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Monday Night Raw Results (8/31/15) - Seth Rollins Looks for His Statue, Finds A Night Of Champions Match

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WWE Raw Results (8/31/15)
Monday, August 31st, 2015
From the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida.
Report by Zack Krasney of

Question of the Week: Do you want to see Sting win the WWE Championship? Why or why not?

Monday Night Raw Results

The show opens with a video package of Sting putting a damper on Seth Rollin's Statue unveiling party last week on Raw. We see the footage of Triple H making their match at Night of Champions official.

It is announced that later tonight Ryback and Big Show will have an Intercontinental Championship match, Team PCB will try to beat the clock, Ambrose will face off against the new member of the Wyatt Family, and the Dudley Boyz will take on The New Day!

CAWW!!! Sting comes out to open the show! Sting makes his way to the ring, crowing here and there.

Sting- Woooo!! Oh it feels good to be back in Tampa. Last time I was in this ring, was at WrestleMania against Triple H and he did push me to my limits. I know I also pushed him to his limits and no matter what happened I'm always going to have respect for Triple H. But that was then, this is now, and this is Monday Night Raw!! I've got my sights set on the sellout Seth Rollins, and as good as he is, and he is really good, he's no Triple H. Since WrestleMania one injustice after another after another, Seth runs roughshod over the most prized and sacred possession in wrestling today and that is the WWE Title. Whether it's the Authority or John Stewart, Seth manages to hang on. On top of that Seth thinks he deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as legends like Bruno Sanmartino, Andre the Giant, or Ultimate Warrior. That is an injustice because Seth is a legend in his own mind! I've wrestled legends all over this world, and I've won World Titles all over this world. But there is one that alluded me, and that is the WWE World Title. That is all going to change when I beat Seth Rollins at Night of Champions for the World title! At Wrestlemania Triple H was man enough to shake my hand after he beat me, and at Night of Champions I'm going to show the world that Seth Rollins is not half the man Triple H is. I am gonna prove that Seth Rollins is not a man but a little boy, and that little boy is living in my world! Little boy you better buckled up because you're in for a heck of a ride!


Seth Rollins is backstage with Stephanie McMahon.

Seth- Can you believe this rellac, what is talking about out there? He is basically spitting in my face, he's spitting the face of the Authority!

Steph- Seth you have to put this in a different frame here, no one was angrier than The Authority last week when Sting pulled his stunt. But a victory over Sting would cement your legacy, your legend.

Seth- This has been the year of Seth Rollins. He's talking about injustices, he was at Wrestlemania did he not see me cash in and win the championship? Did he not see me burn suplex city to the ground? Did he not see what this knee did to John Cena's face? Yet he doesn't think I belong with the legends? When I am in that ring I am better than ANYONE. ANYONE! And he knows it.

Steph- Seth what Sting specifically said was that you were not better than Triple H. What he actually said was you aren't half the man Triple H is. As much as I hate to disagree with Sting but he's right. I mean we hope you'll get there but legends are built over time. Not over night, not in a week, not even a year.

Seth- All due respect, they build statues for legends. Speaking of statues, where is my statue? I want it front and center at Night of Champions.

Steph- You want your statue? Why don't you go ask Sting?

*Seth walks away*

Dolph Ziggler w/ Lana vs. Rusev w/Summer Rae

Rusev backs Ziggler into the corner, Ziggler gets behind him. Rusev tosses Ziggs off him. Ziggler shoots on Rusev, but gets thrown away again. Dropkick by Dolph right on the nose. Rusev kicks Ziggler in the gut and then stomps a hole in him. Big kick to the face of Ziggler. Rusev puts Ziggler in a headlock. Dolph tries to fight out but gets his head slammed down. Rusev chokes Ziggler with the ropes. Rusev knocks Ziggler down with a stiff right. "Let's go Ziggler, Rusev Sucks" chants. Ziggler goes for a splash but Rusev moves and Ziggler hits turnbuckle. Rusev follows up with several heavy standing elbow drops. Ziggler reverses a suplex and locks in the sleeper! Rusev breaks out and Rusev blasts Ziggler off the side into the barricade.

We return and Ziggler is fighting with right hands but Rusev blasts Dolph with a big right hand. Bear hug by Rusev. Rusev whips Ziggler into the corner. Rusev does it again. Rusev goes for the splash but Ziggler sidesteps and hits a big jumping DDT! Dolph with some jumping clotheslines and a splash in the corner! Rusev hits a side suplex. Rusev with a running senton splash. Rusev missed the superkick and Dolph rolls him up for 2. Spinning heel kick by Rusev, 2 count for Rusev. Rusev throws Dolph against the ropes but Ziggler counters with a Superkick! Rusev rolls out of the ring. Dolph comes after him but Rusev counters with a throat chop. Rusev slams Dolph head first on the steps. Rusev puts Dolph on the stairs, Rusev comes in for a splash but Ziggler moves! The ref starts counting and both men make it in at 8 and 9. A frustrated Rusev hits a Superkick and signals for the Accolade. Rusev kicks Ziggler in the back but Dolph slides out, Ziggler hits the ZigZag! The ref gets to 2 when Summer Rae breaks it up for an interference. Lana runs in and starts attacking Summer before Dolph pulls her off.

Winner by DQ: Dolph Ziggler


Renee Young, wearing a very cut flowery sundress, walks up and congratulates Dolph on his victory. Lana leaves them.

Dolph- Technically I won, but that's not how I wanna win. I don't think that's the last we're gonna see of the Bulgarian bumblehead. Summer, fake Lana, whatever you wanna call her, I think she might be as tough as him, but maybe she can stay out of my matches from here on out. That's fair right. Hey I'd love to stay and chat but I have a date tonight.

*Ziggler goes into his locker room behind her*

Renee- More on that later. Well tonight we're going to get to see the Dudley Boyz for the first time in over 10 years in the ring *Behind Renee Summer Rae sneaks into Ziggler's locker room* The newest member of the Wyatt Family will take on Dean Ambrose and next we have the Diva's beat the clock challenge. Becky Lynch will take on Alicia Fox.

Nikki Bella- To be the fearless face of the Diva's division is truly an honor, and I just want to share every historic moment not just with the Bella Army but with the WWE universe! So join me, join us as we count down each precious moment until I become the longest reigning Diva's champion in WWE history. So Tampa I present the Bella tron! *A count down appears on the tron until she breaks the record*

Becky Lynch vs. Alicia Fox in a Beat the Clock Challenge

Becky rolls up Alicia fast but gets 2. Another try but 2. Alicia tries for a pin but gets 2. And again. Becky gets an arm submission on Foxy. Becky tries for the armbar but doesn't get it. Fox gets in the ropes but then hits a big boot thanks to the ref holding Becky. Fox throws Becky by the hair and then stomps her hand. Fox hits a weird dropkick and then locks in a headlock. Elbow by Becky and an uppercut. Clothesline by Becky, and a second. Dropkick and a pin by Becky but only 2. Springboard stomp by Becky and a fallaway slam. 2 count. Fox rolls up Becky, but she counters into the Disarmer. Tap out!

Winner at 3:21- Becky Lynch

Backstage Interview

Rich- Coming up next you're set to defend your title against the Big Show. What are your thoughts?

Ryback- This match has been a while in the making now. Tonight Tampa, FL, it's the Big Guy vs The Big Show. This championship means everything to me. Ever since I won this title nothing has kept me down. The elimination chamber couldn't keep me down, staph infection couldn't keep the big guy down. Triple threat, Big Show "duhhhhh" and the Miz "I'm an actor, and I'm awful" COULDN'T keep the big guy down. And tonight, tonight is my biggest obstacle yet. Tonight, Rich...*a girl giggles in the of camera*

Summer Rae runs away and Ziggler is naked in a towel and seems confused and angry.

Big Show vs. Ryback for the Intercontinental Championship

Ryback and Show start things early and Ryback lands some shots, but Big Show hits a shoulder block. In the corner Big Show smacks Ryback HARD. He goes for a second and Ryback dodges and shoulders Big Show. Ryback charges Big Show and gets blasted. Big Show whips Ryback into the corner and then walks over the back of Ryback. Big Show with a spinning elbow press. Big Show chokes Ryback with the ropes. Big Show throws Ryback into the corner hard. Big Show stomps Ryback. (Crowd chants "Please retire!") Big Show demands a mic and says if they want him to retire, find someone who can do it, because no one here can! Ryback behind Show tries to pick Show up but Big Show's weight was too much and Ryback falls backward. Big Show stomps him hard. Ryback tries to fight back with shots to the gut of Big Show. DDT by Big Show, and a 2 count. Elbow to the neck of Ryback, then Big Show throws in a chokehold. Ryback fight out and hits a shoulder tackle. Big Show whips Ryback in the corner and hits a reverse splash. Ryback hits a Thesz press and goes for the jumping splash but Big Show catches him by the throat. Ryback counters the Chokeslam with a spinebuster! 2 count. Ryback signals for the Meat Hook but gets caught in a Chokeslam but only a 2 count! Big Show goes to the top rope! Ryback up and flips Big Show off the top! Ryback lines up the Meat Hook but gets hit with a big spear this time! Only a 2 count! Big Show signals the KO punch, but Miz hops up on the side of the ring causing a distraction. Ryback grabs Big Show and hits Shellshocked for the win!

Winner: Ryback

Charlotte vs. Brie Bella in a Beat the Clock Challenge

Charlotte goes after Brie quickly. Brie keeps getting into the ropes and points to her wrist like a watch. Brie rolls out of the ring. Charlotte chases her, but Brie knocks her down. Charlotte blasts Brie and then goes for the Figure 8 but Brie grabs the ropes. Charlotte hits a spinning neckbreaker and then hit the Natural Selection on Brie! The snap was enough to get a 3 count!

Winner at 1:40- Charlotte!

Backstage Interview

Renee Young welcomes the Dudley Boyz. She says they haven't competed on Raw in over a decade.

Bubba Ray- Renee straight out of Dudleyville and into the WWE Universe. We're here for 2 reasons. First, we're here to put everyone through a table. Second, we're here for the WWE World Tag Team titles! Everyone knows we're 9-Time Tag Team Champions. Everyone already knows we're the most decorated Tag Team in the history of WWE. But the magic number is 10. Me and my brother want to be the 10-Time Tag Team Champions. In order to do that we have to beat The New Day. We don't want to go through them, we want to put them through a table. New Day what are you going to do when 20 thousand people say DEVON! GET THE TABLES!


Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro

Fight Owens Fight chants right off the back. Cesaro starts with several strong uppercuts as Kevin was talking trash. Cesaro puts Owens in the corner and continues the attack. Owens takes control with some shots of his own, but Cesaro comes back with another uppercut. Cesaro goes for a suplex but Owens counters. Cesaro hits a big boot and follows it with a suspended suplex. Cesaro follows it with a double leg stomp to the gut of Owens. Owens tries to counter an Irish Whip but Cesaro knocks him down. Owens rolls out of the ring. Cesaro looked like he was going for an over the top move, but Owens wonders out of the way. Cesaro comes out and hits a running uppercut. Back in the ring Cesaro hits a crossbody off the top rope and gets a 2 count. Owens gets out of the ring again, when Cesaro goes after him, Kevin pulls the leg out from under him. Owens hits a senton then a kick to the spine. Owens puts Cesaro in the corner and hits a chop, but Cesaro punches Owens. Owens throws Cesaro into the corner and talks some trash. Owens hits a corner clothesline and a cannonball by Owens. 2 count by Owens. Owens grabs Cesaro by the back and nails him in the head. Owens with a headlock on Cesaro. Cesaro fights out but Owens drives him shoulder first into the steel post. Cesaro hits his reverse torture rack slam. We head to break.

We return and Owens and Cesaro are on the top rope. They are fighting for control. Cesaro gets knocked off but Cesaro hits a dropkick on Owens who is seated on the top rope. Cesaro hits a gutwrench suplex from the top rope! 2 count only! Cesaro hits hits own reverse torture rack-looking slam. 2 count. Cesaro tries for the Neutralizer but Owens reverse, but Cesaro turns it into the swing! Owens counters before Cesaro can swing and hits a Superkick! 2 count for Owens. Owens yells at Cole to watch this you little jerk! Owens goes for a 2nd cannonball but Cesaro rolls out of the way. Owens throws 3 right hands before Cesaro wakes up and throws some shots of his own. Owens goes for a springboard tornado DDT but Cesaro CATCHES HIM! He reverses it into a slam into a crossface! Owens makes it to the ropes. Cesaro gets thrown against the ropes but he flips over. Cesaro tries to suplex Owens outside the ring, but Kevin counters and then slams Cesaro into the announce table below. Cesaro catches Owens and tries to do the Swing but his ribs are bothering him too much. Owens throws Cesaro again the ropes and hits the Popup Powerbomb for the win!

Winner: Kevin Owens

Backstage Segment

Dolph and Lana are backstage and both look upset.

Dolph- Look I know you're upset but let me explain for one second. I was in my locker room, and I stepped out of the shower and I saw Summer standing there with a big dumb grin on her face. As soon as I saw her I grabbed a towel and told her to get the hell out, and she did.

Lana- So she saw you come out of the shower naked? How do you think that makes me feel?

Dolph- Nothing happened, nothing ever would. The second I saw her I grabbed a towel. She left, that's it. Nothing happened, she saw me naked for 2 second, then I grabbed a towl. That's it.

Lana walked away.


Bray Wyatt- I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you sister Abigail, I wanted to say thank you for giving me your greatest gift, the black sheep Braun Stowman. Braun this is your moment, tonight you will show the world what it is you stand for. Tonight you will share with the Universe why you exist. You see ladies and gentlemen, mankind has tried to predict when the end of the world will be. After tonight there be no more guessing. Tonight the 7 trumpets will be sound you and we walk among you undisguised. And now Braun Stowman, show the world the face of their destruction.

Braun- This isn't the beginning. It's the end. The Apocalypse.

Braun Stowman w/ The Wyatts vs. Dean Ambrose w/ Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns comes out to back Dean Ambrose. Ambrose rushes Braun and gets blasted to the mat. Braun tosses Ambrose across the ring, then does it again. He chops down Ambrose with one hand. Stowman goes for a clothesline but Ambrose ducked it and attacks with punches and chops. Braun grabs Dean and punches him in the gut so hard it takes him off his feet. Stowman kicks him and Ambrose goes flying out of the ring. Stowman throws Ambrose into the barrier. He takes Ambroses head and crushes it against the barrier. He throws Ambrose to Roman. Roman stares him down and Braun pushes Roman. Roman turns him around and starts throwning right hands. Braun throws Reigns hard into the barrier. Ambrose comes from behind but gets thrown over the announce table. Reigns attacks but gets thrown into the timekeeper area. Ambrose leaps off the announce table and puts a headlock on him but Braun throws him off. Reigns comes back but gets thrown up and through the ropes. Reigns throws some right hands but gets caught in Braun's submission. Ambrose in with a chair, smacks Stowman in the back but it has no effect. He tries to hit him again but Braun catches it and throws the chair and Ambrose. Roman with a right hand but is stumbling, Harper comes in and hits a Superkick on Reigns. Braun puts his submission on Ambrose. Stowman picks up Reigns for a finishing move type slam. Wyatt gets in the ring and Reigns is fed to the Sister Abigail.

Winner by DQ: Braun Stowman

Backstage Interview

Renee Young is with Seth Rollins. She asks if he's had any luck finding his statue?

Seth- Is this funny Renee? Is this...amusing to you? Let me explain something about that statue, it's not just representative of all the hard work that I've put in, but of all the hard work that everyone here puts in. It's an insult to anyone who has been immortalized in bronze. Andre, Sanmartino, Warrior. Since I'm the champ and this is my show, I'm going to go out to the ring, call out Sting, and demand my statue back.

Renee- Seth I have to ask, we heard Sting say that you're no Triple H...

Seth- Woah hey, I don't know if that facepaint is leaking into his brain or something but maybe we should chip in and get him a WWE Network subscription so that he can be reminded exactly of what I am capable of. Triple H no disrespect, in his day he was the cerebral assassin, the king of kings, but I am the first man ever to hold the both United States and WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the same time, which means I am the man NOW.

Paige vs. Sasha Banks in a Beat the Clock Challenge

Paige tackles Sasha right away but Sasha plants Paige in the corner. Sasha pulls Paige straight up into the air and lets her crash back down. Paige goes for a pin but 2. Sasha goes for a pin but 2. Paige puts Sasha in the corner and hits a high knee. She follows up with a knee to the face of Banks on the mat. 2 count. Sasha goes for a move but it's countered into RamPaige. Sasha gets pulled out of the ring by Team BAD, Paige rolls her in but it's too late the buzzer goes off. Paige will not be going to Night of Champions.

Paige couldn't beat the clock.

Team Bella comes out and the Bella tron comes up as they count down until she breaks the record.

Backstage Interview

Renee is with Lana. She says during the commercial break she interviewed Summer Rae to get her side of the story. She wants to get her reactions to what Summer said.

Renee- Summer what possessed you to go into Dolph Ziggler's dressing room?

Summer- As I was walking down the hallway Dolph popped his head out and said he wanted to talk. It seemed like he finally wanted to bury the hatchet. Like he wanted to make things better between all four of us, which is I want. So I followed him into his locker room, next thing I know he starts getting completely undressed in front of me, stripping down naked. I was mesmerized, I didn't know what to do, then when he got into the shower he asked me if I wanted to join him. I was captivated, I will never forget the image of the water running down his body, his perfect body. His cute little tattoo on his pelvis, honestly I thought he'd have tan lines. But anyway, he got out of the shower and started to slowly work toward me and he have me THE look. that's when I realized he was trying to seduce me and I couldn't because of Rusev, I got out of there. But I will never forget the image of him there in front of me.

We cut back to Lana who is sniffling, she walks away.


Xavier Woods- The Dudley Boyz are a menace to society, they are a menace to the Tag Team Championships, they are a menace to furniture across the world!

Kofi Kingston- The good news is that your support could help save a table's life!

Big E- Remember the times you used to sit down to dinner with your grammy, your memaw, and that weird uncle who always looked at your girlfriend at the THANKSGIVING table.

Xavier- Or all the money you won at the POKER table.

Kofi- Or all those summers you spent at the boys and girls club at the POOL table.

Woods- We would have nothing on this earth without all the elements on the PERIODIC table.

Big E- And all the fun you had learning your TIMES tables! What's 2x2? 3x3?

Kofi- We wouldn't have any of these great memories if the Dudleyz broke YOUR table

Woods and Big E- OOHHHH NOOOOO

Woods- Now that is exactly why we have this table. *Pulls out buble wrapped table*

Woods- This is a very special table. My friends this table is the last table here, and that means the New Day will do everything in our power to protect it from the table poachers the Dudleys! Join us in chanting for the tables! Save...the tables!

Dudley Boyz vs. The New Day

Big E and Devon are starting things out. They lock up and Devon twists the arm, but Big E reverses it. Devon puts a headlock in but Big E fights out. Devon with a spinning elbow and a neckbreaker. Kofi tagged but a hiptoss by Devon. Bubba Ray tags in. Kofi says ohhhh nooo! Bubba says you WILL fight me! Bubba ray tries for a suplex but it gets reversed into a headlock. Kofi dodges a clothesline an a boot but gets caught in some kind of toss. Tag by Devon and Bubba whips himself into Big E and Kofi who are both in the corner. Devon follows with one of his own. The Dudleyz clear the ring.

We return to Big E tagging Kofi. Devon hits a double clothesline. Devon goes to bounce off the ropes but Woods pulls down the top rope and Devon goes flying. Kofi flies from inside the ring to take down Devon. Big E tags in and slams Devon into the barricade. Big E puts Devon in the corner and he and Kofi do their tag and stomp rotation 6 times and then Big E whips Kofi into a dropkick on Devon. A kick to the head of Devon before Kofi tags in. Big E tags in and hits a big splash. Big E goes for an abdominal stretch. Big elbow by Big E on Devon, 2 count pin. Kofi tags in and hits a springboard stomp to the chest of Devon then locks in a headlock. Kofi slides out of the ring and pulls the leg of Devon. Kofi to the top rope but Devon hits a clothesline on a mid-air Kofi. Bubba makes the hot tag and hits an elbow and a clothesline. Bubba hits a clothesline on Big E and then pulls Woods in by his hair. Then Devon does the same to throw Woods out. Bionic elbow by Bubba Ray on Big E and sets him up for the Dudley Death Drop for the win!

Winners: Dudley Boyz

After the match the Dudleyz get the "last table" and set Big E up for the 3D. Woods grabs the foot of Big E and pulls him out of the ring before he can eat wood.

In-Ring Segment

Seth Rollins- Now let me make something perfectly clear. Up until last week I had no problem at all with Sting. As a matter of fact I revered him as a legend in this industry, an Icon in the ring. But then Sting hijacked my statue and ruined my ceremony. It became painfully clear to my why WCW went out of business. Now I am nothing like Sting, I don't hide in the shadows, I am out here in the center of this ring to call Sting out. I want two things from that face painted freak. First, I want Sting to take back when he said that Triple H was better than me. Everyone knows that's not true, I am just as good as Triple H and maybe one day I'll be even better. Secondly and more important, Sting has something that belongs to me. The statue that he took from me represents even more than he can understand. It represents the greatest champion in WWE history! So Sting if you've got the guts I dare you to bring yourself to my ring and tell me where you put my statue.

Stephanie's music hits and she makes her way to the ring.

Steph- Seth I know I'm the one who told you to come out here but I strongly advise you to stop talking about my husband Triple H.

Seth- That's not what, no. Triple H was the leader of Evolution right? Anyone would have compared him to Ric Flair, Flair being the greatest of all time, but at that time Triple H was the man. Well that time has passed and now I am the man. Triple H is a 13 time champion and..

Steph- Seth, Seth you are letting Sting get inside your head. He's twisting you all up it's some of the oldest tricks in the books, I thought you were smarter than that. It's not you and Triple H, you vs. the Authority, this isn't about some statue. Seth you are the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, you are the United States Champion, the first to ever hold both titles. You are THE MAN! Let me say it again YOU ARE THE MAN!

Seth- Yeah! You're right I'm not going to let Sting distract me from what is important. I came out here for a reason and I am going to get it. Sting! WHERE! IS! MY! STATUE?!

*John Cena interrupts*

John- Wow Seth I'm probably the last person you want to see out here right?

Seth- You have no business out here Cena.

John- Yeah and right now you probably think Stephanie is going to ban me from the arena again. Seth Rollins you remember this moment because you're about to find out how expendable you really are. Stephanie isn't going to throw me out, in fact, she is going to be the one who makes your life miserable. These people know me, and whether they like me or not they know I'm big on respect so I'm gonna give you yours. You are unbelievably talented, but you are a conceited ego maniac, who is the biggest idiot I've ever met in my entire life. And I'll prove it, because you think you're actually friends with the Authority. Like you guys are all buddy buddy, like you were with the Shield. Why do you think they chose you? Because you were the only one in that group who would stab your friends in the back and do what's "best for business." (You sold out chants)

Seth- Shut up! Get to the point Cena!

John- The point is! That's what the Authority does, they do what is best for business. They see the benefits to people and they take everything they can from them. Don't believe me ask Randy Orton, ask Dave Batista, ask Kane. In a few months ask the newest flavor of the month, Seth Rollins. See The Authority and I may not get along, but they know who I am and I know who they are and we don't try and sell each other on any bullcrap. You're buying into every single bit of it. If they were really your friends, if they really had your back, they'd never allow me to do what I'm about to do right now. A lot of hardware there Seth got a match at Night of Champions against Sting for the WWE Championship. Yet, it's the Authority that said that at Night of Champions, every title has to be defended. And I just happen to have a rematch for that one, so what I'm going to do is cash in my rematch cause at Night of Champions. So you're going to have a WWE Championship match at Night of Champions with Sting, but you're also going to have a United States Championship match...with ME!

Seth- Not a chance!

John- Oh not a chance? It's not for you to decided, it's time to talk to the real face that runs the place. Stephanie McMahon, do I have a match against Captain Morgan at Night of Champions for the United States Championship?

Steph- *Looking pained* Yes.

Seth is furious in the ring but Steph is trying to tell him that's what comes with being a double champion.

Sting's music hits and he joins Cena on the stage. Seth looks at both his titles and is yelling no over and over to close out the show.

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