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Monday Night Raw Results (12/28/15) - Vince McMahon Gets Thrown In The Slammer!

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WWE Raw Results (12/28/15)
Monday, December 28th, 2015
From the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello and welcome back to Monday Night Raw here at Wrestling News World! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and are ready for a new year! Question of the Week: Should the Mr. McMahon character become more regular or should that role be handed down to Triple H?

Monday Night Raw

The boss is back! Vince McMahon is kicking things off tonight!

Vince- I came out here tonight to settle a score, I would have settled it last week but I had to undergo dental surgery. I'm going to do something tonight I should have done weeks ago, and I know you can hear my voice, so Roman Reigns get out here!

Roman's music hits and he makes his way the through the crowd as usual.

Vince- Well well well new WWE Champion Roman Reigns. I supposed you're expecting me to congradulate you but that's not going to happen. Especially after what happened to my son in law Triple H, he'll get his revenge and when he does I'm sure you won't see it coming. Or how about what you did to my daughter Stephanie *we can't hear you chants*

Roman- You better speak up old man.

Vince- Oh they can't hear me but they can hear you right?

Roman- Selective hearing

Vince- You disrespected Stephanie, you embarrassed her, you turned your back on her. No one turns their back on a McMahon. Nobody. What you did to me, you Superman Punched me, then you literally kicked me out of my ring. You don't get it, this is my ring. I own this ring. I own that WWE championship, that's mine, not yours. Sooner or later you'll come to terms with the fact I own you. Oh yeah, you'll realize it.

Roman- This is the problem with rich snobs like you, they think they own everything.

Vince- I'm not a rich snob I'm a billionaire.

Roman- Doesn't change the fact you don't own this, we own this. We being me and all my supporters.

Vince- You people think you own this?

Roman- Sounds like they know it *Yes Chants*

Vince- How long do you think you'll be WWE Champion? I mean I don't know, if I were you I'd wonder that.

Roman- That a threat? Tell me what are you gonna do? You gonna put me in a handicap match? A gauntlet match against the League of nations.

Vince- I'm gonna tell you to shut up. Your ancestors the wild Samoans. I want to remind you you're 1 generation from a bone through your nose. I put your uncles on every single night and wore them down to nothing. Then there's your Dad, that's a whole other story pal, I used him up and I lined my pockets with his money. I paid him peanuts *Roman shoves him*

Vince- My neck! It's my neck! My neck! *Steph's music hits*

Steph- Dad! Dad! Come on! *Security guards come out* Are you ok?! Roman you put your hands on a 70 year old man. Arrest that man!

Officer- No. We were brought here to do security and that is it.

Steph- Are you kidding me? You just saw him lay his hands on my 70 year old father! Now are you going to arrest him or not?!

Officer- No and if you don't calm down I'm going to take you to jail instead of him.

Vince- Alright I feel better. Calm down, no one is going to jail. Calm down.

Officer- I don't care who you are! If you don't calm down you're going to jail.

Vince- You don't care who I am?! I know you're bosses boss! *Grabs the officer by the suit jacket* Dammit I'ma McMahon!

Officer- That's it. You're under arrest.

The officer reads Vince his rights while Stephanie tells him he can't do this. Roman makes sure to put a mic in front of the officer as he reads Vince his rights. After Vince is walked out Roman smiles and poses with the WWE Championship.

When we return we see footage of Vince being put into a cop car and driven away.

Kevin Owens vs. Neville

Owens gets kicked quick and knocked into position and Neville goes for the Red Arrow. Owens gets up and hits the ropes knocking Neville down. Owens goes for the Pop up Powerbomb but Neville reverses it into a roll up and gets the pinfall!!

Winner: Neville

Owens is FURIOUS and attacks Neville on the outside. He throws Neville into the barricade and rams him into the steel post. Right when the Owens walks away he changes his mind and attacks Neville again.

We return from break and Neville is being helped to the back when Owens runs back out and BLASTS him with a clothesline that turns Neville inside out. Owens grabs Neville and throws him into the steel stairs. Dean Ambrose's music hits and he runs out to make the save! Ambrose and Owens exchange blows and it leads to Ambrose hitting the lunatic clothesline and Owens escaping through the crowd.

Jojo is with Becky Lynch backstage, she asks her if she had any hard feelings toward Charlotte for what happened on Smackdown or for not being here tonight to have her back. Becky says she doesn't have any hard feelings. She is used to having to fight for herself. She left home at 18 years old to come to the greatest city in the world! New York! She has wrestled on her own all across the world and she'll do it again tonight. She may not have a team behind her, but she has a goal in front of her.

Sasha Banks- Hi Hello the Boss is back in Brooklyn! Now guys I don't want to make this a hometown thing, but Becky said this is the greatest city ever! Clearly she has never been to my hometown of Boston!

Naomi- Brooklyn is nothing more than a pizza, rat infested, garbage filled, overrated, overpopulated, polluted stank dump.

Sasha- And you Bank on that Becky!

Sasha Banks w/ Team Bad vs. Becky Lynch

Becky goes after Sasha but she rolls out and talks to Team Bad. Sasha locks up with Becky and hits a running shoulder block. Side headlock by Sasha but Becky fights out and gets 2 arm drags in before locking in her own headlock. Sasha tries a pin but Becky bridges out from underneath it. Becky grabs Sasha from behind and and then does an arm drag and locks a hold on Sasha's arm. Sasha fights out and does a running arm drag. Becky twists the knee of Sasha and drops her own knee on Sasha's. Twice. Becky gets it a 3rd time and then locks in a submission on her leg. Naomi jumps up to distract the ref and then Tamina pulls Sasha to the ropes. Becky breaks the hold and Sasha goes on the attack. Becky hits a baseball slide on Naomi and Tamina, Sasha goes to check on them and then Becky goes up top! She jumps off and takes out all 3 members of Team Bad! We head break.

We return and Becky and Sasha exchange putting each other in the corner and Becky hits an arm drag to take control of Sasha. She whips the Boss in the corner then hits a kick through the ropes. Becky goes to the top and takes Sasha with her, but Sasha drops down and pulls Becky's arm with her. Sasha hits the knees to the back of a propped up Becky Lynch! Sasha kicks Becky repeatedly in the corner and chokes her with her boot. Sasha slams Becky's face to the mat and then stretches her from behind. Sasha starts pulling the hair then slams Becky's head to the mat. Sasha puts Becky between the ropes and stretches her and mocks Becky's music. Snapmare by Sasha then stretches her neck again. Becky goes for a neckbreaker but Sasha reverses, but Becky hits a clothesline and a spinning kick! Sasha pulls Becky into the second rope and Sasha tries to hit a running move, but Becky moves and ends up crossbodying her teammates on the outside. Ref gets to 8 before Sasha gets back in. Forearms by Becky but Sasha hits the first half of the Bankstatement, the backstabber. She stretches Becky from behind, with knees in Becky's back. Sasha smacks Becky but Becky suplexes the Boss into the ropes! Tamina jumps in to distract the ref and Naomi kicks Becky in the head. Sasha hits the Bankstatement but reverses it into the Disarmer! But Sasha rolls it into a pin and grabs a handful of tights for the win.

Winner: Sasha Banks


Kofi Kingston vs. Kalisto

Woods- New York City! Wow. In this very building we became the WWE World Tag Team Champions!

Kofi- That's right as a matter of fact this is the very building where the trumbone made it's debut

Big E- Do you remember the time we came out and sang a few songs? Well look who brought their pitch pipe!?

Woods- You guys want to hear a New Day song right here?!

Kofi- What's that? You people don't deserve a song because you didn't vote for us to win Tag Team of the Year?

Big E-So who gets a song tonight?!


Woods- Have The Usos come out and sing for you.

Big E- Or have Kalisto come out since you voted for him to be OMG Moment of the Year! Every time we come out and speak it's the OMG Moment of the Year!

Kofi- Exactly! We are great! We are so dedicated to our fans that if parents call us, we will come to your house for your kids and fight them!

Woods-'re a father...

Kofi- Exactly! OMG!

Woods- *Big E rolls on the ground laughing* He's ROFL-ing.

Kalisto vs. Kofi Kingston

Kofi and Kalisto try to lock up but Kalisto is all over the place. He whips Kofi across the ring but Kofi gets a stiff kick to the head of Kalisto. Kofi to the second turnbuckle and tries to stomp Kalisto but misses and a corkscrew crossbody to Kofi! Hurricarana to the mat and Sin Cara takes out New Day and Kalisto gets a rollup off a distracted Kofi!

Winner: Kalisto

Woods- Sin Cara! Cut the music! What kind of man are you?! What are you teaching the children of the world? Cheating so your friend can win?! You disgust me! I got something for you! Because payback is hard to swallow! Tonight payback is a biiiiiiiiiiiiig E!

Big E vs. Sin Cara

We return from break and the match has already started. Big E had Cara in the abdominal stretch. Sin Cara goes for a spring board moonsault but Big E catches him, but Sin Cara turns it into an arm drag. Big E rolls out, and Sin Cara goes to the apron but Big E sweeps the leg and Sin Cara lands on the back of the shoulder hard. He seems to have really hurt it. After a doctor looks at it the match continues. Big E is in complete control and he attacks. He puts Sin Cara up in a tree of woe and goes for a tackle but Cara sits up and Big E goes shoulder first in to the post. Sin Cara comes off the top rope and connects with Big E. He hits a running shot on E and then they both go to the top rope. Sin Cara puts Big E on his shoulders and hits a falling senton. Kalisto on the outside gets blasted by Kofi Kingston. Sin Cara gets distracted and turns into the Big Ending.

Winner: Big E


Miz- Welcome to MizTV. Welcome to the first annual year end review spectacular. Where to begin, January 1st I made my new years resolution--


Ryback- God you look stupid! The big guy has a big appitite but even I have had my fill of MizTV. Fans don't care about the past they care about the future and 2016 is the year of the big guy!

Goldusts music hits

Goldust- Tis the season of awards, is this the year that the Miz wins a SAG award? No, I didn't think so. Is this the year that the Miz wins an Oscar? Or is this the year the Miz wins some Golden Globes....AHK!


Zack Ryder- Brooklyn is Mu-ZACK-city! 2016 is finally going to be the year of Zack Ryder! Woo! Woo! Woo! You know it.

Miz- Let's all calm down it's getting a little disrespectful in here! January 2nd I tried bikrim yoga for the first time--

R-Truth's music cuts him off.

R-Truth- WWE Universe what's up!? I'll tell you, yall need to remember every superstar that's on the roster can be Superstar of the Year, so when you cast your vote think about the Truth!

Miz- The slammy's were last week Truth...You won one.

Truth- Oh yeah! I did win one! My bad, I need to get one of those daily planners.

Miz- Speaking of planners, on January 3rd!


Heath Slater- If there's anyone that has a lot to say it's ME Heath Slater baybay!!!


Heath- Wait a minute wait a minute! No one cares what you have to say! It's all about Heath Slater! So turn arou--*KO Punch!*

Big Show takes out everyone! R-Truth tries to KO Punch himself FOR Big Show but Show isn't laughing, he chokeslams him. Everyone but Ryback is cleared out. Big Show and Ryback go at it but Big Show throws Ryback over the top rope.

Big Show- Let's hear it Brooklyn! Please retire?! How about I enter myself into the Royal Rumble at Number 1, win it, go to WrestleMania and become WWE Champion and shove it up all your--haha you're not getting me in trouble.

Big Show vs. Ryback

Ryback hammers away at Big Show and puts him in the corner and kicks him over and over and over. Ryback goes to the top and hits a axehandle. He tries a 2nd but Show slaps the chest mid air. Shoulder block by Big Show who then kicks Ryback in the ribs. Twice. Three times. Big Show whips Ryback into the corner. Ryback fights back and brings Big Show off his feet. Ryback sets up for the Meathook but Big Show rolls out of the ring. Big Show walks away and gets himself counted out.

Winner by countout: Ryback

Sheamus- All of you here should be ashamed for cheering Mr. McMahon's arrested. He has given you hours of entertainment, he puts smiles on your faces. Mc. McMahon is a national treasure. In honor of Mr. McMahon the League of Nations will lay down an epic beat down of the Usos and Dean Ambrose tonight.

Dean Ambrose & The Usos vs. Sheamus, Ryback and Wade Barrett

Sheamus and Jimmy Usos start things off and Sheamus hits a snapmare to start things off. Big heel kick by Jimmy and Sheamus is clotheslined out of the ring and tag to Jay and both hit a double kick to knock Sheamus back out. Tag to Rusev but the Usos hit a double atomic drop. League of Nations huddle up on the outside and the faces tempt them inside. Dean Ambrose has enough and goes out and attacks Sheamus, and brings him in the ring. Ambrose stomps away at Sheamus and tags Jay in. Uce hits an uppercut on Sheamus, but Sheamus kicks Jimmy away. Tag to Rusev. Rusev with headbutts to gain control of the match. Uce blocks a punch and tags his brother. Jimmy gets hiptossed into the corner and lands awkwardly. Rusev attacks the knee as we head to break.

We return from break and Sheamus and Jay are battling in the ring. Jimmy gets taken out by Rusev on the outside. Dean runs in to help his teammate but gets thrown over the top rope. Sheamus connects with a Brogue Kick to Jay and the League picks up the win.

Winners: The League of Nations

Kevin Owens runs in from the crowd and blasts Dean Ambrose from behind. Ambrose gets thrown hard into the steel stairs and Owens looks pure evil. Owens sets the stairs up next to the announce table, picks up Ambrose and hits a powerbomb through the announce table. Dean looks completely destroyed as doctors run over to check him out. Eventually they are able to get him up and walk him to the back.

Renee Young is outside the police station and we found out Vince has posted bail. Steph and Vince leave and Renee tries to get a word but Vince tells her to get out of his face.

John Cena makes his way to the ring!

John Cena- Ah the sweet sounds of Monday Night Raw. Right about now we'd have a US Open Challenge, problem is champion is Alberto Del Rio. Seems like the only thing the League of Nations cares about is every country except the one we're standing in! The United States! Has Alberto Del Rio ever defended the US Championship on Raw? Hell no! The United States Championship used to be fun! Championship matches every week! Kids were excited! Adults...not so much. I got called by some names by some guys like that one with a shirt with my name crossed out. But regardless I came out and busted my butt to give you what I thought you deserved. Alberto Del Rio will NOT be putting the title on the line. It's a disgrace to the title and I'm sorry.

ADR- Are you upset John Cena. Because the Champ is HERE! What you call disrespectful I call intelligence. I pick whether the person is worthy and I pick the place. This place? This place doesn't deserve to have a United States Title match.

Cena- You''re an idiot. Look around! Every seat is filled! Can you hear the noise?! If you believe in anything WWE stands for, if ever there were a place for a Championship match it's right here right now. But I get it, you won't put up the championship because you know I'll take it from you and embarase you.

ADR- Why would I be afraid, last time we were in the ring I kicked your head off your shoulders.

Cena- Yeah what have you done since then!? Hid behind the League of Nations! Let's make this simple, you're the champion I'm the challenger, put the title on the line. Or be a punk bitch!

ADR- You're gonna have a fight! Right here right now...just not for the title.

Cena- I figured as much. I know what's gonna happen next, you and the League of Nations will come down here and it'll be over before it begins. You're a champion who won with a lucky kick, you gained a championship and lost your manhood. This is Brooklyn! Even the crowd here is tougher than you are! This is Brooklyn! Home of Jay-Z! Notorious BIG grew up across the street!

ADR- You think I lost my manhood?! I beat you for this championship once, I'll do it again. You want a championship match!? You got it!

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio for the United States Championship

Del Rio takes control quickly and Del Rio puts Cena in the corner and stomps away. Snapmare by Del Rio and a dropkick to the back of the head. Del Rio hits a big boot kick and then takes Cena outside the ring and throws him into the steel post. ADR rolls Cena back in and goes to the top rope and hits Cena with a flying fist. Cena fights out of a chinlock but gets kicked in the face. Cena lands on the second rope and Alberto comes flying but Cena moves and Del Rio falls through the ropes. We head to break.

We return and Cena hits a suplex. Cena with a running shoulder tackle. Enziguri by Del Rio! 2 count. Del Rio goes to the top but Cena hits a dropkick midair! Shoulder tackle, and another! Cena sets up for the 5 knuckle shuffle and connects! Cena locks in the STF! Del Rio crawls to the bottom rope and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Cena. Cena hits a tornado DDT from the 2nd rope on Del Rio! 2 count! Cena puts ADR up for the AA but Del Rio counters and reverses it into an Armbar! Cena rolls it over and picks Del Rio up with one arm! He slams Alberto back down! Cena tries for the AA again but ends up hitting the ref with Del Rio. Cena locks in the STF on Del Rio, Del Rio taps but the ref is out cold. Rusev and Sheamus runs in for the League. Rusev with the Superkick and they roll the ref in. 1-2-NO! Cena kicks out. Sheamus and Rusev back in. Rusev hold him and Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Cena moves and Sheamus hits Rusev by mistake. Del Rio with the kick to the head that first beat Cena! 1-2-NO CENA KICKS OUT! Cena gets Del Rio up and connects with the AA! Cena covers Alberto, 1-2- but Sheamus and Rusev break it up and cause the DQ.

Winner by DQ: John Cena

The attack on Cena continues but the Usos run out to make the save. They hold their own but eventually the League takes control. Roman Reigns runs out and hits a HUGE spear on Rusev. Sheamus has a chair and stares down Reigns on the opposite side of the ring. Sheamus charges Roman but Reigns hits a Superman Punch before he can connect with the chair! Roman grabs the chair and hits Sheamus in the back, sending him out of the ring! Vince's music hits and he makes his way out. He let's us know that next week Reigns will be facing Sheamus for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! And there is a special guest referee...Vincent Kennedy McMahon!

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