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Monday Night Raw (1/18/16) - The Beast Collides With A Roman Warrior And 4 Horsemen

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WWE Raw Results (1/18/16)
Monday, January 18th, 2016
From The Nationwide Arena Columbus, OH
Report by Zack Krasney of

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! This is the final Raw before the Royal Rumble, what twists and turns are in store tonight. Last week we saw the return of The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar! It seems pretty confirmed that Lesnar will be part of this year's Royal Rumble match. Question of the week: Do you see Roman Reigns retaining at the Royal Rumble?

WWE Monday Night Raw

The show starts with a video tribute to Martin Luther King jr. that was very well done.

Roman Reigns is out to open the show! He makes his way through the crowd in his usual fashion.

Roman- This Sunday will literally be 1 vs. All because I'm going to be the first man ever to defend this WWE Championship against 29 other men in the Royal Rumble match. It's gonna be the fight of my life but that's Sunday, tonight I only care about one man, Brock Lesnar. And I'm ready to finish what he started last week, right now!

Chris Jericho's music hits and he makes his way out.

Jericho- Welcome to Raw is Jerriicchooo! Now Roman I know you're waiting for Lesnar, but you got someone better Y2J!

That's great Chris, I'm happy you're back man, I really am. But you're not Brock Lesnar, and that's what I want in this ring.

I understand that and I know he's going to be in it tonight in the Highlight Reel. But I have a proposition, I want to turn this into the biggest Highlight Reel of all time. What I want to do is have the top three contenders here in the same ring, Y2J, Brock Lesnar, and Roman Reigns in this ring tonight on the Highlight Reel!

I love that, if Brock will be here so will I, you best believe that!

League of Nations music hits and all 4 men make their way out.

Sheamus- Well we hate to break up the love fest, we have a question. When did the Royal Rumble because Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar? There are 28 other men in this match, including the League of Nations and 1 of us intends on taking back what's ours! That WWE Championship. And Jericho's back everybody! I know it's been a few weeks, but welcome back Chris. Nice jacket, did you eat the shirt? Chris how could you have a Highlight Reel and not invite any of us. That's just plain stupid.

Jericho- You just used the word stupid. You...just used the word stupid. Ok that's the pot calling the kettle black, or milky white in your case. I don't want to bring you on the show because I'm trying to keep the show entertaining.

Alberto Del Rio- You've never won a Royal Rumble so you'd never know, but we rise to the occasion. It was me Alberto Del Rio that won the biggest Royal Rumble in history. So if someone deserves to be in the show tonight, it's the League of Nations.

Jericho- Alberto Del Rio, which is spanish for jackass. I'd really love to have you on my show but I don't feel like it.

Rusev- Listen you American reject, in Bulgaria every day is the Royal Rumble. I had to throw kids off the bus to go to school. One of us is going to win the Royal Rumble, WE should be invovled in your little show.

Jericho- I didn't understand him at all, but let me ask you Roman. Who won last year?

Roman- I did.

Jericho- And who did you throw out to win?

Roman- The guy we can't understand, Rusev!

Jericho- Just ask Lana, Rusev always comes up a little short.

Roman- *cuts off Rusev talking* Rusev just shut up. In fact, I'm not doing anything until later, I'm free right now. Why don't you get in this ring.

Jericho- Woah woah woah! Do you want to see Rusev take on Roman Reigns tonight!? Well if the League of Nations is going to be ringside then I'm going to even up the odds and be the special guest referee!

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev w/ The LoN and Y2J as the Special Guest Referee

The lock up to start and Roman takes control. Rusev rolls out to avoid a Superman Punch and catches his breath. Rusev sends Roman to the outside and the League creates a distraction so Rusev can blast Roman from behind. They get back in the ring and Rusev throws in a chin lock. Roman fights out and puts Rusev up for a Samoan drop but Rusev wiggles out. Barrett jumps up to create a distract and Rusev capitalizes. We head to commercial.

We return and Rusev is subduing Roman with a headlock. Reigns fights out and hits a jumping clothesline. Roman eats and elbow but then hits a big boot! He follows it up with 10 clotheslines in the corner. Reigns gets Rusev up for a Samoan drop but Rusev slides out and hits a kick to the side of the neck of Roman! 2 count. Rusev gets in Jericho's face for what he thinks is a slow count. Rusev puts Roman up on his shoulders and climbs to the top rope but Roman fights out with elbows and turns it into a sitdown powerbomb! 2 count! ADR up on the side of the ring for a distraction and Sheamus pulls Roman out of the ring and throws him into the barricade. Jericho turns around and puts 2 and 2 together. Jericho gets in Sheamus's face and kicks him out! Barrett gets up on the ring side and yells at Jericho. Chris kicks him out too! Alberto Del Rio does the same thing and Jericho kicks him out, too! Rusev tries to attack Jericho from behind but Reigns out of nowhere with a Superman Punch! Spear to follow it up! 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring!

Winner: Roman Reigns

Jericho is walking backstage and Steph cuts him off.

Steph- Jericho! You did not have the power to make that match. You are not the authority around here, I am. Raw is not Jericho, and this is not the 90s.

Jericho- I kinda wish it were the 90s, Steph.

Steph- Why's that?

Jericho- You were so much fun in the 90s! Why are you so angry all the time? You were fresh faced and happy, you were so good at being a filthy, disgusting, bottom feeding--

Steph- I get it. We know where you're going. You make changes to advertising programing, changing the highlight reel. Now I have to go negotiate with Paul Heyman, which is SO fun. I have to admit Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar is best for business, but if you ever make changes to my show again, I'll make sure you're never, what do you say, the same again.

Brie Bella w/ Alicia Fox vs. Natalya w/ Paige

Natty starts things with a big slam and a dropkick. Brie counters with a kick and "Brie Mode." Brie uses some elbows and then some kicks to the chest of Natty. Brie misses with a kick and Natty counters with the Sharpshooter for a tapout victory!

Winner: Natalya


The Wyatt Family w/ Braun Strowman vs. The Dudley Boyz and Ryback

We started during the commercial. Bubba gets hit by a big boot from Harper. Tag to Rowan who hits a slam on Bubba. Rowan ties for a splash but misses allowing Bubba to tag D-Von. Neckbreaker by D-Von, but Rowan throws D-von into his corner. 2 count. Tag to Bray who hits an uppercut and a big splash in the corner. Tag to harper who kicks the ribs of D-Von. Harper slingshots D-Von into the ropes then throws him out of the ring. Tag to Rowan who also attacks the ribs of D-Von. Rowan puts both fists on the sides of the head of D-Von and squeezes. Tag to Luke Harper. D-Von kicks out at 2 of a pin attempt, but then gets locked in a headlock. Tag to Bray Wyatt who hits a headbutt. D-Von ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own! Bray upp and knocks down Bubba. Bray tries to running senton but misses! Ryback makes the hot tag and so does Harper. Shoulder tackle by Ryback and another! Ryback hits a high running knee and a spinbuster! Bray tries a sneak attack but Ryback spots it. Bubba with a blind tag hits a big boot! Rowan breaks up the pin. Ryback tries for Shellshocked but Bray stops it. Ryback and Bray end up on the outside. Strowman gets in the face of Ryback and causes a distraction. Bray absolutely blasts Ryback from behind. Bubba gets caught in the superkick and spinning clothesline from Harper. 1-2-3.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Big Show vs. Heath Slater w/The Social Outcasts

Slater- WWE Universe, hashtag social outcast will be trending tonight AND Sunday when one of us wins the Royal Rumble!

Rose- With Aladdin's Magic carpet under my feet, I'll never hit the ground.

Axel- No one ever knows what you're saying, but everyone knows I was never eliminated last year!

Slater- And I'm about to eliminate you Big Show

Big Show hits a chop early and Heath rolls out to make fun of him. Big Show pulls him back in and hits the KO punch for the win. He then takes out all 3 other members of The Social Outcasts.

Winner: Big Show

Stephanie catches up with The League of Nations.

Steph- I have to compliment you on keeping your tempers out there with Jericho after what he did. I mean you're all completely capable of winning Sunday. I mean Barrett, you're the King of the Ring, that bullhammer could beat anyone. Alberto Del Rio you're a former Royal Rumble winner, of the biggest Royal Rumble in history! Sheamus you're a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion! So what let Chris scare you away?

Sheamus- We're not scared of anyone.

Steph- Prove it.

Vince McMahon comes out to draw the name of the 1st entrant into the Royal Rumble match this Sunday. Stephanie is with him.

The question on everyone's mind is who is going to win the Royal Rumble and win the WWE Championship. Will it be Brock lesnar, Bray Wyatt, Sheamus, could it be someone the WWE Universe has never seen before.

Could it be the reigning champion Roman Reigns. The odds against Roman are as good as one of you winning the powerball lottery.

To win it takes strength, smarts, and a lot of luck. Who is going to be the first entrant in the Royal Rumble match?!

Steph cranks the balls in the machine and Vince grabs one and untwists it. It's Roman Reigns.

Vince- It's Roman Reigns! Let's try this again, just to show fairness. Being number 1 is pretty rare.

They redo it and it's Roman Reigns again.

Vince- You put that back in there didn't you. Let's make this legitimate. Spin it again!

They spin it again and this time it is Roman Reigns.

Vince- Looks like it's gonna be Roman Reigns, he is number 1! But he never will be again after Sunday.

Becky Lynch vs. Tamina w/Tamina, Charlotte on commentary

They lock up but Becky breaks and hits a dropkick. Tamina picks up Becky and powers her in the corner then hits a superkick. Tamina locks in a chinlock. Tamina picks Becky up and slams her down. Another chinlock on Becky. Becky fights out but Tamina blasts her in the back of the head. Becky tries a roll up but gets 2. Becky fights back with forearms. Kick to the jaw of Tamina from the lass kicker. Becky hits another and then several leg drops! Becky locks in the Disarmer from the top rope and Tamina taps out!

Winner: Becky Lynch

Becky- Nothing would mean more to me than winning the Divas Championship this Sunday at the Royal Rumble, but first Charlotte I need an answer. I know the WWE Universe would love to see it, don't you?

Charlotte- You think I'll hand over a free title match because you have a bunch of people chanting at me? Please. You earned a title match, you lost a title match. Now get in the back of the line!

Becky- Only because your wheelin dealin, title match stealin, catchphrase spewin, obnoxiously wooin father helped you win.

Charlotte- My father is a two time Hall of Famer!

Becky- Yeah? And what would those Hall of Famers think of your daughter knowing she denied my rematch? Ric you never backed down from a fight, but I guess the apple fell far from the tree. Unless you've become as much of a coward in your old age as your daughter.

Ric- What did you just say!? She already beat you twice! Three times a charm at the Royal Rumble! You want it, you got it! WOO!

Dean Ambrose & Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus

Ambrose and Sheamus start things off and they throw punches back and forth. Ambrose with a flying forearm. Tag to Kalisto who hits a modified splash. Sheamus tries to tackle Kalisto but Kalisto pulls the ropes down and sends Sheamus flying. Del Rio on the side but Ambrose dropkicks him off the side. Ambrose then helps Kalisto over the top rope and he crashes into Sheamus and Del Rio as we head to break.

We return and Sheamus is in control of Kalisto. He hits a big suplex on Kalisto and locks in a chinlock. Ambrose makes the hot tag and Del Rio does, too. Ambrose takes him down and hits a spinning neckbreaker. Ambrose clotheslines Del Rio over the top rope. Ambrose with a suicide dive. Sheamus runs over but gets some jabs and chops. ADR sends Ambrose into the barricade. Del Rio kicks the back of the head of Ambrose and tags Sheamus. Ambrose fights back with right hands but Sheamus hits a big shot to the gut of Ambrose. Irish Curse backbreaker by Sheamus. Del Rio tags in and hits a big backbreaker on Ambrose, followed by a near 2 count. ADR puts Ambrose on the ropes and chokes him and Sheamus hits a cheap shot. Del Rio locks in a chinlock on Ambrose. Del Rio hangs Ambrose in the Tree of Woe and looks to hit his finishing mood. Ambrose pops up and pulls Del Rio off the top rope. Ambrose to the top hits a missile dropkick! Sheamus tags in and stops the tag to Kalisto. Sheamus throws Ambrose at the ropes but Ambrose hits the lunatic clothesline and tags Kalisto! Kalisto with a head scissors takedown! Kalisto with kicks to Sheamus. Sheamus tries for White Noise, but Kalisto reverses and hits a kick to the head. Sheamus tries to Brogue Kick but Kalisto ducks it and hits a finish. Kalisto with the Salida Del Sol on Sheamus but Del Rio breaks up the count. Ambrose takes Del Rio out of the ring but Kevin Owens causes a distraction. Del Rio hits an enziguri kick to the back of the head of Ambrose. In the ring Kalisto tries to hit another Salida Del Sol but Sheamus counters and hits the Brogue Kick for the win.

Winners: Sheamus and Del Rio


New Day is mourning the loss of Xavier's trombone, Franchesca. They are having a funeral for her. Woods says she would want her champion to avenge her, eat Chipotle and destroy Chris Jericho's bathroom. Oh and avenge her in a match against Jey Uso and her champion is...BIG E!

Jey Uso w/ Jimmy vs. Big E w/New Day


New Day has a moment of silence as they make their way down, Woods and Kingston in suits.

Jey takes control of Big E and hammers away at him in the corner. Big E fights out and tries a splash but misses. Jey tries to hammer away again but Big E grabs him and slams him in the opposite corner. Jey does a little dance to taunt E. He hits a crossbody on Big E to follow up. Big E rolls out of the ring. Jey runs at Big E outside but runs into a backbody drop. We head to break.

We return and Big E has Jey in an abdominal stretch. Jey fights out and hits some headbutts but Big E throws him into the ropes and hits a big elbow. Kofi hits a cheapshot when the ref isn't looking. Big E misses the big splash on the side of the ring. Jey hits a running dropkick on the outside and it knocked him into the barricade. Big splash from the top rope from Jey. Samoan drop from Jey! Superkick from Jey after Big E moved out of the way of the Uso reverse splash. Big E tries the spear through the ropes but Jey moves, sending E crashing. Jey Uso goes Uso crazy over the top rope! New Day rolls Big E back in but Jimmy runs over and hits a splash on Kofi. Jey hits a superkick and goes to the top rope, but Xavier Woods hops up for the distraction. Jey tries to get him out of the way but it allows Big E to blast him from behind. Big E connects with the Big Ending for the win.

Winner: Big E

Titus is backstage with R-Truth and Mark Henry. He says that at Sunday they have the chance to accomplish our goal of becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Tonight, though we're gonna put someone down for a dirt nap. They all put their hands in, then Neville pops up and puts his hand in. Titus says it's ok he has a dream too.

Titus O'Neil, Mark Henry, R-Truth and Neville vs. The Ascension, Stardust and Tyler Breeze

Titus and Connor start things off but Victor makes a blind tag and takes Titus down from behind. Victor tries a crossbody but Titus catches him and throws him across the ring. Neville tags in. Stardust also tags in. Stardust kicks the gut of Neville and hits an uppercut. Stardust does a crazy dance and while he isn't paying attention Mark Henry makes the tag. Henry hits a big splash in the corner. Truth tags in and and hits an elbow to the face of Stardust. Truth taunts Stardust and hits a hiptoss. Breeze tags in and hits a nice kick to the face of Truth. Connor tags in and hits a big punch. Truth gets slammed by Connor and it gets followed up with a big jumping elbow. Chinlock by Connor. Neville makes the tag and so does Breeze. Neville takes down Breeze and hits the standing Shooting Star. Titus throws Breeze into Henry who accidentally dropped him, Mark picks him up and hits the World's Strongest Slam, and Neville hits the Red Arrow for the win.

Winners: Neville, Mark Henry, R-Truth, and Titus O'Neil

Highlight Reel

Jericho- Welcome to the Highlight Reel! This is the biggest edition because we have the three biggest odds on favorites to win the Royal Rumble for the WWE World Heavyweight Champions. We've got Roman Reigns, current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, you've got me, and you've got--

Ladies and Gentlemen, and you Mr. Jericho, my name--

Paul please shut the hell up, we know who you are. Where is your client.

My client is here, and you don't have to be a weatherman to know an F5 is going to touch down tonight. Last time you and my client were in the ring together, well it wasn't something for the Chris Jericho highlight reel. Luckily my client isn't interested in you tonight, he has his eyes on the reigning, defending WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns.

Jericho- Come on in the ring here Paul, let's talk about that. Last week you were campaigning for your client to skip the Royal Rumble, and go right to WrestleMania for the title match. But you didn't get it done. You, Paul Heyman, who can talk his way into or out of anything, failed to get the job done last week.

Paul- I've been through a lot of depositions, that wasn't a question.

Jericho- Fair enough. Your client is a conqueror, he is the Beast and probably the most physically dominant man in WWE history. But as a result he's made a lot of enemies and he's going to be facing 29 of them on Sunday. Did you try and get him out of the match because you don't like his odds?

Paul- My client entered the ring last year at the WrestleMania my client walked into the match as champion, he did not lose, he was not pinned, he did not submit, so in my opinion Brock Lesnar should have gotten a bye straight to WrestleMania. The way I see it you have 1 Roman Reigns, the victim of the Authority, you have 28 other superstars and you have 1 conqueror. 1 Beast. 1 Brock Lesnar and honestly, I like the box office appeal. If I told you, you get to see Brock Lesnar vs. Alberto Del Rio, you'd subscribe to the WWE Network. Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho, anyone. Now you get all of them. Brock Lesnar turns the Royal Rumble into Suplex City this Sunday.

You said something very interesting Paulie. Let me ask you this, what if it does come down to Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Jericho at the Royal Rumble, what happens if it's Jericho and Lesnar in the Royal Rumble match. And what happens if Chris Jericho throws Brock Lesnar over the top rope and walks out 7 time World Heavyweight Champion. *Lesnar's music hits*

Before Lesnar can get in the ring Roman Reign's music hits! Roman makes his way to the ring and gets in. Roman lays down the title and says come and get it. Lesnar gets in the ring and charges Roman but Roman hits a HUUUGE spear! Roman starts hammering Lesnar but the League of Nations runs down and attack Roman. They try to attack Lesnar...big mistake. Brock takes them all down. Lesnar turns around into ANOTHER HUGE spear from Reigns!

They Wyatt Family surrounds the ring. Roman attacks Braun then Rowan, but Harper hits the spinning clothesline. Bray then hits Sister Abigail on Roman. Bray then turns his glare to Lesnar who is getting up. Bray tells Harper to get him and Harper hits a Big Boot! Rowan hits the spinning heel kick to Lesnar. Strowman takes his shot at The Beast. Bray hits Sister Abigail on Brock. The Wyatts stand tall to end Raw.

Keep refreshing through the night to get updated results if not your favorite wrestler will get eliminated first in the Royal Rumble. No pressure.

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