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Monday Night Raw Results (9/14/15) - Twin Magic Insults Everyone's Intelligence or Sting's First Match On Raw


WWE Raw Results (9/14/15)
Monday, September 14th, 2015
From FedExForum in Memphis, TN
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello all and welcome to the season premier of Monday Night Raw! Let's hope tonight is much better than the "season finale" last week. We have two championship matches on the card tonight. Nikki Bella defends her title against Charlotte, if Nikki wins she'll become the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time. We also have the Prime Time Players facing off against The New Day for the Tag Team Champions, winners go on to face the Dudley Boyz at Night of Champions. That leads me to the Question of the Week: Do you want to see Charlotte become Divas Champion tonight? Why or why not?

Monday Night Raw Results

The show starts with The Authority kicking it off. We have a big Connor's Cure logo on the ramp which is AWESOME. It's pediatric cancer awareness month. I encourage everyone to do what they can to support the cause.

Steph- Welcome to the season premier of Monday Night Raw!

Trips- Now to say that this year is a massive success is an understatement.

Steph- That's true, when we've seen stars like Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Rusev, Cesaro, Kevin Owens, Neville, New Day, Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Sasha Banks have all made their mark on the WWE.

Triple H- That's right the next generation of superstars has risen and they will take the WWE to hights never before imagined. And they will be lead by 1 man. He is THE man. He is the WWE Champion and the United States Champion. He is Seth Rollins. This Sunday live and only on the WWE network Seth Rollins has an opportunity to cement his legacy forever. He will defend his United States Championship against John Cena. He will also defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Sting.

Steph- And the Divas revolution has risen to new heights. Tonight we are guaranteed to see history tonight, when Nikki Bella defends her Divas Championship, a title she's held for 295 days, against a Diva who has rocked this division and done it with Flair. Charlotte. We will either see Charlotte become the new Divas Champion or we will see Nikki Bella become the longest reigning Divas Champion in history.

Triple H- That's not the only history we'll see tonight. No no no. Because tonight in this very ring, for the first time ever, competing here tonight will be the man who held the WCW Championship 6 times. The Icon, the Vigilante, competing her tonight will be the man that they call Sting! That's right! The man they call Sting will be competing here, 6 nights before he faces Seth Rollins at Night of Champions for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Tonight he will face the world's largest athlete, the Big Show! So I have one question for you? Are you ready? NO I SAID ARE YOU READY?!

Steph- Well you better be ready because we're making history together and it starts right now with a Tag Team Championship match! It's a new season and it's a New Day!

New Day comes out and Steph and Triple H actually dance with them. Quite a sight to behold!

New Day vs. Prime Time Players for the Tag Team Championships

Darren and Kofi strat things off. Darren goes for a quick rollup but nothing. Headlock by Darren but Kofi fights out. Darren grabs Kofi from behind in a rollup but only gets 2. Tag by Titus and Big E. E hammers away at Titus in the corner. Titus hits a powerslam on Big E. Tag to Darren, and a team move by PTP. Titus tags back in and chops Big E. Belly to belly by Big E. Xavier plays his trombone outside. Kofi tags in and hammers away at Titus. Titus smacks the chest of Kofi as he runs at him and just plants Kofi. Darren tags in and hits several right hands on Kofi. Darren throws Kofi across the ring. Darren counters the SOS but Kofi tags Big E. Darren hits a strong right hand to stun Big E. Ref is distracted and Kofi takes out Darren. Kofi and Big E do their tag, stomp, repeat move followed by the dropkick by Kofi. We head to break.

We return and Darren Young is thrown out of the ring by Kofi Kingston. Xavier plays Pink Panther on the outside. Big E pushes Young into a kick to the head from Kofi. Big E drives Young into the barricade. Kofi tags in and throws a submission on Darren. Darren fights out and tries to take out Big E on the side and make the tag but Kofi stops him. Kofi slides out and trips Darren. Kofi to the top rope, but Young gets his feet up to counter. Titus tags in and so does Big E. Titus takes both men out. Big E eats a big boot from Titus. Kofi springboards in but gets caught and gets 3 backbreakers for it. Titus is fired up. Both members of New Day in the corner, Titus hits a splash on both. Big E goes for a press, but Titus reverses and hits a big spinbuster! On the outside Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise. Woods pops up with the trombone but Titus breaks it! Big E from behind takes down Titus and New Day hits their team finisher for the win!

Winners: New Day

New Day celebrates but the Dudley Boyz come out to remind them not to celebrate for too long because they'll have a match at Night of Champions.


Steph- I've just never seen you dance like that! It was something hahaha

Seth Rollins joins them.

Seth- Hahaha your day Rocks right? How about those dance moves. Season premier you guys are doing a great job. With the crown jewel being first time ever, Sting on Raw against the Big Show. I've been thinking all week about what Sting did to my statue. That's one problem down, so what do with do about Cena. For that matter what do we do about Sheamus.

Trips- Cena...Sheamus, sounds like you just solved your own problem.

Seth- HAHA! Cena vs. Sheamus tonight?

Trips- You got it!

Steph- You just relax tonight and worry about Night of Champions.

Seth- You guys rock! You...guys rock! *to the New Day tune*

Steph- Do the dance again.

Trips- Nah. People gotta pay for that much.

Backstage Interview

Renee Young is backstage with Charlotte and Ric Flair!

Renee- This is a historic evening for the Divas division, but especially you. You could walk out tonight the new Divas Champion. How have you been preparing.

Charlotte- Becoming the Divas Champion has literally been a dream of mine since I stepped into a ring. But more importantly being able to carry on my Dad's legacy. Having him here for my first Divas title match is amazing.

Ric- I have been living vicariously through her. This whole divas revolution has been phenomenal! World class matches every night! The whole world, the WWE, turned upside down. Charlotte and Nikki Bella are gonna put on a 5 star match and rock the WWE Universe. Oh yeah!

Renee- Charlotte you could walk away champion tonight. That said, you winning tonight also puts an end to Nikki Bella's championship reign before she can become the longest reigning Divas Champion in history. What pressure does that add to you?

Charlotte- Becoming WWE Divas Championship is my focus, but the Divas Revolution is also my focus. Watching the Bella Army crumble will be awesome! Woo!

Ric- Woo!

Both- WOOOOO!!!

Paige w/ Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks w/ Team BAD

Paige and Sasha just start hammering away at each other. They roll around exchanging blows. Paige throws Sasha across the ring. Paige goes after Sasha but Sasha grabs her arm and slams it against the ropes. Sasha focuses on the arm of Paige with a submission. Sasha puts Paige's arm on the ropes and pulls it down for a 4 count. Sasha hits the knees to the gut on a strung up Paige. Sasha locks in another arm submission to weaken Paige's left arm. Pin attempted by Sasha but 2. Paige is put in the corner but she reverses and puts Sasha in the corner and follows with a high knee. Sasha hits an impressive flipping roll up pin, but only 2. Paige hits a german suplex and there is real concern Sasha hurt herself. Sasha rolls out of the ring to recover. Paige tried to hit her rolling press from the ringside but Tamina pulled Sasha out of the way. Sasha rolls back in the ring and hits the Banks Statement for the win.

After the match Team BAD attacks Becky and Paige.

Winner: Sasha Banks

We get a video package for Connor the Crusher, and Connor's Cure. We learn more about pediatric cancer awareness month. You can help support Connor's cure by going to and get the Connor's Cure bracelet. 100% of profits go to Connor's Cure.


Miz- Welcome to the season premier of Miz TV! Season premier's are about making an impact and grabbing ratings. As an A lister I have encountered some of the biggest titans in sports entertainments. Tonight I have pulled out all the stops to give you the best show! I give you...The Wyatt Family!

The Wyatt Family makes their way to the ring in their traditional style with the lamp and the lights out.

Miz- I appreciate the lighting effects, please make yourself at home.

Wyatt- Do not sit down. You are not safe here man. Please continue your interview...

Miz- I can assure you, I am not Dean Ambrose and Roman Reign's partner at Hell in a Cell (woops Miz it's Night of Champion) That said I want to ask the question that's on everyone's mind. Who is Braun Stowman?

Wyatt- Well he's standing right there Miz, I say you ask him yourself.

Miz- Ok, my apologies. Braun would you like to tell us a little about yourself.

Wyatt- Hahahaha isn't this what you wanted Miz? Isn't this what you always wanted? You just gotta get that big scoop! You got yourself in harms way to get what you want. That's the problem with the world, no one thinks about the consequences, they just want and they want and they want--

Miz- Yes but what do YOU want Bray?!

Wyatt- I want you to suffer...I want Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose to suffer. I want people to pay for their sins. I have already shown Randy Orton and Jimmy Uso. I want to show everyone in the world that it does not matter how many show up at Night of Champions, because they all fall down.

Roman Reigns music hits and Reigns and Ambrose enter through the crowd together, Shield style.

Miz- Ladies and gentleman! The Wyatt Family, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns live on MizTV!--

Ambrose kicks Miz in the gut and throws him out of the ring. Reigns and Ambrose stare down the Wyatt Family.

Reigns- Look at you, you make me sick right now. You think you're the king of the world, sitting there like you're the man. You took out Randy Orton, trying to stop us from having partners? You took out my cousin, Jimmy Uso. My blood. You're gonna pay for that one. You hear me? You're gonna pay for that one. This is the thing, you're not the man. If you were the man you could've beat me 1 on 1. But you couldn't. If you were the man, you could have been us 2 on 2 at SummerSlam, but you couldn't. How'd that go? Not that good. You want 3 on 2 because then you might have a chance. You surround yourself with monsters. We got news for you, at Night of Champions it's not going to be 3 on 2. We found a 3rd. Yeah that's right, didn't think we could did ya? That means it's 3 on 3 and we're gonna woop y'alls ass. In 6 days we're bringing the big fight, and we're gonna make it a war. And we're gonna win. Believe ...that!


John Cena vs. Sheamus

Sheamus locks a headlock in early after a quick takedown. Cena fights out and hits a dropkick, but Sheamus retaliates with a high elbow. Sheamus throws Cena out of the ring. We head to break.

We return and Cena is being pinned but kicked out at 2. Sheamus to the top rope and hits a knee to the head of a downed Cena. 2 count! Sheamus hammers at Cena, but Cena hammers back. Sheamus puts a sleeper hold on Cena. Cena fights out and hits a shoulder tackle, and another. Spinning slam. You can't see me! 5 knuckle shuffle. Goes for AA but Sheamus elbows his way out. Cena hits a tornado DDT from the second rope. 2 count for Cena. Cena goes for the AA again but Sheamus reverses into a pin, 2 count. Sheamus turns it into the Texas Cloverleaf. Cena struggles towards the bottom rope and finally gets it. Sheamus holds it for a 4 count. Sheamus goes for the 10 beats of the Bodhran and connects with all 10. Cena counters White Noise into the STF. Sheamus makes it to the ropes before he taps. Cena hits his own 10 beats of the Bodhran. Sheamus with a running high knee to take out Cena. Sheamus signals for the Brogue Kick, but Cena caught him with a clothesline! These two big guys exchange right hands. Cena goes for the AA but Sheamus reverses into the throwaway suplex. 2 count only and Sheamus is FRUSTRATED. Sheamus goes to the top and tries to get the shoulder tackle but Cena reverses! Cena puts Sheamus up in a reverse electric chair. Cena puts Sheamus in the STF. Sheamus reverses by lifting Cena up into a rolling Senton. Cena catches Sheamus in the AA and connects for the win!

Winner: John Cena

In Ring Segment

The Big Guy is proud to stand here your Intercontinental Champion. I find it fitting that we're here in Memphis, TN because apparently a man by the name of Kevin Owens, has the big guy, all shook up. (He dances and does an Elvis move). Thank you! If I could be serious, last week on Smackdown *JBL literally talked over Ryback's promo* Kevin I know you have no respect for me, or this ring or what it means to be a champion. You see a true champion doesn't attack a warrior from behind.

Owens music hits and he makes his way to the ramp.

Owens- Ryback, I don't mean to interrupt. Well that's not true, I do mean to because I have something to share with you. You see a coupe of months ago you stood in that ring and told everyone how the book The Secret played a big part in your life. About how it helped you recover from a serious injury, overcome some tough times and get to where you are. After hearing you talk about I went ahead and picked up a copy. I want to see what it's all about.

Ryback- Can you read it?

Owens- I can actually read, probably a lot better than you. See I probably managed to understand everything in it the first time I read it. After reading it I gotta tell you, I actually feel sorry for you and all the delusional idiots who believe this garbage.

Ryback- The only piece of garbage I see out here is you.

Owens- Yeah that's cute, but I gotta tell you. This is an excuse, this is a crutch for weak people. Now I can't blame you for reading it. What I can blame you for is being weak in the first place. Look at you, you're an absolute monster. You're probably the strongest guy in the locker room, yet you're also the weakest. And I think it's an absolute travesty. I think it's an absolute travesty that you're the Intercontinental Champion. *Throws book cover in Ryback's face*

Ryback- You're the only one who is delusional here. For insulting something that has a positive message and has helped not only me but many members of the WWE Universe. Clearly you don't know who I am and what I'm about. So let me tell you. I wake up hungry, I strive to have unlimited energy throughout the day, I go to bed and say thank you. I wake up the next day and say Feed me more! Feed me more! Feed me more! Feed me more! You see I understand there are many different ways to the top of the mountain. You took the long road, and I respect that. I'll be the first to admit I got an elevator ride to the top. When I got there I fell flat on my face, but I didn't stop there. I was not weak. I got up, I brushed myself off and I scratched and clawed my way back to the top. I don't stand here a weak man I stand here as the Intercontinental Champion.

Owens- Yeah you do. For now, because if I ever get a shot at that title, I'm going to take it from you. To show the world that the Big Guy is nothing more than a weak little boy.

Ryback- I find that funny because tonight I talked to the Authority and at Night of Champions, where every championship has to be defended, it'll be Fight Owens Fight vs. Feed Me More, Ryback for the Intercontinental Championship! Kevin, I'm not just some big guy, I'm THE Big Guy!

Stardust and The Ascension vs. Neville and The Lucha Dragons

Neville and Lucha Dragons run in fast and attack before the bell is even rung. Babyfaces take out the heels early. Neville goes for an over the top move but the Ascension pulls Stardust away. Looks like this match isn't going to take place.

We see a video package for Nikki Bella, about how her year as been, and how it's better than everyone else's.

Charlotte w/ Team PCB vs. Nikki Bella w/ Team Bella for the Divas Championship

Charlotte bounces off the ropes and they lock up and break. Charlotte with a take down. Knee drop by Charlotte and then a headlock with her legs and flipped Nikki with her legs. Nikki in the corner eats a shoulder to the gut. Nikki hits a tornado arm drag. Nikki knees the arm of Charlotte. Charlotte on the apron has her arm slammed down into the ropes. Nikki does it again. Charlotte fights her way back in but Nikki comes out to the apron instead. Nikki grabs the arm and drops her to the floor. We head to break.

We return and Nikki has a submission locked in on the arm of Charlotte. Charlotte picks Nikki straight up and powerbombs her back down! Charlotte with chops to Nikki. Big Boot to the face of Nikki! 2 count for Charlotte. Nikki attacks the shoulder again but Charlotte hits a neckbreaker. Nikki hits a dropkick to the shoulder of Charlotte. Nikki kicks the ropes while Charlotte is resting on them. Nikki going for the Alabama Slama but Charlotte reverses. Charlotte connects with a spear! Alicia Fox jumps up to interfere and distracts the ref while Brie and Nikki switch. Charlotte rolls up Brie and the ref counts to 3! Flair comes out and Team PCB and Flair celebrate!

Winner: Charlotte

The Bellas plead their case to the ref. Stephanie's music hits and she comes out.

Steph- Charlotte, Ric, I'm so sorry. I'm out here because I have to uphold the integrity of the Divas division. You can't win the title off of someone who wasn't even in the match, Brie Bella. Now technically, the second that Brie put her hands on you she interfered in this match. So the winner of this match is Charlotte, but in any championship match the title cannot change hands unless it's pinfall or submission, so Nikki Bella is still the Divas Champion. Now Nikki before you go on celebrating, because Charlotte won she will get a rematch at Night of Champions and if you lose via pinfall, submission, count out, or disqualification you will lose the championship.

Cesaro vs. Rusev

They lock up right off the bat and Cesaro gets behind Rusev. Rusev twists the arm and Cesaro flips out of it. Rusev with a shoulder tackle and a 1 count. Rusev with a headlock. Cesaro pops up and hits a high leg scissors. Running uppercut by Cesaro. Rusev fights out of a suplex but Cesaro grabs it anyway. Elbow drop by Cesaro. Rusev hits a spinning heel kick. Rusev stomps away on Cesaro. Rusev locks in a submission. Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring with a present in his hands. He tries to give it to Summer Rae, Rusev notices. Dolph leaves the present on the announce table. Cesaro rolls up Rusev off the distraction and gets the win! Dolph runs in and hits a superkick! Summer discretely grabs the present as she helps Rusev.

Winner: Cesaro

Rusev is walking backstage and screaming. Summer is yelling she did nothing wrong. Rusev goes in his locker room and slams the door. Summer opens the gift and it looks like some sort of diamond jewelry. Rusev yells from inside the locker room and Summer goes into his locker room and yells she's sorry.


Steph- I can't believe it, Nikki Bella longest reigning Divas Champion in history.

HHH- I didn't think she had it in her, but she did it. I can't wait to see that match on Sunday.

*Knock at the door and Big Show walks in*

Steph- Hey big man, we asked you here because all the hype, all the buzz, all anyone can talk about is Sting competing in his first match on Raw. But after that match all anyone is going to be talking about is you.

HHH- You know why? You're a problem solver, and Sting is a problem.

Big Show- *Holds out his fist* I got this.

Triple H and Stephanie are out at ringside for the main event between Big Show and Sting.

Big Show vs. Sting

Show goes for a punch but Sting ducks it and starts hammering away at Show. Punches and chops by Sting. Big Show whip him in the corner and goes for a splash but Sting moves out of the way and hammers away more. String goes for the 10 punches in the corner. Big Show goes to slam Sting from the corner but Sting reveres it into a DDT! Sting hits the Stinger Splash in the corner. Seth Rollins runs in with both titles and attacks Sting for the DQ. Seth Rollins and Big Show attack Sting together. John Cena comes out to make the save and the faces clear the ring. Triple H and Steph look displeased.

Winner: Sting by DQ

Triple H- Alright is this how we're gonna play it? We've had enough controversy for one night so here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna have ourselves a tag team match, Seth Rollins and Big Show vs. John Cena and Sting.

John Cena and Sting vs. Seth Rollins and Big Show

We return from break and Cena is going for the shoulder tackle on Show but it did nothing. Big Show slams Cena. Show goes for a second one, but Cena reverses and tries to pick up Show. Cena can't quite lift him and Show punches Cena's ribs to escape. Show stands on Cena to take the wind out of him. Rollins tags in and stomps away at Cena. Seth Rollins charges at Cena, but Cena flips Rollins over the top rope. Big Show tags back in and hammers away at the guts of John Cena. Cena fights back at Big Show and goes for the AA but can't hold his weight. Rollins tags in. Rollins takes it to Cena and talks trash to Sting. Tag to Big Show who stops Cena from making the tag. Big Show puts Cena in the corner and punches Cena in the ribs again. Show goes for the splash from the second rope and it connects! Cena kicks out at 2. Tag made to Rollins who stomps away at John Cena. Rollins talks trash to Cena and then hammers him down. Cena out of nowhere hits a huge clothesline! Both men are down. Rollins makes it to Big Show who stops the tag to Sting. Big Show goes to hit his splash again but this time Cena moves out of harms way! Sting finally makes the hot tag! Sting takes it to Rollins! Stingers Splash! And another! Running bulldog by Sting. Big Show runs in and flattens Sting! Cena gets back in it and hits the AA on Big Show! Rollins goes to hits the Pedigree on Cena but Sting grabs him from behind and hits the Scorpion Death Drop! Sting locks in the Scorpion Death Lock and Seth Rollins taps out!

Winners: John Cena and Sting

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