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Monday Night Raw Results (2/1/16) The Lunatic Confronts The Beast

WWE Raw Results (2/1/16)
Monday, February 1st, 2016
From Legacy Arena at The BJCC, Birmingham, AL
Report by Zack Krasney of

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! We are on the road to WrestleMania and we have a main event match set for Fast Lane. The Beast, Brock Lesnar will take on The Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose and Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns. Be sure to join us in the comments section below! Question of the week: Do you think we will see any cracks in the friendship of Ambrose and Reigns or will they stay strong?

Monday Night Raw Results

This week starts out with a bang and a beast! Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman make their way to the ring.

Paul- Ladies and Gentlemen my name is Paul Heyman and I am the advocate for the mayor of Suplex City, Brock Lesnar! We have a lot of business to cover tonight so let's get started. At the Royal Rumble, Bray Wyatt and his disciples hatched a plan to remove my client from the Championship picture. Their conspiracy plans failed, and when he chooses to he will invoke the 11th commandment, thou shall not intentionally provoke the beast. Last week here on Monday Night Raw, Stephanie McMahon did what's beast for business, putting brother vs. brother vs. beast. The winner of this, most unique triple threat match goes on to the main event of WrestleMania to battle Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. My client has authorized me to tell you he will imprison both Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose in Suplex City. Brock Lesnar will F5 both men, pin them at the same time and go on to once again become the reigning defending champion of the world! Let's not get ahead of ourselves, no one is selling 2/3rds of the Shield short. Dean Ambrose is used to ride the short bus to school, he's a psycho, a nutjob, he's a maniac, he's---*Dean Ambrose's music hits and he makes his way to the ring.*

Dean *gets in the face of Lesnar*- Who are you calling a nutjob, porky. I've never been in the layer of a beast before, it's cozy. Before I came out here I said to myself, self this may be a really bad idea. Despite how it looks right now, it may look crazy, I ain't crazy and I ain't stupid, and I ain't scared of you. But I do respect you, I have all the respect in the world for you. I wanted to tell you face to face you, tell you eye to eye I want the title. I want it so bad I'm gonna fight my own brother for it, and I'm gonna fight you for it. Do I want to fight you? No. Haha Not really. Who would? I know the beating you're going to give me at Fast Lane. Take me to Suplex City baby! You can drop me on my head, throw me all around this ring, I hope you're prepared to give me the worst beating you've ever given anyone. But I am the ironman of the WWE. I will drag my broken body out of Fast Lane and take the title from Triple H. Out of respect I thought I'd come out here and tell you that. Sorry Paul, I wanted to just come out here and see what all the fuss was about.

Kalisto vs. Rusev w/Lana and Alberto Del Rio on commentary

Rusev puts Kalisto in the corner. The ref breaks it up but Rusev pushes Kalisto into another corner. Kalisto goes to the legs of Rusev but gets swatted away. Rusev chases Kalisto but Kalisto ends up hitting a dropkick. Rusev hits a knee to the gut. Kalisto with a kick to the gut and fights out of a hold from Rusev. Rusev hits a high elbow that knocks down Kalisto. Rusev tries to powerbomb Kalisto, but Kalisto counters and uses his legs to flip Rusev out of the ring. Kalisto slingshots himself over the ropes at Rusev, but Rusev hits a superkick midair and Kalisto is out. We head to break.

We return from break and Rusev has Kalisto in a bearhug. Kalisto gets suplexed hard to the mat. Rusev puts Kalisto in the corner but he fights out with a tornado DDT! Kalisto hits a springboard seated senton and follows it with a corkscrew elbow. Kalisto tries another springboard move but Rusev catches him and plants him hard! 2 count. Rusev goes for a tackle but Kalisto throws Rusev shoulder first into the steel post. Kalisto with a dropkick to the knee and then a hurricarana that plants Rusev's head into the mat. Kalisto with a baseball slide on Rusev! Kalisto to the top rope but Rusev catches him! Kalisto slips out and dropkicks Rusev into the steel stairs. Rusev throws Kalisto over the announce table but he actually lands on his feet, leaps off and hits a hurricarana sending Rusev into the barricade. Kalisto slides into the ring right as the referee counts to 10!

Winner by count out: Kalisto

Backstage Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are next to the WWE Championship which is on display.

Steph walks in- It's funny isn't it, it was only 8 days ago that you were champion Roman.

Roman- Yeah, yeah, and it only took what 29 other guys to do it? You must be quite proud.

Steph- I am, I mean it's on display in my office. You know Dean you said it yourself, you would be willing to do anything to be WWE champion. Roman, you know what it's like to battle for the championship on the grandest stage.

Roman- You're right, that's why one of us is going to go on to take that championship away from your husband at WrestleMania.

Steph- I'd say you're missing one. The Beast, Brock Lesnar. Besides, you two may not be as rock solid as you think. Marty Jannetty never saw it coming from Shawn Michaels. Randy Orton never saw it coming from Evolution. Oh and you two never saw it coming from Seth Rollins. And Dean I'm not sure how long you want to be known and Roman's sidekick.

Dean- First of all, he's my sidekick most of the time. Secondly, that doesn't work with us. So much sass! Good effort.

Steph- We'll see! We'll see how united you are because tonight you'll be facing off against the New Day. United you conquer, but divided you'll fall at Fast Lane.

Renee Young is backstage with Brie Bella.

Renee- How is Nikki recovering?

Brie- Fearlessly as always. The doctors think she'll make a full recovery. Right now she's just relaxing in bed, watching lots of WWE Network.

-Charlotte and Ric walk up-

Charlotte- I can't possibly imagine what it must be like to sit in bed all day, rewatching your glory days, wondering if you're ever going to get in the ring again. When you talk to Nikki will you give me her sympathy. I can't help but think that when I beat her at Night of Champions and ended her championship reign I helped her injury get even worse.

Brie- I will pass the message along.

Charlotte- I mean I should feel bad, but why should I? I'm Divas Champion and well on my way to becoming the new longest reigning Divas Champion of all time!

The Usos vs. Social Outcasts (Adam Rose and Curtis Axel) w/ Heath Slater

Slater- WWE Universe! Usos! You call yourself family?! Ha! Social Outcasts are family! We may not have been born together, but we chose each other!

Adam Rose- Ride off into the stratosphere!

Axel- Yeah we're the tightest group of good brothers in the WWE! Hey, where's Bo?

Rose- I Bo-lieve we forgot him.

Slater- Guys, he told us he isn't going to be here, he's busy being Bo-Ridaaaa. He's in the studio dropping those beats! Like we're about to on the Usos.

The match starts with Jey and Axel, and Axel takes quick control. Axel stomps away at Jey and tags Adam Rose. Rose hits a knee drop on Jey. Rose hits a high knee and puts Jey in the corner. Rose follows up with a big clothesline in the corner, and another, and a third. Tag to Axel who goes for a pin and gets a 2 count. Axel with a chin lock. Jey tries to fight out but Axel grounds him quickly. Tag to Rose who taunts Jimmy on the side and locks in a chin lock. Jey fights out of the chin lock and hits an enziguri. Jey tags in Jimmy and takes down Rose. Axel goes to the top and leaps at Jimmy, but Jimmy hits a superkick midair. Jey tags in and the Usos hit a double superkick on Rose. Jey goes up top and hits the Uso splash for the win.

Winners: Usos


Miz- Welcome to MizTV! Ever since his debut in the Royal Rumble, everyone has been talking about my guest: AJ Styles. He has entertained fans around the world. I was meditating in my Bikram yoga studio and I was thinking it's guests like AJ Styles that are the reason that I provide a public service like MizTV. This is a forum for storytelling. Let me tell you, AJ's story is phenomenal. Ladies and Gentlemen give it up for the phenomenal AJ Styles!

Miz- You finally made it! You know the WWE Universe wants to know who is AJ Styles. To me, he is a man of tenacity. He is a man who has been told his whole life he doesn't have the "it" factor. He's the smallest off 4 boys in rural Georgia. You fought and clawed for every ounce of respect. When you tried out for football in high school they told you, you were too small. They said never give up, pursue other interests. Did you do that, though? No! You were the first one in the gym and the last one out. You proved them wrong and became the best player on the field, stealing the show left and right! Proving it's the size of the bite in the dog! From there he traveled the globe and became the phenomenal one. The bigger the man in the ring, the bigger the chip on your shoulder. But deep down you always wondered what it'd be like to be in a WWE ring. As time went on your white whale got further and further away. Then, through blood, sweat, and tears, you got your chance in the Royal Rumble. Yet, there are still doubters. You lasted 30 minutes in the Royal Rumble, not only that but last Monday Night you beat a 6 time World Champion in Chris Jericho in your debut match. I have to ask where do you go from here. You know you remind me of my former protege Daniel Bryan. You know he was short, and indy darling, a great wrassler. But he didn't do anything of relevance until I mentored him. That's when he achieved true greatness. Some call me the father of the Yes Movement. That's why I'm here. That's why I had you on the show because I want to help guide you AJ. I want to mentor you. I can take you to heights you've never been before. All you have to say is yes. WHEN MY HAND GOES UP YOUR MOUTH GOES SHUT! HOW DARE YOU BOO ME?! I have 10 plus years in WWE! I've held 12 Championships! I main evented WrestleMania! Who the hell is AJ Styles anyway!? He may have been a big fish in a small pond, but the fact remains this is an ocean full of sharks! He will drown if he keeps listening to you people! Let me ask you people a question. Do you really think a little rookie redneck like AJ Styles can make it in the WWE without my guidance?! There is no chance in hell.

Styles heard enough and blasted Miz. AJ stomps away at Miz and keeps on him! Miz slides out of the ring and halls butt up the ramp.

Brie Bella vs. Charlotte

Charlotte does pushups to taunt Brie. Brie hits forearms on Charlotte. Brie with a clothesline. Brie hits the Daniel Bryan-esque kicks. Brie goes for Brie Mode, but Charlotte ends up throwing her out of the ring. Charlotte slams Brie's head against the mat. Then does it again. 2 count pin. Charlotte throws on a headlock then slams Brie's head to the mat. Brie fights out of a headlock to hit a clothesline and running forearm. Charlotte ducks a clothesline but Brie counters with a backslide for 2. Brie hits Brie Mode and goes to the second turnbuckle but Charlotte runs over. Brie locks in a sleeper, but Ric hops up on the apron. Foxy runs over and yells at Ric. Charlotte breaks out and Charlotte goes to lock in the Figure 8 but Brie Bella rolls up Charlotte for the win!

Winner: Brie Bella


Harper, Rowan, and Strowman make their way to the ring.

Big Show vs. Erick Rowan

Big Show starts hammering away at the midsection of Rowan. Rowan fights back with elbows. He tries to Suplex Show, but he can't do it. Show hits a suplex of his own and then hits a huge splash in the corner. Running shoulder tackle by Big Show. Harper on the side but Big Show swats him away. Strowman up on the side too but Big Show spears him off the side. Chokeslam to Rowan for the win.

Winner: Big Show

Strowman gets in the ring and stares down Big Show. Strowman attacks and then Harper joins in. All three men throw blows at the Big Show. Spinning heel kick from Rowan. The Wyatt Family rolls Big Show out and throws him into the steps shoulder first. Harper hits a kick right to the face of Big Show. Rowan and Strowman flip Big Show onto the steel steps, spine first.

Titus O'Neil vs. Tyler Breeze

Breeze and Titus lock up and break. Breeze to the top rope but gets caught mid air! Titus slams the ribs of Tyler on his knee and then throws him away. Tyler attacks the knee of Titus and then slams it against the steel post. Tyler kicks the knee of Titus, then the face. 2 count. Then another 2. Tyler drops an elbow to the knee and locks in a half Boston crab on the bad knee. Tyler tries to drag Titus, but Titus throws him across the ring. Titus gets up and hits a wicked clothesline and then hits Clash of the Titus for the win.

Winner: Titus O'Neil

Backstage Paul Heyman is talking to Lesnar about not playing into people's expectations when Triple H walks in.

HHH- Give us a second Paul. Did I see with my own eyes, little Dean Ambrose walk up to the Beast, get all up in his face and live to tell the story. I thought I saw that. Things aren't getting soft in Suplex City, are they?

Brock- I guess we'll find out at WrestleMania.

HHH- Looking forward to it.

Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph tries the Superkick immediately but Owens moves away and rolls out of the ring. Ziggler is on him immediately. They get back in the ring and Owens kicks the back of Ziggler. Dolph hits a dropkick that sends Owens outside the ring. Ziggler tries the DDT on the outside but Owens stops it midair and throws Ziggler into the timekeeper area. We head to break.

We return and Kevin Owens has a headlock on Dolph. Ziggler tries to fight out and uses a jawbreaker to get some room. Owens throws Dolph HARD into the corner. Kevin follows it up with a cannonball in the corner. Owens kicks the midsection of Ziggler. Dolph tries to fight back but eats an elbow from Owens. Kevin talks trash as he beats down Ziggler. Owens hits a hooked clothesline. Owens goes for the running senton, but Dolph rolls out of the way. Owens tries to tackle Dolph but gets sent into the steel post. Dolph hits a big splash, then a second, then a third. He tries for a fourth but Kevin explodes out of the corner and hits a big clothesline. Owens tries the Pop-Up Powerbomb but Dolph holds the ropes! Owens charges but Dolph pulls down the ropes. Owens on the outside and Dolph runs out and hits the Fameasser! Ziggler gets Owens back in the ring and gets a 2 count. Owens hits a NASTY Superkick and gets a 2 count! Owens goes to the top rope, but Ziggler jumps up to meet him. Owens with a headbutt, but Dolph right back up. Owens strings up Ziggler in the Tree of Woe, and then connects with another cannonball! Pop-Up Powerbomb, but Dolph counters with the ZigZag! 1-2-3!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch

Sasha- That's right ladies and gentlemen, the boss is back and this time it's on my terms. No more sitting in the back watching other Divas steal my spotlight. That's why I'm on my own, and nothing and no one is going to stop me from becoming Divas Champion. Listen Charlotte, Becky may be whining about a rematch, and Brie may have beaten you, but I'm the one who is going to beat you for that title.

Naomi- Look at babygirl, stepping out on her own. This is a proud moment isn't it.

Sasha- Don't take this the wrong way girls. Team BAD is a family, but I came here to be the best.

Tamina- We feel the saaaame way.

Naomi- Which is why we're out here. We came to assure you that there are no hard feelings. Tamina and I are veterans, we knew this would come. Partnerships don't last forever. We have to make our own mark and create our own legacy.

Tamina- We came out here to congratulate you ourselves.

Naomi- Unlike Paige, Charlotte and Becky we're not going to let this whole thing turn into a mini war. We can be competitors and still be sisters.

Sasha- That's why you came out here, to give me your blessing. I have a match against Becky Lynch next, you guys got my back? I mean I still want us to have unity!

They all put their fists in for unity.

Becky and Sasha lock up and Sasha slams Becky down. They lock up again and Becky gets behind Sasha and takes Sasha down. Arm drag by Sasha. Sasha sweeps the leg of Becky. Unique pinfall by Sasha for 2. Becky with an arm drag then a submission locked on the arm of Sasha. Sasha puts Becky in the corner and hits the knees to the ribs of Becky. Forearm by Becky, but Sasha hits a knee to the gut. Becky tries the springboard kick but Sasha catches it and throws her out of the ring. Team BAD sets in but Sasha pushes them away and tells them she's got this and she doesn't need their help. Naomi shoves Sasha. Sasha shoves her back. Tamina and Naomi attack Sasha. Becky goes after Naomi and helps her. Becky and Sasha attack Naomi and Tamina together.

Winner: Sasha Banks by DQ

Renee is backstage with Chris Jericho

Renee- One of the biggest stories coming out of last week is AJ Styles win over you.

Jericho- Let me quote the last Glen Frey, "Everyone's talking about the new kid in town." It's true, everyone is talking about the phenomenal AJ Styles, everyone except for me. I'm not talking about him, I've been thinking about him. What a great match it was. Everything about it was tremendous, except the outcome. What it proved is that AJ Styles is here for the long haul. He proved he's a pitbull like he says, he's a fighter. I like that because I'm a fighter, too. I'm going to be paying close attention to what happens in his match against the Miz on Smackdown. I'm going to be taking it very, very seriously.

R-Truth is walking into the bathroom backstage when he opens the stall door and Goldust is in it. Truth is freaked out but Goldust says he just wants to Tag with him. Truth says he doesn't want to, he's a weirdo. Goldust asks who his last tag team partner and wasn't he imaginary. Truth says you're cutting me to the white meat and walks away. Goldust says he didn't mean imaginary, he meant interplanetary like his weirdo brother!

New Day w/ Xavier Woods vs. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

Woods- We are sick and tired of hearing about this thing. Don't you know booty-gate is putting too much pressure on Francesca 2.

Kofi- No we're not talking about the comments Amber Rose made about Kanye.

Big E- We are talking about the remarks made by the People's Booty. The inappropriate one himself, The Rock.

Kofi- Last week we shamed The Rock, this week we're going to shame him again!

All- Shame!

Kofi- Reshame him!

All- Shame!

Kofi- Rock you have a problem with foul language. This is family programming! For once would you think about the children! Rocky thinking about the babies!

Woods- Look at this kid right here! *kid dancing*

Big E- We will still fight you, but when we fight you we fight you out of love of children.

Woods- If New Day stands for anything it's fair treatment of trombone and children around the world.

Big E- So tonight we're going to beat up your cousin!

Kofi- And your cousin's friend! Ambrose! Reigns! Ambreigns!

Woods- Hey that's what they call them in those fanfictions.

Kofi- What's fanfiction?

Ambrose- BROOOOTHERRRR! So it's--

Big E- Woah woah woah, let's not go down that rabbit hole.

Woods- Tonight we're gonna take that tank top, jean wearing, wet dog looking, bulletproof wearing, no title winning cousin of yours.

Big E-Do you know WHYYYY?!

All- Because...New Day Rocks!

Roman and Kofi start things off. Kofi gets behind Roman and then celebrates for doing it. They go for a test of strength but Kofi kicks the gut. Roman tries a Samoan drop but Kofi slides out. Right hand by Reigns. Tag by Ambrose, who hits a back body drop. Kofi chops Ambrose, but Ambrose hits chops of his own. Slam by Ambrose then a tag to Reigns. Elbow drop by Reigns. Roman whips Kofi in the corner then hits a big boot! Roman signals the Superman Punch but Big E and Woods pull Kofi out of harms way. We head to break.

We return and Kofi is in control of Roman. Tag to Big E and he stomps Reigns in the corner. Big E kicks the ribs of Roman repeatedly. Big E sets Roman up for the big splash on the apron, but Roman rolls away and Big E crashes and burns. Ambrose tags in and hits a ton of chops and jabs. Clothesline by Ambrose then a forearm followed by a bulldog. Ambrose runs out of the ring and throws Kofi into the barricade. Ambrose tries a crossbody but E catches him. Ambrose slides free and sends Big E out of the ring and hits the suicide dive! Woods attacks Ambrose as he's getting back in the ring while the referee is distracted. Kofi runs over and kicks Dean in the head and rolls him in. New Day does the Unicorn Stampede. Kofi kicks the chest of Ambrose and gets a 2 count. Kofi with an uppercut and tag to Big E. E with a huge shoulder into the gut of Ambrose. Big E locks in the abdominal stretch on Ambrose and smacks the butt of Ambrose while he does it. Ambrose fights out and bites Big E's head! Kofi tags in and slams Ambrose. Kofi to the top rope but Ambrose blasts him midair! Big E tags in and stops the tag, but Ambrose hits a big suplex! Hot tag to Reigns! Roman takes down Kofi! Flying clothesline. Spinning slam by Reigns! 10 corner clotheslines on Kofi. Reigns signals the Superman Punch but Woods and E cause a distraction. Kofi catches Roman with a kick and tags Big E. E runs right into a Samoan Drop! Dean wants the tag and gets it! Dean to the top rope, elbow drop! 2 count gets broken up by Kofi. Kofi sends Dean out, and Woods is on the attack! Dean hits the lunatic clothesline on Woods. Kofi attacks but Roman runs over for the save. Big E plants Roman and rolls Dean back in. Big E sets up for the Big Ending but Ambrose slides out and pushes Big E into the steel post. Kofi runs in but Roman runs in and hits the spear! Dirty Deeds on Big E for the win!

Winners: Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

Brock Lesnar's music hits and the Beast makes his way to the ringside. Ambrose and Reigns are ready for him but New Day attacks from behind. Roman and Dean manage to fight them off, but New Day pulls Roman out of the ring and Lesnar runs in and hits an F5 on Ambrose.

Keep reloading throughout the evening to get updated results. I'm gonna stay up late, telling manly stories, and in the morning....I'm makin' waffles!

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