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Monday Night Raw Results (4/4/16) - The Dudley Boyz are S-A-W-F-T And AJ Styles Moves To The Front Of The Line

WWE Raw Results (4/4/16)
Monday, April 4th, 2016
From American Airlines Center in Dallas, Tx
Report by Zack Krasney of

Happy day after WrestleMania everyone! I hope everyone here enjoyed WrestleMania. I know I did. It had it's ups and downs (as did Shane McMahon...too soon?) but it was, in fact, a solid show. The night after WrestleMania is always known for being rather a spectacular show so I hope everyone is in for a treat. I know it technically isn't, but post-Raw WrestleMania feels like the start of a new season in WWE. There are rumors rampant of NXT call-ups, a possible Seth Rollins return plus the fallout from Shane vs. Undertaker and Roman reigns winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Question of the Week: What was the Match of the Night from WrestleMania? (My vote goes to the Women's Triple Threat.)

Monday Night Raw Results

The show starts off with no chance in hell! The Bossman is starting things off!

Vince- How about that WrestleMania?! Breaking all kinds of records! Unfortunately, we have a new WWE Champion. There is a reason why I'm feeling very good, I took care of a little business. No more lock box, nothing more over me. Thinking about what happened last night, when I saw my grandsons. Even when I was enjoying Undertaker kicking the crap out of my son. One thing got to me when Shane went to the very top of the cell and I said, "My god!" I said to myself don't do it, I had no idea it meant that much to Shane to achieve his goals. It gave me respect for him but re-enforced how foolish he is. Enjoy Monday Night Raw, this is a nutty crowd! I'm sure this will be a night you never ever forget.


Shane limps out very slowly.

Vince- Shouldn't you be in a hospital bed right now? You have no business being here.

Shane- Thank you *to the fans chanting* That's all I came out here to do. 1) Since I'm the only man in the family and we do things face to face, I came to shake your hand like a man since you won. *They shake* The second has nothing to do with you, I wanted to thank all of you. What you gave me I will never ever forget, thank you so very much.

Vince- Don't encourage him!

Shane- Seriously thank you for everything again, goodbye.

Vince- No no no! No one upstages me! I've often thought how ridiculous it would be how wild and crazy it would be it would be if you were running Monday Night Raw. (Yes chants) I tell you what we're going to do, just to prove my point. Alright, let's see what the hell you got!

New Day's Kofi Kingston and Big E vs. Sheamus and Wade Barret of the League of Nations for the Tag Team Championships

Big E- Why thank you! Now did things to according to plan last night for your boys? Not really

Kofi- Although I did get to twerk with Shawn Michaels, on the other hand, Xavier took a Stunner from Stone Cold

Woods- Upon further review of the tapes, it was pretty much my own fault. But it was lit, baby!!!

Big E- Here we have the very last piece of WrestleMania Booty-Os cereal.

Kofi- Behold the booty of life!

Woods- Starts singing Lion King. Booooty-Ooooooos.

Kofi- This is the tagline, Booty-Os, they make sure you're not booty.

Woods- Now we need to get back at the League of Booty. Yeah they're trash. We will make sure we walk out YOUR (The crowd does this whole part) W-W-E WORLD TAG TEAM CHAAAMPIONS.

Big E- Why?! Beeecaaausseeee!!!!! NEW, DAY ROCK!

Sheamus and Kofi start the match. Sheamus puts Kofi in the corner and hits a knee to the gut. Kofi hits a dropkick and then sends Sheamus over the top. King Barrett runs in but Kofi sends him out too. Big E launches Kofi off the top rope onto LON. Rusev causes a distraction that allows Sheamus to shove Kofi off to top rope. Barrett shoves Kofi into the barricade. Back in the ring, Barrett taunts Big E but it allows Kofi to fight back with kicks. Barrett throws Kofi at the corner and hits a kick to the ribs. Barrett clotheslines Kofi outside the ring as we head to break.

We return and Kofi is being beat down by Sheamus. Kofi hits the leaping stomp and tries to make a tag to Big E. He makes it! King Barrett tags in and eats a Belly to Belly. Twice! Three times! Huge splash from E! Barrett accidentally knocks Sheamus off the side of the ring and it allows New Day to hit their double team finisher for the win.

Winners: New Day

Sheamus- Enough! I am sick and tired of this, we are a group of the greatest athletes across the world! We should be destroying everyone in the WWE, everybody! There's something wrong. Everyone knows you're only as strong as your weakest link.

Rusev and Del Rio pick up Barrett and Sheamus hits a Brogue kick on Wade Barrett!


The Wyatt Family comes out and they attack and pick apart the now 3-man League of Nations. Bray hits the Sister Abigail on Sheamus to deliver the exclamation point.

Renee catches up with Vince while he's leaving and asks if his leaving means he has confidence in Shane. Vince tells her it's because he knows that Shane will do terribly and doesn't want to be here when the ship goes down. Besides, it's only temporary.

Summer Rae is in the ring.

Summer- Last night the Total Divas won, but let's just say if I was in charge of my team things would have ended differently. At least I didn't end up flat on my face in front of the entire world like Sasha Banks. I mean talk about wasting a WrestleMania moment. I mean can you imagine.

Sasha comes out- I think you forgot something, I'm still the boss!

Sasha Banks vs. Summer Rae

Sasha smacks Summer who uses the ropes to get Sasha off her. Big spinning heel kick from Summer. Summer locks in a headlock. Summer smacks Sasha and tells her to stay down. Sasha hits her into the corner and hits running double knees. Sasha hits running double knees again and gets a 2 count. Summer misses a spin kick and Sasha tries for the Banks Statement but Summer holds the ropes. Sasha manages to take down Summer and lock in the Banks Statement submission to make Summer tap out.

Winner: Sasha Banks

We find out Apollo Crews will debut next! We see him talking to Shane backstage.

Tyler Breeze vs. Apollo Crews

Apollo starts with a shoulder block and then he hits a huuuge power slam! Breeze tries to throw him out o the ring but Crews lands on the apron and flips back in. Breeze hits a big kick and then puts Crews back in the corner. Backdrop from Breeze and a submission locked in. Breeze hits a knee to the gut but Crews hits a big kick of his own! Gorilla Press from Crews and an immediate standing Moonsault. Crews hits the Spinout Powerbomb for the win!

Winner: Apollo Crews

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring to a massive amount of heat.

Roman- Ahh come on. I'm not a bad guy. I'm not a good guy. I'm THE guy. *MASSIVE HEAT* That's why in the biggest WrestleMania of all time I beat TripleH's ass. I told Shane I'm gonna come out here and say if anyone wants this [title] come out right now!

Chris Jericho's music hits and he comes out in street clothes.

Jericho- All of you can shut your damn mouths right now and listen to me! Let me say this Reigns, you say you're THE guy, where I'm standing you're just A guy. You're just another idiot like everyone here tonight. I've seen em come and go during my time here in WWE and none can compare to me because I'm the best in the world at what I do. (crowd starts chanting we are idiots!) Shut your damn mouth I'm not letting you hijack the show while I'm here, shut your mouths or I'm not saying another damn word. Like I said these people are idiots, I will say this Reigns you can't compare to me. The internet favorite AJ Styles can't compare to me, that's right because I beat him last night. I buried him at WrestleMania. I'm going to do the same to you. I'm not saying this, telling this, I'm demanding this. You'll put me at the front of the line, do you understand what I'm saying to you right now.

AJ Styles music hits and he comes to the ring. Then Kevin Owens. Then Sami Zayn! Sami goes right after Owens and they throw punches. AJ goes right after Jericho! Jericho throws AJ out of the ring and Sami throws out Owens. Sami leaps over the top rope and takes down Owens. Jericho turns around and eats a spear from Roman. Roman picks up his title and stands tall.

Reigns is walking backstage when he comes across Shane McMahon. Shane tells him he'll be interested in the main event tonight. He tells him it'll be a fatal four way for the #1 contender spot. Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn.

We are introduced to Baron Corbin.

Baron- For those of you who don't know who I am, I don't care. This trophy is the only thing you need to know. I've carved a path of broken dreams and devastation to get here. My arrival signals the end of days for anyone who stands in my way.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin

Corbin puts Dolph in the corner, but Dolph switches it and hits some quick hits. Corbin hits a HUGE running elbow to the face of Ziggler. Ziggler goes for a springboard move but Corbin hits a devastating forearm that sends Ziggler crashing to the floor as we head to break.

We return and Baron has Ziggler in a submission. Dolph fights out and sends Corbin out of the ring. Baron runs back in but Ziggler throws him shoulder first into the steel post. Ziggler hits a splash in the corner, and another! Dolph with a face plant! Dolph goes for the superkick, it's blocked but Dolph hits the Fameasser instead! Both men up and Ziggler runs at Baron and gets caught in the Deep 6! 2 count and Baron is frustrated about it. Dolph rolls out of the ring but Corbin follows him. Corbin hits a Big Boot that sends Dolph over the barricade! Corbin follows him out into the crowd and throws him into a trashcan. The ref counts all the way to 10.

Double count out

Baron says this is now on the ref for counting him out. Ziggler pops up and hits some right hands but it does nothing. Corbin hits the End of Days on the mats outside the ring.

Zack Ryder comes out. Heavy "You deserve it" chants.

Zack- Last night was the greatest night of my life. All of my wildest dreams came true and I finally had my WrestleMania moment! When I was a little kid I took a photo with Razor Ramon and he let me hold his Intercontinental title. Last night we took another picture, this time he was holding MY title. I'm not gonna stand out here and be long winded, but there is someone I have to thank. Dad, thank you, thanks for always being there for me and having my back, taking me to all those shows --

AWESOME!!! Miz's music cuts off Ryder.

Miz- This is so touching, so heartwarming. Thanks Dad! There's no denying you had your WrestleMania moment, and what a moment it was! But like many Hollywood stars you're just a flash in the pan. You ruined my WrestleMania moment in front of my friend, family, and wife. I had the leather in my fingertips and just like that it was gone.

Zack- Sucks to be you bro!

Miz- No it does not suck to be me! When my hand goes up your mouth goes shut! You were lucky to be in the match and luckier to win! You want to prove you deserve this championship then you'll put that title on the line against me right here right now.

Zack- I have nothing to prove to you--

Miz- Spoken like a true fluke! Are you afraid I'm gonna send you and your goofy Dad home losers?!

Zack- You're on!

Zack Ryder vs. The Miz for the IntercontinentalChampionship

Miz eats a dropkick from Ryder. Miz puts Ryder in the corner but Zack gets his knees up and hits a missile dropkick. Ryder hits a super hurricarana from the top rope! Miz rolls out and Ryder hits a baseball slide as we head to break!

We return and Ryder is in control of Miz. Ryder misses a crossbody and goes flying over the top rope, crashing to the floor below. Miz goes for a pin but gets 2. Miz gets on Ryder and hammers away, then shoves a knee in the back of Zack and stretches him. Ryder fights out and plants Miz face first on the mat. Elbow from Ryder and a big clothesline. Ryder misses the missile dropkick and Miz hits a big DDT. 2 count. Miz signals the SCF. Ryder misses with the Rough Ryder. Roll up by Ryder for 2. Zack counters a suplex into a neckbreaker and gets a 2 count. Ryder goes to the top rope but Miz pops up and knocks him into a seated position. Miz gets headbutted down. Ryder hits the El-bro drop! 2 count and Miz gets his foot on the bottom rope. Miz hits a big boot. Miz goes for a corner clothesline but Ryder moves and hits a forearm. Broski boot is signaled but Miz slides out of the ring. Ryder settles for another baseball slide. Miz shoves Ryder into the ring apron and then into the barricade right in front of Zack's dad. Miz gets in Mr. Ryder's face and talks trash. Mr. Ryder shoves Miz and Zack blasts Miz! Maryse comes out of the crowd and gets in Zack's Dad's face and smacks him. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale off the distraction for the win.

Winner: The Miz is the new Intercontinental Championship

Renee is backstage with Kevin Owens who is upset about not losing last night. He says he's on to bigger and better things.

Lita and all the Women's division are in the ring with the new Women's Championship on a platform. Becky Lynch has one helluva shiner from last night. She says that these women are role models and introduces the NEW Women's Champion, Charlotte. Charlotte comes out with Ric at her side.

Charlotte- Before I say anything, this moment is about gratitude. This is about all the women in this ring, the superstars in this ring, who collectively made this happen. This wouldn't have happened if it weren't for you guys! Listen, thank you to everyone here, everyone at home because this title is the future! Most importantly, (women's wrestling chants stop her and all the divas smile) Most importantly I wouldn't have gone down in history as the first Women's Champion if it weren't for my father the Nature Boy! Dad you always go above and beyond for me and your daughter is finally immortalized. Thank you to everyone last night who came to WrestleMania because you fueled me to victory. Some of you ladies have been here what 7, 8, 10 years? I haven't even been here a year! In less than a year I was your last Diva's Champ and new Women's Champion. No, but, Sasha, Becky we did it, I mean I did it, but we did it! (Becky gets in her face and all the women leave the ring.

Natty- Hey Charlotte, you need to learn a thing or two about humility.

Charlotte- You gonna teach me a lesson Natty? I'm sooo ready for your lesson.

Natty- You keep telling me you're genetically supior but I have the heart of a champion! Why don't you prove it and put that title on the line.

Charlotte- You see this title on my arm, it means my family will always be better than your family.

Renee is backstage with AJ Styles. She asks him how he's feeling. AJ hypes Shane running Raw and the post-WrestleMania crowd. He says he didn't come here to lose at WrestleMania and fade away, it's a new era.

The Usos vs. The Dudley Boyz in a Tables Match

Both teams go right after each other. Bubba and Jey stay in the ring and Jimmy and D-Von go outside. Bubba grabs a table and throws it at Jey. Jimmy and D-Von change chops. Jey whips Bubba across the ring but Bubba hits some right hands. Jey misses with a superkick. Jimmy runs in but eats a slam from Bubba. D-Von drops the headbutt. Bubba tells D-Von...nevermind. Jimmy and Jey leap over the top rope and take out both Dudleyz as we head to break.

We return and Jimmy and D-Von are battling it out on the top turnbuckle but both men avoid the table. Jey hits a splash on Bubba. The Usos set up two tables side by side. The Dudleyz fight them off. Double Superkick from the Usos. The Dudley Boyz roll out of the ring. The Usos run along the barricade and leap at D-Von and Bubba Ray. The Usos put the Dudleyz on the tables. They both fly off the top rope but both Dudley Boyz move! They ring the bell and Bubba gets FURIOUS. D-Von throws Jimmy through a table and Bubba says that they can ring the bell now!

Winners: The Dudley Boyz

Sami Zayn gets interviewed by Renee Young. He talks about his career and his journey to this moment when he is attacked from behind by Kevin Owens. Owens beats him down and throws him into some backstage equipment. He then Powerbombs Zayn through a table.

The Dudley Boyz are still at ringside talking trash when ENZO AND CASS COME OUT!

Enzo- My name Enzo Amora and I am a certified G and bonafide stud and you can't teach that! And this right here is Big Cass and he's 7 foot tall and you can't teach that! Badaboom realest guys in the room! How you doin?! I am smack talker skywalker and I got a mic saber for a hater. What do you know we got a couple haters. Let me tell you something, hate ain't nothing but jealousy. You know what if I were you I'd be jealous too because you're ugly. You're so ugly tears run down the back of your head to avoid your face. We didn't come here to play no games! I got the gift of gab and the gift of jab, D-Von I see you looking at me, you come into this ring and I'll knock that lazy eye back into working. Be smart and fall back like your hairline. Cause Big Cass will serve you any time like Denny's. Haymaker, pancaker, drop you like a douce!

Big Cass- It seems like you two don't like what he's saying, so why don't you come down to this ring and do something about it.

The Dudleyz seem game for it but then change their mind.

Big Cass- Dudley Boyz there's only one word to describe you and I'm gonna spell it out for you S-A-W-F-T SOOOOOFT!!

AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens vs. ??? for the #1 Contender spot for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Lillian announces that Sami is no longer medically cleared to compete but it will still be a fatal four way. The fourth man is...CESARO!!

AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro for the #1 Contender spot for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Cesaro goes after Owens and AJ and Chris battle. Cesaro with uppercuts in the corner. Cesaro sends Owens out of the ring but Owens lands on the apron. Jericho hits a springboard dropkick to knock KO down. Styles sends Jericho out. Styles and Cesaro stare down and AJ hits a big dropkick! Cesaro catches AJ midair and hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker! We head to break!

We return and Jericho is in control of Styles with KO and Cesaro on the outside. Cesaro reverses an Irish Whip into the barricade and sends KO into it. Cesaro runs in and goes for the swing but KO stops him. Cesaro hits a huge uppercut and Jericho sends Cesaro to the outside. AJ attacks Chris and beats him into the corner. Jericho hits a standing dropkick to knock AJ away. Jericho puts Styles up on the top turnbuckle and KO runs up and attacks AJ with Jericho. Cesaro runs over and hits a double powerbomb on KO and Jericho while they hit a double Superplex on AJ! Kevin Owens hits a cannonball on Jericho and AJ hits a kick to the back of the head of KO. Cesaro hits an elevated uppercut on AJ and gets 2! Cesaro with uppercuts on Jericho in the corner. Jericho pokes the eye of Cesaro and clotheslines him out of the ring. Owens blasts Jericho and connects with a modified powerbomb! 2 count! KO misses the 2nd cannonball on Y2J. Jericho hits the running bulldog and goes for the lionsault but Owens gets his knees up. AJ with a springboard 540 splash out of nowhere on Jericho! 2 count because Cesaro pulled Jericho out of the ring. KO attacks AJ but Cesaro leaps off the top and hits a crossbody. KO breaks up the pin. Cesaro hits running uppercuts on KO and AJ who are both in the corner. Jericho runs in but eats an uppercut of his own! Cesaro hits does an uppercut train on all 3 men! Jericho gets caught by Cesaro and put in the Big Swing! KO breaks it after 10 swings. Pop-Up Powerbomb by Owens on Styles! Owens tries it on Jericho but it's countered into a Code Breaker! Cesaro breaks up the pin. Jericho goes for chops but Cesaro counters with uppercuts. Jericho manages to lock in Walls of Jericho. Cesaro reverses it and locks in the Sharpshooter! AJ flies in and hits the Phenomenal Forearm! KO runs in and goes after AJ but eats a Pele kick! Code Breaker from Jericho to AJ but he only gets 2!! Jericho can't believe it! Styles locks in the Styles Clash and connects with it for the win!!!

Winner and new #1 Contender: AJ Style

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