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Monday Night Raw Results (5/2/16) R.I.P. Mitch We Hardly Knew Ye

WWE Raw Results (5/2/16)
Monday, May 2nd, 2016
From St. Louis, MO
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello everyone! Welcome back to WNW for Monday Night Raw! I am the Prince of WNW (self-proclaimed) and we are less than 24 hours out from Payback! I would ask what fallout will there be's already been announced that AJ will face Roman again, we didn't see a Finn Balor debut, and really nothing has changed other than Steph and Shane will co-run Raw.

Question of the Week: Will we see the return of a certain viper tonight?

WWE Raw Logo

Monday Night Raw

Raw is kicking off with Stephanie and she looks to have a gift with her.

Steph- Hello St. Louis! I have been waiting for weeks to say Welcome to Monday Night---


Steph- I don't get it but they definitely like you.

Shane- I think what you were trying to say "What's up St. Louis!" And welcome to Monday Night Raw.

Steph- Listen Shane in the 7 years you've been gone, when you quit on us, I learned how to be a good business partner. Like it or not last night, our father made us both in charge of Monday Night Raw. So I have a peace offering here. A little something to show you that I wholeheartedly embrace this partnership.

Shane opens it and it's the picture Vince smashed.

Steph- I know it hurt you when dad broke this. I'm sure people want to hear your ideas for tonight.

Shane- Steph, I'm actually touched, so why don't we hear your ideas for tonight.

Steph- Well let me take a page from you. Do you want to hear Shane's ideas or my ideas? I think the people have spoken. So what are your ideas.

Shane- Ok, alright I have a few things in mind. What we would like to--*Kevin Owens' music hits*

Owens- This is lovely, what a great sight. Brother and sister in the middle of the ring on Raw. Yay! You guys are getting along and everything. Here's the thing, you guys are talking ideas, I have a great idea! I'm gonna say my idea regardless, I think the first decision tonight should be what's rightfully mine, a rematch for the Intercontinental title. Especially after last night, last night I beat, wait no, I decimated Sami Zayn and proved that I am better than he is. Now that that's done and over, I want my Intercontinental title rematch tonight. You know what Stephanie, after seeing the way Shane has been running Raw, I have no hope he'll do what's right. You are smart, you have a good business sense, besides it's in my contract. I'm owed a title match and I have yet to receive it.

Shane and Steph- Absolutely. Good point.

*Cesaro's music hits*

Cesaro- Hold on, hold on. You talk about last night, last night I had Miz beat and tap out. Unfortunately for me and everyone in the Cesaro section, the resident whiner and complainer got involved.

Owens- I agree, Sami is to blame.

Cesaro- Cute, if it weren't for you I'd be Intercontinental Champion right now.

Shane- I'm not sure how things were done before, but in the new era we prove ourselves in the ring. Right now!

Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens w/ Miz on Commentary

Cesaro starts things quickly with uppercuts into an uppercut train. Cesaro whips Kevin Owens into the ropes and hits a wicked dropkick. Owens rolls out of the ring but Cesaro goes on the chase. Owens moves, but Cesaro hops up on the barricade and hits a cannonball from the top of the barricade. Back in the ring, Cesaro hits a big stomp. Owens gets up and hits a big Superkick and follows it with a running senton. 2 count. Owens focuses on Cesaro's taped up shoulder. Owens with a big DDT. Owens goes to the top rope but Cesaro stops him and counters with a huge dropkick! Cesaro with the gutwrench suplex off the top turnbuckle! Cesaro whipped over the top rope and Kevin hits a frog splash from the side of the ring! We head to commercial.

We return and Cesaro is starting to fight back with uppercuts. Owens throws Cesaro into the corner and follows up with a german suplex and a cannonball! 2 count. KO goes for the Pop-Up but Cesaro fights it off and then hits a springboard uppercut. Owens rolls out but Cesaro runs out and hits a running uppercut on Owens. Owens grabs the IC title and tries for a cheap shot but Cesaro blocks it with an uppercut. Cesaro hits one on Miz when he starts talking trash. Cesaro goes back in the ring and sets up for the Big Swing. Miz runs and blasts Cesaro from behind.

Winner: Cesaro by DQ

Miz and Owens get in each others face and Cesaro runs over and gets involved. Sami Zayn's music hits and he sprints down to the ring and takes out Owens and Miz. Maryse pulls Miz out of harms way from the Helluva kick. Sami looks over at the Intercontinental Championship and picks it up with a smile. The crowd breaks out in HEAVY "Yes" chants.

Stephanie is walking backstage when she comes across Dean Ambrose. She asks him what he's looking at, but very friendly. Ambrose says he don't buy it, the fake new smile. He thinks she's the same old Stephanie McMahon. She says he can have her as his guest on the Ambrose Asylum, any questions he has she'll answer. Ambrose says she's speaking his language now.

Backstage Truth is talking with Tyler Breeze talking about how they are The Gorgeous Truth. How Goldust would never be this cool. Goldust walks up and says he has a new partner of his own and Fandango walks up. Truth seems offended. Tonight it'll be Goldust vs. Tyler Breeze.

AJ is in the locker room saying he don't know what he'd do without them. The camera pans out and he's talking to Anderson and Gallows who tell him he was phenomenal last night. They tell him he was this close to beating Roman. They remind him in an extreme rules match anything goes. They are going to make sure AJ leaves as champion. Roman walks in and asks if that's so. Roman says he has a lot of respect for AJ after last night, but not for these two. He just has one question, do the three of them think they can beat the three of them. The Usos walk in and back Roman. AJ says he'll beat Roman at Extreme Rules and they'll win tonight, too.

Goldust vs. Tyler Breeze

Goldust knocks down Breeze after Truth hands him a headband. Truth poses with his makeshift selfie stick and Goldust tries to get his attention. Breeze backs Goldie into the corner and stomps away at him. Goldust counters with a backwards spring elbow. Truth and Fandango dance outside the ring and it distracts Goldust, allowing Tyler to roll him up for the win.

Winner: Tyler Breeze(!)


Kofi- Serious news, the WWE tag team #1 contender tournament came to a premature end when Enzo Amore received a concussion.

Big E- Man that U-G-L-Y but he did have an alibi. I stumbled, but I recovered. But we have a tweet that will put a smile on your face!

Woods- And if my phone weren't dead I'd show you all the nasty things Beyonce sent to my DM box last night!

E and Kofi- Nope. Didn't happen. Tell the truth. That didn't happen.

Woods- Beyonce did not slide up in my DM box last night.

E- That did not happen but we have THIS! *picture of Enzo outside the hospital giving the thumbs up*

Woods- He's OK!!! He will be soon, in the meantime we send him some booty-os and a dash of unicorn magic. So when Enzo returns we'll be waiting, but the show must go on! Tonight your WWE World Tag Team Champions will continue to keep this positivity train--

The VaudeVillains cut him off.

Gentlemen listen, what happened last night was just tragic but this a tough business and tough things happen. Let's face it, a real man would have gotten back up. Real men like us who represent the skills and values of a bygone era. Real men who are the #1 contenders to those WWE World Tag Team Championships.

Last night we made Enzo the realest guy in the hospital room. Allow me to ask, Enzo how ARE you doing? We left no doubt--

The Dudley Boyz pyro goes off and they make their way out.

Bubba- What are you two carnies talking about? You didn't beat anyone last night. The referee had to stop the match. All you did was stand there and twirl your mustaches like the monopoly man. As far as me and my brother is concerned. We need to restart this tournament right now.

D-Von- And gentlemen don't get this twisted if anyone deserves this chance it's us. We are the badest tag team on the planet. And I have to ask what the hell--

Enzo and Cass' music hits and Big Cass comes out.

Cass- Listen up Simon and Garfunkle you better call Mrs. Robinson and tell her you're gonna be late for dinner. I've been listening to you run your mouth about Enzo, well Enzo is my family and you messed with my family and now I'm gonna finish what we started last night. As for you for Dudley d-d-d-d-dorights we already knocked you out of this tournament. As far as I'm concerned there is only one word to describe all of you and I'm gonna spell it out! S-A-W-F-T! SAAAWFT!!

New Day and Big Cass vs. The Dudleyz and the VaudeVillains

Woods and English are in the ring but tag is made to Simon. Snapmare takedown by Woods and tag to Kofi who hits a kick to the face and tags Big E who hits the big splash! Big E asks if Cass wants some and the tag is made! Cass punches the guts of Gotch. The tag is made and New Day does the Unicorn Stampede. Tag is made to Woods who goes for the pin and gets 2. Big chop from Woods. Blind tag from Bubba Ray who hit a big boot to the face. Bubba keeps yelling at the Vaudevillains, teaching them how to beat someone up. Tag to D-Von and they hit a double team on Woods. Tag to Aiden who punches Woods in the face. Tag to Bubba who hits an elbow and a chinlock. Woods breaks the hold and hits an enzigiri to give himself some space! Xavier reaches for the tag but D-Von tags in and stops it with an elbow drop. D-Von misses the headbutt from the top rope and tag is made to Kofi. Kofi takes down D-Von with a dropkick and a jumping clothesline. Boomdrop! Distraction allows D-Von to flip Kofi over the top rope and send him into the steel post.

We return and Gotch is in control of Kofi. Tag to D-Von who hits Kingston with a huge elbow to the face. Tag to Gotch who drops a knee into the face of Kofi and throws a headlock on. Tag made to English who double teams Kofi before hitting a big right hand to the face. Tag to D-Von who drops a knee on Kofi. Suplex by D-Von and gets a 2 count before Kofi kicked out. Tag to Gotch who drops a knee in the back of Kofi and then kneed the back of the head. Tag to English. Double chop and then both blasted New Day members off the side. Kofi with a double dropkick and Cass is dying for the tag! Kofi makes the tag and Cass runs in with a shoulder tackle! Body slam on English! He takes the Dudley Boyz off the side. Fall away slam on English. Big Boot and Empire Elbow. Bubba breaks up the pin but Woods takes out Bubba. Gotch takes out Woods. Big Boot from Cass to English who falls into a Belly to Booty slam from Big E! Tag was made to Bubba when Cass wasn't looking. Suplex from Bubba but he only gets 2! Tag to D-Von and they set up 3D but Kofi springboards in and takes out Bubba. East River Crossing from Cass to D-Von for the win!

Winners: New Day and Big Cass! 

Becky Lynch vs. Emma

Lock up to start and Becky backs Emma in the corner. Emma smacks Becky but Becky takes her down with several arm drags. Emma rolls out to catch her breath but Becky hits a jumping clothesline off the apron. Becky rolls Emma back in but Emma hits a knee to the head from the mat. Becky goes to the middle turnbuckle but gets swept off her feet and lands hard on her neck. Emma with a snapmare and a kick to the neck. Emma pulls the hair of Becky. Emma with a double arm suplex and a submission on the shoulder of Becky. Becky fights up but Emma hits a dropkick to the face of the Lasskicker. Emma throws Becky's head into the bottom turnbuckle and hits a crossbody in the corner. 2 count. Becky fights back with clotheslines and gets fired up! Kick to the midsection and an exploder suplex! 2! Becky going for the Disarmer but Emma fights out to the bottom rope. The ref tries to get Becky off her and Emma uses the opportunity to thumb the injured eye of Becky and hit her finisher for the win.

Winner: Emma

Ambrose Asylum

Dean- I am your host Dean and this is my plant mitch. Some investigative journalism is going to happen tonight, my guest, be nice, is Stephanie McMahon!

Steph- Thank you for having me, and this set is uhh so you! There's no chairs, no sitting?

Dean- This whole nice Stephanie thing you got going on? That's not the Stephanie McMahon I know, and deep down after Payback you've got to be a boiling pot of anger.

Steph- I don't know what you're talking about Payback was the first PPV of a new era! We have arrived am I right? I couldn't be happier.

Dean- That's great. I'm very proud of you. You had a pretty spectacular WrestleMania moment. A picture is worth a thousand words. What do you have to say about this?

Steph- Well at WrestleMania I got a little over excited and got involved where I should and Roman Reigns taught me a valuable lesson.

Dean- Speaking of things that must hurt. Your brother returned after 7 years away to a hero's welcome. That might have bothered you, but like a week in he is running Raw better than the Authority EVER did. That must sting, right?

Steph- Well I don't agree, but I think it shows the loyalty of the fans. That's very important. Loyalty means everything to be. Without loyalty to the WWE from the fans, the wrestlers, the workers, where would we be?

Dean- You've been here for years, being here 24/7 because of your loyalty to your dad, to your family, the family business. I mean how many of your kids birthday parties, school plays did you miss because you were sitting in some board meeting. Think of all the hours in production meetings with your dad, doing charity work, spreading the WWE name. Do you think Shane has made all the same sacrifices as you? I don't think so? That would burn me up. He comes back after 7 years and gets the same position as you. That's gotta burn you up, eh?

Steph- You know my dad taught me a very valuable lesson last night, I'm learning a lot these days. Sometimes things just need to change. That's why he granted control to both of us. I think it's time I apply that lesson to you. You've been doing the Ambrose Asylum for what 3 or 4 weeks now? It's a new era. Shane gives you this show, I'm going to officially cancel it. Is it ok for me to ask questions? On your show? Well, it does because it doesn't exist.

Ambrose- Yeah it hurts, I thought I was gonna be the next Jimmy. Well hosting a talk show was pretty hard, so you can keep all this stuff. Me and mitch are out of here.

Steph- Well I'm not going to just leave a hole in the show, so please help me welcome Chris Jericho!!

Jericho comes out but Ambrose and Jericho go at it on the ramp. Ambrose rolls Jericho into the ring and hammers away at him. Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds but Jericho reversed it into a Code Breaker. Jericho grabs Ambrose's plant and smashes it over the head of Ambrose.

Over the top battle Royal for the #1 Contendership to the US Championship.

Everyone goes at it. Titus eliminates Victor. Everyone battles it out. Most of the heels teaming up. Titus throws out Sandow. Crews almost eliminates Stardust, but he skins the cat. Crews hits a dropkick that eliminates Stardust. Darren Young gets thrown out. Sheamus eliminates Crews with a Brogue kick. Sheamus rolls out but wasn't eliminated. Dolph tries to eliminate Corbin but can't do it. Ziggler hits a dropkick that sends Baron over the top. Corbin pulls Ziggler out and beats the hell out of him. He rolls Ziggler back in for Rusev to eliminate. We go to break.

Sheamus throws Titus over the top. Del Rio hits the stomp on Axel and throws him out. Sin Cara eliminates Bo Dallas. Zack Ryder goes on the attack on Sheamus and Rusev goes at Sin Cara. Rusev tries to eliminate Sin Cara but can't do it. Springboard crossbody from Sin Cara. Sheamus and Del Rio attack Sin Cara together. Sin Cara with a springboard moonsault to take them both out. Rusev attacks Sin Cara. Zack takes the fight to Sheamus. Sheamus with an Irish Curse backbreaker. Sin Cara almost eliminates Alberto Del Rio, but Del Rio capitalizes on a distraction to send Sin Cara over the top rope. League of Nations former members and Zack Ryder are the final 4. Sheamus rolls Ryder into the middle and seems to want to form a temperary alliance. They try to throw Ryder out, but Zack hangs on. Sheamus attacks Rusev and all hell breaks loose. Backbreaker from ADR to Sheamus. Rough Ryder from Zack to Del Rio, spinning heel kick from Rusev to Ryder. Del Rio throws Sheamus over the top but he hangs on! No, Alberto hits the kick to the side of the head and sends Sheamus crashing to the floor. Rusev kicks the head of Del Rio and tries to send Del Rio over the top but Del Rio hangs on, but Ryder hits a dropkick and eliminates, Del Rio. Just Ryder and Rusev! Rusev hits a knee to the gut but Ryder gets his knees up in the corner. Missile Dropkick from Ryder! Broski boot! Ryder goes to throw Rusev out but Rusev reverses it and sends Ryder out of the ring!

Winner: Rusev

Ric and Charlotte come out to the ring.

Charlotte- Can we get a Woo? Last night Natty and Bret pushed me to the limit, but I retained my Women's Championship. Yet all I see on twitter is all this "controversy" what controversy?

Ric- What controversy? Natalya quit! Just like all the Harts do.

Charlotte- We know that, but well, I'd hate for my reign to be tarnished so I want to bring someone out to clarify. Charles Robinson, will you please come out here! Charles, thank you for coming. Tell the truth. Excuse me! The queen is talking! Did Natalya submit last night?

Charles- Yes she did, but she didn't physically do it. She yelling stop it, stop it!

Ric- She was begging!

Charlotte- Just for the record, the long relationship with our family, the respect you have for my father had nothing to do with your decision.

Charles- Yes. I mean no! Absolutely not.

Charlotte- So last question, as the referee for our match the decision, is final, correct?

Charles- Yes it is.

Charlotte- That will be all.

Natalya's music hits and Natty comes to the ring.

Natty- This is not about Charles Robinson, this is not about you, this is about you, Ric. Last night you paid a referee to screw me out of winning the Women's Championship. And with all this flashy talk, when it comes down to it every person here and around the world knows the truth. With the Harts and the Flairs the Harts are the best there is, the best there was, and the best there every will be.

Charlotte tries for a cheap shot but natty blocks it. Natty stares down Ric who takes off his jacket and takes off his watch. Natty smacks Ric hard in the face and locks him in the Sharpshooter. Charlotte slides in and pulls Ric out.

Steph catches up with Ric and Charlotte backstage. She says that what happened out there was so embarrassing. Charlotte needs to show Natty that the Figure 8 is better than the Sharpshooter. Steph is going to give her the chance to do that at Extreme Rules. It'll be Natalya vs. Charlotte in a submission match for the Women's Championship! Oh and, since Ric has been a bit of a distraction lately, he'll be banned from ringside.

AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson vs. Roman Reigns and the Usos

AJ and Roman are starting things off. Roman puts AJ in the corner. AJ rolls up Roman but only gets 2. AJ reverses a back body drop but then eats a shoulder tackle from Reigns. Gallows tags himself in and says he got this. Gallows kicks the gut of Roman and hammers away at the midsection. Roman fights back with right hands. Roman hits a Samoan drop for a 2 count. Tag to Jimmy Uso who hits an enziguri. Tag to Jey who hits a splash. Jey to the top rope but he comes off and into a big boot! Gallows throws Jey over the top rope. We head to commercial.

We return and Anderson is in control of Jey. Jey fights out and hits a chop but can't make the tag before getting hit with a nasty spinebuster. Tag to AJ Styles who puts Jey in the corner and hits a big splash. 2 count. Gallows gets in and blasts Jimmy and Roman on the side. AJ tells him to let him handle things but turns around into a nasty Superkick. Tag to Roman! Anderson tags in too but Anderson gets blasted. Roman knocks down Gallows. Roman hits a Driveby on Gallows. Reigns hits 10 corner clotheslines but AJ causes a distraction and Anderson hits a big kick. Tag to AJ who goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but Roman ducks and hits a Tilt A Whirl. Roman signals the Superman Punch but hits Gallows who gets up on the side. Roman goes for the Superman Punch but AJ hits a leaping Pele kick. Jimmy makes a quick tag to Roman who was falling out of the ring. Crossbody form Jimmy but 2 count only. Big Samoan drop but Anderson breaks up the count. Roman takes Karl out of the ring. Gallows takes out Roman from behind. Doom boot to Roman on the outside. AJ with a Phenomenal Forearm on Jimmy for the win!

Winners: Styles, Anderson, and Gallows

Gallows rolls Roman in the ring and Anderson brings in a chair. AJ looks confused and asks what he's doing. Anderson hands the chair to AJ and tells him to do it! Gallows and Anderson hold Roman up but AJ throws down the chair. The Usos run in with a chair and blast AJ from behind. Gallows and Anderson fight with the Usos but the Usos clear them out. AJ grabs a chair and attacks the Usos. Roman sees it and blasts AJ with a Superman Punch. Roman beats AJ down and takes him to the outside where he continues the assault. Roman picks up AJ into a powerbomb and literally throws Roman through the announce table to end the show.

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