay tags Jimmy and they go for a double Superplex but Braun runs in and hits a double powerbomb while they hit the double Superplex. Rowan tags in but Dreamer hits the Dreamer Drive and pins Rowan! We head to break.

The Wyatt Family has been Eliminated

We return and Uce, Del Rio and Dreamer are fighting. Tag to Sheamus. Sheamus goes after Dreamer. Dreamer counters with the swinging neckbreaker. Tag to Bubba. Bubba plants Sheamus but Barrett breaks it up which causes ALL TWELVE MEN to enter and go at it. It ends with Roman and Rhyno staring each other down. The crowd is going NUTS. Rusev runs in and breaks up the moment and Sheamus runs in and attacks Roman. 3D on Rusev! What's uuuuup attempted on Sheamus but Del Rio breaks it up. Brogue kick from Sheamus to Bubba.

Team Extreme has been Eliminated

Ambrose and Rusev go at it and Ambrose goes NUTS with chops and punches. Ambrose with the running forearm and running bulldog combo. Ambrose to the top rope and hits a flying elbow! 2 count. Russian leg sweep and we head to break.

We return and Sheamus is hitting the 10 beats on Jay Uso but Roman runs in and blasts Sheamus from behind. The ref puts Roman back in his corner. Del Rio tags in and kicks Uce in the head. Alberto puts him in the corner and hammers away at his head. Rusev tags in and puts Jay in a bear hug. Tag to Barrett who stomps away at Jay. Jay dodges a big boot and Barrett lands on his royal jewels. Roman Reigns gets the tag! Roman with a jumping clothesline. Roman with a roll up and then decides to pick ADR up with one arm and slams him down. Superman Punch on Barrett, then on Del Rio! Roman ducks a Sheamus cheap shot and Ambrose clotheslines him out of the ring. Drive by on Sheamus. Ambrose flies out and hits the attack on Rusev. Uce over the top rope takes out two League members. Roman gets blasted by a kick from Del Rio because Sheamus held his leg. Cross armbreaker by Del Rio on Roman but Uso hits a splash! Sheamus in the ring does the Superman Punch signal to mock Reigns but runs straight into a spear! 1-2-3 and Roman pins the Champion!

Winners: Team Reigns (Ambrose, Reigns, and the Usos)

Sheamus is backstage and Renee asks him if the outcome we just saw could happen at TLC.

Sheamus- Did you really just ask that? A great man once said NO CHANCE IN HELL! That's the closest he'll ever get to beating me for the title. At TLC I'm not just going to beat him, I'm going to destroy him! Break him and grind his teeth down! I'm going to do it in less than 5:15 seconds. I'm going to make a point and I'm going to do it tonight.

Stardust cuts a promo backstage in the stars again, and again Titus shows up behind him and tries to convince him to take some "me time" so he doesn't act so crazy.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens

Tyler Breeze comes out to ringside before the match can start. Ziggler and Owens lock up and Owens out powers Ziggler. They exchange headlocks. Ambrose is backstage watching the match with popcorn and a drink. Owens and Ziggler exchange arm twists. Owens with a headlock on Ziggler. Shoulder tackle by Owens and another headlock. Big chop by Kevin Owens and he uses the forearm to attack the head of Dolph. Dolph fights back with right hands and tries for the spike DDT but Owens blocks. Dropkick by Ziggler right to the head of Owens. Dolph tries the Superkick but Owens wisely rolls away before it can connect. On the outside the action continues and Owens hits a fall away slam on Ziggler into the barricade. Owens rolls Ziggler back into the ring and goes for the pin but it's 2. Owens blasts Ziggler over and over with a forearm to the head of Ziggler on the mat. Dolph tries to fight back with punches but Owens hits a high elbow. Big chop from Owens. Owens hits a slam on Ziggler and tries the running Senton but Ziggler rolls out of the way. Dolph blocks a punch and hits one of his own. Owens whips Ziggler in a corner. Ziggler tries to counter and hit a splash but Owens moves out of the way of the splash. Owens throws Ziggler shoulder first into the steel post harder than I've ever seen anyone thrown into it. Ziggler barely makes it in before the 10 count but does. Owens hits the running senton as he enters back in the ring. Ziggler rolls back out of the ring as we head to break.

We return and Owens has a chinlock on Ziggler and we see Ambrose enjoying his popcorn again. Owens ends up running himself shoulder first into the post as Ziggler rolled away. Ziggler with a splash! Neckbreaker by Ziggler and a jumping elbow, but Ziggler hurt his shoulder doing it. Dolph tries the jumping spike DDT but Kevin Owens holds him up mid air and throws him out of the ring. Owens comes outside and yells at Cole but Ziggler hits the spike DDT on the mat off the distraction. Ziggler rolls Owens back in and gets a 2 count in the ring. German Suplex by Owens and Owens tries to capitalize with the cannonball but Ziggler moves! Fameasser by Ziggler! 1-2-kickout! Ziggler tries the Zigzag, but can't hit it and tries the Superkick but misses, Owens tries to capitalize but Ziggler ends up connecting with a Superkick. 2 fall pin. Headbutt by Ziggler, but Owens pushes Ziggler against the ropes and hits the Pop Up Powerbomb for the win!

Winner: Kevin Owens

Ambrose immediately comes out, eating his popcorn and drink. He gets in the ring with Owens. Owens talks trash and Ambrose throws the soda and popcorn in the face of Owens and walks out. Owens is livid as Ambrose walks away.


Bray- And there were four. Four blind mice wondering into the snakes den. Their loss. It's up to us to decide their fate.

Braun- I have a dream, I become Tommy Dreamers nightmare. That I squeeze the life out of him.

Bray- You will show Tommy Dreamer what it means to be extreme.

Braun- *creepy smile* RUN!

Backstage Miz pops in on Neville.

Neville- We got to stop meeting like this.

Miz- I just wanted to come by and say that what I said on Smackdown is true. I believe Miz productions can take you a little elf on a shelf and turn you into the next Daniel Bryan. To show you the A list treatment, I'm going to introduce you to Donny from the USA Network series, Donny!

Donny- Any friend of Miz is a friend of mine. Here's what I'm going to get you on the show soon!

Miz- Well Miz TV is the hottest show on USA network but your show is good!

Donny- Yeah your show is cute, look Neville here is my card, call me I want you on the show asap.

Sasha Banks & Naomi w/Tamina vs. Brie Bella and Alicia Fox

Sasha and Foxy start things off and Sasha pushes Fox. Fox hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Tag to Naomi who hits a shoulder tackle on Alicia. Another tilt a whirl on Naomi this time. Naomi rolls out and she and Sasha are talking things out with both members of Team Bella hit double baseball slides. Tamina attacks Fox when the ref isn't looking to give Team BAD the advantage. Sasha tags in and attacks Foxy. Tag to Naomi who hits a running dropkick. w count. Headlock on Fox who can't fight out before getting a knee in the gut. Sasha tags in and tries the pin but gets 2. Fox tries to rolls up Sasha but only gets 2. Sasha knocks Brie off the side. Naomi puts her boot up so Sasha can slam Fox into it but it gets reverses and Sasha ends up getting the boot. Brie gets tagged in and hits a scoop and yells for Brie Mode. She hits some kicks to the chest. Sasha grabs the leg of Brie who turns around into the rear view for the win.

Winners: Team Bad


New Day runs out wearing unicorn bandannas. They give each member of Team Bad their own bandanna and they dance together.

Kofi- You see we are not selfish!

Woods- We are very generous! We gave a huge donation to the League of Nations

Big E- A large tax right off.

Woods- We do not believe championship opportunities should just be given away though.

Kofi- Against the Usos AND the Lucha Dragons.

Woods- Not only is it a triple threat match it's also a ....ladder match.

Big E- We have no use for ladders, do we look like painters?

Kofi- Do we look like firefighters?

Big E- Are we saving cats from trees?

Woods- Even if we were, we wouldn't need a ladder. For example, we will demonstrate. Big E will be playing the roll of a tree, Kofi a kitten, and myself all three members of New Day.

Big E- Theater time!

*climbs Big E's back* Meow!

Woods- Kitten, do you need assistance?

kofi- Meow

Woods- What's that? A ladder? We don't need one because we are grown men!

Kofi- Meow!

All- And scene!

Big E- But the problem is at TLC we could lose our titles without even being pinned!

Kofi- Fear not, we will ascend the ladder of success and the titles will stay where they belong.

Woods- Along our smooth bellies.

All- Why? Because New Day rocks!

New Day vs. Lucha Dragons

Kofi and Sin Cara start things off and Sin Cara chops Kofi. Sin Cara tries to hit a suicide dive on Big E on the outside but gets caught and put into a Bayley to Belly! We head to break.

We return and Kalisto tags in and takes out Kofi. Kalisto gets distracted by Woods, Kofi flips him over the ropes. Big E makes the tag and goes out to tackle Kalisto into the barricade. Unicorn stampede by New Day. Pinfall attempt but only 2. Kalisto hits a hurricarana and sends Kofi flying, but he gets the tag to Big E. Sin Cara tags in and takes out both Kofi and Big E. Cara tries to pin Big E but a blind tag had been made. Woods blows the trombone in the face of the Usos who are on commentary but they attack Woods. Kofi gets rolled up off the distraction.

Winners: Lucha Dragons


Miz- Welcome to MizTV I was originally going to surprise my guest with a visit from Paige, but due to unforeseen circumstances that will no longer be happening. It doesn't matter though because my guests are must see! Please welcome Charlotte and her father Ric Flair!

Charlotte and Ric make their way to the ring.

Charlotte- Miz clearly that isn't how you introduce a living legend. Let me show you how. Ladies and Gentlemen the 16 time World Champion, only 2 time WWE Hall of Famer, and greatest performer to step into this ring, Ric Flair!

Miz- You know I had you on this show weeks ago and you were crying over your besties. Seems you've come a long way into this confident, some would say arrogant, person you are now. Ric you must be so proud.

Ric- I'm so proud, every day I see her living the champion life style. You know as an athlete yourself, the only thing better than being champion is watching your son or daughter become champion. That's why I'm going to watch Charlotte retain this Sunday at TLC.

Miz- Breaking news! Ric Flair will be in the corner of Charlotte this Sunday at TLC! But the rumor mill has been buzzing about your new attitude. Calling you self serving, selfish, ---

Charlotte- Woah woah woah why are you attacking me? Because I want to be the best like my dad, or because I'm not a man? You'd be commending me and praising me for my ambition. Nothing? I feel sorry for your wife.

Miz- I see what you're trying to do, but you're not going to shake me, a seasoned actor and interviewer. This isn't about me or my wife. You've change since Paige questioned your win at Survivor Series. What do you have to say to Paige?

Charlotte- Anything I have to say I'll say on Sunday.

Miz- You know your father has taught you well. Paige interfered with your friendship with Becky Lynch. She has said some of the most awful things a person can say to another. You have a forum to speak your mind, why won't you retaliate Charlotte?

Ric- Miz...this is not an opportunity for you to give Charlotte the 3rd degree to boost your ratings.

Miz- Charlotte, Paige called your father an old fart who loves the spotlight more than his own children. Paige said and I quote the only reason you're here is because of this old man.

Ric- I'm warning you Miz!

Charlotte- The only thing lower on the food chain than you is that backstabbing gothic piece of trash Paige. I wish she was here right now, but at TLC I'm going to destroy her. For everything she's said about me, my family or my friends. She'll be lucky if she is able to leave TLC.

Miz- I'm glad you said that because guess who is actually here tonight. *Paige's music hits*

Paige- Wow Charlotte, so passionate. Riviting. What was that you said, you'd love to say it to my face. Well I'm here and all yours.

Ric- This is a ploy Charlotte, let's go. Save it for Sunday. We are Flairs and we are Champions. *Paige slaps Ric and does his dance* Get her!

Charlotte runs in and attacks Paige who scrambles away from Charlotte but then smiles.

Rusev vs. Ryback

Ryback gets slammed early and rolls out to compose himself. They lock up and Rusev gets slammed down again. Rusev rolls out again. Ryback runs at the ropes and spins over the ropes! Amazing! Rusev gets rolled back in. Ryback slams Rusev in the corner then hits a suplex. 2 count. Ryback gets flipped over the top rope by Rusev. Rusev still favoring his back. He hits a guillotine on the arm of Ryback as he's re-entering. We head to break.

We return and Ryback is in Rusev's control. Rusev is focusing on the arm of Ryback. Rusev whips Ryback into the corner arm first. Ryback tries to fight back with shoulders in the corner. Ryback with a missile drop kick from the middle turnbuckle. Rusev rolls out of the ring but Ryback on the chase. Lana runs in front of him and she gets knocked down and she says her leg is hurt. Ryback checks on her but gets blasted from behind by Rusev. Ryback gets put in the Accolade on the mat outside. Both men get counted out. Lana reveals she didn't really hurt her leg.

Double count out

We return from commercial and Jack Swagger and Stardust are MID MATCH.

Stardust vs. Jack Swagger

Almost as soon as we start Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter come out. Titus is on commentary. Stardust slams Jack's arm into the steel post. Stardust chokes Jack with the ropes. Swagger comes out of the corner with a clothesline but as he goes for the Swagger bomb Stardust gets the knees up. Samoan drop by Swagger and then locks in the Patriot lock. Stardust taps out.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Literally the second the match is over Del Rio attacks Swagger with a chair. Titus yells to Del Rio to watch out for Stardust so Del Rio attacks Stardust, too. Del Rio goes out after Jack Swagger, but Swagger grabs a chair of his own. They both swing at each other with the chair, Del Rio loses his chair. He backs up and trips over Zeb's scooter. Del Rio runs away and Jack asks Zeb what he's doing with this guy.


Del Rio- You saw it! They laughed at me! No one laughs at Alberto Del Rio, they did it because of you and your stupid scooter. You should have gotten out of my way. That's why from now on you stay away from me, because I don't need you!

Zeb- Why don't you calm down, you're a hot head.

Del Rio- Speaks in Spanish

Zeb- You don't need me now? Let me remind you, if it weren't for me you wouldn't be United States Champion. I was the one who saw Cena was ripe for the picking and recruited you--

Del Rio- Oh shut up! SHUT UP SHUT UP! Keep running that mouth and I'm going to use this chair on you! Just like I'm going to do to Jack Swagger this Sunday. *Zeb drives away*

Tommy Dreamer w/ Team ECW vs. Braun Stowman w/ The Wyatt Family

Tommy tries to attack but Stowman throws him away. Shoulder block by Stowman knocks Tommy down. Stowman chokes Tommy with the ropes. Dreamer tries to attack but it does nothing against Stowman. Stowman throws Dreamer hard into the turnbuckles. Tommy tries to build up steam with clotheslines but then goes for the DDT but Braun stops it and locks in his submission hold and it's over fast.

Winner: Braun Stowman

Roman Reigns comes to the ring that's full of TLC items.

Roman- So I'm out here for my lesson Sheamus. So Sheamus calls me out and I'm the only guy who shows up. this here ladder reminds me of my first day on the job. My first match with The Shield was a ladder match. We earned our spot. It was at the bottom of ladder. Then I started climbing the ladder and I lost some friends and gained some enemies. I kept climbing the ladder and at Survivor Series I won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! But it only lasted 5 minutes 15 seconds and I got Brogue Kicked twice and I was back at the bottom of the ladder. So that brings me to Sheamus, the guy who wants to teach me a lesson. At TLC I'm taking back what's mine and that's the WWE Championship! As far as tonight goes, I'm not leaving this ring until Sheamus comes down here and we destroy this arena with all these toys you see in front of me! So stop wasting our time Sheamus and get out here right now.

Sheamus comes out at the top of the ramp.

Sheamus- Quite the story teller you are. Quite the dreamer, too. That cute little fort down there. You think you're going to intimidate me. Sequels are in style these days, so TLC will be a sequel to TLC, it will end with me standing above you as Champion. And you'll be on your hands and knees wondering how it went wrong.

So this is how you're going to teach me a lesson? Come on!

Roman I'm the champion! I decide when and where I fight, not you.

Yeah yeah yeah, I thought the Irish liked to fight. I guess I was mistaken.

Everyone knows the Irish love to fight.

Yeah you're still talking and not fighting son.

Day one I've told everyone I love to fight. Just not tonight. You're chance is at TLC.

See you're still talking, yap yap yap. I thought Irishman had potatoes but it looks like you're smuggling tater tots. *Sheamus runs down but then stops*

Stick and stones, I didn't get this title running in without thinking. You think I'm going to run into your fort? I'm not. I'm going to build a castle, the greatest the world has ever seen. With broken chairs, battered ladders, and smashed tables.

Sounds real tough from the guy standing on the floor. Why don't you man up and show me how to do it son.

You think I'm a fool. If I step through these ropes you're just going to hit me with that chair.

Hold on tater tot *throws chair away* Hows that tater tot?

Sheamus, that's cute. Very cute. Roman, still a table in the ring. You're gonna try to put me through it.

I'm not gonna lie I do wanna powerbomb him through it. Do you wanna see that?! Hang on I gotta get him in, he's a little scared. *Gets rid of table* There you go tater tot. Better?

Roman I wasn't WWE Champion for only 5 minutes, that was you. There's still a giant ladder in the ring. Get rid of it and MAYBE I'll consider getting in there and kicking your head off. *Roman fakes like he's going to throw it at Sheamus, then actually throws it at Sheamus but misses*

Every body, we're scaring the tater tot. He's shivering. I mean come on, are you gonna fire up. I had to scare you in front of all these people. Are you a champion or a footnote. I challenged your manhood. If you don't get in this ring and face me I'm going to run through you like a tornado and all that will be left is that dumbass shirt you're wearing.

Sheamus gets in the ring and tries to attack but Roman throws him out and Roman throws Sheamus into the barricade. Roman clears off the announce table. Sheamus blocks Reigns and throws him into the barricade. Roman is sent face first into the ladder. Sheamus clotheslines Reigns into the crowd. Roman gets up and fights back against Sheamus. He throws him into some trashcans. Sheamus fights back but Roman throws Sheamus into standing table. They are up on the ramp. Roman tries to powerbomb Sheamus off but it gets countered. Sheamus throws Reigns through some standing ladders and grabs a chair and blasts Reigns in the back with it. Then does it again. Reigns grabs a chair and throws it in the face of Sheamus then hits him in the back with a new one. Sheamus tries to get away and Roman is in pursuit. Sheamus throws Reigns into the barricade. Sheamus clears the announce table. Sheamus tries to powerbomb Reigns through the table but Reigns counters with a Superman Punch. Roman tries to get a spear but Sheamus sidesteps it and sends Reigns over the announce table. Sheamus poses but Reigns pops up and leaps off the table and spears Sheamus through a table!

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