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Monday Night Raw Results (12/14/15) - Vince McMahon Returns OR Reigns Climbs the Mountain!

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WWE Raw Results (12/14/15)
Monday, December 14th, 2015
From the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello my friends and welcome back to Monday Night Raw here at Wrestling News World! Last night was TLC and boy, WWE hit one out of the park with the post-match segment with Roman Reigns. They might have lost the battle with a predictable match outcome, but may have just won the war with getting Roman over with the fans. Question of the Week: What did you think of TLC and why?

Monday Night Raw Results

The show starts off with Stephanie McMahon coming to the ring as the announcers recap the damage Roman did to Hunter last night.

Steph- I stand before you as one of the principal owners of WWE, as far as our society have come, women in power are still seen as cold hearted and ruthless, but that's not who I am. Take away the money and education I'm just like you. A human being, wife, and mother. Imagine what it must have felt like to have seen my husband brutally attacked by Roman Reigns. Having to explain why Roman is beating up Daddy to my daughters. Well it's clear all of you want me to be cold hearted and ruthless. If that's what you want that's what you're going to get. Roman Reigns you not only attacked my husband, you attacked the COO of WWE, you attacked your boss. I have no other choice but ---*Roman Reigns music hits and he enters through the crowd*

Roman- Today is actually my daughter's birthday. I love you Jojo I can't wait to see you. That said, I don't feel bad at all about whipping your husband's ass.

Steph- You have a lot of nerve coming out here, wishing your little girl happy birthday. How would it feel for your wife to explain the beating you took. You better have something sharp to say.

Roman- Like I said, I'm a little tight on time, fire me, fire me please.

Steph- You are nothing more than a coward, these people are thanking you. Yes thank you Roman for losing the WWE Title AGAIN last night. Thank you for blaming everyone but yourself. You're a failure! You're a disgrace.

Roman- I'm the disgrace?! No YOU are the disgrace! And your husband is the disgrace! You're whole family is a disgrace! *Steph slaps him, Roman smiles and she does it again and again and again*

Steph- Just one more thing *she slaps him again* I'm not going to fire you because my husband asked me not to but there is someone coming here who just might! The Chairman of the Board, Vincent Kennedy McMahon!

Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler

Bell rings and they lock up and Ambrose gets the headlock on. Ziggler hits a dropkick and tries for several pinfalls. Dean hits a slam on Dolph. Ambrose follows up with a suplex and then does a modified surfboard. Elbow drop by Dean and then he puts a knee in the back of Dolph and stretches him. Ziggler counters with a clothesline and then hits a splash in the corner. Dean clotheslines Ziggler out of the ring and then hits the suicide dive! Dean rolls Ziggler back in the ring and goes to the top rope. Ambrose jumps over a charging Dolph and tries a roll up but it's countered. Ambrose almost gets Dirty Deeds but Ziggler rolls out of it. We head to commercial break,

We return and Ambrose comes off the top rope but Dolph hits a dropkick mid-air! Right on the jaw! Dolph goes for the splash but Ambrose moves out of the way. Dolph hits a fameasser out of nowhere! 2 count! Ziggler tunes up the band but misses and Ambrose hits a reverse spinebuster. Ambrose goes to the top rope but Ziggler tries to stop him, only to eat a missile dropkick. Ambrose hits the running forearm in the corner and follows it with the running bulldog. 2 count. Ziggler manages to throw in the sleeper hold. Dean fights out but eats a superkick! Ambrose is stunned from the superkick but turns it into the slingshot clothesline! Kevin Owens comes out and throws Ziggler out of the ring and then hits the Pop Up Powerbomb on Ambrose. Owens goes and grabs the Intercontinental Championship and then hits another Pop Up Powerbomb on Ambrose. Ziggler runs in to attack Owens but Owens knocks him down and powerbombs Ziggler onto Ambrose.

Winner by DQ: Dolph Ziggler

Owens is walking backstage and JoJo catches up with him

Jojo- Kevin I know--

Kevin- Oh you know? Trust me, you don't know. No one knows.

Jojo- But do you feel you were justified in attacking Dean Ambrose

Kevin- I don't have to justify myself to you or anyone, all you need to worry about is that what you just saw is only the beginning. You think Dean Ambrose is a lunatic now? I won't stop until I drive him insane, put him in an institution and take by MY intercontinental title.


Bubba Ray- Last night didn't exactly go as planned, it's happened before, might happen again tonight, but if there is one thing the four of us have learned from this city it's no matter how many times you get hit, get knocked down, you get back up.

Dreamer- It all started here in Philly.

D-Von- We've put enough blood, sweat and tears into this city to last a life time.

Rhyno- What's a little more?!

Bubba Ray- So here's how it's going to go. Bray you bring your family, I'll bring mine. We'll finish this where it began!

D-Von- Oh my brother! Testify!

Steph is backstage

Steph is waiting by the driving entrance with an assistant.

Steph- He said he'll be here any minute so just wait.

R-Truth vs. Bo Dallas

Bo hits a shoulder tackle and does a victory lap. We see a limo pull up in back and Vince gets out.

Steph- Hey let's go do this.

Vince- No you take care of your husband, I'll take care of this.

Back in the ring Truth shakes his crotch at Bo and hits a hip toss on Bo. Dallas kicks the gut of Truth. They exchange blows as Vince McMahon's music hits and he comes out to the ring. Both men stopped wrestling. Vince grabs a mic and gets in the ring.

Vince- Stop the match and get hell out of my ring! Right about now there is someone in the locker rooms who is sweating because he's wondering what I'm going to say, what am I going to do. What is it going to be like to stand in the presence Vince McMahon! He might as well be in the presence of God almighty! *Vince grabs a chair next to the announce team* He's going to have to sweat a little bit more. *we go to commercial*

We return and a time keeper whispers to Vince and he yells to let the bastard sweat. He gets back in the ring.

Vince- Roman Reigns come on out here and take your medicine. Get your ass out here! *Roman enters from the stage* I can tell your intimidated, it's ok. I have a certain presence I can't help. You're standing here and my son in law is in Conneticutt suffering! Before I make up my mind...apologize. *Roman shakes his head No* I know what all this means to you pal, you want it. In fact, get on your hands and knees and apologize. *Again Roman shakes his head no* There was a time when I would beat an apology out of you *Roman laughes* You think that's funny? You think I can't do that right now?! *Vince takes off his jacket and starts to undo his tie but Sheamus's music hits*

Sheamus- No no no no no Mr. McMahon please! Excuse the interuption, it's not that I don't think you can beat him it's that I want to pleasure of beating an apology out of him. No man should ever insult you or your family! Mr. McMahon on behalf of your Irish coat of arms. *You look stupid chants* You think I look stupid?! You paid to see me! As I was saying let me beat it out of Roman tonight! Roman you can wipe that smirk off your face, I've beat you before I'll beat you again. I know you're not 100% after that beating, everyone knows I can beat you any time any place. Hell I'm so confident let's put the WWE Championship on the line!

I suppose you'd like wouldn't you Roman? How about you people?! You wanna see a championship match tonight?! Ha you fall for that every time. No chance in HELL! *Roman grabs the mic*

Roman- Why not...old man? You used to say you had huge grapefruits, I think they're shriveled up prunes. You're 70 years old and life has passed you by.

Vince- You son of bitch! You've got your match...on one condition. If you lose, you're FIRED!!! *Vince kicks Roman in the groin*

Jack Swagger and Ryback vs. Alberto Del Rio and Rusev w/ Lana

Ryback and Rusev go right after each other and hammer away at each other with some force. Ryback does the delayed suplex. Tag to Swagger who hammers the hut of Rusev and then slams his head in the corner and tackles him repeatedly in the corner. Tag to Ryback. Rusev gets the tag to Del Rio after a cheap shot. Del Rio hammers away at Ryback in the corner. Ryback grabs Del Rio and hits a suplex on him as well. Rusev tries the cheap shot but Ryback stops him, only to turn into a big kick from Del Rio. Tag to Rusev. Rusev kicks the gut of Ryback, then stomps away at the back. Rusev chokes Ryback with the ropes and tags ADR. Del Rio and Rusev stomp away at Ryback. Running kick to a seated Ryback. Del Rio locks in the chinlock but Ryback fights out, only to get knocked back down. Tag to Rusev who hits a dropkick to Ryback. Headlock on Ryback, who fights out but eats a knee to the gut. Belly to belly by Ryback! Swagger makes the hot tag and picks up Rusev and slams him down! Swagger goes for the Swaggerbomb but Rusev gets his knees up, Swagger has it spotted and grabs the ankle for the Patriot lock. Del Rio hits the backstabber on Swagger from behind. Ryback runs in and hits a big boot. The ref focuses on getting Ryback in his corner and Del Rio and Rusev use it to double team Swagger. A big kick to the head puts Swagger down for the pin.

Winners: Alberto Del Rio and Rusev

Neville vs. Tyler Breeze

Miz comes out and pretends like he is a director for the match and calls action. Neville takes down Breeze but Breeze is able to get a hold of the arm of Neville. Neville rolls out and gets the arm of Breeze. Shoulder tackle by Neville and then an arm drag. Neville sweeps the leg of Breeze. Miz continues to yell director words at Neville. Neville throws in the chinlock. Breeze puts Neville in the corner and unloads with kicks. Breeze tries a a move off the top but Neville counters and hits a huge enziguri. Breeze hits the guillotine on Neville. Miz yells cut and it distracts Tyler Breeze enough for Neville to hit the Superkick and Red Arrow for the win.

Winner: Neville

We return from commercial and Miz and Neville are bickering backstage. Miz is trying to convince Neville he can make him a star, but he needs his help learning how to do an authentic British accent.


Harper- We are the way to city of woah

Rowan- We are the way to eternal pain

Strowman- We are the way to go along the walls.

Bray Wyatt- We are the angels of the dirt, and tonight Dudley Boyz, Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno, we will bury in the same city you were born.

Team 3D vs. The Wyatt Family Extreme Rules Match

This one starts in a brawl all 8 men are going at it. Dreamer throws a trashcan and kendo sticks in. Bray and Strowman are blasted with trashcans. Bubba hits a back body drop on Harper. Kendo stick from D-Von to Harper. Bubba attacks Strowman who fights him off with a trashcan lid. Harper uses a crutch to take down Dreamer. Rhyno fights the Wyatts off with a kend stick. Bubba attacks Rowan with a kendo stick in the ring and goes for the What's Up! It connects! Bubba grabs a bat and tells D-Von get the tables! Harper runs in and attacks both men. Harper goes to the top rope but Dreamer with a kendo stick to the head! Strowman takes Dreamer out. Bubba goes for the Superplex on Harper but Rowan turns it into a powerbomb on Bubba, too! We head to break.

We return and the Wyatts are in control. Bubba gets thrown out of the ring by Bray. During the break Rhyno was put through a table. Harper attacks D-Von with a trash can lid. Rhyno gets in the ring and puts Bray into a propped up Trashcan and takes out Harper and Strowman. On the outside Strowman is sent over the announce table and Bubba takes Bray into the crowd. Dreamer and Harper are on the stage and Dreamer does a Dreamer Driver off the stage through tables on the floor below. Braun catches up to Bray and Bubba in the crowd and attacks Bubba. Dreamer catches up and attacks Strowman with a kendo stick. Strowman picks up Dreamer on his shoulder and sprints into the barricade! I've never seen someone go through the barricade so fast with so much power! Bubba takes the cover off the announce table but gets attacked by Harper and Rowan with a crutch and kendo stick. D-Von gets attacked by a chair by Rowan but Rhyno runs over to help. Rhyno gets attacked with the chair as well. Bubba gets blasted by a kendo from Harper but Bubba catches it and uses it. Big boot from Harper! Harper kicks D-Von in the face. Harper sets up a table in the ring. Harper sets D-Von up for a powerbomb but D-Von fights up and 3D THROUGH THE TABLE! Pinfall 1-2-BRAY BREAKS IT UP! Sister Abigail on D-Von. Swing kick by Rowan on Bubba. Rhyno runs in and hits Belly to Belly on Rowan and tries the Gore but he runs into a boot and Sister Abigail from Bray! The set up a new table and put Rhyno on it. Rowan goes to the top rope and hits the splash from the top rope putting Rhyno through it! 1-2-3. Wyatt's get the win!

Winners: The Wyatt Family


Xavier- Tonight we planned a party to have on Raw! It will be the biggest party WWE has ever seen, the only issue is tonight New Day doesn't feel like partying. We have something very important to say.

Kofi- Last night you could say the power of positivity met the power of gravity. Look I don't know about you guys, but I woke up feeling like I got hit by a mac truck *New Day sucks chants* my back is all messed up, my neck is mess up, I couldn't do my skip to the ring because my hips are messed up.

Big E- I'm telling you surviving a match like that can change your perspective so if the Usos could please come to the ring. Please, all love, come on out.

We are not out here to fight, we did enough of that last night. We're not even in our ring gear.

Last night after what happened at TLC we want to let you know, through all the carnage and rage, you earned our respect. We want to bury the hatchet right here right now, and extend an olive brance.

Usos- Are you serious right now?

Big E- Yes and I think this is a good chance to bring out the Lucha Dragons.

Kofi- first off, Sin, I gotta tell you the way you sacrificed your body multiple times, that's what I'm talking about. That's why you guys are my sons favorite tag team. Kalisto, this dude, I have no idea how you are standing on your own two feet right now. I think everyone here and at home can agree you are one of the toughest superstars in this business!

Kalisto- This is a really nice speech. What about when Xavier Woods through his trumbone at my back and cost us the title.

Sin Cara- I noticed that wasn't on your little highlight real.

Xavier- Look I can't go back and change the past, the titles were on the line it was the heat of the moment, it was brash. I can give you an apologize. I am sorry.

Kalisto- Uce? You believe this?

Uce- I don't know I've heard better apologies from my 3 year old.

Xavier- We brought you guys out here because together we, all of us, brought the tag team title to the next level and there is no one that can say opposite that. More importantly, that match was not for us, we did that for them *points to the fans* Now we haven't seen eye to eye for the last few months. With that new respect we want to extend this *puts out hands*

Jay- You know what Uce, I think I hit my head a little to hard last night. *They all shake hands*

Woods- Everyone give it up for the Lucha Dragons and the Usos! Now guys we want to let you know we were completely sincere about everything we just said to you, but tonight is about your boys! It's about the New Day and the fact we are still your WWE World Tag Team Champions!

Big E- Hit our music because New Day Rocks!!

Lucha Dragons and the Usos run in and attack New Day.

Brie Bella & Alicia Fox vs. Becky Lynch and Charlotte w/ Ric Flair

Charlotte and Brie start things off and Brie slams Charlotte's head down. Charlotte pops back up and puts Brie in the corner but switches things and puts Charlotte in the corner. When Charlotte gets on the middle turnbuckle Brie pulls her legs out and Charlotte's neck bounces off the turnbuckle. Brie locks in a headlock. Brie hits the running bulldog. Daniel Bryan kicks to Charlotte from Brie. Charlotte makes the hot tag to Becky who takes down Fox who also tagged in. Becky with a springboard kick and T-Bone suplex. 2 count but brie breaks it up. Charlotte runs in and spears brie. Flair trips Fox when Becky isn't looking and Becky locks in the Disarmer for the win!

Winners: Charlotte and Becky Lynch

Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship if Roman Loses He's Fired

Roman Reigns is on Sheamus fast. He puts him in the corner and repeatedly clotheslines him. Uppercut by Reigns. Sheamus throws Roman out of the ring but Roman goes to get right back in. Sheamus catches him in the rolling senton. Sheamus kicks Reigns out of the ring but Reigns hits a right hand on Reigns. Sheamus shoves Reigns into the steel post. Sheamus suplexes Reigns onto the announce table. We head to break.

We return and Reigns is in a headlock. Roman fights out and hits a back body drop on Sheamus. Reigns and Sheamus exchange right hands. Sheamus gets clotheslined twice by Reigns. Reigns gets knocked out of the ring, but he pulls the feet out from under Sheamus and hits the drive by! Samoan Drop attempt fails and Sheamus goes to the top rope. Reigns with a right hand knocks Sheamus to a seated position. Samoan drop from the top rope! 2 count! Sheamus uses the ropes to attack Reigns, and it's a 2 count for Sheamus. Irish Curse backbreaker by Sheamus and gets him another 2 count. Sheamus puts Sheamus up for White Noise but Reigns reverses and pulls Sheamus up by one arm and slams him back down in a sit down powerbomb! 2 count! Roman alls for the Superman Punch but Sheamus countered into a Powerbomb! 2 count! Sheamus stomps the gut of Reigns and goes for the Texas Cloverleaf, and locks it in! Roman powers his way to the ropes! Roman with a huge headbutt! Right hands by Reigns. SUPERMAN PUNCH! 1-2-Vince pulled the ref out of the ring! Roman is busted open hard and bleeding a lot. Sheamus hits White Noise off a distracted Reigns. 1-2-ROMAN KICKS OUT! Vince is talking to the ref. Del Rio and Rusev runs out and attacks Reigns on the outside while Vince is talking to the ref. Rusev rolls Roman in and Roman hits a Superman punch on Rusev, then Rusev! THEN VINCE! Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick! 1-2-NO! Reigns kicked out! Sheamus signals another but spear! REIGNS HITS THE SPEAR FOR THE WIN!

Keep hitting reload all through Raw to get update results, or don't and just assume nothing new is happening and Raw is REALLY boring.

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