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Raw Results (5/16/16) - Usos Take Down The Club

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WWE Raw Results (5/16/16)
Monday, May 16th, 2016
From Greensboro Coliseum Complex in North Carolina
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello all and welcome! It's Monday Night and you know what that means! It's time for another episode of Monday Night Raw! I'm your TRUE host for the evening Zack Krasney (I'm looking at you CJ.) I will be absent next week as I'm getting married on Friday, but I leave you in CJ's capable hands. Sunday is Extreme Rules, and we're on the last major show before that takes place. What action is in store for us tonight? Stay tuned to find out!

Question of the Week: With injuries plaguing WWE worse than locust did Egypt in the Bible, how would you fix the problem and what would you say is the cause?

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Monday Night Raw Results

Raw is starting off with The Phenomenal One! AJ Styles!

AJ- Let's set the record straight, I'm getting tired of Roman calling me a liar. It's not just him, I hear it everywhere. People seem to think my friendship with Anderson and Gallows is some master plan we cooked up for me to become world champion. Check it out *all kinds of tweets are shown* Is this not the new era? I can tell you this isn't new to AJ Styles, I have headlined the Tokyo Dome. I have been champion all over the world. Those in the WWE Universe who don't know me, they call me phenomenal for a reason. I am--*Roman's music hits*

Roman- You've headlined all over the world, won championship after championship but if you ask me it doesn't matter if you're not winning THE championship. *Rollins chants* You're not going to get Rollins, you have Roman Reigns and AJ Styles in the main event! You are phenomenal at lying. Tonight I'll be in the Usos corner, are you gonna be in The Club's?

AJ- You're damn right, I'll be anywhere you are until I take that title. We know who you are, you're not a good guy or a bad guy, you're THE guy...that I'm going to beat Sunday at Extreme Rules.

Roman- You think it's gonna be that easy? You think you'll out wrestle me? You think you're going into a wrestling match? This is the big fight, I can put you through a table, I can smack you with a chair. This is a fight. I know you don't think you can beat me 1 on 1 which is why The Club will be out there, the Usos will be out there, too. All 3 of you are going to find out the hard way that the bloodline is stronger than the Club.

AJ- I guess we'll find out. I'm glad you mentioned the chair because I'm going to wrap it over your head.

Gallows and Anderson's music hits and they come down the ramp but the Usos rush in from the crowd and back Roman before it can escalate. Roman punches AJ out of the ring.

Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro w/ Kevin Owens, Miz, and Maryse on commentary.

Sami and Cesaro lock up and Cesaro hits a power slam. Kevin Owens and Miz start arguing so much that Owens gets up to leave then attacks Miz. All hell breaks loose and the fighting spills into the ring and the ref calls for the bell. Shane O'Mac's music hits and the Co-GM comes out.

Shane- You're going to go at it with individually Sunday, but tonight you're going to fight in tag teams. Miz you'll team up with Miz--*Steph's music hits*

Steph- You're doing a great job but I thought based on what happened on Smackdown the better teams would be Kevin and Sami vs. Miz and Cesaro. Oh and Kevin if you think of walking out on Sami then don't bother showing up on Sunday. Maybe this will rekindle your friendship.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens vs. Miz and Cesaro w/Maryse

Cesaro goes for the swing on Owens and Owens fights to get to the ropes. Sami laughs and does a mock clap. Kevin asks if he thinks he can do better and tags Zayn. Sami wrestles with Cesaro for a bit before a tag is made to Miz. Miz puts a headlock in and Owens makes a blind tag and hits a running senton on Miz. Sami looks pissed. Owens talks trash at Sami who gets rolled up by Miz for a 2 count. Owens makes a smacking tag and Sami is legal. Sami chops Miz on the chest and gets flipped to the apron. Miz knocks Sami off the apron after Maryse causes a distraction. We head to commercial.

We return and Cesaro hits a running clothesline on Zayn in the corner. Axehandle off the top from Cesaro. Tag to Miz who hits a kick to the face of Miz. Both teams keep trying to one-up each other. Sami reverses the Skull Crushing Finale into a roll up for 2. Owens tags himself in and hits a missile dropkick on Miz. Cannonball from Owens! Cesaro fights back with the uppercut train! Sami tags himself in and goes for a crossbody but Cesaro rolls it through into a backbreaker. Miz tags Cesaro out and throws Cesaro out of the ring. Miz goes for the Cesaro Swing but Cesaro is pissed. Cesaro runs in but gets hit with a Skull Crushing Finale. Sami Zayn is able to hit the Helluva Kick on Miz for the win. After the bell rings Owens hits a Superkick on Sami.

Winners: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn


Renee Young tells Jericho that Dean Ambrose has requested to talk to him in the ring tonight. She wants to know if he knows why? Jericho says it better be to apologize for destroying his $15,000 jacket last week. Chris says he's going to give Dean just one chance to apologize.

Primo- There it is, paradise.

Epico- *Spanish* That ring is our island. When we wrestle it becomes Puerto Rico. Tonight we'd like to share a little piece of paradise.

Primo and Epico vs. Jobber 1 and Jobber 2

Epico hits repeated germans and then a regular suplex. Double armed suplex and a tag to Primo. Primo does the dive through the ropes with his oppenent on the ropes. They finish with a finisher they call The Shinning Star.

Winners: Primo and Epico

Primo- Hey we want to invite everyone to come to Puerto Rico.


Dean Ambrose comes out and we see clips from the last few weeks.

Dean- From the moment I got here people seem to be puzzled by my decision making and question my sanity. I don't agree and when Chris put me in a straight jacket it felt like I was jail or in an aslyum and I didn't like it. Something inside me snapped and I decided I needed to say something to Chris Jericho so Chris get out here NOW.

Jericho- Ambrose, shut your mouth and listen to me. I'm not interested in talking to you, I'm going to tell you what you're going to say. You're going to give me an apology for destroying my $15,000 piece of property. That's a lot of money and I want it back. You destroyed a piece of my legacy so the way I see it not only do you owe me the money, you owe me an apology and you'll give it to me right now! Quiet!

Dean- An apology? That's not gonna happen. I came out here to challenge you to a match at Extreme Rules!

Jericho- Just as I figured, no apology. Stupid idiot. You want a match? Fine I'll take $15,000 out of your ass!

Dean- Are you sure? It's Extreme Rules, you don't know how crazy things could get. You're getting up there in age, I don't know if you can handle it.

Jericho- I can see right through you man. You pretend to be a lunatic, but I am a real lunatic. There's no one scarier than me. I've faced every monster, madman, athlete, that the company has thrown at me. I am the best in the world at what I do, do you understand what I am saying to you? I'm not scared of you, I'm scared for you. I'm going to show you Sunday what a lunatic does. When I'm beating you with a smile on my face and no remorse in my mind. I'm going to give you the give of Jericho. Drink it in, Dean.

Dean- Good, I have a gift for you, too.

A steel cage with all kinds of insane asylum items are hanging from it.

Dean- You put me in the hospital, Chris! So I'm going to put you in an asylum! I talked to Shane and he said I could have any kind of match I wanted. So this is going to be the first ever Asylum match! This isn't Extreme Rules, this is NO rules! I know what you're thinking, maybe I can escape, maybe I can walk through the door. No! In this match, there is no escape. I can promise you one thing Chris, you will never....ever be the same again.

Becky Lynch vs. Dana Brooke

Dana and Becky lock up and Dana puts Becky in the corner and knees the gut of Becky. Becky ducks a clothesline and hits an uppercut. Becky mocks Dana and then hits two deep arm drags. Dana seems in disbelieve as she rolls out of the ring. She starts to walk out but when Becky goes after her, Dana throws Becky into the barricade. 2 count in the ring. Dana stomps away at Becky. Dana puts Becky in a unique stretch. Becky with rights hands and a running forearm. Dana Brook with a big slam, only gets a 2 count. Becky with a sick clothesline and then a follow-up clothesline. Whip into the corner and an exploder suplex. 2 count. Becky to the top rope but Dana pulls her down and tries for her finisher. Becky slides out of it but Dana is able to sit on Becky's shoulders for the 3 count.

Winner: Dana Brooke

We get another Darren Young and Bob Backlund video.


Steph and Shane are backstage and Steph asks Shane why he didn't run by the whole Aslyum match with her, but pretends it doesn't bother her. The Dudleyz come in and say they can help them, that they can remind them that the Attitude Era is just as good as the "new era." They ask for a few "little North Carolina guys" to teach some respect. Shane says that's not going to happen, they'll give them ONE guy, and he's 7 feet tall and you can't teach that. So they can decide which one faces him tonight.

We get a LOOONG video package about the Golden Truth finally getting together.

Golden Truth vs. Tyler Breeze and Fandango

Truth and Goldust come out hot for this match making fast tags against Tyler Breeze. Breeze is able to make a tag to Fandango. Fandango and Truth hit each other with a double clothesline. Both teams make a tag. Inverted atomic drop on Breeze and a powerslam on Fandango who ran in. Breeze runs into a spinebuster. Truth sends Fandango out of the ring. Truth accidentally hits the Lie Detector on Goldust and Breeze throws Truth out of the ring and pins Goldust!

Winners: Tyler Breeze and Fandango

Backstage R-Truth is trying to apologize to Goldust. Goldy says he didn't even want to be a tag team with him. Breeze and Fandango walk by and tell them welcome to the new era! Goldust tells him he changed his mind, he does want to be a tag team! They need to shut those guys up.


Big E- At Sunday we defend our titles from a bygone era, the VaudeVillains.

Kofi- I always wonder what they mean, I wish there was a way to see it with our own eyes.

Woods- Ask and you shall receive *unveils a hilariously fake time machine*

E- Don't. Don't do this. This is clearly a refrigerator box. This keyboard, is this yours from your parent's house?

Woods- Yeah so?

E- Why is it sticky?

Woods- This is my New Day-lorian machine.

E- No. No it's not. Don't--

Woods- THIS IS MY TIME MACHINE. Now everyone inside! To the bygone era.

They walk inside and the lights go crazy. Kofi Kingston's old jamacan music plays.

Kofi steps out of the box- The jamacan sensation one more time baby! *with accent*

Woods steps out- We didn't go back far enough!

Kofi- No leave me here! 2009 was my best year!

They step back in and things go black and white. They have fake mustaches on.

Kofi- No my smart phone is a corded phone!

Big E- Why did you bring us here!

Woods- Because we will forever be the WWE WORLD TAG TEA--

The Vaudevillains run in and attack New Day. The clear them out of the ring and stand tall.

Gallows and Anderson w/AJ Styles vs. The Usos w/ Roman Reigns

Anderson and Jimmy starting things. They slug it out and Usos make a tag. Jey puts Anderson in the corner and chop the chest. Anderson gets clotheslined over the top rope. Gallows is knocked off the side as both teams talk it over. Gallows tags in and gets hit with several right hands. Gallows slams Jey hard to the mat. Gallows drops 3 elbows and goes for a pin but gets 2. Headbutt from Gallows. Tag to Anderson who stomps the ribs of Jey. Headlock by Gallows. Jey fights out and dodges a leg drop. Tag to Jimmy who takes out Karl and then fights Gallows with right hands. Kick to the guts from Jimmy. Gallows gets taken out by a corkscrew moonsault from Jimmy! 2 count! Gallows sent over the top rope. Jimmy slides out and leaps off the stairs to take down Gallows. Jimmy talks trash to AJ and then turns around into a right hand from Gallows as we head to break.

We return and Anderson hits a nasty clothesline on Jimmy. Tag to Gallows who unloads in the corner on Jimmy. He misses with a boot and gets hung up on the top rope but Anderson hits a well timed tag. Jey tries to motivated Jimmy to the corner after Anderson is sent over the tope rope. Tag is made and Jey goes over the top rope and takes out Gallows and Anderson on the outside. Jey rolls Karl in and goes to the top rope and hits a crossbody from the top! 2 count! Jey hits the reverse splash in the corner and gets a very long 2 count. Jey goes to the top and Anderson comes to life and kicks Jey right in the head! Karl goes for the Superplex but Jey blocks it. Jey pushes Anderson down but misses with a move off the top and runs right into a spinebuster from Anderson! Rocket Kick from Anderson! He goes for it again but Karl runs into a Superkick. Gallows runs in but gets hit with a Superkick from Jimmy. Double Superkick on Anderson and Jey gets the 1-2-3. Clean win for The Usos.

Winners: The Usos

After the match Gallows attacks Roman, who takes Gallows out. AJ has the chance to attack Roman with the chair and takes it, but Roman hits AJ with a right hand before AJ can connect with the chair. Anderson and Gallows run in but Roman takes them out. Roman turns around into a shot from AJ with the chair. AJ hits the Styles Clash on Roman on the chair.

The Dudley Boyz say they have a problem with the New Era, well I have a problem with them. D-Von Dudley, the Steve Erkle of the squared circle. "Did I do that?!" Yeah you did. And Bubba Ray d-d-d-d-Dudley. You Fred Flinstone looking idiot. There's only 1 word to describe you! And I'm gonna--

The Dudley Boyz music cuts him off.

D-Von vs. Big Cass

D-Von rolls out and Bubba grabs a table from under the ring. Cass gets distracted and D-Von blasts him from behind. D-Von charges at Cass but Cass moves and D-Von almost crashes into Bubba. Big Cass tries a Big Boot but D-Von moves, instead he connects with Bubba. D-Von walks into the East River Crossing and Cass picks up the pinfall victory!

Winner: Big Cass

Cass: Like I was saying, there's only 1 word to describe you and I'm gonna spell it out for ya! S-A-W-F-T! SAAAWFT!

Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio

Shoulder tackle from Del Rio, but Kalisto fights back with kicks. ADR side steps a kick and hits kicks of his own. Del Rio hands Kalisto from the corner and tries to rip off the mask, then kicks the guts of Kalisto. Headlock from Alberto. Del Rio gets out of the ring to catch his breath. Kalisto tries for the seated senton but Del Rio catches him and swings him into a barricade as we head to commercial.

We return and Alberto is in charge of Kalisto with a headlock. Backstage we see Sin Cara get attacked by Rusev. Alberto Del Rio holds Kalisto and makes him watch. Del Rio sends Kalisto shoulder first into the steel post hard. Del Rio chokes Kalisto with his boot. Kalisto is hanging from the second rope and Del Rio goes for his finisher but Kalisto is able to stop it before he jumps. Kalisto hits the Supercarana from the top rope! Rusev and Sin Cara come through the curtain. Kalisto is in charge but he gets distracted by Rusev beating down Sin Cara around the ring. Alberto Del Rio hits a backstabber off the distraction and get the pin.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Rusev attacks Kalisto with a Superkick to the back of the head and locks him in the Accolade.

Contract Signing

Shane- This Sunday the WWE is going to get Extreme. We have an Extreme Rules match for the WWE Championship. We have the first ever Asylum match. The one match we haven't talked about is the Women's Championship.

Steph- Allow me to introduce to you, from the Queen City---


Ric- Ladies and Gentlemen. If you're going to introduce a Flair, do it the right way. Stand up and show the proper respect for the apple of my eye, the envy of every guy, my beautiful daughter the woman...WWE's Woman Champion, Charlotte!

Charlotte- Thanks Daddy for the introduction. So where do I sign?

Shane- Well I think someone's missing. Your opponent this Sunday, Natalya.

Natalya makes her way out and joins the rest.

Natty- Thank you! I will sign that contract but there's something I want to get off my chest. Charlotte, what happened to you? You used to be someone I respect, someone that had integrity. Someone that was a great person. You beat me to win your first NXT Championship. You did it alone without your creepy father. That's the Charlotte, I could beat Sunday, but I don't think she exists.

Shane- Well if I may, let's get the contracts signed.

Charlotte- That was real touching but you're delusional, but let's get this straight. These people aren't here for you, they're here for me. These people won't cheer for you no matter what. They worship me. They'll cheer for me no matter what I do! Show some respect! There are two legends in the ring. They love me because my last name is Flair. And you're just Natty. Wooo!!! You're just another Hart that whines and complains. You're just Natalya that's going to tap this Sunday. This is a waste of my time, so can we just move this along.

Shane- Yeah about that, why don't you go ahead and sign.

Charlotte goes to sign- Wait what is this!?

Shane- That's an added stipulation because of last week. If Ric shows his face at all during your match, Charlotte will forfeit the match and lose the WWE Women's.

Steph- And if Charlotte refuses to sign tonight, we she will forfeit her Championship TONIGHT!

Charlotte- Well I guess I'll sign then!

Ric- Let me tell you something, I tried to like you because of your husband but you're the worst business woman of all time!

Shane- I understand you're the man, but this is my sister.

Ric- Here we go again, man. we go. Man! Here we go.

Ric gets all fired up and takes off his jacket and puts his fists up.

Shane- I'm begging you, don't do this. You've put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this business. Don't do this.

Steph- Please, Shane. You may have too much respect to do this...but I don't.

Steph turns around and smacks Flair hard across the face.

Charlotte runs over but Natalya puts Charlotte into the sharpshooter and Charlotte began to tap as the show closes.

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